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  • - How Strategy Really Works
    af Roger L. Martin & A.G. Lafley
    264,95 kr.

    Are you just playingor playing to win?Strategy is not complex. But it is hard. Its hard because it forces people and organizations to make specific choices about their futuresomething that doesnt happen in most companies.Now two of todays best-known business thinkers get to the heart of strategyexplaining what its for, how to think about it, why you need it, and how to get it done. And they use one of the most successful corporate turnarounds of the past century, which they achieved together, to prove their point.A.G. Lafley, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, in close partnership with strategic adviser Roger Martin, doubled P&Gs sales, quadrupled its profits, and increased its market value by more than $100 billion in just ten years. Now, drawn from their years of experience at P&G and the Rotman School of Management, where Martin is dean, this book shows how leaders in organizations of all sizes can guide everyday actions with larger strategic goals built around the clear, essential elements that determine business successwhere to play and how to win.The result is a playbook for winning. Lafley and Martin have created a set of five essential strategic choices that, when addressed in an integrated way, will move you ahead of your competitors. They are:• What is our winning aspiration?• Where will we play?• How will we win?• What capabilities must we have in place to win?• What management systems are required to support our choices?The stories of how P&G repeatedly won by applying this method to iconic brands such as Olay, Bounty, Gillette, Swiffer, and Febreze clearly illustrate how deciding on a strategic approachand then making the right choices to support itmakes the difference between just playing the game and actually winning.

  • - How to Overcome the Predictable Crises of Growth
    af James Allen & Chris Zook
    242,95 kr.

    A Washington Post BestsellerThree Principles for Managingand Avoidingthe Problems of GrowthWhy is profitable growth so hard to achieve and sustain? Most executives manage their companies as if the solution to that problem lies in the external environment: find an attractive market, formulate the right strategy, win new customers. But when Bain & Company’s Chris Zook and James Allen, authors of the bestselling Profit from the Core, researched this question, they found that when companies fail to achieve their growth targets, 90 percent of the time the root causes are internal, not externalincreasing distance from the front lines, loss of accountability, proliferating processes and bureaucracy, to name only a few. What’s more, companies experience a set of predictable internal crises, at predictable stages, as they grow. Even for healthy companies, these crises, if not managed properly, stifle the ability to grow furtherand can actively lead to decline.The key insight from Zook and Allen’s research is that managing these choke points requires a “founder’s mentality”behaviors typically embodied by a bold, ambitious founderto restore speed, focus, and connection to customers:• An insurgent’s clear mission and purpose• An unambiguous owner mindset• A relentless obsession with the front lineBased on the authors’ decade-long study of companies in more than forty countries, The Founder’s Mentality demonstrates the strong relationship between these three traits in companies of all kindsnot just start-upsand their ability to sustain performance. Through rich analysis and inspiring examples, this book shows how any leadernot only a foundercan instill and leverage a founder’s mentality throughout their organization and find lasting, profitable growth.

  • - Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter
    af Michael D. Watkins
    232,95 kr.

    Named one of 100 Leadership & Success Books to Read in a Lifetime by Amazon EditorsThe world’s most trusted guide for leaders in transitionTransitions are a critical time for leaders. In fact, most agree that moving into a new role is the biggest challenge a manager will face. While transitions offer a chance to start fresh and make needed changes in an organization, they also place leaders in a position of acute vulnerability. Missteps made during the crucial first three months in a new role can jeopardize or even derail your success.In this updated and expanded version of the international bestseller The First 90 Days, Michael D. Watkins offers proven strategies for conquering the challenges of transitions—no matter where you are in your career. Watkins, a noted expert on leadership transitions and adviser to senior leaders in all types of organizations, also addresses today’s increasingly demanding professional landscape, where managers face not only more frequent transitions but also steeper expectations once they step into their new jobs.By walking you through every aspect of the transition scenario, Watkins identifies the most common pitfalls new leaders encounter and provides the tools and strategies you need to avoid them. You’ll learn how to secure critical early wins, an important first step in establishing yourself in your new role. Each chapter also includes checklists, practical tools, and self-assessments to help you assimilate key lessons and apply them to your own situation.Whether you’re starting a new job, being promoted from within, embarking on an overseas assignment, or being tapped as CEO, how you manage your transition will determine whether you succeed or fail. Use this book as your trusted guide.

  • - Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
    af Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini
    277,95 kr.

  • - An Illustrated Guide to Michael Porter
    af Joan Magretta
    242,95 kr.

    Quick, practical management advice from Harvard Business Review to help you do your job better. Drawing from HBR's popular Management Tip of the Day newsletter, this concise, handy guide is packed with easy-to-read tips on a broad range of topics, organized into three major skills every manager must master: managing yourself, managing your team, managing your business. Farvard Business Review puts the best management practices and insights, from top thinkers in the field, right at your fingertips. Pick it up any time you have a few minutes to spare, and you'll have a fresh, powerful idea you can immediately put into action. With this handy book as your guide, you'll stand the best chance of succeeding in your role as a manager.

  • - A Return to Growth in Turbulent Times
    af James Allen & Chris Zook
    264,95 kr.

    When Profit from the Core was published in 2001, it became an international bestseller, helping hundreds of companies find their way back to profitable growth after the bursting of the Internet bubble. The 2007 global financial meltdown reaffirmed the perils of pursuing heady growth through untested strategies, as firms in industries from finance to retailing to automobiles strayed too far from their core businesses and suffered the consequences.In this updated edition of Profit from the Core, authors Chris Zook and James Allen show that a renewed focus on the core is more critical than ever as firms seek to rebuild their competitive advantage coming out of the downturnand that a strong core will be the foundation for successful expansion as the economy recovers. Based on more than ten years of Bain & Company research and analysis and fresh examples from firms responding to the current downturn, the book outlines what today’s executives and managers need to do now to revitalize their core, identify the next wave of profitable growth, and build on it successfully.Zook and Allen explain how companies can:• Develop a strong, well-defined core and use it to establish a leadership position• Follow the golden rule of strategy: discourage competitors from investing in your core• Assess whether your core is operating at its full potential• Uncover hidden assets in your core that provide the seeds for new growth• Find a repeatable formula to apply core business strengths in adjacent marketsBuilding on powerful and proven ideas to meet today’s formidable business challenges, Profit from the Core is the back-to-basics strategy field guide no manager should be without.

  • - How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization
    af Robert Kegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey
    264,95 kr.

    A recent study showed that when doctors tell heart patients they will die if they don't change their habits, only one in seven will be able to follow through successfully. Desire and motivation aren't enough: even when it's literally a matter of life or death, the ability to change remains maddeningly elusive.Given that the status quo is so potent, how can we change ourselves and our organizations?In Immunity to Change, authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey show how our individual beliefs--along with the collective mind-sets in our organizations--combine to create a natural but powerful immunity to change. By revealing how this mechanism holds us back, Kegan and Lahey give us the keys to unlock our potential and finally move forward. And by pinpointing and uprooting our own immunities to change, we can bring our organizations forward with us.This persuasive and practical book, filled with hands-on diagnostics and compelling case studies, delivers the tools you need to overcome the forces of inertia and transform your life and your work.

  • - Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World
    af Marco Iansiti & Karim R. Lakhani
    242,95 kr.

  • af Paul Polman
    127,95 - 232,95 kr.

