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  • af Mark Angelo Harrison
    142,95 kr.

    At the time, it was unclear why the UK government targeted the Spiral Tribe travelling sound system. Even after arresting many key members and launching one of Britain's biggest court cases against them. Was it really because they were a marauding horde of anarcho-techno-pirates, their outlandish music calling a generation to rebel against conservatism, convention, and even consensus reality? Or was it because, as pioneers of the 1990s free party movement, championing the new British breakbeat and European techno sound, they were reclaiming social space in warehouses and out under the stars? Each weekend they pulled ever bigger crowds away from consumer culture. No superstar DJs, no door policy and everyone dancing together as equals. An inspiring, unifying force of creativity. As Spiral Tribe's co-founder and visual artist (or as the Crown prosecutor described him, 'the criminal ringleader' who'd helped 'mastermind' Britain's 'biggest ever illegal rave' at Castlemorton), Mark Angelo Harrison has a unique perspective to tell their inside story. He vividly charts their nomadic journey and the rapid escalation of their popularity - and notoriety. From small squat-scene parties in London to enormous warehouse raves and free festivals. From one little overloaded van to the mighty convoy of matt-black military vehicles that instigated the teknivals of Europe.

  • af Shawn Reynaldo
    142,95 kr.

    First Floor started small. At first it was just a newsletter, an outlet where veteran electronic music journalist Shawn Reynaldo could write and share his ideas without having to contend with outside editors or cater to social media algorithms. It was a blank canvas, and Reynaldo began to fill it with his extended thoughts on not just electronic music itself, but the culture and industry that surrounded it. Just a few years later, First Floor now stands as one of electronic music''s most influential platforms, particularly as Reynaldo continues to put many of the genre''s thorniest issues under the microscope. First Floor Volume 1 collects his most thought-provoking pieces and provides a nuanced, wide-ranging look at contemporary electronic music culture as it comes to grips with systemic challenges and a time of profound transformation.

  • af DJ Paulette
    217,95 kr.

    In Welcome to the club, Manchester legend DJ Paulette shares the highs, lows and lessons of a thirty-year music career, with help from some famous friends. One of the Haçienda's first female DJs, Paulette has scaled the heights of the music industry, playing to crowds of thousands all around the world, and descended to the lows of being unceremoniously benched by COVID-19, with no chance of furlough and little support from the government. Here she tells her story, offering a remarkable view of the music industry from a Black woman's perspective. Behind the core values of peace, love, unity and respect, dance music is a world of exclusion, misogyny, racism and classism. But, as Paulette reveals, it is also a space bursting at the seams with powerful women. Part personal account, part call to arms, Welcome to the club exposes the exclusivity of the music industry while seeking to do justice to the often invisible women who keep the beat going.

  • - Dansk elektronisk musik 1928-1980
    af Jonas Olesen
    347,95 kr.

    Pionerer & outsidere – Dansk elektronisk musik 1928-1980 er den samlede fortælling om den elektroniske musiks fremkomst og opblomstring i Danmark. Historien begynder med en række koncerter i Tivoli i København med det russiske Theremin-instrument i 1928 og rundes af i 1980, hvor den elektroniske musik efterhånden er blevet en integreret del af store dele af mainstream-musikken. De mellemliggende 52 år viser en overraskende mangefacetteret historie om teknologisk og kunstnerisk udvikling drevet frem af pionerer med stor nysgerrighed over for nye musikalske produktionsmuligheder og nye klange. I bogen møder vi en række klassisk uddannede komponister som for eksempel Else Marie Pade, Jørgen Plaetner og Fuzzy, der tidligt tog den elektroniske musik til sig, men vi møder også mange ukendte amatørkomponister, der eksperimenterede med spolebåndoptagere og byggede egne instrumenter. Bogen afdækker også, hvordan den tidlige elektroniske musik manifesterede sig langt fra det traditionelle musikliv, blandt andet inden for billedkunsten, i tidlige eksperimentalfilm og i underholdningsbranchen. Her gemmer der sig historier om syngende hunde, der kom til tops på de amerikanske hitlister, om festklædte ingeniører, der dansede til computermusik sidst i 1950’erne, og elektronisk lydterapi, der gjorde patienterne døve. Historien udfoldes på baggrund af et stort reseracharbejde og inddrager interviews med komponister og et væld af datidige kilder. Gennem beskrivelser af de musikalske værker og lydeksperimenter afdækkes en væsentlig og farverig, men stort set glemt og ubeskrevet del af dansk musikhistorie.

