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  • af Pernille Orum
    237,95 kr.

    This is the first major publication from popular visual development artist and character designer, Pernille Orum. It follows on from the success of Pernille's two previous showcase art books (Blush and Coral) but is a more ambitious volume filled with even more art, behind the scenes and plenty of tips and tutorials. An ideal read for any budding animation artist.

  • af 3dtotal Publishing
    246,95 kr.

    Learn how to create vibrant character designs with the step-by-step guidance of professional artists from the illustration and animation industries.

  • - How to Create Art on an iPad (R)
    217,95 kr.

    Delve into the world of digital painting on an iPad with step-by-step tutorials, hints, and tips from professional artists.

  • - Manga-inspired Art and Tutorials by Asia Ladowska
    af Asia Ladowska
    237,95 kr.

    Following on from Asia Ladowska's hugely popular online and weekly #SketchwithAsia challenge, is a book filled with Manga-inspired art, tips, and tutorials.

  • - Light, shape, color, perspective, depth, composition & anatomy
    296,95 kr.

    A fully revised and updated edition of this back-to-basics title, packed with the fundamental concepts, conventions and theory needed when creating art.

  • - Dark Arts
    af 3dtotal Publishing
    197,95 kr.

    An inspiring collection of dark and macabre drawings and articles exploring the sketchbooks and artistic practices of 50 talented artists.

  • - Art in Progress
    af Lois Van Baarle
    227,95 kr.

    Following the enormous success of her first art book, Loish returns with an inspiring book dedicated to her beautiful sketches.

  • - Creatures & Monsters
    197,95 kr.

    Sketching from the Imagination: Monsters & Creatures showcases sketches and insights by fifty artists from the field of creature design.

  • - 100+ simple drawing exercises from Simone Grunewald
    af Simone Grünewald
    227,95 kr.

    Absorb the extensive illustrative knowledge of Simone Grunewald and learn to create your own engaging characters and scenes.

  • af Sibylline Meynet
    94,95 kr.

    Sibylline Meynet shares her artistic journey and advice, illustrated with characters who are vibrant, elegant, and charming all at once.

  • af Zheng Wei Gu
    276,95 kr.

    Explore the intriguing work of artist Zheng Wei Gu, whose manga-inspired drawings are as gritty as they are surreal.

  • af 3dtotal Publishing
    177,95 kr.

    An inspiring collection of drawings and articles exploring the sketchbooks and artistic practices of 50 talented character artists.

  • af 3dtotal Publishing
    119,95 kr.

    • Lively and engaging content with a broad appeal for artists, illustrators, and designers• Inspiration for new, interesting character designs• Informative interviews with professionals about their work and industry• Handy quick tips that can be used to kick start ideas• Detailed tutorials explaining key processes for advancing character designs

  • - Finding your artistic voice
    af Lois Van Baarle
    296,95 kr.

    Loish’s previous books with 3dtotal Publishing include bestselling The Art of Loish (2016) and The Sketch Book of Loish (2018) which to date have combined sales of 85,000 copies worldwide. Loish is published exclusively by 3dtotal Publishing. The first two books have amassed hundreds of 5-star Amazon reviews that give this new title instant pedigree. Loish has a vast and highly engaged worldwide audience online, including 2.3 million Instagram followers. Loish’s accessible style is popular with professional and student artists, hobbyists, and art-lovers working in both traditional and digital mediums. Exercises, tutorials, and step-by-step breakdowns specially written for this book by Lois herself give the book life beyond the art itself. The attractive presentation and high-quality finish of the book make it an ideal gift or addition to coffee table collections. 3dtotal Publishing is a highly respected publishing house in the art book industry, and has been working with Loish since 2016 to establish a strong relationship that is successful both creatively and commercially both parties.

  • - Anime & Manga
    217,95 kr.

    Go beyond conventional anime and mainstream manga with truly unique views of the Japanese art-form as sketched by 50 artists.

  • - How to Create Engaging Characters for Illustration, Animation & Visual Development
    306,95 kr.

    An eye-opening, visual-led exploration of the fundamental aspects of character design, including narrative, shape language, proportion, and expression.

  • - The Art of Eliza Ivanova
    af Eliza Ivanova
    276,95 kr.

    Meet artist, animator, and film maker Eliza Ivanova, and her powerful figures that blend traditional painting with evocative movement.

    147,95 kr.

    Invaluable tutorials and insightful tips make Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Drawing a perfect start to your fantasy art journey.

  • - Develop Spectacular Designs from Basic Concepts
    296,95 kr.

    Creating Professional Characters explores how top professional character designers develop engaging characters from the basic concepts outlined in production briefs.

  • - The Art of Iraville
    af IRA Sluyterman Van Langeweyde
    227,95 kr.

    This lavish title presents the best work of Ira "Iraville" Sluyterman van Langewedye, a popular illustrator beloved for her idyllic paintings.

  • - Works and thoughts
    af Heikala
    237,95 kr.

    This exquisitely presented hardback art book showcases the finest works and helpful thoughts of popular Finnish artist, Heikala.

  • af Publishing 3dtotal
    296,95 kr.

    The world¿s best creature designers and concept artists provide a groundbreaking and unique insight into their creative processes and practices.

  • - An Insight into Creative Drawing
    af 3dtotal
    197,95 kr.

    An exclusive selection of awe-inspiring traditional and digital concept designs and sketches from some of the world's most talented artists.

  • af 3dtotal
    177,95 kr.

    An inspiring collection of drawings and articles exploring the sketchbooks and artistic practices of fifty talented fantasy concept artists.

  • af Laura Rubin
    296,95 kr.

    With over 750K followers on Instagram, Laura Rubin has an active fanbase with whom she engages regularlyThe artist’s hyper-realistic style makes this book stand out from other ‘Art of’ books, and will be printed on carefully selected paper to enhance the results of that techniqueThe artist uses Procreate, the award-winning, industry-standard iPad software that has revolutionized digital painting (see the famous hyper realistic portrait of Morgan Freeman by one of the earliest users of Procreate)Practical tutorials demonstrating how a digital portrait is created – from choosing a reference to final files – make this book a valuable resource for both portraiture and digital artThe high-quality hardback finish features art paper specially selected to showcase the hyper-realistic style and deep, rich colors at their best

  • - The ultimate guide to drawing anatomy in perspective and pose
    af Tom Fox
    346,95 kr.

    An extensive resource of 304 pages packed with more than 2,000 specially commissioned illustrations. Generous page size accommodates user-friendly content presented at optimum scale Planned with and written by drawing instructor and figure drawing expert Tom Fox to work for artists of all skill levels in all mediums. Balances the perfect amount of background knowledge and key elements of drawing required, with the how-to, skill building anatomy details artists want to master. Structured with the artist in mind as an easy-to-navigate guide that can be consulted quickly and easily. The comprehensive nature of the content, both in its technical advice and anatomical information, makes this book an investment to be turned to repeatedly

  • - How to critique your art for better results
    376,95 kr.

    Learn how to critique your own art, quickly identify problems, and fix them to improve both your work and technique.

  • - How to design compelling real and imaginary animal characters
    296,95 kr.

    Learn how to create compelling and accomplished stylized animal characters, with the step-by-step guidance of professional animators and artists.

  • af Devin Elle Kurtz
    276,95 kr.

    Immerse yourself in the jewel-toned world of artist Devin Elle Kurtz, where people and animals, real or imagined, live together.

  • - A comprehensive introduction to techniques and approaches
    296,95 kr.

    Learn from digital painting experts the essential skills and techniques needed to create stunning works of art in Photoshop.

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