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  • af Nick Leforce
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    Powerful Questions and Techniques for Coaches and Therapists is a clear, concise, guide for anyone in the helping professions. It's practical enough to be a handbook, a reference you can return to again and again, because it gives an excellent overview of the coaching process and it offers the "how-to's" for each step along the way. Although written for aspiring, beginning, and seasoned coaches and therapists, anyone in the helping professions or anyone who wants to help bring out the best in others, will find this book an invaluable resource, a roadmap, for guiding others from where they are to where they want to be. Open these pages and you will learn how to: - Build high level rapport and trust with your clients- Ask powerful questions for exploring issues, opening possibilities, and inspiring action- Help others make good, solid decisions- Overcome limiting beliefs and barriers to success- Create compelling goals- Discover motivational patterns that lead to action- Help others stay on track and on purpose in life and with specific goals

  • af Jenny Drew
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  • af Lorie Ladd
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  • af Kimi Freeman
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  • af Ross Cameron
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  • af S. L. Cokeley
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  • af Sarah Drasner
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  • af Matt Dahlia
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  • af Lauren Loscig
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  • af Penny Jessup
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  • af Woniya Dawn Thibeault
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  • af Oliver Theobald
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    Featured by Tableau as the first of "7 Books About Machine Learning for Beginners."Ready to spin up a virtual GPU instance and smash through petabytes of data? Want to add 'Machine Learning' to your LinkedIn profile?Well, hold on there...Before you embark on your journey, there are some high-level theory and statistical principles to weave through first.But rather than spend $30-$50 USD on a thick textbook, you may want to read this book first. As a clear and concise alternative, this book provides a high-level introduction to machine learning, free downloadable code exercises, and video demonstrations. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners Third Edition has been written and designed for absolute beginners. This means plain-English explanations and no coding experience required. Where core algorithms are introduced, clear explanations and visual examples are added to make it easy to follow along at home.New Updated EditionThis new edition features extended chapters with quizzes, free supplementary online video tutorials for coding models in Python, and downloadable resources not included in the Second Edition. Disclaimer: If you have passed the 'beginner' stage in your study of machine learning and are ready to tackle coding and deep learning, you would be well served with a long-format textbook. If, however, you are yet to reach that Lion King moment - as a fully grown Simba looking over the Pride Lands of Africa - then this is the book to gently hoist you up and give a clear lay of the land.In This Step-By-Step Guide You Will Learn:¿ How to download free datasets ¿ What tools and machine learning libraries you need ¿ Data scrubbing techniques, including one-hot encoding, binning and dealing with missing data ¿ Preparing data for analysis, including k-fold Validation ¿ Regression analysis to create trend lines ¿ k-Means Clustering to find new relationships ¿ The basics of Neural Networks ¿ Bias/Variance to improve your machine learning model ¿ Decision Trees to decode classification, and ¿ How to build your first Machine Learning Model to predict house values using PythonFrequently Asked QuestionsQ: Do I need programming experience to complete this e-book? A: This e-book is designed for absolute beginners, so no programming experience is required. However, two of the later chapters introduce Python to demonstrate an actual machine learning model, so you will see some programming used in this book. Q: I have already purchased the Second Edition of Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners, should I purchase this Third Edition? A: As the same topics from the Second Edition are covered in the Third Edition, you may be better served reading a more advanced title on machine learning. If you have purchased a previous edition of this book and wish to get access to the free video tutorials, please email the author. Q: Does this book include everything I need to become a machine learning expert? A: Unfortunately, no. This book is designed for readers taking their first steps in machine learning and further learning will be required beyond this book to master machine learning.

  • af Karina Halle
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  • af Michael Salla
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  • af Adam Coffey
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  • af John Stachelski & Daria Platonova Dugina
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  • af Abbie Emmons
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  • af Rina Kent
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  • af Domenico Losurdo
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  • af Penn Cole
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  • af Masashi Koyama
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    Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of karate. This long awaited book - Karate: Its History and Practice - is the ultimate guide to the history and development of karate, co-authored by Koyama Masashi, Wada Koji, and Kadekaru Toru, three leading experts in the Naha and Shuri traditions of karate. Translated into English by Alexander Bennett, a highly respected budo practitioner and researcher, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the history and practice of karate.Karate finally made its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and is gaining worldwide attention on many different levels: as a sport, a vehicle for education, and as a way of life. The release of this book could not be more timely, as it is the ultimate resource for karate practitioners and researchers around the world who have been eagerly waiting for a comprehensive guide to this martial art. Get your hands on this book and explore the fascinating world of karate like never before!

