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  • af Michael Carroll, Matthew Smith, Cavan Scott, mfl.
    111,95 kr.

    The popular all-ages reimagining of 2000 AD's classic characters returns! Cadet Dredd stars in three action packed adventures! Judge Anderson restores mayhem to the streets of Mega-City One! Johnny Alpha the teenage mutant bounty hunter goes undercover! All this and more in the second volume of 2000 AD's celebrated all-ages series!

  • af Alec Worley, Chris Weston, John Reppion & mfl.
    117,95 kr.

    2000 AD Regened is a collection of comics written for younger readers. Featuring all-ages re-imaginings of the all-time great legacy 2000 AD characters

  • af John Reppion & Leah Moore
    208,95 kr.

    Sherlock Holmes himself is the prime suspect in a murder mystery, and while he fights to save his very life, Watson must assemble the pieces of the puzzle in his stead. Will Watson's efforts save his friend or condemn him?

  • af John Reppion & Leah Moore
    127,95 kr.

  • af Tricia Sullivan, Jeff Noon, Liesel Schwarz, mfl.
    140,95 kr.

  • - An Eldritch Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft
    af Tim Dedopulos, Greg Stolze & John Reppion
    135,95 kr.

  • af John Reppion, Leah Moore & Mike Raicht
    275,95 kr.

    The zombie infestation rages unchecked. Only a handful of survivors remain, fighting for their lives against the rising tide of undead mayhem! Will these poor souls survive the perils of an overrun city and find safe haven Alfredo Bay's small coastal town... or has that world died along with most everything else in this post-apocalyptic nightmare?

  • af John Reppion & Leah Moore
    170,95 kr.

    Weeks have passed since the defeat of the witch Belladonna, yet "Happily Ever After" is still out of reach for Rapa, the once-and-future Queen Rapunzel. The wandering adventurer chafes in the trappings of her royal station, her heart yearning to once again roam the roads and wilderness of her magical world. However, her path is not at all safe...

  • af M.R. James, John Reppion & Leah Moore
    101,95 kr.

    M. R. James's terrifying, atmospheric ghost stories - in graphic novel form

  • af John Smith, John Reppion, Leah Moore & mfl.
    152,95 kr.

    Ancient relics and futuristic justice in the Britain of Judge Dredd's world!

  • af John Reppion & Leah Moore
    183,95 kr.

    Rapa, a redheaded girl with a fiery spirit and lost memories, discovers a conspiracy that threatens the peace among all the mythical creatures of the land. Joined by the Little Mermaid, the Frog Prince, and Red Riding Hood, Rapa journeys through fabled forests and legendary realms on a quest to foil the scheme.

  • af John Reppion, Leah Moore & Scott Beatty
    277,95 kr.

    From young Holmes' first encounter with Dr John Watson, to the detective's role reversal as a suspect for murder, to a rash of Liverpool killings seemingly committed by a supernatural entity, this book collects the complete "Trial of Sherlock Holmes", "Year One", and "Liverpool Demon" storylines.

  • af John Reppion & Leah Moore
    147,95 kr.

    While Eva hunts the streets, slaying the undead and unclean among a marked increase in paranormal activity, Jackie Estacado is having a bit of a problem with both his Darkness Darklings as strange, new forces vie for control of the city and its newly awakened supernatural presence.

  • - The Tenth Doctor Archives Volume 2
    af Richard Starkings, Tony Lee, John Reppion, mfl.
    160,95 kr.

    Menaced by an emotion-eating empathivore and a malignant macro-virus, pursued by agents of the Victorian Torchwood Institute and a planet's worth of rampant robots, the Tenth Doctor certainly needs his wits about him in these stories - and that's before he's put on trial for time-meddling by the Shadow Proclamation!Boasting an abundance of time-travelling tales, this second omnibus of the Tenth Doctor's adventures is essential reading for any fan!Collects The Tenth Doctor Archives #13-24

  • af John Reppion
    59,95 kr.

    This creepy collection of true-life tales takes the reader on a tour through the streets, cemetaries, alehouses, attics and docks of Liverpool. Containing many tales which have never before been published, it unearths a chilling range of supernatural phenomena, including the Grey Lady of Speke Hall, the poltergeist who scrawled 'I want you out' on a blackboard in a cottage in Hunts Cross, and the truly terrifying tale of 'Spring Heeled Jack', the unidentified apparition who terrorised the citizens of Everton during the 1830s. Illustrated with more than sixty photographs, maps and drawings, this book will delight anyone with an interest in the paranormal history of the area.

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