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Sociale konsekvenser af miljøproblemer

Her finder du spændende bøger om Sociale konsekvenser af miljøproblemer. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 139 bøger om emnet.
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  • af Steen Ulnits
    220,95 kr.

    I den nye Steen Ulnits-bog, Laks & havørred, øser han ud af al sin viden om disse kongefisk. Undertitlen er Opgangsfisk, da der er særligt fokus på de forhold, der gør sig gældende, når man vil fange de fisk, der er på vej op i vandløb for at gyde. Desuden inddrages andre arter, fx Røding og Stalling, som har samme opgangsadfærd som Laksefisk.Bogen indeholder alt, hvad en fluefisker har brug for at vide, om standpladser, grejet, fluerne, fiskenes adfærd, teknikker og meget andet. Det hele er krydret med tipsbokse og rigtige lystfiskerhistorier!Både nybegyndere og øvede vil finde gode råd og ny viden i denne guldgrube af en lystfiskerbog.

  • af Isabella Tree
    288,95 kr.

    The Book of Wilding, penned by the talented Isabella Tree, is a captivating literary work that you simply cannot miss. Published in 2023 by the renowned Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, this book is a brilliant addition to the world of literature. The genre of the book is as intriguing as its title, promising an immersive reading experience. The Book of Wilding takes its readers on a journey that is as unpredictable as it is enchanting. Isabella Tree, with her masterful storytelling, weaves a narrative that keeps the readers hooked from the first page to the last. The publication of this book in 2023 marked a significant moment in literature, showcasing the author's prowess and versatility. Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, a name synonymous with quality literature, The Book of Wilding continues to enthrall its readers with its unique narrative and compelling storyline. This book is a testament to Isabella Tree's literary genius and is a must-have for all book lovers.

  • af Steen Ulnits
    277,95 kr.

    I den nye Steen Ulnits-bog, Tørflue og nymfe, behandler han med sædvanlig kyndig hånd den fiskemetode, som regnes for den fineste inden for fluefiskeri. Fluefiskeri med tørflue og nymfe er en kunstart, der kræver indgående kendskab til insekternes liv, adfærd og formering.Bogen indeholder detaljeret viden om de for fisk – og fiskere – vigtigste insekter og deres levevis. Med indsigt i livet under vandet bliver fluefiskeren i stand til at vælge både rette tid, sted og flue, hvilket fører til flere fangede fisk!I Tørflue og nymfe er der ud over dybdegående kapitler om insekterne også kapitler om grejet, særlige teknikker, ørrederne og fluemønstre, så man kan binde sine egne tørfluer.De mange tipsbokse giver ekstra viden om særlige emner, og lystfiskerhistorierne fra så godt som hele verden gør Tørflue og nymfe til en sand læseoplevelse.

  • af Mikaela Loach
    165,95 kr.

    WINNER OF BOOKSHOP.ORG'S NON-FICTION ANNUAL INDIE CHAMPIONS AWARDFor too long, representations of climate action in the mainstream media have been white-washed, green-washed and diluted to be made compatible with capitalism. We are living in an economic system which pursues profit above all else; harmful, oppressive systems that heavily contribute to the climate crisis, and environmental consequences that have been toned down to the masses. Tackling the climate crisis requires us to visit the roots of poverty, capitalist exploitation, police brutality and legal injustice. Climate justice offers the real possibility of huge leaps towards racial equality and collective liberation as it aims to dismantle the very foundations of these issues.In this book, Mikaela Loach offers a fresh and radical perspective for real climate action that could drastically change the world as we know it for the benefit of us all. Written with candour and hope, It's Not That Radical will galvanise readers to take action, offering an accessible and transformative appraisal of our circumstances to help mobilise a majority for the future of our planet.

  • af Martha C. Nussbaum
    147,95 - 195,95 kr.

