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Bøger om Selvstudium

Her finder du spændende bøger om Selvstudium. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 607 bøger om emnet.
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  • - ... jeg vil BARE, LIGE, HURTIGT gerne bruge ...
    af Martin Jensen & Martin Georg Houlberg Jensen
    69,95 - 162,95 kr.

    Excel til rapporter, statistik, cockpit, overblik, planlægning, storskærm, kioskvisning, automation og og og ... Om at gøre regnearket til et værktøj der kan meget mere. Om automation, fejlminimering, forenkling, processer og at gøre det umulige muligt.

  • - En undersøgelse af understømmen af tilsyneladende indiskutable forudsætninger for vores fælles virkelighed
    af Marco Hanuman
    147,95 - 237,95 kr.

    "Paradigmet - En undersøgelse af understømmen af tilsyneladende indiskutable forudsætninger for vores fælles virkelighed" er en antologi af artikler med historiske, filosofiske, politiske og ind imellem satiriske vinkler. Undersøgelsen er prismatisk og ser i alle retninger på samme tid i en tid med tunnelsyn, smalle vinkler og mangel på analoge sammenhænge og mønstergenkendelse på tværs af vidensfelter. Emnekredsen er af samme grund bredest tænkelig og ved første blik lige så usammenhængende, som postulatet om det indiskutable i understrømmen for vores fælles virkelighed er forløjet. Ved nærmere eftersyn vil det forhåbentlig vise sig, at ALT hænger sammen med alt andet i bogens undersøgelse.

  • af Ingrid Wisniewska
    179,95 kr.

    225,95 kr.

    Collins Practice Tests for the TOEFL iBT® Test contains all the advice and practice you need to succeed in the TOEFL iBT Test.

  • - Excel til andet end forretningsprocesser og andre seriøse - og mere almindelige - anvendelser
    af Martin Georg Houlberg Jensen
    68,94 - 157,95 kr.

    Excel til andet end forretningsprocesser og andre seriøse - og mere almindelige - anvendelser Om at gøre regnearket til et værktøj der kan meget mere Om nye ideer, sjove indfald og at gøre det umulige muligt I denne omgang gælder det alt andet end noget seriøst, for ja, Excel kan sagtens benyttes til en masse underholdning og ikke kun anvendes forretningsmæssigt. Man skal nok være lidt ekstra vild med - eller skør med - Excel, kodning og at fordybe sig i denne tekniske og måske nok lidt smånørdede verden. Men når det er på plads, er der masser af sjove muligheder lige ved hånden. Formålet er stadig - ligesom de tidligere hæfter - at tænke alternativt, kigge udover hvad der i dag er muligt eller tænkeligt, og overgå det.

  • af Norbert Wickbold
    194,95 - 299,95 kr.

  • af Vadym Zubakhin
    205,95 - 318,95 kr.

  • af Fol Marc
    101,95 kr.

    Research has shown that students improve their problem-solving skills by working through puzzles, even from infancy. Children love working their way through a jigsaw, and as they watch the big picture emerging, they develop a sense of fulfilment and accomplishments. It is amazing how much students learn from wordsearches and puzzles.The goal is making Physics as a subject more accessible to more students. The path is through anagrams as brain teasers, wordsearches as builders of key vocabulary, crossword puzzles as concept keys, and the mind-maps to create the bigger picture, helping students appreciate why they are learning a topic.It promises to be an exciting journey. Why not start your students on the first step.Bon voyage!

  • af Holger Markgraf
    391,95 kr.

  • af Christine Armstrong
    92,95 kr.

    There's lots of variety in this fun packed Dinkle the Dormouse colouring book. Enjoy colouring, drawing, counting, dot-to-dots and mazes.Grab your pens and coloured pencils and dive right in!

  • af Lauren H Brandenburg
    142,95 kr.

    Lewisia Anna wants to live the greatest Story ever told by walking the treetops with an elite group of protectors known as the Shamar who spend their days guarding the Amharclann against the threat of the Inimicus-destructive beasts, who if allowed to enter, will ravage the place she calls home. In the most guarded city in the under-lands, where the days are lit by a glowing mist and transporters travel the waters below the city that dwells in the trees, Lewis finds herself wounded and in the presence of a most unexpected enemy. As she tries to decipher what's hidden in the pages of a mysterious book, Lewis will have to find her Potential and decide what is more important, her Story or protecting the citizens of the Amharclann.

  • af Rawdon Wyatt
    297,95 kr.

