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  • af David Davage
    1.667,95 kr.

    This collection of articles is tightly focused on metaphors in the prophetic literature of the Hebrew Bible and their later afterlife in Jewish and Christian texts. The essays deal with a wide range of historical, literary, and methodological issues. First, several contributions employ metaphor theory in analysing the biblical texts, both conceptual frameworks such as blending theory and more traditional methods. Second, metaphors are studied both synchronically, that is, in relation to their current literary contexts, and diachronically, that is, mapping how they have been employed and re-interpreted in different ways and different texts throughout time. Third, other contributions read metaphors in light of theoretical frameworks such as feminist criticism, post-colonial theories, or power discourses that uncover aspects of significance often missed in historical studies. Finally, yet other contributions deal with the issue of how to translate metaphors in contemporary contexts.

  • af Olga Alieva
    1.597,95 kr.

    The Platonic corpus is a collection of texts written under Plato's name. It is fairly inconvenient for us, modern readers, that it includes texts hardly authored by Plato, but we are normally able, or deem ourselves so, to tell the difference between spurious and authentic material. Yet that 'either-or' logic might be too simplistic to account for the specifics of 'school accumulation', which continued more or less till the end of the Hellenistic epoch and implied imitation rather than deception: the Platonic corpus was in the making as long as the Academy existed. And so were its separate components: authorial and editorial revisions and 'updates' of dialogues are signalled both by ancient sources and by modern computational techniques. In eleven chapters provided by twelve specialists in the field, this volume explores the Platonic corpus as a living whole in its dynamic and complex development. Two major sets of questions are addressed here. The first concerns the individual components of the corpus, the institutional and philosophical context of their emergence, and questions of authorship and revision. The second question has to do with the corpus as a whole, with the progressive organization of the dialogues into a recognized body of work, including both ancient and modern editions and classifications, as well as the formation and transformations of the canon.

  • af Heta Hurskainen
    1.522,95 kr.

    Orthodox churches in Ukraine and Russia share a common ecclesiastical tradition but differ in their views on practicing and interpreting it. To bolster their own views, different Orthodox churches emphasize different aspects of history, and >forget< others, not favorable for their interpretations. These intentional memorizing also influence on the churches' reflection of their position and role in society at large.Interpretations of ecclesiastical tradition also influence the Orthodox churches' reactions to the other churches in Ukraine. Abroad, ecclesiastical organizations, especially ecumenical bodies are also influenced by the Ukrainian Orthodoxy, and have influence on the Ukrainian and Russian Orthodoxy, when recognizing or leaving without recognition the multiplicity of the Orthodox faith in Ukraine and Russia.

  • af Jerzy Kochanowski
    847,95 kr.

    The cautious expansion of freedoms in the sign of de-Stalinization is remembered in Poland as the "October Thaw of 1956". The renowned historian Jerzy Kochanowski presents an innovative view of this era. He vividly describes the contemporary facts of life as hooliganism and prostitution, work and unemployment, money and corruption, the concept of deliberate motherhood and dreams of having one's own car. The term "revolution" in the title of the book is to be taken literally, because the emotions that gripped Polish society at the time manifested themselves in a variety of ways on the streets. When the "Polish October Revolution" was over, the country was irreversibly changed.

  • af Leonardo Paris
    1.662,95 kr.

    A man stands out on the scene, a free man. He puts forth a new way of relating to the God of Israel. He is the heir. He is the one who knows how to receive and communicate what has been given to him. He does so by impressing his unique trait on it. Many are fascinated by this figure. Others are scared to the point of precipitating events until the man is killed. However, precisely in his death, this figure will release his vision of God in all its strength. A vision that, from that moment in time, will never cease to attract, to scandalize, and to provoke reality. Today as yesterday. From this story, the idea of God emerges forever overturned, and with it the forms of power, freedom, and human identity.In this book, Christian theology is presented through engaging events, with the flavour of a contemporary novel. A fresh and groundbreaking Christology.

  • af Hans Schelkshorn
    1.152,95 kr.