    A revolutionary new theory and call to action on animal rights, ethics, and law from the renowned philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum.Animals are in trouble all over the world. Whether through the cruelties of the factory meat industry, poaching and game hunting, habitat destruction, or neglect of the companion animals that people purport to love, animals suffer injustice and horrors at our hands every day. The world needs an ethical awakening, a consciousness-raising movement of international proportions. In Justice for Animals, one of the world's most influential philosophers and humanists Martha C. Nussbaum provides a revolutionary approach to animal rights, ethics, and law. From dolphins to crows, elephants to octopuses, Nussbaum examines the entire animal kingdom, showcasing the lives of animals with wonder, awe, and compassion to understand how we can create a world in which human beings are truly friends of animals, not exploiters or users. All animals should have a shot at flourishing in their own way. Humans have a collective duty to face and solve animal harm. An urgent call to action and a manual for change, Nussbaum's groundbreaking theory directs politics and law to help us meet our ethical responsibilities as no book has done before.

  • af John Vaillant
    129,95 - 215,95 kr.

  • af Gaia Vince
    127,95 kr.

  • af Maja Göpel
    125,95 kr.

    A radical vision for a better future: an economy that works for us, rather than the other way around.As this major German bestseller reports, our world is at a tipping point, and we feel it every day. Costs are rising, the gap between the rich and poor is increasing, natural resources are depleted, and the effects of climate change are starting to take hold. We are under increasing social and environmental stress. But, as leading economist Maja Göpel argues here, there is another path forward.She invites us to imagine what we want our future to look like, and offers solutions that will help us to get there. It¿s time to question our principles, set new goals, and re-evaluate our priorities. Time to rethink our world and find new ways of living that don¿t drain our planet any further. We need a fair distribution of wealth, and a way to reconcile the social with the ecological. We need to work smarter, not harder.Critical, yet full of encouragement, Maja Göpel chooses surprising and enlightening examples to illustrate how we can leave behind our familiar ways of living to achieve a better future.

  • af Vandana Shiva
    185,95 kr.

    Terra Viva was originally published in India in 2022 by Women Unlimited.

  • - Humanistiske og socialvidenskabelige perspektiver på antropocæn
    af Kristoffer Balslev Willert
    247,95 kr.

    Menneskelige handlinger har forårsaget negative brud i Jordens fysiske, kemiske og biologiske cyklusser, hvilket eroderer betingelserne for liv. Det er blevet populært at henvise til det faktum igennem begrebet antropocæn, som skal referere til en ny geologisk epoke i Jordens historie, hvor mennesket påvirker Jordens systemer i radikal grad. Det er også blevet populært at kritisere begrebet for at være abstrakt, videnskabeligt problematisk og ideologisk virksomt. Fordi menneskelige handlinger er flettet uløseligt sammen med Jordens forfatning, er human- og socialvidenskabelige perspektiver uundværlige. Det er dem, der beskriver menneskers selvfortællinger, motiver og specifikke handlinger gennem undersøgelser af værdi, politisk legitimitet, modernitet, natur- og teknologisyn, kapitalisme, demokrati, kolonialisme, globalisering og meget andet. Med andre ord: Det er ikke nok at måle for at forstå. Antologien undersøger den planetære krise igennem bidrag fra filosofien, kunstteorien, sociologien, idéhistorien, litteraturen og antropologien, som hver især bibringer nødvendige og kritiske refleksioner over den multikrise, vi befinder os i.

  • af Steven Evans
    396,95 kr.

    Critical Geography reexamines traditional Western and historical understandings of geography while expanding these investigations to new realms. Borrowing its name from the subdiscipline of geography that questions and challenges power structures, inequality, and the dominant ideologies shaping physical space, Critical Geography explores how space, place, and communities are influenced by social, economic, ecological, and political forces. By critically analyzing these dynamics, the artists and writers in the publication provoke conversations around social justice, environmental sustainability, and transformative change. Critical Geography surveys a diverse range of image-based practices, representing artists from photographers and storytellers whose works shed light on systemic oppression, violence, and urgent environmental concerns to image-makers who appropriate mapping, social media, and technology to explore inequality in colonial and post-colonial contexts.