  • af Tony Marnoch
    127,95 - 195,95 kr.

    As one of club culture's most notorious - and best loved - figures, Tony is a complete force of nature. Here he tells the most extraordinary stories of depravity and hedonism, of week-long benders and extreme self-destruction - and of recovery, redemption, friendship and the joy of a good tune.'If you want to change your life but can't.. I strongly advise you read this book' TRACEY EMIN'This is a story that should never have been told' KATE MOSS 'I love this man so much. He was, and always will be, my knight in shining Westwood.' DAVINA MCCALL'Anyone can get a party started, but no one keeps it going like Fat Tony, the energy never dips andwhat a life he's lived.. He's a tosser but we still love him.' ELTON JOHN & DAVID FURNISHDJ Fat Tony has been described as 'the closest thing that club culture has to a national treasure' and the 'unlikely cult hero of quarantine'. Few people have crammed so many lives into one: when your first line of cocaine is aged 16 with Freddie Mercury, where do you go from there?I Don't Take Requests is Fat Tony's breathtakingly candid and outrageous memoir of a life of extremes. From his childhood on an estate in Battersea where he honed his petty criminality, was abused by an older man and made friends with Boy George, to his teenage years spent parading the Kings Road in his latest (stolen) clobber, working as a receptionist for a prostitute, hanging out with Leigh Bowery and Sue Tilley and creating his drag persona, to his life as DJ to the stars and his spiral into serious drug addiction. Now, he is 16 years sober and, alongside working to help others overcome addiction, DJing for everyone from Elton John to Louis Vuitton and the Beckhams - and running one of lockdown's most popular Instagram accounts with its wickedly funny memes. It is all here in horrifying, glorious, heart-breaking detail.'Whenever we host a party, Tony is our first port of call. He'll have everyone dancing, guarantee great memories, and the stories he tells... Just don't f*****g ask for any requests!' DAVID & VICTORIA BECKHAM'There is nobody in London, let alone the world who has lived a more extraordinary life... his journey from villain to real life hero is one of the most beautiful examples of humanity I have ever witnessed. I wouldn't be without this c*nt.' KELLY OSBOURNE'Hearing Tony's story is brutal and shocking. He is nothing short of a miracle and his willingness to be of service to others seeking sobriety is testament to how far he has come from the days of pulling his own teeth out.' MARC JACOBS

  • af Hanover Wolfen Verlag
    181,95 kr.

    Music Composition book for Pianists or instruments utilizing the Grand Staff and voice or instruments using treble clef. This 8.25" x 11" composition book contains 100 manuscript pages, 6 Systems of Treble and Bass for notation and composition. Black ink, printed on 60 pound (74-90 GSM) cream paper. Ideal for any pianist, song writer, musician, composers, music teachers, and music students. Codify your ideas and bring new music to life using this convenient, high-quality book. Any serious musician will appreciate the styles adapted from the most renowned music publishers. Create, collaborate, share, and enjoy the gift of music with others.

  • af Jan-Peter Herbst
    253,95 kr.

  • af Herkimer Throckmorton
    327,95 kr.

    A comprehensive exploration of the retro-futuristic genre, tracing its roots in '80s music, dissecting subgenres and highlighting the global impact of iconic artists, all while engaging readers by testing their synthwave knowledge.

  • af Emma Enderby
    362,95 kr.

