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  • - Power through poetry
    af Louise W. Diamant
    57,95 - 154,95 kr.

    Word Warrior Woman - Power through poetrybyLouise W. DiamantThis book is written with the power of poetry from the heart of a woman. Each poem telling a story of life lived. It's the inner work experienced and written on paper for other women to read. A primordial force of words which originate from generations of women through a bloodline of witches, mages, seers and storytellers. The DNA from an underworld of magic and power. This collection of poems is meant to help other women rise. This is a step back in time with a leap of faith into the future.Louise W. Diamant. Born 1975. Poetess. Living in Denmark. Speaker. Performer. Lover of poetry. Helping other women to rise and to discover and feel the power they were born with. Creator of the course Word Warrior Women. A course where each session is designed to bring you deeper into the soul of your own personal poetry. I love to perform, and I love the stage, the mic and the audience. My poetry is not written in silence – it’s written to be heard.Every poem in this collection is written from my heart and with the passion that drives me in helping other women finding their love for life and poetry.

  • af Andreas Hede
    312,95 kr.

    In "An Augmented Soul" Maya awakens on an operating table, discovering her body unnervingly changed and transformed. With no memory of her identity, she is thrust into a maze of secrets while navigating the desolate halls of the BioTek facility, in search of answers.But the revelation of a sinister secret - one that threaten Maya's future and the very existence of BioTek Inc. - propels her to the heart of the facility to confront the architect of her transformation. The shattering truth about her augmentation and its true purpose, a journey marked by tears and sacrifice, awaits her. Now, Maya stands at a crucial crossroads. Will she embrace the harsh reality of her existence and her newfound purpose, or will this revelation be her demise?"An Augmented Soul" is a gripping tale that delves into questions of identity, and grappling with the profound implications of technology merging with humanity.----------------------------Maya vågner op på et operationsbord, hendes krop forandret. Uden nogen erindring om hvem hun er, bliver hun kastet ind i et virvar af hemmeligheder, i søgen efter svar, i den enorme forladte BioTek-bygning.Men afsløringen af en mørk hemmelighed truer Mayas fremtid og BioTeks eksistens, hvilket tvinger hende dybere ind for at konfrontere personen bag hendes transformation. Han afslører den grusomme sandhed om hendes forandring og dens sande formål. En pris betalt med tårer og blod tvinger Maya til en skillevej. Vil hun acceptere sandheden og dens formål, eller vil overvældelsen blive for meget for hende?"An Augmented Soul" er en fængende fortælling om identitet, der konfronterer, hvad der sker, når teknologi erstatter sjælen.

  • - written by (probably) the happiest woman in the world
    af Michelle Maria Langkilde
    327,95 kr.

    Ah, Denmark! Known for this thing called "hygge”; it’s all about coziness, candles, and fairytales by the fireplace. No wonder, Danes are known as the happiest people on Earth!But guess what? Behind that "hygge" facade, Danish women have got some fiery shieldmaiden DNA running through their veins. And one of them, is about to take you on an adventure as epic as a Viking saga. 'Dare to Date a Dane' is a captivating compilation of the unexpected revelations people share about love and their desires, interwoven with Michelle Maria Langkilde’s own stories. Through chapters like: ‘How to bait a Mermaid’, ‘Love is a souvenir’ and ‘Even Bond is on a deadline’, she reveals secrets, while celebrating the gentleman of today. This book is a love letter to brave men who aspire to prioritise relationships. It offers insights into building a solid foundation for love, reminding us that romance is an art, and -unlike what you may have been taught in business- ‘love’ is the greatest investment, you’ll ever make.If you are curious about what passion and romance can be, and desire a love life that is more than the predictable “strawberries dipped in chocolate”, it’s time to turn the page..

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