  • af John Rennie Short
    357,95 kr.

    Many countries produced an official national atlas in the twentieth century. This book examines these national atlases as an intriguing window into the connections between science, state, territory and power.

  • - Bogpakke
    af Helle Perrier
    417,95 kr.

    Køb de 3 bøger i serienForfatter Helle PerrierIllustrator Aske Schmidt RoseLæs de første kapitler på forlagets hjemmeside serienDen Gule Planet er klimafiktion. En hæsblæsende trilogi fra en fremtidig verden, hvor vand er det mest dyrebare. Det overordnede tema i serien Den Gule Planet er tørke. Serien viser hvad der sker med naturen, når vi ikke passer på den. Den viser også hvilke teknologier der findes, for at overleve i en ørken. Og hvad vi selv kan gøre.Målgruppe: fra 9 årVinder af Niels Klim prisen 2020.Trilogien indenholder seks af FNs Verdensmål som en del af historien. Download gratis undervisningsmateriale fra forlagets hjemmeside.AnmeldelserBibliotekernes materialevurdering: "Absolut anbefaling." "Et yderst anbefalelsesværdigt materiale." "Det her er genialt." ★

  • af Kelly Ablard
    267,95 kr.

    Pukuu' and her grandmother Ashuuk, with pet tortoise Paa'ar, visit their garden every Sunday. But one day, they find terrible news that launches them on a journey highlighting the importance of community and nature.

  • af Valerie Hänsch
    1.252,95 kr.

    The construction of the Merowe Dam along the Nile in northern Sudan flooded local villages and forced thousands of inhabitants to flee to higher ground. Despite the radical social and environmental transformations and an uncertain future, the Manasir have tried to continue their peasant way of life and resisted relocating to state-run resettlement schemes. Rather than focusing on migration and resettlement, the author follows the people's attempts to preserve their homeland and have meaningful lives along the emerging reservoir. The book grapples with the fundamental question of how to re-establish life in a world that is falling apart.

  • af Francesca Pia Vantaggiato
    222,95 - 704,95 kr.

  • af Valérie Bienvenue
    180,95 kr.

    The sixth mass extinction or Anthropocene extinction is one of the most pervasive issues of our time. Animals, Plants and Afterimages brings together leading scholars in the humanities and life sciences to explore how extinct species are represented in art and visual culture, with a special emphasis on museums. Engaging with celebrated cases of vanished species such as the quagga and the thylacine as well as less well-known examples of animals and plants, these essays explore how representations of recent and ancient extinctions help advance scientific understanding and speak to contemporary ecological and environmental concerns.

  • af Lotte Hansen
    247,95 kr.

    FRONTLINJEBOGEN OM EN VOKSENDE GRØN LØGNGreenwashing betyder vildledende grøn markedsføring, hvor man praler med sine grønne løsninger. Greenwashing skaber en falsk tryghed om, at vi som forbrugere, borgere og virksomheder er på vej det rigtige sted hen.Det er vi ikke.Greenwashing er en grøn sovepude under samtidens største mareridt. Gennem levende beskrivelser af det grønne praleri trækker bogen dig ind i en verden af Greenwashing. Lotte Hansen dissekerer brutalt de initiativer og retssager, som EU’s kommende Greenwashing-direktiv og forbrugerombudsmanden har på bedding. Formålet er ikke blot at oplyse, men at ruske op i vores passivitet og kickstarte et paradigmeskifte i, som får os alle til at handle.LOTTE HANSEN er en af landets tungeste strategiske rådgivere inden for bæredygtighed med særligt fokus på effekt og mobilisering. Virksomhedsleder i 20 år og tidligere ministerrådgiver for 3 ministre, pressechef i Forbrugerrådet, journalist og erhvervsredaktør på Politiken.

  • af Kirsten Hansen
    297,95 kr.