    The emergence and downfall of fascism and the Nazi regime in the mid-twentieth century mark the definitive decline of Europe's geopolitical hegemony. The end of the Second World War is the beginning of both decolonization processes and the founding of the United Nations as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this context, we find a variety of philosophical interpretations on religious traditions, secular conceptualizations of reason and political theories. In and outside of Europe, philosophical and spiritual movements develop different political orientations, whereas fruitful dialogues between religious and secular philosophical positions emerge. In this volume, such positions and interactions are explored in an exemplary way.

  • af Sehoon Jang
    1.662,95 kr.

    Since the rise of exegesis as a critical science, great emphasis has been placed on the role of the author in the process of the development of the biblical texts. However, with the current literary scientific developments regarding the reader's position, the exegetical question about the role of the reader should be asked as well.When a text develops, it automatically means that its reader changes. Both the formation and reception of the Isaian text can be understood as a result of this process of changes. What new reader positions were necessary for the development of either new text in the Book of Isaiah, or of new text outside of the Isaiah book, such as the Gospel of Luke?In this edited volume, a group of international Isaiah experts discusses for the first time the various aspects of the role of the reader in the formation and reception of the book of Isaiah.

  • af Rüdiger Lohlker
    1.662,95 kr.

    In this volume, non-state armed groups are considered as independent actors instead of only on state level. Given the increasingly important role of such actors, they are considered not only as military forces; their social, cultural, and economic roles are also inspected. Furthermore, online operations are examined, since online and offline activities are increasing merging. This provides a new look at the violent structures of contemporary societies, allowing us to approach recent global developments beyond securitized and essentialist worldviews.

  • af Piotr Sobkowiak
    1.727,95 kr.

    Do religious traditions not related to written texts have a history? The author explores this question using Buryat shamanism as a case study. Disentangling this religious tradition from its presumed ahistorical space, he places the history of Buryat shamanism in the context of sociopolitical events that unfolded in Mongolia and Transbaikalia between the late 16th and the 19th centuries.

  • af Gary Slater
    1.407,95 kr.

    This book places Pope Francis's landmark 2015 encyclical Laudato si' at the center of an effort to integrate the ethics of migration and ecological devastation. These issues represent two of the great planetary challenges of our time. They are also deeply connected and likely to get worse in the coming decades. As addressed to these issues, the book advances two core arguments. First, Laudato si' and its moral vision of integral ecology represent a culturally creative response to these challenges whose potential for application has not yet been fulfilled. Second, fulfilling the encyclical's promise requires attention to divisions alongside connections. In particular, it requires attention to borders. As sites of power manifested, of families separated, of alienation and friendship, of hope and hopelessness, and of the limits of civil and political order, borders are both a challenge that must be engaged and an opportunity to apply Francis's moral vision in concrete contexts.

  • af Selina R. Stone
    1.522,95 kr.

    This book represents the first monograph in womanist theological ethics and pentecostalism from within Europe. Despite its designation as an 'embodied faith', this book argues that both historically and in the present, classical pentecostalism often fails to integrate the body with spirituality in ways which attend to the hierarchies which oppress certain bodies in the church and the wider world. Looking back to the African and Wesleyan roots of the movement to explore this tension, the book then draws on qualitative as well as textual research, to analyse classical progressive pentecostalism in Britain today which models an integrated pentecostal faith to an extent, but retains inconsistencies. Finally, a womanist pentecostal theology is being constructed, which calls attention to the Spirit and the body - especially the bodies of the oppressed - as a path towards a holistic understanding of the work of the Spirit and pentecostal faith and ministry.

  • af Vladimir Ivanovici
    1.522,95 kr.

    This book argues that Romans credited certain living persons with the capacity to function as cult statues, that is, as images and vessels of the divine. After addressing the cultural context that produced the idea that humans can become images of the divine, the text shows how emperors, bishops, and others imitated the aesthetic, immobility, and material setting of statuary to establish themselves as iconic and how their role as mediators with the divine was eventually transferred to new categories of material objects, such as relics and icons. The figure of the iconic person thus is shown to have bridged the cult statues of Antiquity with the new mechanisms of interaction with the divine that Christians used for the following millennium. By integrating living persons in the art historical analysis of the spaces and advocating for the need to consider the animation of artefacts together with the reification of bodies, this study marks an important development in the study of the past.

  • af Mark G Brett
    1.522,95 kr.

