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  • - The First Conquest of an 8,000-Meter Peak
    af Maurice Herzog
    177,95 kr.

    Top 100 Sports Books of All Time, Sports Illustrated "e;Those who have never seen the Himalayas, those who never care to risk an assault, will know when they finish this book that they have been a companion of greatness."e;-New York Times Book Review In 1950, when no mountain taller than 8,000 meters had ever been climbed, Maurice Herzog led an expedition of French climbers to the summit of an 8,075-meter (26,493-foot) Himalayan peak called Annapurna. But unlike other climbs, the routes up Annapurna had never been charted. Herzog and his team had to locate the mountain using crude maps, pick out a single untried route, and go for the summit. Annapurna is the unforgettable account of this heroic climb and of its harrowing aftermath, including a nightmare descent of frostbite, snow blindness, and near death. Herzog's masterful narrative is one of the great mountain-adventure stories of all time. This new edition-due for publication shortly before the sixtieth anniversary of the Annapurna ascent on June 3, 2010-will feature a new foreword by Conrad Anker.

  • af Helen Brennan
    197,95 kr.

    From early accounts of dance customs in medieval Ireland to the present, Brennan offers an authoritative look at the evolution of Irish dance.

  • - Peggy Shippen, the Woman behind Benedict Arnold's Plot to Betray America
    af Mark Jacob & Stephen Case
    141,95 - 169,95 kr.

    Histories of the Revolutionary War have long honored heroines such as Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, and Molly Pitcher. Now, more than two centuries later, comes the first biography of one of the war's most remarkable women, a beautiful Philadelphia society girl named Peggy Shippen. While war was raging between England and its rebellious colonists, Peggy befriended a suave British officer and then married a crippled revolutionary general twice her age. She brought the two men together in a treasonous plot that nearly turned George Washington into a prisoner and changed the course of the war. Peggy Shippen was Mrs. Benedict Arnold.After the conspiracy was exposed, Peggy managed to convince powerful men like Washington and Alexander Hamilton of her innocence. The Founding Fathers were handicapped by the common view that women lacked the sophistication for politics or warfare, much less treason. And Peggy took full advantage.Peggy was to the American Revolution what the fictional Scarlett O'Hara was to the Civil War: a woman whose survival skills trumped all other values. Had she been a man, she might have beenarrested, tried, and executed. And she might have become famous. Instead, her role was minimized and she was allowed to recede into the backgroundwith a generous British pension in hand.In Treacherous Beauty, Mark Jacob and Stephen H. Case tell the true story of Peggy Shippen, a driving force in a conspiracy that came within an eyelashof dooming the American democracy.

  • - The Mets, the Jets, and Beatlemania
    af Matthew Silverman
    153,95 - 225,95 kr.

    Few remember that Shea Stadiumand indeed the Mets baseball club itselfarose out of a dispute between two oversized egos: New York City official Robert Moses and Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley. While O'Malley wanted complete control over a new stadium and all of its concessions in Brooklyn, Moses insisted that the stadium be built by the city in Queens and leased to the Dodgers. The impasse led to the Dodgers following the Giants out to the West Coast, where The City of Los Angeles granted O'Malley all of the concessions he had sought in New York. With now no National League team in the New York area, the National League office awarded a new franchise to the city in 1960 on conditional that it fund and build a new stadium, which the Mets (and later the AFL Jets) would lease. The stadium was named in honor of William Shea, the person most responsible for returning National League baseball to New York.Over its forty-four year existence Shea Stadium witnessed a colorful cavalcade of sporting and entertainment events, all detailed in this lively, skimable tribute to a memorable New York landmark.It's all here: the memorable games; the unforgettable characters such as Tom Seaver, Joe ';Willie' Namath, and Seinfeld buddy Keith Hernandez; and even the solemn moments such as when Shea was used as a staging area for first responders after 9/11. By the time of its demolition in 2008, the Mets had played more games at Shea than the Dodgers had ever played at Ebbets Field, and the stadium had hosted seven National League Championship Series, four World Series, three Jets playoff games, and the American Football League Championship game in 1968.

