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  • af Lotte Søs Farran-Lee & Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj
    87,95 kr.

    Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj, tantra teacher, tantric practitioner and leader of the Tantra Temple, talks to Lotte Søs Farran-Lee, writer and publisher, in this first book in the series “Let's Talk”. The book offers an open conversation about tantra, and plenty of resources and inspiration for the daily life for both Tantrics and people who do not see themselves as Tantrics. The conversation covers the different core aspects of tantra, and how to reignite love, playfulness, attraction and communication with a partner - but also how to keep the flame alive. It describes the four cornerstones in tantra, as well as the chakra system, and how to work consciously with one's own energy. It also describes why love is both the foundation, the path and a magic tool of transformation in tantra. The book offers an insight into some of the more mystical aspects of tantra - and makes these aspects available for modern day people, in a immediately applicable way. Ulrik Adinatha and Lotte also talks about tantra massage and why it has become such a major life changer for so many people. The book will debunk some of the myths and misunderstandings, describing tantra as a genuine path to deeper self knowledge, more love and joy in life, and deep transformation. The book offers inspiration for both newbies in tantra as well as more experienced practitioners. About Let’s Talk serien The Let’s Talk book is a book series of vital books on di erent subjects. Every subject is carefully selected with the intent of bringing it towards a comprehensive level, enfolding the reader into the world of the subject matter. Every book has a tight structure and the people who have been chosen to talk about their eld of expertise are highly competent. The vision is to create a space for new ideas to develop and to spark new thoughts in the reader, making a positive di erence in the realization of their human potential.

  • af Maij Pedersen
    76,95 - 167,95 kr.

    There is no sound. Only the sense of chaos. The unmanageable. My world is falling apart. Everything is disintegrating all around.Right there in the silence, I hear the birds singing and smell the clean air of spring coming in through the window.With the awareness of the world, comes the awareness of a voice whispering. Not a voice I hear with my ears, but a voice I feel in my heart. A voice I've always heard but never knew was there, or let myself be led by. A voice that whispers about all the things I dream of hearing, all the things that make my soul sing and life feel like a joy. All that makes life worth living.There I hear my heart whisper.Heart whispers is a collection of words of wisdom that leads the way home.

  • - From little girl in the suburbs to woman in the universe
    af Helle Mirsbach
    112,95 - 142,95 kr.

    Helle Mirsbach grew up in an ordinary family without any daily practice of belief or religion. Even though she has always felt drawn to the forces of the universe without quite knowing why or how to find her way. There are many people who, like her, need to find the spiritual path and Helle's story shows how the Universe shows the path if you are open and receptive to the messages they send.In a relaxed and unpretentious way, Helle writes about the experiences that have brought her together with mediums, both well-known and lesser-known, and through her experiences has found her own path.It is precisely finding one's own path - one's own truth - that drives Helle to tell the stories so that you hopefully also find your own path.

  • - - The Next Steps of the Progression Work
    af Randi Green
    117,95 - 165,95 kr.

    To be able to generate new ways of being human, we need many new paradigms. Humanity needs upgraded versions of anatomy, of psychology and pioneering ways of perceiving the nature of reality. The HAL Philosophy investigates human behavior, ethics and the expanded human capacity to progress into a sentient being, living by the accord of the highest principles and progression possibilities our world offers to balance out confusion and chaos. It is a new way of perceiving the nature of things, reality, energy and consciousness.

  • - Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse
    af Annette Ikast
    149,95 - 201,95 kr.

    "Ripples on the Water" is an appreciation of the life and work of Bob Moore, a gifted healer and spiritual teacher, born in Northern Ireland in 1928. He worked as an electrical engineer and also studied theology before moving to Denmark. Between 1974-2000 he taught many students both at his centre in Denmark as well as in England, Holland, Norway, and Brazil. His teachings about energy, healing and consciousness were unique in their depth, precision and wisdom. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers, artists and alternative therapists were amongst the many people who benefitted from his teaching. He was a catalyst who helped transform the spiritual climate in Denmark; although Bob had a Christian background his teaching reflected the spiritual dimension that exists beyond all religions. In 28 chapters long time students share their memories and reflections about Bob and the lasting influence he had on their lives. "Bob Moore was a teacher in the deepest meaning of teaching as enabling the learner to arrive at understanding through their own experience, working with the brilliant and very precise exercises and meditations he laid before them. What shines forth from all of these inspiring and deeply moving accounts are also the qualities of a very gifted teacher and a delightful, compassionate, very wise human being." Carol Schonauer, UK "Bob Moore was very concerned about the planet Earth's situation and development, and I believe his entire teaching was also aimed at helping educate people to live and work in a world and for a period of very large global challenges." Steen Hildebrandt, professor at CBS, DK "It dawns upon me, now that the book is here, what a loss it would have been, if this documentation of Bob Moore's work did not exist." Nadja Prætorius, psychologist, DK

  • af Jens Gnaur
    144,95 - 160,95 kr.

