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  • af Steve Stinson
    154,95 - 257,95 kr.

  • af Victoria M. Jurgens
    107,95 - 168,95 kr.

  • af Sara V. Robinson
    217,95 kr.

    Seraphina Ballerina is an inspiring picture book with beautiful vintage illustrations for children 4-9. Seraphina Ballerina is a sweet story that invites children to reflect on different topics such as: working hard to achieve your dreams, love, gratefulness, dedication, and perseverance.Seraphina's heartwarming story, is a good example of how someone, from humble origins, can overcome, and succeed, even when resources are limited. This book will be a great story for children to realize that it doesn't matter where you come from or how you look. As long as you believe in yourself and embrace love and kindness along the way.I believe that parents and guardians would enjoy reading Seraphina to their kids, since it is also a tribute to resourceful parents that always find a way to help their kids, even when their budget is tight. The story consists of 18 amazing illustrations that were commissioned to the illustrator Celina Guerra, who beautifully captured the essence of Seraphina, the uniqueness of its characters, and the vintage (1940s) atmosphere inspired by Degas ballerinas.

  • af Rebecca Sutter
    221,95 kr.

    Step into the this captivating world with Maya as she embarks on a magical adventure inspired by the music of Vivaldi's four seasons. Beyond the Magical Divide she encounters Mother Nature and the delightful fairies of the four seasons. When imbalance threatens Earth, Maya must help to restore harmony and showcase the enchanting magic of nature to her friends back home. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, this heartwarming tale will inspire readers to embrace the magic of nature and the joy of friendship.

  • af Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young
    139,95 kr.

    A picture book celebration of family, Filipino heritage, and dance that showcases the value of patience, perseverance, and blessing others with your gifts and talents.As Kailani watches her siblings practice a traditional Filipino dance for their grandparents' anniversary party, she longs to join them. But keeping up with the rhythm and hopping in time with the beats of the tinikling is much harder than Kailani imagined!With Daddy's help, Kailani practices the motions of the dance step by step. But will she be able to learn the tinikling in time to surprise her Lolo and Lola?Illustrator Lynnor Bontigao's work pairs exquisitely with Dorina Gilmore-Young's storytelling to celebrate Filipino culture and traditions. Also included is a glossary of Tagalog terms used throughout the book.

  • af Once Upon A Dance
    236,95 kr.

    * ¿¿¿¿A Celebration of Ballet and Beauty! *Discover the magic and grace of ballet in this stunning book featuring gorgeous watercolor illustrations and tips and advice from dancers. Whether you are an aspiring dancer or a fan of the art form, you'll find inspiration and joy on every page. Do you love ballet and beauty? Do you dream of dancing on stage? Then this book is for you!Ballerina Wisdom for Dance and Life is a beautiful book with the secrets you'll need to be successful. But this book is not just about dance, it's about finding your passion, your confidence, and your joy. It's about being a ballerina heart and soul. Don't miss this chance to explore the wonderful world of ballet! (Or find the perfect gift for dancers ages 12+.) Grab your copy of Ballerina Wisdom for Dance and Life today!

  • af Barbara Desrochers
    123,95 kr.

    Qui aura le rôle principal de Clara dans le ballet Casse-Noisette ? Entre dans la danse avec Martha et ses amis, et vis avec eux le déroulement des auditions du spectacle de Casse-Noisette qui aura lieu à l'école cette année.Ce livre inclut des exercices de danse à faire, des activités sollicitant la mémoire et du vocabulaire spécialisé pour les enfants de 6 à 10 ans.

  • af Once Upon A Dance
    202,95 kr.

    Ella's thrilled about her new part but quickly realizes she's only filling in and won't perform on stage.This advanced Dance-It-Out! ballet story is ideal for dance students or kids aged 6-9 who have enjoyed other books in the series. Kids are invited to join Ashton and Ballerina Konora practicing steps such as pliés, tendus, rond de jambes, petit battements, and sautés.¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿Ballerina Konora joins the pages with photos of ballet steps and ideas for further movement exploration. Ella's Dance Debut features Ashton (no pronouns), Ella (she), and other dancers. Readers get a backstage look at professional ballet life as Ella experiences the studio and theater's sights, sounds, and smells. Handling disappointment, empathy, and the discipline of dance weave into this charming understudy story.A brief biography of Ashton Edwards, Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer, appears at the back of the book.

  • af Barbara Desrochers
    123,95 kr.

    Martha aime la danseAujourd'hui c'est un grand jour¿! Martha et ses amis s'apprêtent à faire le spectacle annuel de leur école de danse. Sont-ils prêts pour le lever du rideaü? Ont-ils mis suffisamment d'efforts toute l'année pour y arriver¿? Suis Martha tout au long de cette journée spéciale et vois comment tous sauront faire pour que cet événement soit un succès. Ce livre inclut des exercices de danse à faire, des activités sollicitant la mémoire et du vocabulaire spécialisé. Afin d'accompagner les exercices il y a également un lien de musique associé à ceux-ci et des coloriages à télécharger.

  • af Stephanie Greene
    67,95 - 77,95 kr.

  • af Cecilia Smith
    107,95 - 241,95 kr.

  • af Jessica Kim
    197,95 kr.

  • af Yishaun Yang
    101,95 kr.

    The dance recital is today! Ballerina Pima Puppy gets dressed in leotard, tutu and fluttery wings for her butterfly dance. From the dressing room and backstage to performing in bright lights, young readers will feel the excitement of performing onstage. For ages 2-7, preschool+.

  • af Darcey Bussell
    74,95 kr.