    Die Reihe Check Your Vocabulary for ... orientiert sich an den wichtigsten britischen und amerikanischen Sprachprüfungen. Die Bücher können aber auch unabhängig zur allgemeinen Wortschatzerweiterung und Sprachübung benutzt werden.Der Wortschatz wird durch abwechslungseiche Übungen, Spiele und Puzzle aufgebaut. Berücksichtigt werden sowohl allgemeiner als auch spezifischer Wortschatz, außerdem Grammatik, Aussprache und Rechtschreibung. Geeignet sind die Bände sowohl für die Arbeit im Kurs als auch für die Arbeit zu Hause.Ebenfalls erhältlich für PET (978-3-19-042972-1), FCE (978-3-19-052972-8), IELTS (978-3-19-062972-5), TOEFL (978-3-19-112972-9) und Academic English (978-3-19-072972-2)

  • af Diane Landolf
    142,95 kr.

    The March/April 2024 issue of Stone Soup, the literary magazine 100% written and illustrated by kids age 13 and younger. Stone Soup has been inspiring young readers and celebrating the brilliance of its young creators since 1973; we currently publish six issues a year, each filled with short stories, memoir, poetry, and artwork.

  • af Heinrich Stiefel
    64,95 kr.

    FIXI = ist schnell und leicht lernen! Die kleine Ausgabe der STIEFEL Schullehrtafeln ermöglicht es den Kindern auf einfachste Weise das in der Schule Gelernte zuhause zu wiederholen. Titelbeschreibung / Produktziele:- hier werden die ersten Schritte beim Erlernen der englischen Sprache unterstützt- Kennenlernen der verschiedenen Zukunftsformen und der Adverbien der Zeit- Kennenlernen von unbestimmten Fürwörtern- viele Beispiele - zum Teil mit kindgerechten Bildern illustriert

  • af Anil Madhavapeddy
    424,95 kr.

    This fast-moving tutorial introduces you to OCaml, an industrial-strength programming language designed for expressiveness, safety, and speed. Through the book's many examples, you'll quickly learn how OCaml stands out as a tool for writing fast, succinct, and readable systems code using functional programming. Real World OCaml takes you through the concepts of the language at a brisk pace, and then helps you explore the tools and techniques that make OCaml an effective and practical tool. You'll also delve deep into the details of the compiler toolchain and OCaml's simple and efficient runtime system. This second edition brings the book up to date with almost a decade of improvements in the OCaml language and ecosystem, with new chapters covering testing, GADTs, and platform tooling. This title is also available as open access on Cambridge Core, thanks to the support of Tarides. Their generous contribution will bring more people to OCaml.

  • af Phelicia E Lang
    172,95 kr.

    Are you looking for a fun and engaging book to introduce the concepts of coding to your child? Tay Learns to Code is the book for you! Tay and his Friends love learning about STEM and figuring out how things work. They attend STEM camps in the summer and take turns sharing STEM projects. Tay and his dad have made lots of robots, but Tay wants to make a real robot that he can make move.Will Tay be able to make a robot follow simple commands? Will his friends help him? This vivid and engaging book is book 9 in the award-winning Tay series for early readers. Readers ages 6-9 enjoy following the adventures of fun-loving Tay and his friends as they learn new things. If you're looking for· An early reader science series· An engaging early reader series book· An easy book for kids 6-9 to learn basic coding vocabulary· A family-friendly multicultural bookThen Tay Learns to Code is the book for you.

  • af Nelson
    191,95 kr.

    One young boy will instill a love of faith in your little one's heart! This beautifully-illustrated Christian children's book brings the power of God's word into your home with a whole new twist! When a young boy can't seem to get his parent's attention, he notices they-and others-are distracted by colorful birds. He makes it his mission to discover why, and along the way unlocks the truth; God's word brings people happiness! Read this story with your child and open up a conversation about faith, or encourage them to read alone to strengthen their faith and their independent reading skills. As an added bonus: Watch your child immerse themselves in the story with 14 coloring pages that let them create their own vision of the stories. Unleash their creativity as they express themselves with different colors and styles while absorbing the learning points. There is no right or wrong way to color, just have fun! They can relax and enjoy the benefits of coloring after a long day, including stress reduction, improved focus, and a mood boost that will inspire gratitude and joy. They can even share their masterpieces with friends and family, or display it proudly on the fridge or wall. And so much more! Your child is sure to love this story, you'll love the message, and this book makes a great gift for birthdays, communion, or any faith-based holiday. Invite the word of God into your home, and all the happiness that entails while watching this book become an instant favorite with your child or children!

  • af Jon C Rogers
    282,95 - 397,95 kr.

  • af Alfred Cherubim
    217,95 - 322,95 kr.