    Bhagavad Gita, a pinnacle in the spiritual literature of the world, was composed more than two thousand years ago by an unknown, sage, poet, philosopher and master of Yoga. The beautiful lyrics of the poem evolves around the perennial questions of human existence and presents us with answers that are profound and often transcends our habitual pattern of thinking. This book, Being One: the vision and way of the Bhagavad Gita, highlights the modern relevance of the great ancient poem. But it also explores the poem´s historic and philosophical background with reference to the tradition of Yoga, and reflects on the deeper meaning and implications of each of its songs for people at all times. It brings to light the Gita’s grand vision of the oneness of humanity and the oneness within, a oneness which may be discovered through meditation and a harmonious way of life. A special feature of this book is its emphasis on the Gita’s unique literary qualities. The last part of the book examines the way we may live and practice the serene wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita in the midst of our contemporary turbulent world.

  • af Ann Aaboe Bengtsson
    105,95 - 339,95 kr.

    Dreams are important messengers in the process of Self-Development. They can give you information about obstacles and suggest solutions such as new ways of thinking, feeling and acting in your life. Dreams can also tell you about the past, the present or the future. They may point out what to look for or which direction to take. A dream may also awaken us to spiritual experiences and higher states of consciousness. This book combines the interpretation of dream symbols and their relation to the physical body and the subtle anatomy of man. It also suggests simple meditative exercises related to dream symbols, the physical body and the chakras. Theories are exemplified by practical dream work and illustrated and enlivened with symbolism from, for example: science fiction movies, fantasy literature and dance (Argentine tango). The author’s inspiration and theory come from C. G. Jung, Jes Bertelsen, Wilhelm Reich and other body therapists, and from Bob Moore as the main spiritual teacher.

  • - About my search for happiness and the truth in life with Indian gurus and palm leaf astrologers
    af Lisbeth Ejlertsen
    197,95 kr.

    Dette er den nyeste engelske udgave af denne danske bog: ISBN 978-87-999608-0-4, hvis beskrivelse er indsat herunder. Den engelske bog har sin egen hjemmeside: og sin egen FaceBook-side: lektørudtalelse fra juni 2017 roser bogen og skriver bl.a.:"Guldgrube af information ... ", "... en åbenhjertig og ærlige beretning med magiske øjeblikke og konkrete facts ...", "der findes ikke andre bøger om palmebladsastrologer på dansk." og "til alle biblioteker med spirituelt interesserede læsere."Den engelske udgave af bogen har fået mange anmelderroser, stjerner og en helt særlig udmærkelse kaldet: Pacific Book Review Star – ”En pris der tildeles bøger af fortræffelig værdi”. Om prisen skriver anmelderbureauet Pacific Book Review på deres hjemmeside:”… en Pacific Book Review Star er en af de mest hæderfulde udmærkelser indenfor branchen …”. Se alle boganmeldelserne via bogens hjemmeside under menuen: "Anmeldelser" - følg linket nederst. En bog med et budskab, der er værd at se nærmere på … I Vesten har vi glemt noget … Noget MEGET essentielt for menneskeheden … Læs bogen og find ud af hvorfor …Hvor findes lykken og sandheden om livet? En almindelig dansk kvinde drog til Indien i 1994 for at søge svar på disse spørgsmål – det blev til mere end 20 rejser. Helt enestående oplevelser hos indiske guruer og palmebladsastrologer fik Lisbeth Ejlertsen til at skrive denne bog – hun følte en forpligtigelse til at fortælle os i Vesten om det, der ligger udenfor den videnskabelige og materialistiske tilgang til livet.Med et let tilgængeligt indblik i Indiens spirituelle kultur og traditioner bliver man budt indenfor døren i et land, som ligger langt fra vores i mere end en forstand.Lisbeth deler om det, som også i dag får hende til at meditere og fortsætte sin spirituelle rejse – i dag via Heartfulness ..."De fem guruer, som jeg mødte på min vej, havde alle det samme budskab; at lykken må forenes med det guddommelige i en selv; alt eksisterer i væren."Se flere informationer på bogens hjemmeside: Bogen blev udgivet i sin tidligere og første udgave i 2003 ved forlaget SphinX.

  • - The Spiritual purpose of relationships
    af Frank Vilaasa
    163,95 kr.

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