    Forfatter: Kirsten HansenGrafiker: Kamilla Voss AsmussenLæs de første kapitler på forlagets hjemmeside https://forlagetkrabat.dkKunne du spise en græshoppe? Hvis den var grillet? Eller dyppet i chokolade?I Danmark er vi ikke vant til at spise insekter. I mange andre lande har man gjort det længe. Men hvorfor spise larver, når der findes lasagne?Svaret kan du få her i bogen. Du kan også se andre landes insekt-livretter, lære at lave din egen melorme-farm og læse sjove fakta om giftige gedehamse, stinkende tæger og forbudte oste.FAKTA KlodebogFarvefotos og illustrationer i hele bogen.Målgruppe: fra 10 år

  • af Mark Terry
    1.089,95 kr.

    This book examines the methods and approaches currently being taken by the global community of youth in influencing environmental policymakers of the United Nations. It is divided into two sections: The Groundswell Approach, exploring the use of social media and mass gatherings aimed at raising public awareness of the issue of climate change; and The Direct Approach, a participatory methodology that encourages collaboration directly with the policymaker and youth in the discussions and creation of progressive climate policy for the world. The book also delivers a detailed analysis of the United Nations¿ only database of youth-produced documentary films related to climate change research, impacts, and proposed solutions: the Youth Climate Report, arguing that film is a powerful and effective communications tool for the policymaker. The book proposes two frameworks and explores their in-field applications for successful youth climate activism.

  • af Manuela Gieri
    1.178,95 kr.

    This volume offers an open, transdisciplinary living space (also green) through which to explore the different connections between Basilicata and Southern Italy, cinema, and ecology, and thus to reflect on the different forms through which the historical, cultural, and social contexts of Southern Italian regions have been variously identified and represented. In order to explore these connections, the volume embraces a wide range of perspectives that may all be grouped under the key term film ecocriticism, offering the reader a thorough analysis not only of the different ways of representing reality but also of the processes of signification through which reality itself can be understood, rethought, and transformed. This is the general framework within which the authors consider film as a proper, effective medium for ecocritical and ecophilosophical reflections concerning not only Basilicata (to which the greater part of the volume is dedicated) but also Southern Italy and, therefore, its history and its territories, communities, and identities. Furthermore, in an even more general sense, Basilicata and Southern Italy reconnects with the very idea of the South, and of all Souths, to which this volume is dedicated.

  • af Andy Brown
    227,95 kr.

    A boy drowns in the sewers of Victorian London...His death leads to the orphaning of his surviving brothers, Arthur and Silas, in a grim Dickensian underworld. Overcoming the odds, the brothers' fates shift from grinding poverty to reversals of fortune that play out in conflicting and emotional ways. Which of them will make the right decision for their future, and at what cost? Painting vivid images of destitution, family ties, the dignity of work, and social responsibility, The Midnight Mechanic explores a man's relentless pursuit to better himself, to escape the muck and make amends, while raising pressing environmental issues that are still pertinent today.

  • af Taras Grescoe
    129,95 kr.

    For fans of Michael Pollan and Anthony Bourdain, this “surprising, flavorsome tour of ancient cuisines” (Kirkus STARRED)—from Neolithic bread to ancient Roman fish sauce—reveals why reviving the foods of the past is the key to saving the future.“A fascinating look at the people who are keeping these ancient food traditions alive against the odds, while offering a rough roadmap toward a more sustainable food ecosystem.”—EaterMany of us are worried (or at least we should be) about the impacts of globalization, pollution, and biotechnology on our diets. Whether it's monoculture crops, hormone-fed beef, or high-fructose corn syrup, industrially-produced foods have troubling consequences for us and the planet. But as culinary diversity diminishes, many people are looking to a surprising place to safeguard the future: into the past.The Lost Supper explores an idea that is quickly spreading among restaurateurs, food producers, scientists, and gastronomes around the world: that the key to healthy and sustainable eating lies not in looking forward, but in looking back to the foods that have sustained us through our half-million-year existence as a species.Acclaimed author Taras Grescoe introduces readers to the surprising and forgotten flavors whose revival is captivating food-lovers around the world: ancient sourdough bread last baked by Egyptian pharaohs; raw-milk farmhouse cheese from critically endangered British dairy cattle; ham from Spanish pata negra pigs that have been foraging on acorns on a secluded island since before the United States was a nation; and olive oil from wild olive trees uniquely capable of resisting quickly evolving pests and modern pathogens.From Ancient Roman fish sauce to Aztec caviar to the long-thought-extinct silphium, The Lost Supper is a deep dive into the latest frontier of global gastronomy—the archaeology of taste. Through vivid writing, history, and first-hand culinary experience, Grescoe sets out a provocative case: in order to save these foods, he argues, we've got to eat them.Published in partnership with the David Suzuki Institute.