    In John 21:25, the writer and youngest Apostle of the twelve reminds us: the miraculous works of Jesus Christ in his thirty-three prolific years on Earth are too numerous to be counted. "If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written," states the New International Version of John's verse.In The Miracles of Jesus Christ and His Apostles in the Bible: Divine Miracles with a Divine Purpose, pastor and author Alfred Cherubim takes a chronological look at the thirty-seven miracles of Jesus Christ recorded in the New Testament, throughout the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Beginning with the wedding feast in Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine and ending with His second catch of fish at the Sea of Tiberias, Cherubim provides the beloved Bible verses that describe each supernatural act of the Messiah.One by one, in a growing crescendo, the miracles of Jesus unfold before readers' eyes and hearts, only to be followed by nineteen additional divine acts performed by His disciples-ordinary men aside from their association and communion with Jesus.From Peter walking on water (Matthew 14:28-31) to Paul healing the sick on the island of Malta (Acts 28:9-10), Cherubim tells the reader to remember: in the end, all miracles are God's miracles.As such, all are signs-accompanied by a message-that either meet a dire human need or confirm Jesus' identity and authority as the Son of God. The author reminds the reader that all Jesus' wondrous acts and those of His Apostles, although singular and extraordinary, exist for one divine reason. In the end, all miracles direct us to behold God's love, power, glory, and mercy, as they carry the ultimate message of eternal salvation to the beholder.

  • af Sebastian Müller
    164,95 kr.

    Du möchtest Deine Kiswahili-Kenntnisse durch Lese- und Übersetzungsübungen vertiefen? Deine Muttersprache ist Kiswahili und Du planst Dein Deutsch zu verbessern? Oder Du wünscht Dir einfach schöne Geschichten um sie auf Deutsch und Kiswahili vorzulesen? Dann ist dieses Buch bestens für Dich geeignet. Vor Dir hast Du den ersten Band der Reihe "Kurzgeschichten in Deutsch und Kiswahili". Er beinhaltet kurze Tierfabeln. Das Buch ist speziell für das selbstständige Übersetzen und Vergleichen gestaltet. Die Geschichten sind in einfacher Sprache geschrieben. Die Sätze sind kurz gehalten. Damit wird das Lesen und das Übersetzen erleichtert. Die Texte greifen regelmäßig Teile vorheriger Geschichten auf. Vokabular kannst Du wiederholen, G elerntes aus vorheriger Übersetzungsarbeit festigen. Die einzelnen Sätze sind durchnummeriert. Die jeweilige Version eines Satzes (Deutsch - Kiswahili) findest Du auf den sich einander gegenüberliegenden Seiten. So hast Du eine 1 zu 1 Übersetzung parat. Möchtest Du eine Geschichte zunächst selbstständig übersetzen? Kein Problem - verdecke eine Seite. Die Satz-Nummerierungen helfen Dir Deine Übersetzung anschließend mit der im Buch gelieferten Übersetzung zu vergleichen.Mit einem Basis-Knowhow der Grammatik und einem Wörterbuch zur Hand oder einem Online-Dictionary sind auch die Vokabeln in greifbarer Nähe und es kann losgehen mit den Lernerfolgen.

  • af Emma Wood
    117,95 - 182,95 kr.

  • - Dansk sprog og kultur for fortsættere
    af Marlene Hastenplug & Caroline Ballebye Sørensen
    412,95 kr.

    24 fantastiske danskere er til alle, der udover at lære dansk også gerne vil vide mere om Danmarks kultur og historie. Det kan fx være kursister på danskuddannelse 3 modul 4-5 eller danskstuderende ved udenlandske universiteter (CEFR B1-B2). Bogen består af 12 kapitler, der hver præsenterer to fantastiske danskere og deres samtid – fra kongen Harald Blåtand til kokken Dak Wichangoen. Det historiske bringes i dialog med nutiden, og der er lige mange fantastiske kvinder og mænd med.I alle kapitler er der ud over læsefærdighed fokus på at lytte, tale og skrive. Der er grammatikøvelser, udtaletræning, lytteøvelser, researchopgaver, samtaleøvelser og diskussionsoplæg, hvor alle har mulighed for at komme på banen. I hvert kapitel lægger en kreativ skriveøvelse desuden op til at træne udtryksfærdighed inden for forskellige genrer.På bogens hjemmeside ligger foruden alle lydfiler også oplæg til videre læsning i form af uddrag af skønlitterære tekster, som relaterer sig til de portrætterede personer.

  • af Jenny Morris
    192,95 kr.

    rhyming children's storyaward-winning Aussie children's authorchildren's vocabulary-building story in rhymeamusing educational children's storyread aloud12 rich illustrations

  • af Kelly D Roberts
    187,95 kr.