  • - Admiral Halsey's Task Force And The Great Pacific Typhoon
    af Buckner Melton Jr.
    151,95 - 164,95 kr.

    One of the costliest battles of World War II happens to be one of the least known. After failing to stop the attack of Admiral Takeo Kurita at Leyte Gulf, Admiral Bull Halsey made a desperate attempt to engage the Japanese Imperial Navy in a full-scale battle. Acting against better judgment and in a desperate attempt at redemption, Halsey led his crew into the raging path of a typhoon, which resulted in the loss of nearly one thousand sailorsthe most costly mission of the Pacific war.

  • - An Unlikely Team, a Challenging Season, and Chasing the American Dream
    af Sam McManis
    148,95 - 206,95 kr.

    The runners from Eisenhower High School have every justification to fail. They're from low income families, many of whom are migrant workers. With little time to devote to their passion, they give everything they have to their quest for the Washington State High School Cross Country Championship. Running to Glory is a celebration of grit, perseverance, and the American Dream. It follows the cross country team from Eisenhower High in Yakima, Washington, through a tumultuous and challenging season with excitement, suspense and pathos. Despite enormous economic disadvantages, the Eisenhower runners compete with affluent schools in the Seattle-Tacoma area, where parent involvement is strong and funds are readily available. Their coach Phil English knows how his runners feel. He grew up poor in rural Ireland in the 1960s during The Troubles and emigrated to the U.S. for a college track scholarship. Over 37 years coaching in Yakima, Coach English won 11 state titles, and sent more than 100 kids to college with scholarships for running. Author Sam McManis crafts a compelling narrative, which follows the team from summer workouts in the blistering sun to the state championship meet in the bitter cold. Readers will discover how these young men and women overcome their environment or succumb to iton the course and in the classroom.

  • - True Stories of Decorated Heroes
    af Lamar Underwood
    148,95 - 181,95 kr.

    In Only the Valiant: True Stories of Decorated Heroes, editor Lamar Underwood has pulled together some of the finest writings about the nation's decorated heroes that capture readers imaginations, meticulously culled from books, magazines, movies, and elsewhere. It includes tales of legendary heroes from the Civil War through Afghanistan.

  • - The Blood and the Bomb
    af George Feifer
    151,95 - 196,95 kr.

    A landmark text on the greatest land battle of the Pacific War.

  • - Their Causes and Avoidance
    af Stephen Herrero
    121,95 kr.

    What causes bear attacks? When should you play dead and when should you fight an attacking bear? What do we know about black and grizzly bears and how can this knowledge be used to avoid bear attacks? And, more generally, what is the bear's future?Bear Attacks is a thorough and unflinching landmark study of the attacks made on men and women by the great grizzly and the occasionally deadly black bear. This is a book for everyone who hikes, camps, or visits bear countryand for anyone who wants to know more about these sometimes fearsome but always fascinating wild creatures.

  • af Bob Carss
    171,95 kr.

    Anyone who has spent any time outdoors has come across strange tracks and wondered, "What was here?" In this new and revised edition of The SAS Guide to Tracking, a veteran of Britain's elite Special Air Service shows how to track any moving thing, in any environment, and under nearly any circumstance.

  • af Tom Rosenbauer
    178,95 kr.

    Now for the first time in ten years, The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide appears in a revised edition that solidifies its place as the flagship title of the Orvis brand. A best-selling, fully illustrated, and comprehensive book, this large-format volume has been required reading for every angler for nearly three decades. Included here are instructions for tackle selection; casting and presentation; flies and their specific uses; successful techniques on stream, pond, or ocean; and the select tackle, flies, and methods for pursuing every major gamefish in fresh and salt water, from bass to bonefish, tarpon to trout.

  • - A Delightful Feast Of Little-Known Facts, Folklore, And History
    af Jack Sanders
    151,95 kr.

