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  • af Jørgen Christoffersen
    314,94 kr.

    I brugerundersøgelser ved Københavns Universitet får ”Kemiske data og oversigter” de allerbedste skudsmål med på vejen. Her anvendes bogen ved undervisningen i medicinsk kemi. Bogen vil generelt være til hjælp ved en række uddannelser og kurser, rettet mod basal almen og organisk kemi. Her tænkes på kemiundervisningen i både gymnasier, seminarier samt ved laborant- bioanalytiker og ernæringsuddannelserne. Bogen kan anvendes uden noget større kendskab til matematik. Dansk nomenklatur og danske fagudtryk er anvendt i videst muligt omfang. I denne 3. udgave af bogen er afsnittet om radioaktivitet væsentligt forbedret.

  • af Nabisab Mujawar Mubarak
    526,95 - 996,95 kr.

  • af Duanyun Cao
    1.391,95 - 1.760,95 kr.

  • af Wuming Liu
    1.391,95 kr.

    This book highlights the methods to engineer dissipative and magnetic nonlinear waves propagating in nonlinear systems. In the first part of the book, the authors present methodologically mathematical models of nonlinear waves propagating in one- and two-dimensional nonlinear transmission networks without/with dissipative elements. Based on these models, the authors investigate the generation and the transmission of nonlinear modulated waves, in general, and solitary waves, in particular, in networks under consideration. In the second part of the book, the authors develop basic theoretical results for the dynamics matter-wave and magnetic-wave solitons of nonlinear systems and of Bose¿Einstein condensates trapped in external potentials, combined with the time-modulated nonlinearity. The models treated here are based on one-, two-, and three-component non-autonomous Gross¿Pitaevskii equations. Based on the Heisenberg model of spin¿spin interactions, the authors also investigate the dynamics of magnetization in ferromagnet with or without spin-transfer torque. This research book is suitable for physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and graduate students in physics, mathematics, and network and information engineering.

  • af S Doniach
    1.247,95 kr.

    This book shows how the analytic properties in the complex energy plane of the Green's functions of many particle systems account for the physical effects (level shifts, damping, instabilities) characteristic of interacting systems. It concentrates on general physical principles and, while it does not discuss experiments in detail, includes introductions to topics of current research interest, such as singularities (X-ray, Kondo) associated with transient perturbations in an electron gas, the Mott metal-insulator transition in correlated electron systems, and the phenomenon of high Tc superconductivity.This invaluable book grew out of a course of graduate lectures given by S Doniach at the University of London. It will appeal to beginning graduate students in theoretical solid state physics as an introduction to more comprehensive or more specialized texts and also to experimentalists who would like a quick view of the subject. A basic knowledge of solid state physics and quantum mechanics at graduate level is assumed.

  • af Katrina Klösel
    797,95 kr.

    Many applications benefit from sensing of several physical quantities. This is often done by integrating different sensing units or by designing material composites where each material responds to a distinct physical input stimuli. New research trends can be observed in the direction of exploring novel materials that respond to various input signals. These materials can be utilized for multi-modal sensing or for serving different functions in a sensor system such as sensing and storing. This holds particular significance with regard to enhancing the device simplicity and reducing the associated fabrication costs.This thesis explores the versatile properties of bismuth selenide for thermoelectric and thermoresistive sensing in combination with memristive storage. Bismuth selenide was synthesized by means of electrochemical deposition. Here, Bi2Se3 micropillars were achieved for the first time, which are tens of micrometers thick.

  • af Camille Fleuriault
    2.367,95 - 2.377,95 kr.

  • af Santosh K Tiwari
    982,95 kr.