    Pan Daijing devises performances and exhibitions as Gesamtkunstwerke, total works of art inwhich architectural intervention, light, sound, and movement interact to tell stories that go beyondlanguage. Her haunting compositions for voice and electronic instruments combine opera andnoise music. Mute-in which the artist and composer examines silence and liveness-is Pan'sbiggest solo exhibition to date. This monograph is published in conjunction with the exhibitionand in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary is the first comprehensive presentation of Pan'swork in the dynamic zone straddling music and visual art.Pan Daijing, b. 1991 in Guiyang, China, lives as an artist and composer in Berlin. She is one of thewinners of the prestigious Preis der Nationalgalerie 2024. Sarah Johanna Theurer, b. 1988, is acurator, whose focus is on time-based arts and techno-social entanglements. She is currentlyworking in the Haus der Kunst in Munich.

    167,95 kr.

    Im November 2020 wurden Depeche Mode in die "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" aufgenommen. Bei der Annahme der Ehrung sagte David Gahan: "Ich möchte mich bei Anton Corbijn bedanken, der Gott sei Dank zur richtigen Zeit zu uns stieß und uns tatsächlich cool aussehen ließ." Ebenfalls im Herbst 2020 brachte TASCHEN den limitierten und von Depeche Mode und Anton Corbijn signierten Band Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn (81-18) heraus, der sich zu einer der am schnellsten verkauften Collector's Editions in der Geschichte des Verlags entwickelte. Diese günstige und aktualisierte Ausgabe im handlichen Hosen-TASCHEN-Format gibt Zeugnis von Corbijns einzigartiger Vision und ist in der Tat so "cool", wie Gahan in seiner Rede würdigte. In der reich illustrierten Geschichte erfährt man, wie Corbijn, der 1986 de facto Kreativdirektor der Band wurde, dazu beitrug, Depeche Modes Ruf als größter Kultband der Welt zu untermauern.Der Band enthält über 150 Fotos aus Corbijns umfangreichem Archiv, darunter sowohl offizielle als auch privatere Bandporträts, aufgenommen in Madrid, Hamburg, der Wüste Kaliforniens, Prag oder Marrakesch; dazu eine Vielzahl von spontanen, ungestellten Bildern und atemberaubende Live-Aufnahmen von sämtlichen Tourneen von 1988 bis 2023. Entstanden in enger Zusammenarbeit mit der Band gewährt Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn eine Vielzahl von Einblicken in die Arbeit mit Corbijn und zeigt auf eindrucksvolle Weise, wie die einzigartige Ästhetik eines Mannes, von dem sämtliche Fotografien, die meisten Musikvideos, Albumcover und Setdesigns stammen, die anhaltende Popularität der Band prägten. In der Einleitung erinnert sich Corbijn an seine vielschichtige Rolle bei Depeche Mode: "Vieles hing von mir ab. Ich wollte einfach der Richtige für sie sein, für sie mitdenken und aus mir das Allerbeste herausholen." Der Band zeugt von der Tiefe und Breite dieser Großartigkeit und feiert eine der kreativsten und beständigsten Kooperationen der Musikgeschichte.

  • af Tommy Swindali
    212,95 kr.

    Everything you need to know about making music in one place! 2024 & Beyond!Not so long ago music production was only available to the rich and famous. However, these days it's now possible to produce professional sounding music from your own home.In fact, you don't even need to know how to play an instrument or know anything about the technology or even need expensive equipment. All you need is a decent computer and some inspiration...This book will tell you the rest! If you are a first timer it will lead you in the right direction in the least amount of time.And if you have experience you will discover new insights into how to produce your best music.Here is just a tiny fraction of what you will discover inside:Best music production, VST, DAW and software for 2024 and beyondMusic Theory explained--without needing to study for years!Common beginner mistakes and how to avoid or fix themThe hit songwriting formula-songwriting, lyrics, melody, and constructionProven guidelines on how to get your music signed and how to make moneyStudio setup-achieve pro studio quality even at homeMotivation and mental hacks (get your mental game together and your music production skills will go through the roof!)Step-by-step guide to mix and master your music (even if you're not a technical person)Advances in Technology including Artificial Intelligence for musicThriving Through Networks, Having The Right Skills and Mindset MasteryAnd much, much more...Stop wasting your time on forums, YouTube, and asking the same old questions because everything you need to know is in this book.Become the music producer you've always wanted to be and make your best music with this book.

