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  • af Salvatore Mendaglio Ph. D.
    352,95 kr.

    Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration: Reflection, Refraction, and Resituation aims to accomplish three objectives: to make a complex theory more accessible to readers, to situate the theory in its proper academic home, and to comply with Dabrowski's request to refine his creation. To accomplish the first objective, the book describes clearly Dabrowskian concepts and illustrates them using tables and figures. The author's description of his personal experiences with Dabrowski's ideas contributes to the ease of readers' understanding the theory. To accomplish the second objective, the meanings of the concepts in the theory of positive disintegration are compared and contrasted to their definitions in traditional psychology. To accomplish the third objective recommendations for refinement of the theory are made, where appropriate, as requested in Dabrowski's written invitation for interested parties to build on the theory of positive disintegration. The book contains four parts. Part I, The Theory and Me, addresses fundamental issues of the theory. Chapter 1 presents various perceptions of the theory. Chapter 2 includes the set of selected constructs with which this book is concerned. Chapter 3 contrasts psychological constructs, integral to the author's scholarly and psychotherapeutic work, with their depictions in the theory of positive disintegration. Chapter 4 explains a central proposition in Dąbrowski's theory: that negative emotions, under certain conditions, are signs of personal growth. Part II, Dabrowskian Development, deals with the conceptualization of development in the theory. Chapter 5 discusses Dabrowski's five levels of development, describing the progression from primitive to exemplary human functioning. Chapters 6 and 7 examine dynamisms that are the forces of development and their emergence in daily living. Chapter 6 discusses disintegrating dynamisms, responsible for the destruction of primitive, self-centered modes of living. Chapter 7 presents the developmental dynamisms, signifying advanced, morally-driven modes of living. Part III, Dąbrowskian Constructs in Context, examines some central constructs of the theory in a broader psychological context. Chapter 8 contrasts Dąbrowski's conception of self with self-concept. Chapter 9 contrasts established theories of intelligence with Dąbrowski's view of intelligence. Chapter 10 compares Dabrowski's hierarchy of values, a concept equated with advanced development, with a social psychological theory of values. Chapter 11 compares Dąbrowski's view of mental health with prevalent current conceptions. Part IV offers concluding reflections on the theory of positive disintegration. Chapter 12 is a consolidation of commentary appearing in previous chapters, culminating with several suggestions for modification and elaboration of the theory.

  • af Joanne Foster Ed D.
    220,95 kr.

    Set creativity aglow and feel the burn, because these pages positively sizzle with ideas that will ignite the imagination! Ignite Your Ideas: Creativity for Kids is the eighth book written by multiple award-winning author and gifted education specialist, Dr. Joanne Foster. This book is for children aged ten and up. However, parents, teachers, and others will also discover important information and abundant strategies to fortify their own creativity, and to inspire the young people in their lives. With its convenient format and relatable content, readers will soon discover why creativity matters, how it develops, how to nurture it, how family members can support one another, what to do if creativity is a struggle, and what's needed most in order for creativity to ignite from within the environment and from within the recesses of one's mind. The various chapters can be read consecutively or not, but the book culminates with detailed descriptions of 100 sure-fire ways to spark creativity across many different areas of interest (alongside tips for organizing and optimizing these ways). Within the book, Dr. Foster also provides current resources, thought-provoking quotes, a mini-glossary, surprising avenues of discovery, reassurances, and other helpful information that will entice kids to extend their curiosity and ability levels; explore the wonders of the world; and become happily creative at home, school, and elsewhere. This book is not another craft book for children. It is bursting with ideas designed to fuel possibilities--glimmers, flashes, intentions, inventions, and collaborations--through the arts, technology, science, and other domains. Ignite Your Ideas is about finding and seizing diverse opportunities for learning, fulfillment, and creative expression, and it includes countless suggestions for initiating, participating in, sharing, and building upon activities. In the same way that the author's award-winning Bust Your BUTS shines a bright light on procrastination, and energizes kids (and adults), Ignite Your Ideas enlightens readers, and motivates them, too. The pages are ablaze with understandings and strategies that generate exciting, accessible choices, and joyful creative experiences for kids and their families. This book is the perfect match to help ignite meaningful and imaginative ideas!

  • af Joy Lawson Davis Ed D.
    309,95 kr.

  • af Edward R. Amend Psy D.
    339,95 kr.

  • af Jane Chauvin
    383,95 kr.

  • af Joy Lawson (Joy Lawson Davis) Davis
    381,95 kr.

  • af Connie (Connie Brown) Brown
    287,95 kr.

  • af Deborah Gennarelli M. Ed
    282,95 kr.

  • af Susan Daniels and Daniel B. Peters
    309,95 kr.

    Written for parents and teachers, BOOSTING YOUR CHILD'S NATURAL CREATIVITY is a guide to fostering creativity and sustaining the creative spirit in children both at home and at school. Creativity is both a capacity we are born with and a skill that we can further develop. In his fully revised and updated edition, the authors describe various theories of creativity, personality traits, programs, processes, and products that foster creativity. Filled with examples and practical suggestions, this exciting book describes parenting for creativity, teaching organizational skills, and ways to preserve and enhance one's own creativity.

  • af Salvatore Mendaglio
    309,95 kr.

    Dabrowski's theory of positive disintegration redefines established psychological constructs, especially the construct of psychopathology. Current views of what constitutes disorders is so engrained in western cultures that they are seen, implicitly, as immutable. Any codification of what comprises psychiatric disorders or abnormality is a social construction, subject to change, as indicated by some changes in the DSM over the years. Dabrowski's theory questions the very foundation of the approach to psychopathology that existed in his time and is evident today. The critical message of the theory of positive disintegration is that what are deemed symptoms of mental disorder may be, instead, signs of personal growth. Dabrowski does not simply proclaim his position, he provides a coherent explanation for it. While Dabrowski addresses substantive issues of mental illness and mental health, most of the research literature purporting to investigate his theory dwells on one component of his theory: overexcitability. The essays in DYNAMISM, DEVELOPMENT AND DISPOSITIONS have a common aim: to draw attention to the fullness of the theory with the hope of encouraging researchers to move beyond their singular atomic focus. A word on the subtitle of the book is in order. Sal Mendaglio's essays honour a great theorist with a scholarly, not effusive, treatment of the theory of positive disintegration.

  • af Brenda Kay Small
    287,95 kr.

    Packed with practical tips, real life scenarios, current research and best practices, SERVING THE NEEDS OF YOUR SMART KIDS is a unique guidebook for school leaders, teachers, parents, and school staff who strive to create an environment that serves the unique characteristics of the advanced learner. Students will thrive as supporters learn and implement cutting edge strategies that meet their unique social, emotional and academic needs with budget-sensitive and student-centred actions. Every chapter provides opportunities for collaboration with teachers, coordinators, school leaders, and parents. Get started today in creating positive learning environments for YOUR Smart Kids!

  • af Amy Parlin (Amy Parlin Feldman) Feldman
    196,95 kr.

    When I Am Calm is designed to support children as they develop emotional self-regulation skills. This playful, educational read-aloud illustrates the cues our bodies give us when our feelings are starting to get out of control and provides specific strategies we can use to return to calm. Most importantly, When I Am Calm demystifies what calm really looks and feels like, using specific, concrete sensations that a child can easily identify. When I Am Calm includes several activities and checklists that will enable therapists, parents, and educators to use the book as an active teaching tool in multiple settings.

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