    This book highlights recent developments related to fabrication and utilization of nanoparticle-engineered metal matrices and their composites linked to the heavy industries, temperature fasteners, high-pressure vessels, and heavy turbines, etc. The mechanical properties of newly developed metallic composites are discussed in terms of tensile modulus, hardness, ductility, crack propagation, elongation, and chemical inertness. This book presents the design, development, and implementation of state-of-the-art methods linked to nanoparticle-reinforced metal nanocomposites for a wide variety of applications. Therefore, in a nutshell, this book provides a unique platform for researchers and professionals in the area of nanoparticle-reinforced metal nanocomposites.

  • af Takanari Ouchi
    2.367,95 - 2.377,95 kr.

  • af Andreas Ochsner
    858,95 - 1.433,95 kr.

  • af Rafael Vargas-Bernal
    1.512,95 kr.

    Piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials represent emerging cutting-edge technological materials for energy harvesting for high-value-added applications. Although these materials have been exhaustively exploited for decades, researchers around the world continue to find technological and scientific innovations that must be disseminated to the engineers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Piezoelectric materials, through mechanical stresses applied to them, are capable of generating electricity, while thermoelectric materials are capable of producing electricity thanks to the heat applied to them. Therefore, the direct application of these materials is in energy harvesting, which, together with the reduction of materials, leads them to portable and wearable functional applications. The purpose of this work is to disseminate some of the latest scientific and technological advances by different researchers around the world in the development of devices and applications based on these materials. The book compiles state-of-the-art fundamentals, current uses, as well as emerging applications of piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials. It is a source of inspiration for continued scientific research on the commercial, industrial, and military applications of these materials. Furthermore, it is a valuable and informative resource for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as experts and researchers in the field.

  • af Albert C. J. Luo
    557,95 - 691,95 kr.

  • af Mustafa Eginligil
    412,95 kr.

    This book highlights the photogalvanic effects at low dimensions, surfaces, and interfaces, more specifically 2D materials, such as graphene and monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides. Although the phenomenology of the photogalvanic effects, which can be simply seen as photoresponse nonlinear-in-electric field, have been well-established, the microscopic understanding in each material system may vary. This book is a quick reference and a detailed roadmap starting from phenomenology and continuing with the ultimate low dimensional materials, in which the photogalvanic effects can offer a rich platform at the second-order response to an electric field. A general phenomenology of photogalvanic effect is provided in the first chapter, together with the photon drag effect which also generates a photocurrent like the photogalvanic effect, but with some distinct features, as well as somewhat puzzling similarities. Next two chapters explain these effects in graphene, starting with a necessary related background on graphene, then a particular focus on its specific phenomenology, microscopic theory, and experimental results. In a similar fashion, in chapters four and five, a necessary background for the photogalvanic effects in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides, with symmetry analysis, microscopic theory, and experimental results is presented, along with the Berry curvature dependent photocurrent, which can also play an important role in 2D semiconductors. The second-order photogalvanic effects that have been covered so far in graphene and monolayer transition metal chalcogenides have already excited the 2D semiconductor optoelectronic research community by several means. It seems that the interests on the photogalvanic effects will continue to escalate in near future.

  • af Xiaojun Bi
    1.186,95 kr.

    This book presents various design theories and methodologies for silicon-based high-sensitivity broadband receivers, including millimeter-wave radiometer chips and photoelectric receivers, which are core elements in imaging systems, data centers, and telecommunication infrastructures. As a key module in application systems, the high-sensitivity broadband receiver, not only attracts the attention of engineers and researchers in the radio-frequency and optoelectronic fields, but also garners significant interest from other disciplines, including optics, communications, and security. The book introduces various silicon-based critical design technologies aim to overcome the limitations inherent in silicon devices, distinctly enhancing sensitivity with a broad bandwidth. These innovative design methodologies, initially proposed and subsequently validated through meticulous measurements, represent a pioneering contribution. The book provides readers with detailed insights into design intricacies and considerations. Its audience includes undergraduate and graduate students with a specific interest in RF/optoelectronic receiver technology, along with researchers and engineers engaged in the study of imaging systems, data centers, or other communication applications.

