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  • af Shailza Singh
    2.201,95 kr.

    This book presents the applications of systems biology and synthetic biology in cancer medicine. It highlights the use of computational and mathematical models to decipher the complexity of cancer heterogeneity. The book emphasizes the modeling approaches for predicting behavior of cancer cells, tissues in context of drug response, and angiogenesis. It introduces cell-based therapies for the treatment of various cancers and reviews the role of neural networks for drug response prediction. Further, it examines the system biology approaches for the identification of medicinal plants in cancer drug discovery. It explores the opportunities for metabolic engineering in the realm of cancer research towards development of new cancer therapies based on metabolically derived targets. Lastly, it discusses the applications of data mining techniques in cancer research. This book is an excellent guide for oncologists and researchers who are involved in the latest cancer research.

  • af Latika Sharma, Shailza Singh & S S Burark
    597,95 kr.

    The present study focuses on the estimation of demand and supply functions for the export of selected agricultural commodities (Basmati Rice, Coffee and Tea) from India. India has some countries as stable business partners in export of these three commodities. It should try to maintain its stable contracts as well as try to tap new markets for its export. To counter the competition prevailing in world market good quality standards and consumer oriented approach is required. Policies aiming at reducing yield risk in coffee and tea production will be helpful in increasing the export supply of these commodities.

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