  • af Siddharth Sareen
    167,95 kr.

    Available open access digitally under CC-BY licence. Portugal is among the best-placed European countries to take advantage of solar power, having achieved a five-fold increase in installed capacity during 2017-2023 despite financial constraints. In 2023, its National Energy and Climate Plan set an ambitious target for a further eight-fold increase from 2.5 GW to 20.4 GW by 2030. How can such fast-paced deployment secure sociospatial justice? What insights do political economic dynamics hold for future transitions? Drawing on long-term, multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork, this book is a one-stop resource for policymakers, practitioners, scholars, and anyone interested in just solar energy transitions. Siddharth Sareen won the 2024 Nils Klim Prize, recognising his exemplary work in the search for renewable and sustainable sources of energy.

  • af Pope Francis
    117,95 kr.

  • af Pope Francis
    117,95 kr.

  • af John Miller
    1.127,95 kr.

    This book explores the vast array of animals that populate detective fiction. If the genre begins, as is widely supposed, with Edgar Allan Poe¿s ¿Murders in the Rue Morgue¿ (1841), then detective fiction¿s very first culprit is an animal. Animals, moreover, consistently appear as victims, clues, and companions, while the abstract conception of animality is closely tied to the idea of criminality. Although it is often described as an essentially conservative form, detective fiction can unsettle the binary of human and animal to intersect with developing concerns in animal studies: animal agency, the ethical complexities of human/animal interaction, the politics and literary aesthetics of violence, and animal metaphor. Gathering its 14 essays into sections on ontologies, ethics, politics, and forms, Animals in Detective Fiction provides a compelling and nuanced analysis of the central role creatures play in this enduringly popular and continually morphing literary form.

  • af Karl Hess
    248,95 - 346,95 kr.

  • af Tanja R. Bisgaard
    297,95 kr.

    Forfatter Tanja R. BisgaardGrafiker: Rikke Ella AndrupLæs de første kapitler på forlagets hjemmeside du, at vi i Danmark smider 100.000 tons elektronikaffald ud hvert år? Og vidste du, at der i det affald ligger værdifulde råstoffer som guld og kobber?Gadgets og genbrug forklarer, hvordan elektronik bliver til. Du får at vide, hvor råstoffer kommer fra, og hvad der sker med vores gadgets, når vi ikke kan bruge dem længere.

  • af Swen Steinberg
    967,95 kr.

    Forced Migration always takes place within specific cultural, social, political, and spatial environments. This volumes focuses on the interaction between those forced to migrate and their environments in the contexts of escape and exile from Nazi-occupied Europe. Forced emigration from Nazi Germany was a global phenomenon that took refugees primarily from Central Europe to continents and countries they often knew very little about. Not only did they have to adapt to foreign cultures but also to unfamiliar natural environments that often exposed them to severe temperature conditions, droughts, rainy seasons and diseases. While some refugees prepared for the natural conditions of their exile destination others acquired environmental knowledge at their host countries or were able to adapt prior knowledge-about cultivation methods, for example, or species, products, and sales markets-to the new environment. Consequently, specific knowledge about the environment had a large influence on the success of the migration experience. Moreover, just as the migrants shaped their new environments, they were shaped by them.

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