  • af Surinder M Sharma
    1.669,95 kr.

    This advanced textbook provides an exhaustive review of topics of immense importance to the fundamental understanding of physics of materials at high pressures. The book presents the current status of experimental and theoretical techniques used to understand the behaviour of materials under high compression. Various topics covered in this book are high pressure studies of materials, equation of state of materials, phase transitions under high pressures, behaviour of hydrogen and hydrides under pressure, and hydrogen bond in solids under high pressure. This book is highly useful reference for the scientists working in the field of condensed matter in general and its behaviour under static and dynamic compression, in particular.

  • af Teruo Matsushita
    615,95 kr.

    This book leads students to learn electromagnetism and then moves to chapters about electric circuits. It aims to give an understanding of electromagnetism which gives a fast way to master the features of circuit elements such as resistors, capacitors, and coils that compose electric circuits. The author provides chapters on electromagnetism and electric circuits separately and gives a chapter explaining the correlation between them in detail.In the chapters for electric circuit, DC electric circuits, transient and steady response of AC electric circuits are treated. AC circuit theory is introduced for describing the phenomena in circuits. Theoretical treatments such as branch current method, closed current method, and node potential method are also introduced to show the validity of solution methods that have been used in the book. The book can serve as a compact textbook for lectures, as an introduction for hardware system and electric control systems, and mechanical systems. Chapters for electromagnetism or ones for electric circuits are suitable for a lecture over a semester.

  • af Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio
    691,95 kr.

    This book provides a single-source reference for any reader requiring basic and advanced information on wide bandgap semiconductors and related design topics. Focusing on practicability, it explains the principles of GaN and SiC semiconductors, manufacturing, characterization, market and design for key applications.

  • af Sajjad Haider
    1.507,95 kr.

    This book presents a comprehensive overview of density functional theory (DFT), from its basics to its practical application and implementation. It also discusses the breakthroughs in the field and the complete integration of physical and chemical aspects. It examines both orbital and time-dependent functions along with their variations according to semiquantitative analysis. The book also discusses analytical and computational techniques and principles, considering the classical and quantum approaches. Also covered are important topics such as HOMO (highest occupied molecular orbital), LUMO (lowest unoccupied molecular orbital), MEP (minimum energy paths), KS-DFT (Kohn-Sham density functional theory), UHFD (Unrestricted Hartree-Fock-Dirac), and Gaussian methods.

  • af Kanya Kusano
    941,95 - 1.273,95 kr.

    Powerful solar explosions, such as flares and coronal mass ejections, greatly disturb the electromagnetic environment around the Earth and the atmosphere. They may even impact various social systems¿communications, positioning, electric power supply, aviation and activities in space. Such variations in the space environment, which can influence human activities, are called ¿space weather.¿ The space weather disaster caused by a solar explosion is a potential risk in modern society. To reduce and mitigate space weather impacts, it is essential to understand the structure and dynamics of the solar¿terrestrial environment and to predict the variations. This book comprehensively describes space weather, from the basics of related sciences to the possible social impacts. It was compiled based on a national research project on solar¿terrestrial environment prediction conducted in Japan recently. It consists of four parts: the linkage between space weather and society; the magnetosphere of the Earth and space weather prediction; solar storms and space weather prediction; and long-term prediction of solar cycle activity and climate impacts. Each chapter covers the basics and applications of each area, which helps readers gain a broad understanding of the subject matter throughout the book. In addition, readers are able to select and read the topics they are most interested in. It is especially valuable for undergraduate and graduate students and young researchers studying space weather and related topics, and is further helpful for experts in various industries related to space weather disasters. The translation was done with the help of artificial intelligence (machine translation by the service The present version has been revised technically and linguistically by the authors in collaboration with a professional translator.

  • af Shunjiro Shinohara
    1.050,95 kr.