    Now available in paperback, The Secrets of Wildflowers is destined to be an indispensablebook for anyone who loves and admires the natural world.Few things in nature beautify the world more than wildflowers. Their countless colors and endless designs are found almost anywherefrom fields to woods, deserts to ponds, and even in junkyards, dumps, and cracks in the pavement.The Secrets of Wildflowers, Jack Sanderss colorful tribute, is bursting with odd facts and wonderful superstitions about some of North Americas most beautiful and common plants.Reader's will find natural history, folklore, habitats, horticulture, ingenious uses past and present, origins of names, and even their literary pedigrees. Far richer and eminently more varied than any field guide, The Secrets of Wildflowers contains more than 100 species of North Americanwildflowersorganized by blooming seasons.Wildflowersare not just pretty to look at;they are an essential part of our environment. How they grow and what they do are often overlooked, and how they have been used has largely been forgotten. They feed insects, birds, animals, and even humans. They hold and condition the soil, and they are used in modern medicines and natural remedies and appear throughout history in art and literature.The Secrets of Wildflowers provides detailed information on more than one hundred representative species of North American wildflowers.

  • - Golf's Most Memorable Moments
    af Joshua Shifrin
    161,95 kr.

    Its a golf hall of fame, shame, and arcane. Collected in this handsome volume are more than one hundred of golfs greatest momentsfrom the famous to the long forgottenfrom the links of Scotland in the 1800s to the 1938 U.S. Open, the 1954 US Womens Open to the 2010 Masters, and even to the little known Martini Invitational in 1971 and starring the giants of the game down to the struggling pros and amateurs. Told in a whimsical fashion, these are stories of triumph, amazing holes-in-one and other feats, hilarious gaffes, classic matchups, heart-racing final rounds, trailblazing careers, monumental breakdowns, and other incredible events no reader will ever forget. Theres the story of Jack TheGolden Bear Nicklaus and Gary The Black Knight Player being attacked by killer bees on a course in South Africa in 1966; the 1954 US Womens Open Championship won by the pioneering BabeZaharias just one month after cancer surgery;four holes-in-one, on the same hole, in the 1989 US Open at Oak Hill Country Club, in under two hours; and much, much more.

  • - The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska
    af Colleen Mondor
    111,95 - 123,95 kr.

    The Map of My Dead Pilots is about flying, pilots, and Alaska, thebeautiful and deadlyLast Frontier. Author Colleen Mondor spent four years running dispatch operations for a Fairbanks-based commuter and charter airline, and she knows all too well the gap between the romance and reality of small plane piloting in the wildest territory of the United States. From overloaded aircraft to wings covered in ice, from flying sled dogs and dead bodies, piloting in Alaska is about living hard and working even harder. What Mondor witnessed day to day would make anyones hair stand on end. Ultimately, it is the pilots themselveslaced with ice and whiskey, death and camaraderie, silence and engine roarand their harrowing tales who capture her imagination. In fine detail, this series of stories reveals the technical side of flying, the history of Alaskan aviation, and a world that demands a close communion with extreme physical danger and emotional toughness.

  • af Guy De La Valdene
    111,95 - 123,95 kr.

    An ode to one mans lifelong love affair with huntingValdnes wondrous field memoir is a rich sportsmans miscellany memorable and erudite fowling lore, camp etiquette, ballistics, poaching ethics, glorious anecdote, bloody ducks, persistent bawdiness, and better wine than you or I'll ever drinkall elegantly spun as an affectionate andsentimental educationof loss and renewal.Its a terrific book. Richard FordPart memoir, part history, The Fragrance of Grass stands as a testament to Guy de la Valdnes deep love of, and abiding respect for, the natural world and all that inhabit it. Set in places as far afield as France and Montana, Saskatchewan and Florida, this is a beautifully written book that is also an elegant treatise on everything from dogs, birds, and wildlife to food, wine, and women. The Fragrance of Grass will be treasured by all sportsmenand bythe readersof Tom McGuane andJim Harrison. The authors first book in nearly a decade, it is now being published to coincide with the paperback edition of his classic Red Stag.FROM THE INTRODUCTIONI am watching a thousand feathersgrey partridge feathersfloating high on the surface of the pond in front of the cabin I pretend to work in. I have plucked a million feathers from the bodies of all the grey partridge I have cooked in my life, beautiful golden-brown feathers that match the fall colors of the cypress tress that grow on the edge of my pond.It is November, and all at once winter includes me.On the porch of the cabin there is a wooden rocking chair, weathered and comfortable, that I sit in every day.On quiet afternoonsI think about the slowing growth of the loblolly pines I have been watching for twenty years, the everchanging face of the pond now active with fish, and the condition of the natural world outside of my custody.. . .I have hunted at least one hour a day for three months a year, ever since I was eight years old.That translates into more than 5,000 hours in the field, a lifetime walk that, under different circumstances, might have taken me from Paris to Istanbul and back.If to this hike I add the time I have spent shooting . . . I can safely assume that I have had my hands on the stock of a gun for one whole year of the sixty-plus that I have been around. I like to walk, and I know guns.