    In the broadest sense, political theology refers to "God talk" in the context of multiple and often competing perspectives on social life. While political history is firmly established within biblical studies, it is frequently separated from the study of theology and religion. And if political theology has found a place in scholarly conversations within biblical studies, it has often been reduced to specific comparisons with political genres in the ancient world, such as treaty/covenant, or kingship. This volume is an edited collection of 17 essays that seek to broaden the scope of what might count as political theology, throwing new light on older studies and demonstrating the diversity of political theologies in the Hebrew Bible. Each essay demonstrates the integration of political theology with other strands of innovative research in current biblical studies. The essays cover a range of topics such as sovereignty, nation, migration, cultural politics, land holding, and gender.

  • af Vanessa De Senarclens
    1.112,95 kr.

    Millionen von polnischen Büchern wurden während des Zweiten Weltkriegs von Nazi-Deutschland in Polen zerstört oder gestohlen. Indessen migrierten im August 1945, im Zuge der Verlegung der deutsch-polnischen Grenze, Millionen von deutschen Büchern aus privaten, kirchlichen und öffentlichen Sammlungen nach Polen - in einen neuen national-kulturellen Kontext. Der Begriff "das Bibliomigratorische" beschreibt sowohl die Reise dieser Bücher in Raum und Zeit als auch ihre sich wandelnde Semantisierung innerhalb geografischer, politischer, institutioneller und sprachlicher Räume. Seit nunmehr 75 Jahren sind diese Bücher Gegenstand zweier völlig verschiedener nationaler Erzählungen. Sie rufen dazu auf, als ein gemeinsames historisches Erbe begriffen zu werden und Ausgangspunkt für Forschungskooperationen und eine intensivierte deutsch-polnische kulturelle Kooperation zu sein.

  • af Klaus Buchenau
    1.597,95 kr.

    When Yugoslavia was created in 1918, noble landowners still possessed vast parts of its territory especially in the northwestern half of the country which had formerly belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy. With approximately 38,000 hectares, Prince Albert of Thurn and Taxis was the largest private owner of forests in the new kingdom. Yugoslav politicians demanded an expropriation, justifying their actions on the grounds of social and historical justice. At the same time, political and business networks attempted to appropriate the property themselves. The parties involved - Thurn and Taxis, Yugoslav officials, national and international companies - fought for their interests using various means, from lawsuits to international arbitrage and political lobbyism. This book concentrates on the latter, arriving at a "grammar of bribery" in the lumber business of interwar Yugoslavia.

  • af Sonja Dolinsek
    1.407,95 kr.

    This edited collection comprises twelve original research papers scrutinizing the historical dimensions of prostitution across 19th and 20th century Central, South, and East-Central Europe. Each contribution employs distinct methodological perspectives and diverse sources. Notably, this volume includes pioneering articles delineating nearly uncharted terrains in the history of prostitution in Europe, especially socialist Eastern European countries. The volume is intended primarily for scholars and students specializing in women's history, gender studies, and sexualities, as well as histories of crime and policing with a focus on European or Global History.

  • af Winfried Baumgart
    2.177,95 kr.

    Die vorliegende Edition ist eine umfangreiche Dokumentation der Politik der europäischen Großmächte gegenüber dem Osmanischen Reich zwischen den zwei großen Krisen des Krimkriegs 1853/56 und der Orientkrise 1875/78. Diese beiden Krisen sind in der internationalen Forschung überaus intensiv behandelt worden; die dazwischenliegenden 20 Jahre wurden dagegen nur punktuell und nie in großem Zusammenhang dokumentiert oder interpretiert. Die Edition ermöglicht es, diese Lücke zu schließen, oder zumindest eine breite Grundlage dafür bereitzustellen.

  • af Izak Y. M. Lattu
    1.522,95 kr.

    This book's central argument is that oral forms of collective memory in Christian-Muslim engagements in orally-oriented societies are more effective than interreligious dialogue through the dominant written text based on elite-based concepts. The approach has dominated interreligious interactions. From the perspective of the social scientific study of interreligious encounters & collective memory in folklore studies, this book explores how orality and social remembrance articulated through folksong, oral narrative, and ritual performance strengthen interreligious engagements in the post-conflict society. The approach proposed in this book reclaims interreligious engagements based on the local Indonesian dynamic preserved in ritual performance, oral narrative, and folksong. This method articulates a contextualized interreligious engagement grounded in local culture.

