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Sociale konsekvenser af miljøproblemer

Her finder du spændende bøger om Sociale konsekvenser af miljøproblemer. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 60 bøger om emnet.
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  • af Isabella Tree
    292,95 kr.

    THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Important and empowering' - BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH'Get this great guide and be inspired' - STEPHEN FRY'A handbook of hope ... Buy it, read it, start changing things right now' - JOANNA LUMLEY_______________The enormity of climate change and biodiversity loss can leave us feeling overwhelmed. How can an individual ever make a difference?Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell know firsthand how spectacularly nature can bounce back if you give it the chance. And what comes is not just wildlife in super-abundance, but solutions to the other environmental crises we face.The Book of Wilding is a handbook for how we can all help restore nature. It is ambitious, visionary and pragmatic. The book has grown out of Isabella and Charlie's mission to help rewild Britain, Europe and the rest of the world by sharing knowledge from their pioneering project at Knepp in Sussex. It is inspired by the requests they receive from people wanting to learn how to rewild everything from unprofitable farms, landed estates and rivers, to ponds, allotments, churchyards, urban parks, gardens, window boxes and public spaces.. The Book of Wilding has the answers._______________'Brilliantly readable and incredibly hard-working' - HUGH FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL'A deep, dazzling and indispensable guide to the most important task of all: the restoration of the living planet' - GEORGE MONBIOT

  • af Steen Ulnits
    220,95 kr.

    I den nye Steen Ulnits-bog, Laks & havørred, øser han ud af al sin viden om disse kongefisk. Undertitlen er Opgangsfisk, da der er særligt fokus på de forhold, der gør sig gældende, når man vil fange de fisk, der er på vej op i vandløb for at gyde. Desuden inddrages andre arter, fx Røding og Stalling, som har samme opgangsadfærd som Laksefisk.Bogen indeholder alt, hvad en fluefisker har brug for at vide, om standpladser, grejet, fluerne, fiskenes adfærd, teknikker og meget andet. Det hele er krydret med tipsbokse og rigtige lystfiskerhistorier!Både nybegyndere og øvede vil finde gode råd og ny viden i denne guldgrube af en lystfiskerbog.

  • af Steen Ulnits
    220,95 kr.

    I den nye Steen Ulnits-bog, Tørflue og nymfe, behandler han med sædvanlig kyndig hånd den fiskemetode, som regnes for den fineste inden for fluefiskeri. Fluefiskeri med tørflue og nymfe er en kunstart, der kræver indgående kendskab til insekternes liv, adfærd og formering.Bogen indeholder detaljeret viden om de for fisk – og fiskere – vigtigste insekter og deres levevis. Med indsigt i livet under vandet bliver fluefiskeren i stand til at vælge både rette tid, sted og flue, hvilket fører til flere fangede fisk!I Tørflue og nymfe er der ud over dybdegående kapitler om insekterne også kapitler om grejet, særlige teknikker, ørrederne og fluemønstre, så man kan binde sine egne tørfluer.De mange tipsbokse giver ekstra viden om særlige emner, og lystfiskerhistorierne fra så godt som hele verden gør Tørflue og nymfe til en sand læseoplevelse.

  • af Mikaela Loach
    153,95 kr.

    For too long, representations of climate action in the mainstream media have been white-washed, green-washed and diluted to be made compatible with capitalism. We are living in an economic system which pursues profit above all else; harmful, oppressive systems that heavily contribute to the climate crisis, and environmental consequences that have been toned down to the masses. Tackling the climate crisis requires us to visit the roots of poverty, capitalist exploitation, police brutality and legal injustice. Climate justice offers the real possibility of huge leaps towards racial equality and collective liberation as it aims to dismantle the very foundations of these issues.In this book, Mikaela Loach offers a fresh and radical perspective for real climate action that could drastically change the world as we know it for the benefit of us all. Written with candour and hope, It's Not That Radical will galvanise readers to take action, offering an accessible and transformative appraisal of our circumstances to help mobilise a majority for the future of our planet.

  • af Gaia Vince
    107,95 - 197,95 kr.

  • af Benjamin J. Abraham
    910,95 kr.