  • - The Great Tri-State Tornado of 1925
    af Wallace Akin
    81,95 kr.

    The amazing true story of the deadliest tornado in American history, as told by a survivor.

  • - Tempests of a Nomadic Trouter
    af Joseph Heywood
    121,95 kr.

    An outrageous fishing memoir that spans the globe.

  • - The World Responds to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
    af Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation
    151,95 kr.

    Almost five months after the Civil War's deadliest clash, President Abraham Lincoln and other Union leaders gathered to dedicate the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The program for the occasion featured music, prayer, orations, and benedictions. In the middle of it all, the president gave a few commemorative remarks, speaking for just two minutes, delivering what we now know as the Gettysburg Address. Challenged to mark the enormity of the battlewhich had turned the tide of the war, though neither side realized it yetLincoln used 272 words in ten sentences to rededicate the Union to the preservation of freedom. It remains the most important statement of our nation's commitment to personal liberty since the Revolutionary War and has become one of the most important speeches in American history, a cornerstone of who we are as a country. A century and a half later, we still hold Lincoln's message in our hearts. For Gettysburg Replies, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum challenged presidents, judges, historians, filmmakers, poets, actors, and others to craft 272 words of their own to celebrate Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address, or a related topic that stirs their passions. President Jimmy Carter reveals how the Gettysburg Address helped bring Egypt and Israel closer at the Camp David Peace Accords. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor reflects on Lincoln's dedication to the importance of civic education. General Colin Powell explains how Martin Luther King Jr. took up Lincoln's mantle and carried it forward. Filmmaker Steven Spielberg touches on the benefits and perils of hero worship. Poet Laureate Billy Collins explores the dichotomy between the private man who wrote poetry (';My Childhood Home I See Again') and the president who stood before all. Attorney Alan Dershowitz echoes Lincoln's words to rally us to the freedom from weapons of mass destruction. Gettysburg Replies features images of important Lincoln documents and artifacts, including the first copy of the address that Lincoln wrote out after delivering it, the program from the cemetery dedication, Lincoln's presidential seal, and more. Together, these words and images create a lasting tribute not only to Lincoln himself but also the power of his devotion to freedom.

  • af John Henry Patterson
    177,95 kr.

  • - Techniques For Loosening And Stretching Muscles
    af Renate Ettl
    141,95 kr.

    "e;Practical Horse Massage puts massage techniques and stretching exercises intoperspective and is easy to learn."e;--Alaska Horse Journal"e;If you've ever thought that massage or stretching could benefit your horse, Practical Horse Massage is an easy, but thorough read."e;--Horse Illustrated"e;Well illustrated with color photographs, the author leaves nothing to chance and makessure the reader will understand the various massage procedures by using pictures as well astext instructions."e;--The Northwest Horse SourceThis book provides a complete introduction to horse massage, with easy-to-learn techniques and exercises. It is a book for everyone who wants to help their horses to relax and regenerate after competitions or long rides.

  • - The Adventures and Wisdom of One of America's Most Renowned Horsemen
    af Buck Brannaman
    141,95 kr.