    A Financial Times Best Business Book of the YearAn advocate of sustainable capitalism explains how it's done The EconomistPolman's new book with the sustainable business expert Andrew Winstonargues that it's profitable to do business with the goal of making the world better. The New York TimesNamed as recommended reading by Fortune's CEO DailyPolman has been one of the most significant chief executives of his era and that his approach to business and its role in society has been both valuable and path-breaking. Financial TimesThe ex-Unilever CEO who increased his shareholders' returns by 300% while ensuring the company ranked #1 in the world for sustainability for eleven years running has, for the first time, revealed how to do it. Teaming up with Andrew Winston, one of the world's most authoritative voices on corporate sustainability, Paul Polman shows business leaders how to take on humanity's greatest and most urgent challengesclimate change and inequalityand build a thriving business as a result.In this candid and straight-talking handbook, Polman and Winston reveal the secrets of Unilever's success and pull back the curtain on some of the world's most powerful c-suites. Net Positive boldly argues that the companies of the future will profit by fixing the world's problems, not creating them.Together the authors explode our most prevalent corporate myths: from the idea that business' only function is to maximise profits, to the nave hope that Corporate Social Responsibility will save our species from disaster. These approaches, they argue, are destined for the graveyard. Instead, they show corporate leaders how to make their companies Net Positivethriving by giving back more to the world than they take. Net Positive companies unleash innovation, build trust, attract the best people, thrill customers, and secure lasting success, all by helping create stronger, more inclusive societies and a healthier planet. Heal the world first, they argue, and youll satisfy your investors as a result.With ambitious vision and compelling stories, Net Positive will teach you how to find the inner purpose and courage you need to embrace the only business model that will matter in the years ahead. You will learn how to lead others and unlock your company's soul, while setting and delivering big and aggressive goals, and taking responsibility for all of your company's impacts. You'll find out the secrets to partnering with others, including your competition and critics, to drive transformative change from which you will prosper. You'll build a company that serves your people, your customers, your communities, your shareholdersand your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.Is this win-win for business and humanity too good to be true? Don't believe it. The world's smartest CEOs are already taking their companies on the Net Positive journey and benefitting as a result. Will you be left behind?Join the movement at

  • - A Manager's Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean
    af Joe Knight & Karen Berman
    283,95 kr.

    The book Inc. magazine calls one of "e;the best, clearest guides to the numbers"e; on the market.Inc. magazine calls it one of "e;the best, clearest guides to the numbers"e; on the market. Readers agree, saying it's exactly "e;what I need to know"e; and calling it a "e;must-read"e; for decision makers without expertise in finance.Since its release in 2006, Financial Intelligence has become a favorite among managers who need a guided tour through the numbers--helping them to understand not only what the numbers really mean, but also why they matter.This new, completely updated edition brings the numbers up to date and continues to teach the basics of finance to managers who need to use financial data to drive their business. It also addresses issues that have become even more important in recent years--including questions around the financial crisis and those around broader financial and accounting literacy.Accessible, jargon-free, and filled with entertaining stories of real companies, Financial Intelligence gives nonfinancial managers the confidence to understand the nuance beyond the numbers--to help bring everyday work to a new level.

  • - When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail
    af Clayton M. Christensen
    221,95 - 242,95 kr.

    Named one of 100 Leadership & Success Books to Read in a Lifetime by Amazon EditorsA Wall Street Journal and Businessweek bestseller. Named by Fast Company as one of the most influential leadership books in its Leadership Hall of Fame. An innovation classic. From Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos, Clay Christensen’s work continues to underpin today’s most innovative leaders and organizations.The bestselling classic on disruptive innovation, by renowned author Clayton M. Christensen.His work is cited by the world’s best-known thought leaders, from Steve Jobs to Malcolm Gladwell. In this classic bestseller—one of the most influential business books of all time—innovation expert Clayton Christensen shows how even the most outstanding companies can do everything right—yet still lose market leadership.Christensen explains why most companies miss out on new waves of innovation. No matter the industry, he says, a successful company with established products will get pushed aside unless managers know how and when to abandon traditional business practices.Offering both successes and failures from leading companies as a guide, The Innovator’s Dilemma gives you a set of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation.Sharp, cogent, and provocative—and consistently noted as one of the most valuable business ideas of all time—The Innovator’s Dilemma is the book no manager, leader, or entrepreneur should be without.

