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  • af Amitava Choudhury
    1.144,95 kr.

    This book provides an understanding of the evolution of digitization in our day to day life and how it has become a part of our social system. The obvious challenges faced during this process and how these challenges were overcome have been discussed. The discussions revolve around the solutions to these challenges by leveraging the use of various advanced technologies. The book mainly covers the use of these technologies in variety of areas such as smart cities, healthcare informatics, transportation automation, digital transformation of education.  The book intends to be treated as a source to provide the systematic discussion to the bouquet of areas that are essential part of digitized societies. In light of this, the book accommodates theoretical, methodological, well-established, and validated empirical work dealing with various related topics.

  • af Amitava Choudhury
    315,95 kr.

    This book presents an approach to recognize handwritten Bengali numerals based on correlation co-efficient technique. Many Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems are available for recognition of scanned documents but still recognition of handwritten Bengali numerals is very challenging work. Bengali number system has ten digits (0-9) having different shape and size. The main difficulties with Bengali numerals is, such digits are very curve in nature. This book would be helpful to those who are working on script OCR. At the end of the book, matlab coding is given which may be helpful to understand the basic concept of the OCR algorithm.

  • af Arindam Biswas, Amitava Choudhury & Sadhan Chakraborti
    573,95 kr.

    This book presents the systematic evolution of digitized education: trends, advances, challenges encountered and their solutions toward the use of advanced technologies. The book mainly covers variety of areas such as blended learning in modern education, flipped classroom, ICT-based education, digital transformation of education. Explosion of information and communication technologies has transformed the way we live, learn, work and socialize. This heavy intervention of technologies in the modern world has triggered us to think how we engage and interact with each other and how we make use of these digital tools and communications channels. And consequent upon which societies are transforming into digitized education where datafication, platformization and algorithmic governance are a common vocabulary.

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