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  • - How I learned to flourish when life became frozen
    af Katherine May
    105,95 kr.

    However it arrives, wintering is usually involuntary, lonely and deeply painful.In Wintering, Katherine May recounts her own year-long journey through winter, sparked by a sudden illness in her family that plunged her into a time of uncertainty and seclusion.

  • - A Woman's Walk in the Wild to Find Her Way Home
    af Katherine May
    112,95 kr.

    A life-affirming and perspective-shifting memoir of one woman's walk in the wilds as she comes to terms with an Asperger's diagnosis.

  • af Katherine May
    122,95 kr.

  • - Om hvile og tilbagetrækning i livets svære stunder
    af Katherine May
    118,95 - 247,95 kr.

    I Overvintring fortæller Katherine May om sin personlige vinter, der begyndte med pludselig sygdom i familien og blev intensiveret af stress og tristhed. Mens livet føltes allermest kuldslået, lykkedes det Katherine at finde styrke og inspiration i de transformationer, som naturen går igennem for at overleve kulden. Og i de ældgamle traditioner, som i århundreder har hjulpet mennesker gennem den mørke tid. Overvintring er en smuk og poetisk erindringsbog, der hjælper os med at få glæde af naturens helende kræfter og omfavne de vintre, vi alle oplever i vores liv.

  • af Katherine May
    165,95 kr.

    Enchantment, a captivating novel by Katherine May, transports readers into a world of magic and mystery. Published by Faber & Faber in 2023, this book is a remarkable addition to the fantasy genre. May's enchanting storytelling and vivid imagery ensnare the reader from the first page. The author masterfully intertwines elements of magic, love, and adventure, creating an unforgettable narrative. The book, Enchantment, is a testament to Katherine May's talent as a writer and her ability to create a world that is as entrancing as it is unique. Published by the renowned Faber & Faber, this book is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy novel. Don't miss out on this enchanting journey.

  • af Katherine May
    115,95 kr.

    When Emma Walker wakes up to what can only be described as the crappiest day of her life, she has no idea that the series of unfortunate events that unfolded that day were going to pave the way to her new destiny. Emma's recently engaged best friend, Brynn, calls for Emma to ditch her life in Chicago, and to come immediately out to the Big Apple to perform her maid of honor duties. What Emma doesn't expect is to find the man of her dreams in Brynn's social circle. Not only is he taken, but he lives in a very different world than Emma is used to. Will Emma be able to fit into this new life, or will she return back to where she started?In this witty romantic novel by Katherine May, you will follow Emma on a life-changing adventure to New York City. Will Emma snag the man of her dreams, or just a really cute pair of red high heels?

  • af Katherine May
    113,95 kr.

    When Lexi Silverton returns back to her family ranch for the summer, she is mesmerized by her brother's gorgeous best friend. She knows first hand how dating a sibling's friend is dangerous, but how can she say no? Rhet Morrison is a homegrown farm boy who has a past of horrible tragedies, but he is prepared to give Lexi a summer she will never forget. Will these two have a summer fling or have they found their lifetime love?

  • af Katherine May
    98,95 kr.

    A veces te escapas por las grietas: circunstancias imprevistas como una enfermedad repentina, la muerte de un ser querido, una ruptura o la pérdida del trabajo pueden descarrilar una vida. Estos períodos de dislocación pueden ser solitarios e inesperados. Para May, su esposo se enfermó, su hijo dejó de asistir a la escuela y sus propios problemas médicos la llevaron a dejar un trabajo exigente. Invernando explora cómo ella no solo soportó este doloroso momento, sino que aprovechó las oportunidades singulares que le ofrecía.Una conmovedora narración personal repleta de lecciones de la literatura, la mitología y el mundo natural, la historia de May ofrece instrucción sobre el poder transformador del descanso y el retiro. La iluminación surge de muchas fuentes: las celebraciones del solsticio y la hibernación del lirón, C.S. Lewis y Sylvia Plath, nadando en aguas heladas y navegando por los mares árticos.En última instancia, Invernando nos invita a cambiar la forma en que nos relacionamos con nuestros propios tiempos de barbecho. May modela una aceptación activa de la tristeza y encuentra alimento en un retiro profundo, alegría en la belleza silenciosa del invierno y estímulo para entender la vida como cíclica, no lineal. May, un místico secular, forma una filosofía rectora para transformar las dificultades que surgen antes del inicio de una nueva temporada.Katherine May es escritora tanto de ficción como de no ficción. Su periodismo y ensayos han aparecido en una variedad de publicaciones como The Times, Good Housekeeping y Cosmopolitan. Vive junto al mar en Whitstable, Inglaterra, y es una ávida amante del aire libre.

  • af Katherine May
    162,95 kr.

    This book is designed to aid the photographer, archaeologist, and others interested in the basic techniques of archaeological photography. The author demonstrates how to set up photographs of archaeological artifacts for documentation and publication and presentation slides along with photographing excavation progress in the filed and site plans. Beginning with the techniques explained here a photographer will be able to solve almost any problem that could come up at an excavation.

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