  • - Transformation Without Chaos
    af Darrell K. Rigby, Sarah Elk & Steven H Berez
    242,95 kr.

  • - What It Takes To Be An Authentic Leader
    af Gareth Jones & Robert Goffee
    142,95 - 297,95 kr.

    Too many companies are managed not by leaders, but by mere role players and faceless bureaucrats. What does it take to be a real leaderone who is confident in who she is and what she stands for, and who truly inspires people to achieve extraordinary results?Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones argue that leaders dont become great by aspiring to a list of universal character traits. Rather, effective leaders are authentic: they deploy individual strengths to engage followers hearts, minds, and souls. They are skillful at consistently being themselves, even as they alter their behaviors to respond effectively in changing contexts. In this lively and practical book, Goffee and Jones draw from extensive research to reveal how to hone and deploy ones unique leadership assets while managing the inherent tensions at the heart of successful leadership: showing emotion and withholding it, getting close to followers while keeping distance, and maintaining individuality while conforming enough. Underscoring the social nature of leadership, the book also explores how leaders can remain attuned to the needs and expectations of followers.Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? will forever change how we view, develop, and practice the art of leadership, wherever we live and work.

  • - What It Really Takes to Thrive in the Age of Data, Algorithms, and AI
    af Paul Leonardi
    232,95 kr.

    The pressure to "be digital" has never been greater, but you can meet the challenge.The digital revolution is here, changing how work gets done, how industries are structured, and how people from all walks of life work, behave, and relate to each other. To thrive in a world driven by data and powered by algorithms, we must learn to see, think, and act in new ways. We need to develop a digital mindset.But what does that mean? Some fear it means that we all need to become technologists who master the intricacies of coding, algorithms, AI, machine learning, robotics, and who-knows-what's-next.That's not the case. You can develop a digital mindset, and this book shows you how. It introduces three approaches—Collaboration, Computation, and Change—and the perspectives and actions within each approach that will enable you to develop the digital skills you need. With a digital mindset, you'll ask the right questions, make smart decisions, and appreciate new possibilities for a digital future. Leaders who adopt these approaches will be able to develop their organization's talent and prepare their company for successful and continued digital transformation.Award-winning researchers and professors Paul Leonardi and Tsedal Neeley will show you how to do it and let you in on the surprising and welcome secret: developing a digital mindset isn't as hard as you think. Most people can become digitally savvy if they follow the "30 percent rule"—the minimum threshold that gives us enough digital literacy to understand and take advantage of the digital threads woven into the fabric of our world.A digital mindset will future-proof you, your career, and your organization. Learn how to develop one here.

  • - A Freethinking Leader's Guide to the Real World
    af Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall
    166,95 - 256,95 kr.

  • - A Leader's Guide to Integrative Thinking
    af Roger L. Martin & Jennifer Riel
    231,95 kr.

    A practical four-step methodology for any leader or manager facing a tough choice, and for creating integrative solutions to big, complex and pressing problems.

  • - Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career
    af Herminia Ibarra
    221,95 - 253,95 kr.