    What a bad day! Jake has a terrible day at school.I try to open my milk. SPLASH!After lunch, I struggle with the computer mouse.SWERVE! SWIVEL! SHAKE!The afternoon with Gramma doesn't start out much better.Playing video games helps me relax. I try to hold the controller still...SHAKE! JUGGLE! JIGGLE! JUMP!I drop the controller and punch the pillow beside me.But Gramma has other plans.Gramma hugs me. "Let's make cookies!""Turn up the music, Jake. I love this song!"I giggle as Gramma limps into a jig.SHAKE! SASHAY! SHIMMY!Sometimes his Essential Tremor overwhelms Jake. An afternoon with Gramma in "Shaky Quaky Jake" gives him a chance to regroup. The compassionate relationship between Jake and Gramma is heartwarming, and children learn a lot about how struggling with a disability can still lead to a better day...tomorrow.TIMELESS TOPIC: Classic with the wisdom of a grandparent but with a fresh look at a little-known disability, this book touches on truly universal topics. Kindness, acceptance, inclusion, and imagination are front and center as the main character struggles to find his place in his classroom and, ultimately, life.READ ALOUD: This picture book is perfect for read aloud occasions, bedtime, or any moment a kid needs cheering up and being reminded with perseverance and imagination, you can solve any problem and thinking outside of the box can be the answer if you are not afraid to step into the unknown and just do it!SELF-RELIANCE: This book also emphasizes the value of remaining positive in facing life's various difficulties. You can be upset and still be a regular person; you can have a bad day with all the entailing emotions.REASSURANCE: Perfect for kids who are nervous about their struggles with a disability and any child who has less-than-ideal moments in life. The best we can do is keep trying!EDUCATIONAL INFO INCLUDED: A note from the author tells a little about Essential Tremor. And a bonus list of how to RESPECT others is included in the back of the book.Perfect for:A read-aloud option for parents, teachers, and librarians looking at books about overcoming adversity and persistence in everyday lifeReassuring book for kids who experience anxiety or struggle to get through bad daysFans of books that celebrate big feelings and triumphs in everyday life

  • af Samuel L Blumenfeld
    307,95 kr.

    Alpha-Phonics is a comprehensive reading instruction program designed to empower beginners of all ages. This program aims to provide tutors, parents, and teachers with an easy-to-use tool to teach reading. With carefully drafted exercises and lessons, readers will develop strong reading skills to tackle words and sentences easily. Alpha-Phonics aims to play a fundamental role in language development with effective teaching methods. It aims to revolutionize homeschooling and the overall education setup by introducing more than 3,500 words in its simple 128 lessons. It offers tried and tested solutions for learners learning to read or trying to improve their grip over spelling. It also works very well for older, even grown adults, students who need remediation. It is highly endorsed by leading homeschooling product reviewers Cathy Duffy and Mary Pride. Simplicity is something that makes Alpha-Phonics work so well. The foundation of Alpha-Phonics lies in simplifying lessons, as the beginner can start reading simple sentences by lesson three. Sometimes, it can happen as early as the first day. Result? You can sense the reading success on the very first day. Other programs often end up making things a little more complicated. They inject grammar, pictures, and other material that can make it hard for a learner to grasp the true essence of the lessons. With Alpha-Phonics, you teach only reading. Out of many elements that make Alpha-Phonics stand out is a BONUS in that you EASILY teach SPELLING as you go, lesson by lesson. Parents and tutors can spend a few minutes with each lesson doing oral and written dictation to teach spelling. The Robinson Curriculum organization regularly recommends Alpha-Phonics for learners struggling with phonograms. Alpha-Phonics works exceptionally well in teaching phonics, systematic phonics, or teaching English as a second language. There is also a 24/7 Helpline if you need assistance and a practice workbook.

  • af Fredric A Hussey
    152,95 kr.

  • af Camron Tietcheu
    197,95 kr.

    "Big Words for Smarty Pants" is a fun and engaging way to introduce complex or unfamiliar words to children. Instead of feeling overwhelming or confusing, it turns learning into an exciting adventure.Imagine your child as a little explorer, discovering new treasures in the world of words. With "Big Words for Smarty Pants," they get to learn words that are longer or less common, but it's like solving puzzles or finding hidden gems.It's all about helping your child become even smarter and more curious by adding these special words to their vocabulary. So, don't worry; it's not about making things too hard for them. It's about making learning enjoyable and helping them grow into even smarter little smarty pants!

  • af R. Shelton
    241,95 kr.

    "Fountain of Living Water" is supplemental to "Member Heal Thyself" and holds thirst-quenching data on Hydration not covered previously. Healing properties of water, historical analogies, plus tailored steps for using nature's natural resource

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