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  • - Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics
    af Tim Marshall
    83,95 - 170,95 kr.

    A popular take on world events that puts the 'geo' back in geopolitics

  • - Behind the Lines and Under Fire: The Inside Story of Europe's Last War
    af Tim Marshall
    118,95 kr.

    A gripping eyewitness account of a major 20th-century military conflict by the UK's most popular writer on geopolitics

  • - How Changing the Way We Pay Changes Everything
    af Natasha De Teran & Gottfried Leibbrandt
    101,95 - 162,95 kr.

    Money may be power, but payments are the real superpower.

  • - Our World Explained in 12 Simple Maps
    af Tim Marshall
    170,95 kr.

    A stunning abridged and illustrated edition of the international bestseller Prisoners of Geography, by acclaimed author Tim Marshall

  • - The Power and Politics of Flags
    af Tim Marshall
    101,95 - 173,95 kr.

    An enlightening popular account of the symbolism that drives global conflict

  • - A New Forest Season Unlike Any Other
    af James Aldred
    101,95 - 147,95 kr.

    From an award-winning wildlife cameraman comes the unique story of filming a family of wild Goshawks in the New Forest when suddenly, unexpectedly, the woods emptied of people, but filled with birdsong and new life

  • - A British Year in Japan's 72 Seasons
    af Lev Parikian
    101,95 - 160,95 kr.

    See the British year afresh as we follow twelve months via the traditional Japanese calendar of seventy-two seasons: revealing the beauty of small and subtle changes with joy and verve.

  • af Rob Cowen
    109,95 - 132,95 kr.

    From two bestselling and award-winning writers onlandscape comes a luminously illustrated meditation on our relationship withthe natural world and each other through four unprecedented seasons & aglobal pandemic.

  • - Ghosts of Summers Past, Present and Future
    af Stephen Rutt
    109,95 - 147,95 kr.

    An evocative exploration of the changing nature of aBritish summer published at the height of the season

  • - 'An amalgam of 007 and Orphan X' (Dempsey/Devlin Book 4)
    af Tony Kent
    101,95 - 162,95 kr.

    The new action-packed international thriller from a crime fiction star: Richard & Judy and Zoe Ball Book Club author, TONY KENT.

  • - A Memoir
    101,95 - 147,95 kr.

    A courageous memoir for our uncertain times: Earthed is a story of the power of place to transform us, of dreams and nightmares on the land and of living in an unfamiliar world and a volatile mind.

  • - And Our Place Within It
    af Professor Andrew Newsam
    101,95 - 109,95 kr.

    An awe-inspiring guide to the Cosmos - and how we exist within it.

  • - Stories from Twenty-First-Century Diplomacy
    af Baroness Catherine Ashton
    162,95 kr.

    What does a diplomat actually do? Ashton takes us behind the scenes of major crises in Libya, Iran and more to reveal how modern-day diplomacy really works.

  • - A Year and a Life of Salmon Fishing in Scotland
    af Andrew Douglas-Home
    147,95 kr.

    An evocative account of one man's life spent fishing on arguably the world's best salmon river; a story of family, tradition, conservation and the Scottish countryside.

  • - Unlocking the Mysteries of Smell - and How Losing It Can Change Our World
    af Robert Wainwright & Paola Totaro
    147,95 kr.

    A fascinating exploration of how losing our sense of smell can shape our world, and how the global pandemic transformed our understanding of this mysterious sense.

  • af Julia Boyd & Angelika Patel
    185,95 kr.

    A stunningly evocative portrait of Hitler's Germany through the people of a single village.

  • - The Inside Story on Science's Biggest Media Controversies
    af Fiona Fox
    162,95 kr.

    What happens when science hits the headlines - for all the wrong reasons?

  • - How to reframe your thinking, reset your purpose & rejuvenate yourself time and again
    af Frances Edmonds
    109,95 kr.

  • - Discoveries from a Hidden World
    af Aliya Whiteley
    109,95 kr.

  • - The Story of the English Coastal Town
    af Ian Walker
    147,95 kr.

  • - The Hall of Fame 10 Greatest Composers of All Time
    af Sam Jackson
    150,95 kr.

  • - A Memoir of Love and Other Misadventures
    af Huma Qureshi
    109,95 - 132,95 kr.

    Warm, wise and ultimately uplifting, this is a coming-of-age memoir about what it really means to find 'happy ever after'

  • af Nancy Campbell
    77,95 - 117,95 kr.

    Fifty international words for snow - explored by an award-winning writer - that will enchant readers this Christmas.

  • - A Natural History of Mars
    af Simon Morden
    147,95 kr.

    An enthralling narrative journey through the history and geography of Mars by an award-winning writer, geologist and geophysicist.

  • - A Journey Among Birds
    af Stephen Rutt
    101,95 kr.

    A stunning exploration of the power and beauty of the UK's seabird colonies

  • - A Season With Geese
    af Stephen Rutt
    101,95 - 132,95 kr.

    A celebration of winter and of the bird that heralds it; the perfect seasonal gift book for bird lovers

  • - Journeys Through Unexpected Places
    af Gareth E. Rees
    100,95 - 147,95 kr.

  • - Soothing Words for Troubled Times
    af Paul Anthony Jones
    101,95 - 109,95 kr.

    Wise words for our troubled times to soothe the soul and calm the mind.

  • - In Which Our Author Ventures Outdoors to Consider the British in Nature
    af Lev Parikian
    147,95 - 152,95 kr.

    Lev Parikian is on a journey to discover the quirks, habits and foibles of how the British experience nature. Open a window, hear the birds calling and join him.

  • - The Strauss Dynasty and Vienna
    af John Suchet
    101,95 kr.

    The Sunday Times bestseller: how the Strauss family took Europe by storm during the nineteenth century

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