    How Successful Career Changers Turn Fantasy into RealityWhether as a daydream or a spoken desire, nearly all of us have entertained the notion of reinventing ourselves. Feeling unfulfilled, burned out, or just plain unhappy with what were doing, we long to make that leap into the unknown. But we also hold on, white-knuckled, to the years of time and effort weve invested in our current profession.In this powerful book, Herminia Ibarra presents a new model for career reinvention that flies in the face of everything weve learned from "e;career experts."e; While common wisdom holds that we must first know what we want to do before we can act, Ibarra argues that this advice is backward. Knowing, she says, is the result of doing and experimenting. Career transition is not a straight path toward some predetermined identity, but a crooked journey along which we try on a host of "e;possible selves"e; we might become.Based on her in-depth research on professionals and managers in transition, Ibarra outlines an active process of career reinvention that leverages three ways of "e;working identity"e;: experimenting with new professional activities, interacting in new networks of people, and making sense of what is happening to us in light of emerging possibilities.Through engrossing storiesfrom a literature professor turned stockbroker to an investment banker turned novelistIbarra reveals a set of guidelines that all successful reinventions share. She explores specific ways that hopeful career changers of any background can:Explore possible selvesCraft and execute "e;identity experiments"e;Create "e;small wins"e; that keep momentum goingSurvive the rocky period between career identitiesConnect with role models and mentors who can ease the transitionMake time for reflectionwithout missing out on windows of opportunityDecide when to abandon the old path in order to follow the newArrange new events into a coherent story of who we are becoming.A call to the dreamer in each of us, Working Identity explores the process for crafting a more fulfilling future. Where we end up may surprise us.

  • - How Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed
    af Linda K. Yates
    264,95 kr.

  • - The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos, With an Introduction by Walter Isaacson
    287,95 kr.

  • - The Key to Success
    af Peter F. Drucker
    97,95 - 212,95 kr.

    Peter Drucker is widely regarded as the father of modern management, offering penetrating insights into business that still resonate today. But Drucker also offers deep wisdom on how to manage our personal lives and how to become more effective leaders. In these two classic articles from Harvard Business Review, Drucker reveals the keys to becoming your own chief executive officer as well as a better leader of others. "e;Managing Oneself"e; identifies the probing questions you need to ask to gain the insights essential for taking charge of your career, while "e;What Makes an Effective Executive"e; outlines the key behaviors you must adopt in order to lead. Together, they chart a powerful course to help you carve out your place in the world.

  • - Your Guide to Superior Management Effectiveness
    af Roger L. Martin
    232,95 kr.

    "If you could imagine the ultimate guide to the essentials of strategy and management, from one of the world's top business thinkers, what would that look like? It would look like this book. Over a stellar career, Roger Martin has advised CEOs of some of the world's most successful companies. From the beginning, he noted that almost every executive he talked to had a "model"-a framework or way of thinking that guided their strategy and activities. But these models tended to become automatic, so much so that when one didn't work, the response was typically to just apply it again-with greater enthusiasm. Martin took a fresh, critical approach to helping. When company leaders came to him with fundamental questions-How do you decide where to play and how to win? What is the key to shaping and changing corporate culture? How can you design a successful, sustainable innovation process? -his first response was to break the spell of the current model with a memo articulating a new way to think about the problem at hand, and a more powerful and effective way to successfully overcome it. Over time, these ideas worked their way into Martin's many Harvard Business Review articles. Now, for the first time, they appear together in A New Way to Think. With his trademark incisive intellect and clarity, Martin covers the entire breadth of the management landscape-illuminating the true nature of competition, explaining how company success revolves around customers, revealing how strategy and execution are really the same thing, and much more. Reading like a series of one-on-one sessions with one of the world's leading business thinkers, A New Way to Think is an essential primer for any current or aspiring business leader"--

  • - How to Launch, Lead, and Sponsor Successful Projects
    af Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
    242,95 - 371,95 kr.

  • - Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success
    af William N. Thorndike
    262,95 kr.