  • af Rachel L. Schade
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  • af Rollin E. Becker & Rachel E. Brooks
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  • af Olivia Wildenstein
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  • af Theodore John Kaczynski
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    Industrial Society and Its Future, widely called the Unabomber Manifesto, is a essay by Ted Kaczynski contending that the Industrial Revolution began a harmful process of technology destroying nature, while forcing humans to adapt to machines, and creating a sociopolitical order that suppresses human freedom and potential. The manifesto formed the ideological foundation of Kaczynski's 1978-1995 mail bomb campaign, designed to protect wilderness by hastening the collapse of industrial society.Theodore Kaczynski rejected modern society and moved to a primitive cabin in the woods of Montana. There, he began building bombs, which he sent to professors and executives to express his disdain for modern society, and to work on his magnum opus, Industrial Society and Its Future, forever known to the world as the Unabomber Manifesto. Responsible for three deaths and more than twenty casualties over two decades, he was finally identifed and apprehended when his brother recognized his writing style while reading the 'Unabomber Manifesto.' The piece, written under the pseudonym FC (Freedom Club) was published in the New York Times after his promise to cease the bombing if a major publication printed it in its entirety. Attorney General Janet Reno authorized the printing to help the FBI identify the author.

  • af Kyle Beckwith
    267,95 kr.

    Restore and relieve your gut with this comprehensive beginner's guide equipped with 28 meal plans and a Ulcerative Colitis-focused cookbook tailored for those who suffer from ulcerative colitis, want answers to relieve their symptoms and flare ups as quickly as possible, and get their life back.This ulcerative colitis cookbook and guide features critical information on the disease, nutrient-rich and flavorful recipes, and a 28-day meal plan to activate your rapid recovery faster by strengthening your immune system and gut microbiome.If you've struggled for years not knowing what foods to eat, which ones trigger your flares and create chronic inflammation in your body, or how to improve your gut microbiome through diet, exercise, stress reduction, and integrative health strategies, this cookbook makes it easy, pain-free, and fast for you.Learn within seconds what foods you should eat, which ones you should give up and avoid-all packed full with delicious, mouth-watering, and nutritious meals and recipes for you to enjoy while you restore your gut.An ulcerative colitis diagnosis doesn't have to be your death sentence to stop living, enjoying what you eat, and reclaiming your health back. You'll never doubt what foods you should eat ever again, and will know how to find relief from your inflammatory bowel disease.The biggest obstacle that prevents people from sticking with the right foods is knowing what to eat, and having a plan to execute. Now you have both tools at your disposal in this cookbook. Whether you're looking to relieve headaches, aches & pains, abdominal discomfort, fatigue, or weight loss, this cookbook will equip you with the superfoods to bring relief to your body.What you get inside this cookbook: Nutritionist-Approved Recipes - Remove any doubt as to what you should and should not eat. This cookbook makes it crystal clear what foods have been proven to be neutral or beneficial for eliminating inflammation from the body and triggering self-healing.Quick & Easy 28-Day Meal Plan - Don't know what to cook? Not sure what ingredients to have on stock or to shop for at your grocery store ahead of time? We removed all of the guesswork to make this fast and easy for you. Simply use the meal plans to prepare some of the most delicious and health-empowering foods without the worry and stress.Mind & Body Relief - It's widely known that the foods we consume play an integral role in our mind, body, and spirit health and vitality. Science has proven that inflammation is one of the leading causes to the majority of diseases people face today. And while there are numerous modalities to eliminate inflammation, oxidative stress, cell atrophy, and so forth, from the body, one method is through food. Use this cookbook as your guide to a better and more vibrant life.Chronic inflammation has been known to lead to serious health conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, Crohn's, diverticulitis, celiac disease, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, migraines, arthritis, sleep disorders, fatigue, brain fog, skin irritations, chronic pain, irritability, heart disease, and many more.If you or someone you know suffers from ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBS, IBS-C, IBS-D, Crohn's, diverticulitis, celiac disease), or an autoimmune disease, you need to get this book immediately.

  • af J. E. Reed
    232,95 - 337,95 kr.

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