  • af Milena Wozniak-Koch
    1.662,95 kr.

    The essays featured in this book cover a broad spectrum of topics related to individual identity strategies and art collecting in the late modern era. They give a pan-European perspective on collecting in its various facets, encompassing the history of museums, exhibition policy, art market history, history of taste shaping and provenance research. By showing how collecting mirrored the social problems of modernity, this book indirectly addresses issues such as the sociocultural role of ethnic minorities, the question of women's emancipation, social exclusion versus inclusion, colonialism and the politicisation of museums. These matters, analysed in the context of private collections, reveal the complexity and relevance of the cultural processes underpinning many social issues that remain the subject of reflection to this day.

  • af Tiziana Faitini
    1.522,95 kr.

    The figure of the "professional" looms large in our contemporary society as an ideal for economic activity and socio-political inclusion, and even as a model for individual self-development. But how and when did this figure arise? And what has led professional activity to become such an essential part of our personal, social, moral, economic, and political life? While Max Weber and others have famously addressed these questions, this book reveals a more nuanced history of the concept of "profession" and "professional duty," and offers the first comprehensive study of the discourse of professional ethics from a historical perspective. Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom provide most of the rich corpus of philosophical, juridical, and theological sources discussed throughout the book in its longue durée journey from Ancient Rome to the present.

  • af Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel
    1.522,95 kr.

    This volume documents two international conferences held as part of the global theological research program "A Kairos for Catholic Theology: Serving the Church - Serving the World" of the International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology (INSeCT). The 2019 intercontinental conference in Manila was dedicated to European-Asian dialogue and gathered contributions on peace, justice, democracy and political culture, ecology, family and gender justice. The 2020 European Conference in Vienna was dedicated to the contribution of multicultural and multi-religious experienced Europe to the solution of the current global challenges in church and society.

  • af Rüdiger Lohlker
    1.522,95 kr.

    Humanitarian Islam is an innovative concept that has begun emerging from the traditions of Islam in Indonesia in recent years. The most important contemporary Islamic organizations in Indonesia support it. Nevertheless, it seems to be unknown beyond the Southeast Asian context, despite its global potential, aspirations and claims. Moreover, the concept has not received any academic attention so far. This volume presents reflections on the idea of Humanitarian Islam by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars from Europe and beyond.

  • af Anna Machcewicz
    697,95 kr.

    "Rebellion" is a fascinating, multi-threaded story about how revolutions unfold. The story begins when the communist authorities in Poland promise a better life after the bloody suppression of strikes in December 1970. The availability of goods temporarily increased, and for a time the outside world seemed closer. Just a decade later, however, rebellion arrived nonetheless. This book provides the full story of the Great Strike of August 1980, the centre of which was the Gdan¿sk Shipyard. This strike was a fight not only for bread, but also for dignity of the striking workers. The authorities were faced with the choice of either calling for assistance from Soviet troops or seeking a compromise. Many days of negotiations with the strikers resulted in an agreement that began a new chapter in Polish history and opened the way to demise of the communist system in Eastern Europe.

  • af Dorothée Bauer
    1.857,95 kr.

    In his last monumental organ piece, "Livre du Saint Sacrement," the French composer Olivier Messiaen (1908-92) approaches the mystery of the eucharistic presence, using all elements of his extraordinary compositional language: Gregorian chants, birdsongs, Greek and Hindu rhythms, serialism, and sound-colors. In this book, the "Livre du Saint Sacrement," which premiered in 1986, is fully analyzed and theologically interpreted for the first time. The influence of the eucharistic hymns of Thomas Aquinas, among other sources, on the work's conception and the composer's theology is explored, and the author points out the ways in which Messiaen's musico-theological dedication to the Eucharist can inspire actual theology.The original dissertation that was the basis for this book received the Award of Excellence from the Austrian Ministry for Science, Research, and Economy, as well as the Roland-Atefie-Prize from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. For the first time, the book is now available in English translation.

  • af Christina M. Kreinecker
    1.407,95 kr.

