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  • - An Introduction to Scottish Ethnology
    252,95 kr.

    The publication of 'An Introduction to Scottish Ethnology' sees the completion of the fourteen-volume Scottish Life and Society series, originally conceived by the eminent ethnologist Professor Alexander Fenton.

  • - Realities, Myths, Ballads
    af Ian A. Olson
    115,95 kr.

    Brings together records in Latin, Scots, Gaelic and English (some new) for the first time in their original form, with transcriptions and translations. Describes both the lead-up to the battle, its aftermath and the ending of the Lordship. Includes historical analysis of the ballads associated with the battle and contests a number of romantic myths

  • - Hunger, Emigration and the Scottish Highlands in the Nineteenth Century
    af Tom M. Devine
    282,95 kr.

    "The Great Hunger", in 19th-century Ireland was one of the great human tragedies of modern times. Almost a million perished and a further two million emigrated in the wake of potato blight and economic collapse. At the same time, acute famine also gripped the Scottish Highlands and caused hardship and distress there.

  • - A Political Career
    af Pamela E. Ritchie
    240,95 kr.

  • - Politics and the three Estates, 1424-1488
    af Roland Tanner
    240,95 kr.

    240,95 kr.

    The Glasgow Enlightenment is widely regarded as the first book to explore the nature and accomplishments of the Enlightenment in eighteenth-century Glasgow in a comprehensive manner. This edition features a new bibliographical preface by Richard B. Sher.

  • - Collected Essays by Jenny Wormald
    af Jenny Wormald
    930,95 kr.

  • - Land, Power and People in Scotland, 1700-1900
    af Tom M. Devine
    257,95 kr.

    The drama and tragedy of Highland history during 1700-1800 have attracted many authors, whereas the Lowland experience, that of the majority of Scots, hardly any. This book attempts to redress that balance. It examines why this era, associated with failure, famine and clearance in Gaeldom, is remembered as one of 'improvements' in the Lowlands.

  • - The Late Norse Kingdoms of Man and the Isles c.1066-1275
    af R. Andrew McDonald
    306,95 kr.

    The first ever study of the Late Norse kingdoms of Man and the Isles in the period of the central Middle Ages.

  • - Queenship in Scotland 1424-1463
    af Fiona Downie
    240,95 kr.

    A study of medieval Scottish queens, this work investigates the relationship between gender and power in the fifteenth-century Scottish court. This work explores the art of queenship as practised by Joan Beaufort and Mary of Guelders, queens of James I and James II. It examines their arrivals in Scotland, and their social and political roles.

  • - Conquest and Religion 1650-1660
    af R. Scott Spurlock
    240,95 kr.

  • - First Among Equals
    af Norman H Reid
    282,95 kr.

  • - War and Lordship in Late Medieval Scotland, 1300-1455
    af Michael Brown
    255,95 kr.

    Michael Brown analyses the rise and fall of the Douglas family as the dominant magnates of the south of Scotland, from the deeds of the Good Sir James Douglas in the service of Bruce to the violent destruction of the Douglas earls in the 1450s.

  • - Leinster, 1167-1247
    af Richard Lomas
    167,95 kr.

    The Norman invasion of Britain, as depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry, is well known, but the later invasion of Ireland is much less well documented. This book describes how Ireland was invaded and settled by the French-speaking Normans from north-west France, whose language and culture had already come to dominate most of Britain.

  • - The Architecture of Scottish Crematoria
    af Hilary Grainger
    477,95 kr.

  • af Simon Hall
    255,95 kr.

    Since the middle ages, Orkney has proved remarkable for the volume and the quality of its literary output. This title offers a full survey of literary writing from and about the Orkney Islands. It presents readings of Orcadian writers such as Walter Traill Dennison, Edwin Muir, Eric Linklater, Robert Rendall, and George Mackay Brown.

  • - Robert II and Robert III
    af Stephen Boardman
    257,95 kr.

    This is the first scholarly biography of the two kings who established medieval Scotland's most famous and durable royal dynasty.

  • - An Architectural Celebration
    365,95 kr.

  • - Scotland in Europe, 1513-1528
    af Ken Emond
    660,95 kr.

  • - Essays on Ethics, Taste, Laughter, Politics, Economics
    240,95 kr.

  • - People and Place, c.1700-1914
    436,95 kr.

  • - King of Scots, 1124-1153
    af Richard D. Oram
    750,95 kr.

  • - Spoken Recollections of Home Life, Employment and 1939-45 War Service
    af Ian MacDougall
    261,95 kr.

  • - First Among Equals
    af Norman H. Reid
    571,95 kr.

  • - An Eleventh-Century Scottish King
    af Neil McGuigan
    956,95 kr.

    The first full-length study of the famous Scottish king Mael Coluim III.

    257,95 kr.

    Reissue of three classic volumes of Hebridean folk songs.

    322,95 kr.

    Reissue of three classic volumes of Hebridean folk songs.

    275,95 kr.

    A reissue of three classic volumes of Hebridean Folk Songs

  • af Malcolm M. Combe
    204,95 kr.

    An invaluable guide for professionals, landowners and users of land in Scotland.

  • - A Thousand Years On
    282,95 kr.

    A collection of essays published to mark the millennium of the Battle of Carham, fought in 1018.

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