    This book highlights a high-density helicon plasma source produced by radio frequency excitation in the presence of magnetic fields, which has attracted considerable attention thanks to its wide applicability in various fields, from basic science to industrial use. Presenting specific applications such as plasma thrusters, nuclear fusion, and plasma processing, it offers a review of modern helicon plasma science for a broad readership.The book covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamental physics of helicon plasma and their cutting-edge applications, based on his abundant and broad experience from low to high temperature plasmas, using various linear magnetized machines and nuclear fusion ones such as tokamaks and reversed field pinches. It first provides a brief overview of the field and a crash course on the fundamentals of plasma, including miscellaneous diagnostics, for advanced undergraduate and early graduate students in plasma science, and presents the basics of helicon plasma for beginners in the field. Further, digesting advanced application topics is also useful for experts to have a quick overview of extensive helicon plasma science research.

  • af V. Moharir Rucha
    372,95 kr.

    Polymers are accidentally discovered while experimenting with formaldehyde and phenols and later they are turned out to be a resourceful material ever evolved in the area of polymer science. Looking at their diverse perspectives, plastics became one of the essential materials in human society. Polymeric structure is one of the strengths of plastic that has made the material strong and durable and attained the place of leading material all over. Repetitive monomeric bonds facilitate high strength and resistivity against many environmental factors and also to biological activity, thus enhancing material's life for use and storage. Plastics are used almost in every sector worldwide, where around 70% of the goods are made out of plastics underlining its demand for production. The chief attributes of plastic which made the material the strongest utilizer are light weight, durable, flexible, transparent, versatile nature of polymer providing exceptional abilities to stand out amongst the other materials. As the material is light weight, durable and non-reactive, it is mostly absorbed in food wrapping and packaging purpose. Providing many benefits, one over the other landed the material to gain the wide acceptance in the industries and markets. Being a globalized product, the material has an impact on every sector and at some places, its use is inevitable like in consumer packaging which nearly accounts for 42% of the global annual resin production. Transparency and impermeable nature of packaging films facilitates three key potentials comprising conformal packaging, protected environment and easy transport. In hot-food service applications, polystyrene is primarily adopted having the property of insulation. These resins are too handy to use, replacing many materials in packaging of goods and food amenities. Materials like wood, metals and some of the building materials are even got replaced by plastics contributing almost 19% of the global production. Apart from replacing metals and wood, plastics also replaced natural fibres such as cotton, wool and silk. Plastics are extensively used in medical applications as they offer the required qualities like resistance against microbes and single use items.

  • af Alexander Govorov
    550,95 kr.

    This Brief presents a historical overview of the Förster-type nonradiative energy transfer and a compilation of important progress in FRET research, starting from Förster until today, along with a summary of the current state-of-the-art. Here the objective is to provide the reader with a complete account of important milestones in FRET studies and FRET applications as well as a picture of the current status.

  • af Fu-Bao Yang
    620,95 kr.

  • af Van& Litovski
    524,95 - 858,95 kr.

  • af Prasanna B. P.
    382,95 kr.

    Polymers are extended chain giant organic molecules which consists of repeated interlinking of many monomer units in long chain there by given its name poly, meaning 'many' and mer, meaning 'part' in Greek. A polymer is similar to a necklace made from numerous tiny beads joining together known as monomers. The nonconducting properties of most of the polymers signify a substantial advantage for various practical applications of plastics. However, organic polymers with good electrical conductivity have been observed during last two decades. The polymeric materials have good processability, less specific weight, corrosion resistance and also the exciting prospects for plastics fabricated in to films, electronic devices and electrical wires. Because of these properties, in recent years they have grabbed the attention of both academic researchers and industrial domains ranging from solid state physics to chemistry and to electrochemistry. Conducting polymers are the class of polymers which can conduct electricity due to its T-electron system. Sometimes these conducting polymers are also called organic polymeric conductors or conjugated polymers or purely conductive polymers. The existence of alternate single and double bonds between the carbon atoms leading to formation of sigma (a) and pi (T) bonds is known as conjugation. Due to the formation of covalent bonds between the carbon atoms the a-electrons are fixed and immobile, while the remaining T-electrons are easily delocalized upon doping. Thus, an extended T system along the conducting polymer backbone confers the electronic conduction due to the movement of T-electrons along the chain. Ever since the invention of iodine doped conductive polyacetylene, a new field of conducting polymers, which is also called as "synthetic metals", with a number of different conducting polymers and their derivatives have been established.