  • af Tobias Allers
    372,95 kr.

    Die Geschichte der Berliner Clubkultur ist nicht nur eine Abfolge von ausgelassenen Nächten, sondern auch ein Spiegelbild gesellschaftlicher Veränderungen. In den letzten Jahrzehnten hat die Gentrifizierung die Szene beeinflusst und dabei viele Veranstaltungsorte verdrängt. Tobias Allers beleuchtet unter anderem die Konflikte und Diskussionen rund um die Gentrifizierung und das Clubsterben und zeigt, wie sie das Nachtleben in Berlin geformt haben.

  • af Ed Gillett
    147,95 - 195,95 kr.

  • af Chris Heath
    387,95 kr.

    Marking the fortieth anniversary of the duo's first release--"West End Girls"--Pet Shop Boys Volume presents the group's entire visual output to date in a contemporary literary format.

  • af Hadwin Jenning
    317,95 - 362,95 kr.

  • af Fieldsteel
    277,95 - 990,95 kr.

  • af Stevie Chick
    322,95 kr.

    From the ashes of Nirvana, Dave Grohl rose as a oneman band with a self-titled album: The Foo Fighters. Now, 25 years on, and with a rock solid outfit that includes Nate Mendel (bass), Taylor Hawkins (drums), Chris Shiflett (guitar), Pat Smear (rhythm guitar) and latest addition, Rami Jaffee (keyboards) - The Foo Fighters are revelling in the success of their ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold. Paying homage to the band's enduring longevity, The Foo Fighters: The Band that Dave Made is a comprehensive look at a career that boasts six, million-selling albums, eleven Grammies and hit stadium rock anthems such as "Learn to Fly", "Best of You" and "Everlong". Fully Illustrated, this handsome biography from acclaimed rock writer, Stevie Chick, is a fitting tribute to a band born out of the "nicest guy in rock's" single-minded vision and now one of the planet's biggest rock groups.

  • af Paul Elliot
    322,95 kr.

    From their formation in Sydney, Australia in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC have made the most visceral and single-minded rock, and it has served them well, with more than 200 million records sold. The basic blueprint that AC/DC laid down on their early albums with Bon Scott-hard, no-nonsense, riff-driven rock'n'roll-has sustained them all the way through to their latest album, 2014's Rock Or Bust. Angus and Malcolm held AC/DC together after the deathof singer Bon Scott in 1980. And now, so many years later, even without Malcolm around, Angus doesn't look like he's about to give up on the band. Illustrated with rare and unseen photographs, this handsome biography from an acclaimed rock biographer is a fitting salute to rock's royal family.

  • af Mike Evans
    322,95 kr.

    The great British-American-male-female-old-new-blues-rockballad band: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks' arrival to Fleetwood Mac, which transformed a British blues band into a major rock force, selling more than 100 million albums. The books captures the early blues era with founder Peter Green and the magic of Buckingham's and Nick's personalities, Mick Fleetwood's creativity, and John and Christine McVie's musicianship.One of the enduring rock bands in music history, Fleetwood Mac has been entertaining fans at sold-out performances for decades. Since their early days as a blues band, Fleetwood Mac propelled itself to pop relevance with the addition of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks in 1974. In Fleetwood Mac: Everywhere, musician and writer, Mike Evans, explores the story of the band and offers a celebration of their success with over 150 photos, song reviews, and interviews from over five decades of coverage.

  • af Mary Valle
    162,95 kr.