    "e;I've started horses since I was 12 years old and have been bit, kicked, bucked off and run over. I've tried every physical means to contain my horse in an effort to keep from getting myself killed. I started to realize that things would come much easier for me once I learned why a horse does what he does. This method works well for me because of the kinship that develops between horse and rider. "e; --Buck BrannamanIn THE FARAWAY HORSES, Brannaman shares his methods for training and provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Robert Redford's movie The Horse Whisperer, for which he was the technical advisor. *Authoratative figure in horsemanship*Reveals the key to understanding animalsBUCK BRANNAMAN is a horse gentler--not a horse "e;breaker"e;--who has started more than 10,000 young horses in his clinics. He lives with his family in Sheridan, Wyoming. WILLIAM REYNOLDS is the associate publisher of Cowboys & Indians magazine. He lives with his family in Santa Ynez, California.

  • - The Complete History from 1300 BC to the Present Day
    af Angus Konstam
    141,95 kr.

    Angus Konstam sets sail through the brutal history of piracy, separating myth from legend and fact from fiction. Pirates takes us into the depths of the pirate's dark world, examining the many colorful characters from Cretans and Vikings to French corsairs and the British rogues of the golden age of piracy, such as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd and even two women pirates, Mary Read and Ann Bonny, who became pregnant to avoid execution. A blood-soaked, riveting account, it provides a complete history of the fearsome threat on the high seas from the marauders in the pages of antiquity to the Somali pirates in the headlines of today.

  • - Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
    af Don Fink
    121,95 kr.

    "e;Most how-to books are too technical or too shallow. Don Fink manages to pen a unique combination of information, anecdotes, and readability."e;-Scott Tinley, two-time Ironman World Champion "e;Don's book certainly made me think. A truly complete book for all abilities in the sport of triathlon that leaves no subject untouched."e;-Spencer Smith, three-time Triathlon World Champion Ever dream of being an elite endurance athlete and competing in races like Hawaii's Ironman? Pro athletes are not the only people who can attain such superior accomplishments. Every season tens of thousands of amateur triathletes compete head-to-head, pushing their physical and mental strength to the limits. The Ironman competition is a true test: a 2.4-mile open-water swim followed by a 112-mile bike leg and a 26.2-mile marathon run. In Be Iron Fit, sought-after multisport coach Don Fink draws on his time-efficient training methods to provide a practical program in a step-by-step, enjoyable way-so even everyday athletes can attain ultimate conditioning.

  • - A Horseman's Journey
    af William Reynolds & Buck Brannaman
    121,95 - 151,95 kr.

    Master horseman Buck Brannaman, the real-life Horse Whisperer, continues the chronicle of his life as trainer and mentor, as we meet thirteen remarkable people whose lives he has affected. Through their own accounts of help and healing and through Brannaman's own introductions, the reader is inspired by the hope and confidence that he instilled in these individuals.

  • - The Story of the First Women Naval Aviators
    af Beverly Weintraub
    242,95 kr.

    On Feb. 2, 2019, the skies over Maynardville, Tennessee, filled with the roar of four F/A-18F Super Hornets streaking overhead in close formation. In each aircraft were two young female flyers, executing the first all-woman Missing Man Formation flyover in Navy history in memory of Captain Rosemary Mariner groundbreaking Navy jet pilot, inspiring commander, determined and dedicated leader whose drive to ensure the United States military had its choice of the best America had to offer, both men and women, broke down barriers and opened doors for female aviators wanting to serve their country.Selected for Navy flight training as an experiment in 1972, Mariner and her five fellow graduates from the inaugural group of female Naval Aviators racked up an impressive roster of achievements, and firsts: first woman to fly a tactical jet aircraft; first woman to command an aviation squadron; first female Hurricane Hunter; first pregnant Navy pilot; plaintiff in a federal lawsuit that overturned limits on womens ability to fulfill their military duty.Leading by example, and by confrontation when necessary, they challenged deep skepticism within the fleet and blazed a trail for female aviators wanting to serve their country equally with their male counterparts.This is the story of their struggles and triumphs as they earned their Wings of Gold, learned to fly increasingly sophisticated jet fighters and helicopters, mastered aircraft carrier landings, served at sea and reached heights of command that would have been unthinkable less than a generation before. And it is the story of the legacy they left behind, one for which the women performing the Navy's first Missing Woman Flyover in Mariner's memory owe a debt of gratitude.