  • af Dheeraj Kumar Singh
    774,95 - 1.400,95 kr.

    This book highlights recent advances and evolution of various nanomaterials and their potential in diverse research fields. The book covers the synthesis and characterization of various nanomaterials, followed by discussion on desired applications such as clean and green renewable energy, coating, sensors, thermal applications, microelectronics, biomedical applications such as drug carriers, nutrition, biosensors and detection of cancer cells.  The chapters in this book not only illustrate the capability of nanomaterials in such novel usages but also reveal their potential drawbacks and the possible ways to overcome the pitfalls. The book covers interdisciplinary research advancement of nanomaterials, beneficial for researchers and professionals working in both science and engineering.

  • af Shiro Kubota
    1.090,95 kr.

    This book presents fundamental theory of shock and detonation waves as well as selected studies in detonation research in Japan, contributed by selected experts in safety research on explosives, development of industrial explosives, and application of explosives. It also reports detonation research in Japan featuring industrial explosives that include ammonium nitrate-based explosives and liquid explosives.Intended as a monographic-style book, it consistently uses technical terms and symbols and creates organic links between various detonation phenomena in application of explosives, fundamental theory of detonation waves, measurement methods, and individual studies. Among other features, the book presents a historical perspective of shock wave and detonation research in Japan, pedagogical materials for young researchers in detonation physics, and an introduction to works in Japan, including equations of state, which are worthy of attention but about which very little is known internationally. Further, the concise pedagogical chapters also characterize this book as a primer of detonation of condensed explosives and help readers start their own research.

  • af Rolf Sandström
    363,95 - 368,95 kr.

  • af Valery M. Nakariakov
    1.050,95 - 1.293,95 kr.

    The book presents a broad and in-depth overview of recent achievements and the current state of research in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) oscillatory and wave phenomena in the coronae of the Sun and stars. Major progress in coronal wave studies has been achieved thanks to the combination of high-precision multi-wavelength observations with spaceborne and ground-based facilities, elaborated theory of the interaction of MHD waves with plasma non-uniformities, state-of-the-art numerical simulations, and novel data analysis techniques. It has allowed the research community to reach a new look at the role played by MHD wave processes in the enigmatic phenomena of coronal plasma heating and wind acceleration as well as powerful energy releases such as flares and coronal mass ejections. In addition, the waves are intensively used as natural probes in the remote diagnostics of the coronal plasma parameters and physical processes operating in solar and stellar coronae via the method of MHD seismology. Individual chapters cover recent cutting-edge results obtained on the analysis and theoretical modelling of several most intensively studied coronal MHD wave phenomena, namely, kink and sausage oscillations of coronal loops and other field-aligned plasma structures, plus running and standing slow magnetoacoustic waves. A dedicated chapter assesses the reliability of proposed theoretical mechanisms for heating of the coronal plasma by MHD waves. Another chapter summarizes the current state of our understanding of the physical mechanisms and observational properties of quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares, considers their analogy with similar processes detected in stellar flares, and thus establishes solid ground for the further exploitation of the solar-stellar analogy. An important discussion of novel data analysis techniques designed recently for MHD seismology applications is presented in a devoted chapter. The direction of future advances in the designated research areas are discussed.The book is a spin-off from the Topical Collection "Oscillatory Processes in Solar and Stellar Coronae" of the journal Space Science Reviews.

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