    The first volume of the new series "Papyri and the New Testament" introduces students, teachers, and scholars to the value of the study of papyrological documentsand their impact on the understanding of early Christ groups.Papyri, ostraca, and tablets document social, economic, political, and multilingualcircumstances of the Greco-Roman period and are one of the best sources for understandingNew Testament times. Compared to the first studies devoted to papyri andthe New Testament some hundred years ago, the amount of available material hasincreased twentyfold. In addition, the days have passed when papyri were foundexclusively in Egypt: a significant number of texts from Israel, Syria, North Africa,Britain, Switzerland, and other Greco-Roman regions demonstrate that these sourcesshed light on general conditions throughout the Roman Empire. The volumeboth introduces the main issues of comparing papyri with New Testament texts andpresents a great variety of comprehensive examples.

  • af Anna Usacheva
    1.277,95 kr.

    This issue takes an inclusive approach to the multidimensional topic of Mediterranean movement, as the themes to be discussed include migration, trade, travelling objects, knowledge exchange, and dissemination of books. The case studies demonstrate the impact of movement on the processes of identity building, whether social, cultural, or religious.Apart from textual sources, the articles included in this issue explore the movement of objects that are characterised by temporal continuity, embodying a prior existence with lingering effects. As objects transform through time and space, so do the values and functions attributed to them. The process of mapping out itineraries of value in the realm of the material allows us to grasp the nature of a given social formation through the shape and meaning taken on by them. It also provides insights into the nature of dynamic synergy between the world of material objects and the realm of beliefs, knowledge, and identities.

  • af Christian Danz
    1.407,95 kr.

    This volume presents different approaches to the concept of religion. Religion in modern societies is undergoing accelerated change. Traditional religious forms are dissolving and being overlaid with or replaced by new ones. This poses particular challenges for analyses of the current religious situation, which already presuppose an understanding of religion. But it is precisely this that is disputed in academic discourse about it. Against the background of this complex situation, this volume turns to the transformations of religion. It brings together inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to religion and its definition. In this way, it takes into account the fact that the transformations of religion can only be grasped by incorporating diverse methodological approaches.

  • af Benyamin F. Intan
    1.407,95 kr.

    The heightened role of religion in the public sphere can become either a source of violence or a source of reconciliation. Considering Indonesia as a pluralistic state in terms of religion despite the fact that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, a basic question arises: Would it be possible for religion to play a pivotal role in the public sphere of Indonesian society without seeking hegemonic control of social, political, and intellectual life? This book offers positive suggestions of how religion can develop as a transformative and liberating force in Indonesian public affairs. Based on Calvin's and Neo-Calvinist Legal Theory, this book suggests that it is only within the realm of civil society that Indonesian religion will be able to promote the ideas of democracy, tolerance, and human rights in Indonesian public affairs. In short, far from being anti-pluralist, Indonesian religion evolves as a liberating force in the life of society, nation, and state.

  • af Elena Marushiakova
    1.022,95 kr.

    The publication of this outstanding book marks the beginning of the Brill book series Roma History and Culture. The core of the present volume is an until now unpublished manuscript by Shakir Pashov (1898-1981), a Bulgarian Roma activist whose name continues to be surrounded by rumours and myths.The volume includes the original manuscript of Shakir Pashov on the history of the Gypsies in Europe, followed by archival documents highlighting his life and work, and the text of the first booklet devoted to him, which was the first attempt to create a Roma historical narrative. There is also included an extended biography of Shakir Pashov as known by now. The book contributes to identifying and highlighting the numerous inputs Roma have had to shape their activism and popularise their historical knowledge. Pashov's manuscript is a prominent example of these efforts.

  • af Julieta Rotaru
    1.022,95 kr.

    This is the first monograph on the history of the Rudari people of Romania and the first mapping of their settlements. The Rudari are a population which has traditionally inhabited the Balkan area and much of Central Europe. Many of them do not know the Romani language but speak Romanian dialects and today make a living out of carving wooden household items, although their Slavic name alludes to mining. Indeed, the Rudari were for centuries gold-prospectors and gold-washers working for the Crown of Wallachia and were administrated as slaves by a monastery situated on the auriferous Olt river. The authors have reconstructed the fascinating history of this ethnic group for a period of 500 years until the 19th century when gold-panning went in decline due to the exhaustion of the reserves of alluvial gold.

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