  • af Wahyu Prasetyawan, Takamasa Osawa & Masaaki Okamoto
    371,95 - 469,95 kr.

  • af Tim Smedley
    166,95 - 167,95 kr.

  • af Robin Twiddy
    77,95 kr.

  • af Walter Leal Filho
    1.216,95 kr.

    This book gives a special emphasis to state-of-the-art descriptions of approaches, methods, initiatives, and projects from universities, stakeholders, organizations, and civil society across the world, regarding cross-cutting issues in sustainable development.There is a perceived need for mobilizing the various stakeholders when attempting to promote sustainability in higher education and to promote best practices, which may inspire further initiatives. But despite this need, there are a few publications handling this matter in a coherent way. In order to meet the pressing need for publications which may document and disseminate examples of best practice on sustainable development at university level, the "e;Handbook of Best Practices in Sustainable Development at University Level"e; is being published.This book is produced by the European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR), through the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP) and contains inputs from authors across all geographical regions.The book also discusses examples of initiatives coordinated by universities but involving civil society, the private sector, and public sector (including local, national, and intergovernmental bodies). In particular, it describes practical experiences, partnerships, networks, and training schemes for building capacity aimed at fostering the cause of sustainable development at institutions of higher education.Thanks to its design and the contributions by experts from various areas, it provides a welcome contribution to the literature on sustainable development, and it may inspire further works in this field.

  • af Martha C. Nussbaum
    197,95 kr.

    A revolutionary new theory and call to action on animal rights, ethics, and law from the renowned philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum.Animals are in trouble all over the world. Whether through the cruelties of the factory meat industry, poaching and game hunting, habitat destruction, or neglect of the companion animals that people purport to love, animals suffer injustice and horrors at our hands every day. The world needs an ethical awakening, a consciousness-raising movement of international proportions. In Justice for Animals, one of the world's most influential philosophers and humanists Martha C. Nussbaum provides a revolutionary approach to animal rights, ethics, and law. From dolphins to crows, elephants to octopuses, Nussbaum examines the entire animal kingdom, showcasing the lives of animals with wonder, awe, and compassion to understand how we can create a world in which human beings are truly friends of animals, not exploiters or users. All animals should have a shot at flourishing in their own way. Humans have a collective duty to face and solve animal harm. An urgent call to action and a manual for change, Nussbaum's groundbreaking theory directs politics and law to help us meet our ethical responsibilities as no book has done before.

  • af John Vaillant
    167,95 - 247,95 kr.

  • af Jason Paolo Telles
    1.046,95 kr.

    This book addresses the increasingly important subject of ecomedia by critically examining the interconnections between environment, ecology, media forms, and popular culture in the Southeast Asian region, exploring methods such as textual analysis, thematic analysis, content analysis, participatory ethnography, auto ethnography, and semi-structured interviewing. It is divided into four sections: I. Activism, Environment, and Indigeneity; II. Political, Ecologies and Urban Spaces; III. Narratives, Discourses, and Aesthetics; and IV. Imperialism, Nationalism, and Islands, covering topics such as broadcast media (radio and TV) and the environment; green cinema and ecodocumentaries, ecodigital art, digital environmental literature. It is of great interest to researchers, students, practitioners and scholars working in the area of humanities, media, communications, cultural studies, environmental humanities, environmental studies, and sustainability.

  • af Martin Zapf
    330,95 kr.

    Averting Climate Catastrophe Together addresses the necessity of meeting the Paris Agreement temperature target and explores what framework could enable climate action in an effective, efficient and equitable manner that is consistent with that goal. It also looks at the contribution of technological change within the economic system, including the feasibility of a global energy transition. Whether humanity can avoid catastrophic climate change does not seem to depend on the availability of technological solutions, but rather on international cooperation and coordination. Given the various sustainability issues, this book also considers if it is possible to derive a general approach to them. It argues that dealing with compatibility limits in complex systems requires a holistic change in the system structure. Therefore, systems science is discussed together with economics, technological change, and sustainable development. This book targets scientists and experts from different disciplines due to the interdisciplinary topic, but especially from environmental economics and energy technology; policy makers, as policy recommendations are provided to address climate change; as well as the general public due to the pressing common challenge of climate change and comprehensive efforts for sustainable development. Provides evidence based on climate science research on the necessity of meeting the Paris Agreement temperature target Highlights the feasibility of the global energy transition as one major option to mitigate climate change, also going into detail about the process of technological change Brings together systems science with economics, technological change, and sustainable development Derives a framework to meet the Paris Agreement temperature target, enabling coordinated climate action in an effective and efficient manner while pursuing distributive justice

  • - En håndbog for unge klimaaktivister
    af Rebecca Stefoff & Naomi Kleim
    219,95 - 226,95 kr.