    Depeche Mode's 101 is, at first glance, a curious thing: a live double-album by a synth band. A recording of its "Concert for the Masses," 101 marks the moment when doomy, cultish, electronic Depeche Mode, despite low American album sales and a lack of critical acclaim, declared they had arrived and ascended to the rare air of stadium rock. On June 18, 1988, 65,000 screaming, singing Southern Californians flocked to Pasadena's Rose Bowl to celebrate DM's coronation. The concert also revealed the power of Southern California radio station and event host KROQ, which had turned Los Angeles into DM's American stronghold through years of fervent airplay. KROQ's innovative format, which brought "new music" to its avid listeners, soon spread across the country, leading to the explosion of alternative rock in the 1990s.Eight years after its founding in Basildon, Essex, Depeche Mode, rooted in 1970s Krautrock, combined old-fashioned touring, well-crafted songs, and the steadfast support of KROQ to dominate Southern California, the United States, and then the world, kicking open the doors for the likes of Nirvana in the process. 101 is the hidden-in-plain-sight hinge of modern music history.

  • af Çagla Ilk
    473,95 kr.

    Wie kann man sich in einen Klang hineinversetzen? Welche Perspektiven öffnen sich durch das Aufeinandertreffen von Raum, Resonanz und Wahrnehmung? Und wie verändern sich dabei die Beteiligten? Der Künstler und Komponist Jan St. Werner, bekannt als Mitglied des Duos Mouse on Mars, entwirft mit Space Synthesis ein radikal neues Verständnis von Klang und Raum. Das Zusammenspiel von beidem wird zur Methode der Erkundung von Architektur und sozialen Zusammenhängen. Space Synthesis ist der Katalog zur ersten Einzelausstellung von Jan St. Werner und zugleich das Dokument einer Praxis, die sich gegen scheinbar feststehendes Wissen wendet und die produktive Kraft von Klang multiperspektivisch untersucht. Zahlreiche Beiträge vertiefen das Verständnis seiner künstlerischen Arbeit.JAN ST. WERNER (*1969, Nürnberg) bezieht sich in seinen Soundarbeiten stets auch auf den Austausch mit der bildenden Kunst. Werner realisierte Klanginterventionen und Ausstellungen im Rahmen der documenta 14 in Athen und Kassel, dem Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Lenbachhaus und ebenso auf der 6. Ural Biennale. Werner lehrte an der Nürnberger Akademie der Bildenden Künste, am Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) in Boston und an der New York University Tisch School of the Arts in Berlin.

  • af Singer
    277,95 - 990,95 kr.

  • af Steffen Krebber
    317,95 kr.

    sinusoidal run rhythm entsteht durch die Addition phasengleicher Cosinusfunktionen in ganzzahligen Verhältnissen. Sie sind in ihren Maxima gegenüber entsprechenden notierten Rhythmen zeitlich und dynamisch verschoben und weisen eine Körperlichkeit auf, die in diskret gesteuerten Rhythmen nicht vorhanden ist. sinusoidal run rhythm definiert Rhythmus also als Welle und hebt sich so deutlich von der herkömmlichen Rhythmustheorie einer europäischen Musiktradition ab. Es eröffnet sich eine unerschöpfliche Vielfalt an betörend körperlicher Musik.Der Band bildet diese ästhetische Diversität in zahlreichen Illustrationen der sinusoidal run rhythm ab. Er bietet zum einen die Möglichkeit, in die Ausformungen eines erweiterten Rhythmusbegriffs einzutauchen und sich in die Schönheit einzelner Exemplare zu verlieren - dem Vorbild von Büchern zur Bestimmung von Käfern oder Schmetterlingen folgend. Andererseits regt die Theorie dazu an, die Grenzen zwischen Vorstellung und Aufführung, Partitur und Interpretation, Mensch und Maschine zu aufzuweichen und nach Anwendungen im Musikmachen, in der Musikanalyse, der Psychoakustik oder der Philosophie zu suchen.

  • af Yuma Hampejs
    1.027,95 kr.

  • af The Chemical Brothers
    294,95 kr.