    An outstanding book about CEOs who excelled at capital allocation. Warren Buffett#1 on Warren Buffetts Recommended Reading List, Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Letter, 2012Named one of 19 Books Billionaire Charlie Munger Thinks You Should Read in Business Insider.A book that details the extraordinary success of CEOs who took a radically different approach to corporate management. Charlie Munger, Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway CorporationThorndike explores the importance of thoughtful capital allocation through the stories of eight successful CEOs. A good read for any business leader but especially those willing to chart their own course. Michael Dell, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of DellWhat makes a successful CEO? Most people call to mind a familiar definition: a seasoned manager with deep industry expertise. Others might point to the qualities of todays so-called celebrity CEOscharisma, virtuoso communication skills, and a confident management style. But what really matters when you run an organization? What is the hallmark of exceptional CEO performance? Quite simply, it is the returns for the shareholders of that company over the long term.In this refreshing, counterintuitive book, author Will Thorndike brings to bear the analytical wisdom of a successful career in investing, closely evaluating the performance of companies and their leaders. You will meet eight individualistic CEOs whose firms average returns outperformed the S&P 500 by a factor of twentyin other words, an investment of $10,000 with each of these CEOs, on average, would have been worth over $1.5 million twenty-five years later. You may not know all their names, but you will recognize their companies: General Cinema, Ralston Purina, The Washington Post Company, Berkshire Hathaway, General Dynamics, Capital Cities Broadcasting, TCI, and Teledyne. In The Outsiders, youll learn the traits and methodsstriking for their consistency and relentless rationalitythat helped these unique leaders achieve such exceptional performance.Humble, unassuming, and often frugal, these outsiders shunned Wall Street and the press, and shied away from the hottest new management trends. Instead, they shared specific traits that put them and the companies they led on winning trajectories: a laser-sharp focus on per share value as opposed to earnings or sales growth; an exceptional talent for allocating capital and human resources; and the belief that cash flow, not reported earnings, determines a companys long-term value.Drawing on years of research and experience, Thorndike tells eye-opening stories, extracting lessons and revealing a compelling alternative model for anyone interested in leading a company or investing in oneand reaping extraordinary returns.

  • af John P. Kotter
    242,95 kr.

    The international bestsellernow with a new preface by author John Kotter.Millions worldwide have read and embraced John Kotters ideas on change management and leadership.From the ill-fated dot-com bubble to unprecedented M&A activity to scandal, greed, and ultimately, recessionweve learned that widespread and difficult change is no longer the exception. Its the rule. Now with a new preface, this refreshed edition of the global bestseller Leading Change is more relevant than ever.John Kotters now-legendary eight-step process for managing change with positive results has become the foundation for leaders and organizations across the globe. By outlining the process every organization must go through to achieve its goals, and by identifying where and how even top performers derail during the change process, Kotter provides a practical resource for leaders and managers charged with making change initiatives work. Leading Change is widely recognized as his seminal work and is an important precursor to his newer ideas on acceleration published in Harvard Business Review.Needed more today than at any time in the past, this bestselling business book serves as both visionary guide and practical toolkit on how to approach the difficult yet crucial work of leading change in any type of organization. Reading this highly personal book is like spending a day with the worlds foremost expert on business leadership. Youre sure to walk away inspiredand armed with the tools you need to inspire others. Published by Harvard Business Review Press.

  • af Wendy Smith
    234,95 kr.

    An insightful and inspiring book on using both/and thinking to make more creative, flexible, and impactful decisions in a world of competing demands.Life is full of paradoxes. How can we each express our individuality while also being a team player? How do we balance work and life? How can we improve diversity while promoting opportunities for all? How can we manage the core business while innovating for the future?For many of us, these competing and interwoven demands are a source of conflict. Since our brains love to make either-or choices, we choose one option over the other. We deal with the uncertainty by asserting certainty.There's a better way.In Both/And Thinking, Wendy Smith and Marianne Lewis help readers cope with multiple, knotted tensions at the same time. Drawing from more than twenty years of pioneering research, they provide tools and lessons for transforming these tensions into opportunities for innovation and personal growth.Filled with practical advice and fascinating storiesincluding firsthand tales from IBM, LEGO, and Unilever, as well as from startups, nonprofits, and even an inn at one of the four corners of the worldBoth/And Thinking will change the way you approach your most vexing problems.

  • af Rasmus Hougaard
    232,95 kr.