    Dance your way to the magical world of Enchantia in the delightful fourth series of Magic Ballerina by Darcey Bussell!

  • af Shawn K. Stout
    77,95 kr.

  • af Marie Armano
    103,95 kr.

    Préparez-vous à danser sur le rythme des rêves dans cette histoire de dance électrisante.¿Jay n'a pas choisi de finir en Angleterre. Jay n'a pas choisi d'avoir des problèmes. Tout a commencé avec un pari fou qui l'a entrainée sur un chemin inattendu. Dans le monde de Jay, cette nouvelle vie est un tourbillon de dance hip-hop et de nouveaux amis. Mais alors que ses secrets se dévoilent, Jay est forcée de prendre la décision la plus dure de sa vie : poursuivre son rêve d'enfant ou rester avec ses amis.

  • af Jeff Zentner
    146,95 kr.

    Two young artists have a chance meeting on the last night of summer arts camp in this YA novel in verse and dialogue cowritten by acclaimed authors Jeff Zentner and Brittany Cavallaro. Jude loves photography, and he's good at it, too. Between his parents' divorce and his anxiety, being behind a camera is the only time his mind is quiet. Florence is confronting the premature end of her dance career as a degenerative eye disease begins to steal her balance. She's having a hard time letting go.The two meet at Sunrise Night, their sleepaway art camp's dusk-to-dawn closing celebration, and decide to take a chance on each other. Their one rule: No contact for a year after the sun has risen. Over the course of three Sunrise Nights, will Florence and Jude find a deeper connection and learn who they are--and who they could be together?

  • af Miriam Landis
    167,95 - 254,95 kr.

  • af Beth Greenway
    146,95 kr.

  • af Mary Braffet
    146,95 kr.

  • af Raisin Carter
    252,95 kr.

  • af Cathrine Marshall
    183,95 kr.

    My name is Jacinta Roberts. I am twelve years old, and I HATE MY LIFE.Jacinta doesn't want to give up dancing, just her mother's strict rules.With her best friend's help, Jacinta flees to Orion Downs where her father now lives with his parents.Luckily, Gran kept the upstairs dance studio after her daughter died. With a little cleaning and some dance music, Jacinta is soon practising again - without Mum's horrible diet. But there is one move that she just can't master.A new friend appears to help her get it right: Heather, the ghost in the mirror.Join Jacinta, Heather and the other dancers in the FIRST of The Dancers series.They train and compete, fight and befriend, hurt and get hurt. And learn to love life, and family, all over again.

  • af Maya Ameyaw
    130,95 - 212,95 kr.

    ¿A stunning read [. . .] simmering with tension and gripping to the final word.¿ ¿Debbie Rigaud, New York Times bestselling author of Simone Breaks All the Rules and A Girl¿s Guide to Love & MagicNow in paperback! A Black teen dancer with dreams of landing a spot in a prestigious ballet company must learn to dance on her own terms in this explosive debut about the healing power of art and friendship, perfect for fans of Heartstopper and Tiny Pretty Things.Ballet is Aishäs life. But when discrimination at her elite academy pushes her to her breaking point, she decides to pivot. At her new public arts school, Aisha scores more dance opportunities than she¿s ever had before. And it doesn¿t hurt that she gets to take classes with her bestie . . . and with Ollie, an adorably shy musician who keeps throwing off her usually impeccable balance.Yet even as Aisha navigates friendships, family conflict, and first love, questions about her dance career open up new and old wounds. Aisha must find strength in herself and place her trust in others to make her next move."At times hopeful and beautiful but also heartbreakingly devastating, When It All Syncs Up is a story of love in so many forms. But maybe most important of all, it is about the love we give ourselves, and allow ourselves to be given, even at our most broken."¿Jonny Garza Villa, author of the Pura Belpré Honor Book Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun

  • af Jay Crisp Crow
    162,95 kr.

    Hugo is a boy with a passion for dance. He tries different sports at the urging of his family, but can't escape the rhythmic beat of his true calling. With unwavering determination, he convinces his mother to let him explore Ballroom Dancing.It seems as if Hugo has found his happiness, but doubt creeps in when he realises he looks different from the other dancers.¿Hugo Dances is a gentle tale of self-discovery, embracing uniqueness, and the power of following your dreams.

  • af Deborah Hassett
    89,95 kr.

    Meet Fleur, a spirited and free-thinking flamingo who marches to the rhythm of her own feathers.While her fellow flamingos gracefully executed the fandango and the flamenco, Fleur found her true passion in an unexpected genre: hip hop!Filled with lively illustrations and toe-tapping fun, Fleur the Flamingo is a heartwarming tale that celebrates the boundless imagination and unwavering spirit of young dreamers everywhere.This enchanting tale reminds us all that sometimes it takes a little courage to stand out from the flock and dance to our own beat.

  • af Whitney Kay
    272,95 kr.

    Dancing is Ada's favorite, but when it comes to her curly mane, she can't quite tame it. She feels intimidated when her dance class is filled with girls who clearly have planned their outfits and their hairstyles. Come along on Ada's adventure and discover how she learns to embrace her curls and gain more confidence with every twirl and kick.This book is recommended for readers between 6-12 years of age.

  • af Tessa Welch
    127,95 kr.

  • af Kenneth John
    242,95 kr.

  • af Vanessa Salgado
    107,95 kr.

    Spark imagination and inspire movement with Crafterina's Ballerina Paper Dolls Coloring & Craft Book. A perfect gift for a young dancer! Included in the book are coloring pages, paper crafts, dolls, and so much more!

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