    Temperaturen stiger over hele verden. Antallet af naturbrande, oversvømmelser, voldsomme storme og udryddede plante- og dyrearter er højere end nogensinde som følge heraf. Klimaforandringer er en realitet. Men hvordan er vi endt her, hvor vi står? Og hvad kan vi gøre for at ændre retning?I denne varme og praktiske håndbog for unge aktivister, forklarer Naomi Klein sammen med Rebecca Stefoff, hvordan situationen egentlig ser ud. Hun præsenterer os for fantastiske unge fra hele verden, der kæmper mod klimaforandringer på den ene side og stigende populisme og højredrejning på den anden. Alle disse unge aktivister bærer på en ild – og som Klein siger, den ild vil kun brænde klarere og skabe flere gode ting jo flere gnister, der tændes i unge læsere.En bevægelse er i gang. Det er en bevægelse, som kæmper mod klimaforandringerne og for at skabe en retfærdig verden for alle os, som bor i den. Unge mennesker er ikke kun en del af bevægelsen, de er bevægelsen. Og det er unge, der viser vejen for at vi kan skabe en bedre fremtid for os alle og planeten, vi bor på.Og vi kan skabe en bedre fremtid, hvis vi er villige til at ændre alt.

  • - Mikas bog
    af Helle Perrier
    58,95 - 205,95 kr.

    Mika bor i Nyhafen – den sidste by på Jorden. En by i en iskold verden regeret af voldelige vogtere og strenge love. I Frostbid er det dig, der bestemmer. Havner Mika i fængsel, fryser han ihjel eller venter der ham et nyt liv et andet sted? Du vælger, hvilken vej han skal gå. Om han skal slås eller flygte, og hvem han tør stole på. Er du klar?

  • af Henry Jacoby, Gary Yohe, Benjamin Santer & mfl.
    302,95 kr.

    This book demonstrates how robust and evolving science can be relevant to public discourse about climate policy. Fighting climate change is the ultimate societal challenge, and the difficulty is not just in the wrenching adjustments required to cut greenhouse emissions and to respond to change already under way. A second and equally important difficulty is ensuring widespread public understanding of the natural and social science. This understanding is essential for an effective risk management strategy at a planetary scale. The scientific, economic, and policy aspects of climate change are already a challenge to communicate, without factoring in the distractions and deflections from organized programs of misinformation and denial. Here, four scholars, each with decades of research on the climate threat, take on the task of explaining our current understanding of the climate threat and what can be done about it, in lay language¿importantly, without losing critical aspects of the natural and social science. In a series of essays, published during the 2020 presidential election, the COVID pandemic, and through the fall of 2021, they explain the essential components of the challenge, countering the forces of distrust of the science and opposition to a vigorous national response. Each of the essays provides an opportunity to learn about a particular aspect of climate science and policy within the complex context of current events. The overall volume is more than the sum of its individual articles. Proceeding each essay is an explanation of the context in which it was written, followed by observation of what has happened since its first publication. In addition to its discussion of topical issues in modern climate science, the book also explores science communication to a broad audience. Its authors are not only scientists ¿ they are also teachers, using current events to teach when people are listening. For preserving Earth¿s planetary life support system, science and teaching are essential. Advancing both is an unending task.

  • af Ila Nicole Sheren
    1.008,95 kr.

    This book analyzes how contemporary visual art can visualize environmental crisis. It draws on Karen Barad¿s method of ¿agential realism,¿ which understands disparate factors as working together and ¿entangled.¿ Through an analysis of digital eco art, the book shows how the entwining of new materialist and decolonized approaches accounts for the nonhuman factors shaping ecological crises while understanding that a purely object-driven approach misses the histories of human inequality and subjugation encoded in the environment. The resulting synthesis is what the author terms a border ecology, an approach to eco art from its margins, gaps, and liminal zones, deliberately evoking the idea of an ecotone. This book is suitable for scholarly audiences within art history, criticism and practice, but also across disciplines such as the environmental humanities, media studies, border studies and literary eco-criticism.

