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  • af Marwan Al Omari
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    Master's Thesis from the year 2019 in the subject Computer Sciences - Computational linguistics, grade: 89, , language: English, abstract: This research thesis focuses on developing as well as deploying efficient and proficient OM model for automatically processing Arabizi language system in the context of both public and private customer service providers in Lebanon country. Service providers include restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, governmental institutions, etc... Arabizi corpus of 2635 text reviews, which is essential for the building of the OM model, was gathered through crawling pages of service providers in Facebook, Google and Zomato websites over a period of time from April 4, 2018 to October 30, 2018. The main aim of this research thesis is to give credit to the Arabizi language users¿ feelings and thoughts in Lebanon territory by extracting sentimental knowledge out of expressed sequences of texts in positive or negative impressions. In addition, it is necessary to highlight the challenges that underpin this language system for the public and researchers most particularly to further their research studies on. Moreover, it is crucial to distinguish Arabizi, particularly in the Lebanese context; therefore, it would be a startup point for other researches to build on. Furthermore, this research experiments the machine capabilities on tasks for sentiment predication and classification in the Lebanese Arabizi. And, this thesis is purposeful to build a dataset that contains reliable Arabizi reviews, which could be used for further researches. Researchers could be working on the expansion of this corpus, too. In general, it is important to classify the outstanding number of Arabizi sentences, which could be of great help for media offices, government centers, research facilities, and start-ups businesses in knowledge-making and future current-based predication tasks. Because of the unavailability of SA tools for automatically processing Arabizi language system, building a one is of highly importance. For this, Arabizi language system would be in a place of recognition in the SA field with the increase of internet users, who currently use it and would use in the future. In addition, it would help companies, institutions, small businesses in extracting sentiments of positives and negatives much more efficiently in text reviews written in Arabizi; therefore, they would reflect on enhancing the qualities of their provided services.

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