    The Chemical Brothers emerged in the early 1990s, an electronic music duo consisting of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. Alongside The Prodigy and Fat Boy Slim they made the leap from the underground into the mainstream on the back of the 'big beat' genre, and the million-selling success of their debut, Exit Planet Dust. Their second album, Dig Your Own Hole went stratospheric in 1997 and they have collectively, had 6 number one albums. Their original and incredibly influential but tiny residency was at the Heavenly Social in 1994. They have collaborated with a host of internationally famous artists from Noel Gallagher to Mazzy Star and Richard Ashcroft.This is the story of the band, in their own words, and with contributions from intimate friends and collaborators. The book will be fully illustrated with photography and design work from the archives. The Chemical Brothers have headlined major festivals including Glastonbury and won six Grammys. They are unquestionably one of the biggest electronic music acts in the world today.

  • af Cosey Fanni Tutti
    125,95 - 185,95 kr.

  • af Ryan Bunch
    320,95 - 975,95 kr.

    How has The Wizard of Oz become so popular on film, television, and stage? This book offers new insights into American identity through the special relationship between musicals and L. Frank Baum's children's novel. Drawing on personal experience, Ryan Bunch offers new readings of the MGM film (1939), The Wiz (1975), Wicked (2003), and other Oz musicals to reveal how the performative magic of the fairy tale musical, with its impliedinclusions and exclusions, imagines an American utopia.

  • af Fabian Wagner
    163,95 kr.

    Als wir anfingen, ein Instrument zu lernen, waren wir neugierig und fasziniert davon. Doch nach einigen Jahren Unterricht empfinden wir Uben oft als harte Arbeit, sind unzufrieden mit dem Ergebnis oder verlieren sogar ganz die Lust am Musik machen. Mussen wir uns also mehr anstrengen, noch gewissenhafter uben? Was wir dabei vergessen: Musik ist mehr, als die richtigen Noten in der richtigen Intensitat zu spielen! Dieses Buch habe ich fur Hobby-Musiker geschrieben, die spuren das etwas nicht funktioniert, aber nicht wissen, woran das liegen konnte. Es zeigt einfache Wege, um zu einem gelingenden Lern- und Entwicklungs-Prozess bei der eigenen Musik zuruck zu finden. So konnen auch Laien-Musiker mit wahrer Freude wirkungsvolle Musik erschaffen, gleichwertig zu professionellen Interpreten. Die grundlegenden Prinzipien und praktischen Ansatze basieren auf uber zwei Jahrzehnten Erfahrung mit verschiedenen Instrumenten und Methoden zum Lernen. Sie sind kein Ersatz fur einen Lehrer, sondern eine wertvolle Erganzung zu jedem Unterricht. Mit Hilfe dieses Buches konnen die Leser ihre eigene Musik wieder richtig genieen und herausfinden, wozu sie fahig sind - und das ist weit mehr als wir bisher gedacht und gelernt haben. Andere Blickwinkel bietet das Buch auch fur Musiklehrer, die ihre Schuler begleiten und ermutigen wollen, statt sie immer effizienter zu belehren.

  • af Matt Anniss
    145,95 - 212,95 kr.

    Since the dawn of the 1990s, British dance music has been in thrall to the seductive power of weighty sub-bass. It is a key ingredient in a string of British-pioneered genres, including hardcore, jungle, drum & bass, dubstep, UK garage and grime. In Join The Future, dance music journalist Matt Anniss traces the roots, origins, development and legacy of the sound that started it all: the first distinctively British form of electronic dance music, bleep techno. A mixture of social, cultural, musical and oral history, Join The Future reveals the untold stories of bleep's Yorkshire pioneers and those that came in their wake, moving from electro all-dayers and dub soundsystem clashes of the mid-1980s to the birth of hardcore and jungle in London and the South East. Along the way, you'll find first-hand accounts of key clubs and raves, biographies of forgotten and overlooked production pioneers, stories of bleep outposts in Canada and the United States, and the inside story of the early yea

  • af Horst Grabosch
    134,95 kr.

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