  • af Dr. Reinhard Spieler & Egbert Trogemann
    362,95 kr.

    In his series TERRA NOVA, the internationally active photographer Egbert Trogemann turns his attention to the Hambach Forest. This name stands for one of the oldest and most diverse forests in Europe as well as for the destruction of nature in favor of coal-mining and profit. In his artistic investigation, Trogemann presents the impact of the clearing of the forest as well as instances of the struggle against that destruction as an expression of power structures and simultaneously as precursors of a future world oscillating between utopia and dystopia. The pictures, taken between 2018 and 2021, show temporary buildings erected by environmentalists as well as a bizarre observation deck set up by the energy company and offering a view of this new world-the series takes its title from the same-named slogan of the company. Simultaneously, the poetical black-and-white photographs summon up associations with magical, primal moments and raise underlying questions.In view of the special role of the forest for German national identity, for example in Romanticism or in the Grimm's fairy tales, the question arises as to how this forest clearance should be interpreted in an era of far-reaching political, climatic and social uprooting and reconfiguring.The publication presents a selection of photographs in connection with an essay by Reinhard Spieler, art historian and director of the Sprengel Museums Hannover. He writes that the photographer proceeds "like an archaeologist who derives from the scanty traces of the past points of reference for the reconstruction of the ways of life characteristic of past cultures."

  • af Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian
    416,95 kr.

  • af Zahra Mani & Karin Schorm
    277,95 kr.

    Slow Light - Seeking Darkness takes an interdisciplinary approach to the topic of light pollution, or to be more precise: the increasing need for darkness. Artists, researchers, people from social and cultural work, environmental and climate activists have engaged in a search for darkness and its fascination. The book presents their explorations as a journey through various artistic, cultural or natural spaces in the Alps-Adriatic region, with collaborative stops in Topolò (Italy), Tolmin in the Socatal (Slovenia), Hrelji (Croatia), Carinthia and Styria: photographs draw with low light, celebrate the inspiration of a night sky or experimental musical sounds at concerts and performances. Texts tell of mountain tours to find a dark night, of poetry and of climate change, of artistic processes and everyday encounters, of workshops and symposia. Slow Light - Seeking Darkness offers insights and reflections on the ideas of darkness, both physical and metaphorical. In gloomy times like the current ones, however, it is again about the question of light in the darkness, about places of remebrance and ideas of the future, about synergies between culture and ecology, between art and society, between human and nature.The book is largely written/translated in English.

  • af Dougald Hine
    217,95 kr.

  • af Professor Maria (Customer) Stehle
    1.057,95 kr.

    Examines portrayals of plants and landscapes in recent German novels and films, addressing the contemporary forms of racism, nationalism, and social and ecological injustice that they expose.

  • af Maja Göpel
    124,95 kr.

    A short, readable treatise by a brilliant young economist setting out a new model for sustainable economic growth, which has sold over 200,000 copies in Germany.For readers of Yanis Varoufakis, Gillian Tett, Rutger Bregman, and Muhammad Yunus.

  • af Amanda Thomas, Sophie Bond & Gradon Diprose
    227,95 kr.

    Lessons learned from the powerful climate justice campaign in Aotearoa New Zealand

  • af Darcy White, Chris Goldie & Julia Peck
    308,95 kr.

    The imaginaries of northern landscape have not remained static in the era of ecological crisis but play a pivotal function within the geopolitics of visual representation. Such imaginaries can sanction those dominant discourses that frame environmental catastrophe as the consequence of undifferentiated human activity, but, it is argued, they also have the capacity to represent a complexity and heterogeneity frequently absent from this broad discursive field. The contributors to this volume engage with the practice, curation and utilization of photography and other lens-based media, to examine the critical role of visual culture in shaping and interrogating conceptions of environmental catastrophe.

  • af Vandana Shiva
    187,95 kr.

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