    Leadershipis hard. How can you balance compassion for your people with effectiveness ingetting the job done?A global pandemic, economicvolatility, natural disasters, civil and political unrest. From New York toBarcelona to Hong Kong, it can feel as if the world as we know it is comingapart. Through it all, our human spirit is being tested. Now more than ever,it's imperative for leaders to demonstrate compassion.But inhard times like these, leaders need to make hard decisionsdelivernegative feedback, make difficult choices that disappoint people, and in somecases lay people off. How do you do the hard things that come with theresponsibility of leadership while remaining a good human being and bringingout the best in others? Most people think we have to make a binary choicebetween being a good human being and being a tough, effective leader. But thisis a false dichotomy. Being human and doing what needs to be done are notmutually exclusive. In truth, doing hard things and making difficult decisionsis often the most compassionate thing to do.As founder andCEO of Potential Project, Rasmus Hougaard and his longtime coauthor, JacquelineCarter, show in this powerful, practical book, you must always balance caring foryour people with leadership wisdom and effectiveness. Using data from thousandsof leaders, employees, and companies in nearly a hundred countries, the authorsfind that when leaders bring the right balance of compassion and wisdom to thejob, they foster much higher levels of employee engagement, performance,loyalty, and well-being in their people.With rich examplesfrom Netflix, IKEA, Unilever, and many other global companies, as well aspractical tools and advice for leaders and managers at any level,Compassionate Leadership is your indispensable guide todoing the hard work of leadership in a human way.

  • af Martin Reeves
    337,95 kr.

    A guide for mining the imagination to find powerful new ways to succeed.We need imagination now more than everto find new opportunities, rethink our businesses, and discover paths to growth. Yet too many companies have lost their ability to imagine. What is this mysterious capacity? How does imagination work? And how can organizations keep it alive and harness it in a systematic way?The Imagination Machine answers these questions and more. Drawing on the experience and insights of CEOs across several industries, as well as lessons from neuroscience, computer science, psychology, and philosophy, Martin Reeves of Boston Consulting Group's Henderson Institute and Jack Fuller, an expert in neuroscience, provide a fascinating look into the mechanics of imagination and lay out a process for creating ideas and bringing them to life:The Seduction: How to open yourself up to surprisesThe Idea: How to generate new ideas The Collision: How to rethink your idea based on real-world feedbackThe Epidemic: How to spread an evolving idea to othersThe New Ordinary: How to turn your novel idea into an accepted realityThe Encore: How to repeat the processagain and again.Imagination is one of the least understood but most crucial ingredients of success. It's what makes the difference between an incremental change and the kinds of pivots and paradigm shifts that are essential to transformationespecially during a crisis.The Imagination Machine is the guide you need to demystify and operationalize this powerful human capacity, to inject new life into your company, and to head into unknown territory with the right tools at your disposal.

  • - How to Turn Visionary Thinking Into Breakthrough Growth
    af Mark W. Johnson & Josh Suskewicz
    232,95 kr.

  • - The Essential Companion to "The First 90 Days"
    af Michael D. Watkins
    231,95 kr.

    Master Your Next Move answers this distinct need, focusing on the most common types of transitions leaders face and the unique challenges posed by each. Based on years of research, and now with a new introduction, this indispensable book explores eight crucial transitions virtually everyone faces during their career, including promotion, leading former peers, onboarding into a new company, making an international move, and turning around a business in crisis.

  • - A Guide to Finding Possibility in the Unknown
    af Nathan Furr
    232,95 kr.

    A science-backed guide for navigating and thriving through uncertainty—based on interviews and insights from world-renowned innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives.A bounty of tools and exercises so readers can build their uncertainty capabilities.Based on primary research of innovators, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Nobel prize winners, as well as gamblers, paramedics, surfers, and artists.Translates fascinating research in psychology, creativity, innovation, and behavioral sciences for a lay audience.Great, inspirational stories from people who've transformed uncertainties into possibilities.Audience:Smart business readers; those who read books like Nudge or Originals.Innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives¿anyone who wants to make better life and work. decisions and find new avenues for professional and personal growth.

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