  • - The Life and Times of Dale Evans
    af Theresa Kaminski
    222,95 kr.

    This is the first full-length biography of this mid-twentieth century multi-faceted star. It is the first book to use biography to chart the broad sweep of changes in women's lives during the twentieth century, and to have popular music, movies, and television shows as its backdrops. The glitter of country music, the glamour of Hollywood, and the grit of the early television industry are all covered. It is the first book to draw from never-before-seen sources (especially business records and fan mail) at the newly-opened Roy Rogers-Dale Evans collections at the Autry Museum of the American West. One of the central tensions of Dale's life revolved around chasing the elusive work/family balance, making her story instantly relatable to women today, In addition to fame, Dale longed for a happy, stable, family life. Her roles and wife and mother became the foundation for her public persona: the smart, smiling, cheerful cowgirl. Unusual for its time were Dale Evans's attempts to control the trajectory of her career at a time when men dominated decision-making in the entertainment fields.

  • af Robert W. Cohen
    212,95 kr.

    The San Francisco 49ers have one of the best records in NFL history, with 20 division championships, seven conference titles, and five Super Bowl championships. On a team with outstanding talent each year, who among its past and present players could be ranked as the 50 greatest? Who would occupy the coveted #1 spot? Jerry Rice? Ronnie Lott? Joe Montana? Steve Young? Robert Cohen, has his own take on the matter and in a book that is bound to inspire conversation if not controversy, ranks who he believes are the greatest players from 1-50, with 25 honorable mentions.

  • - A History of Art and Crime in Six Thefts
    af John Barelli
    206,95 kr.

    When he retired as the chief security officer of New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art, John Barelli had spent the better part of forty years responsible not only for one of the richest treasure troves on the planet, but the museum's staff, the millions of visitors, as well as American presidents, royalty, and heads of state from around the world.For the first time, John Barelli shares his experiences of the crimes that occurred on his watch; the investigations that captured thieves and recovered artwork; the lessons he learned and shared with law enforcement professionals in the United States and abroad; the accidents and near misses; and a few mysteries that were sadly never solved. He takes readers behind the scenes at the Met, introduces curators and administrators, walks the empty corridors after hours, and shares what it's like to get the call that an ancient masterpiece has gone missing. The Metropolitan Museum covers twelve acres in the heart of Manhattan and is filled with five thousand years of work by history's great artists known and unknown: Goya, da Vinci, Rembrandt, Warhol, Pollack, Egyptian mummies, Babylonian treasures, Colonial crafts, and Greek vases. John and a small staff of security professionals housed within the Museum were responsible for all of it. Over the years, John helped make the museum the state-of-the-art facility it is today and created a legacy in art security for decades to come.Focusing on six thefts but filled with countless stories that span the late 1970s through the 21st Century, John opens the files on thefts, shows how museum personnel along with local and sometimes Federal Agents opened investigations and more often than not caught the thief. But of ultimate importance was the recovery of the artwork, including Celtic and Egyptian gold, French tapestries, Greek sculpture, and more. At the heart of this book there will always be artthose who love it and those who take it, two groups of people that are far from mutually exclusive.

  • - True Crime from Historic Chicago's Deadly Streets
    af Jon Seidel
    151,95 kr.

    Countless criminals have made their mark on Chicago and the surrounding communities. Chicago Sun-Times journalist Jon Seidel takes readers back in time to the days when H. H. Holmes lurked in his Murder Castle and guys named Al Capone and John Dillinger ruled the underworld. Drawing upon years of reporting, and with special access to the Chicago Daily News and Chicago Sun-Times archives, Jon Seidel explains how men like Nathan Leopold, Richard Loeb, and Richard Speck tried to get away with history's most disturbing crimes..

  • - Life Lessons from America's Princess
    af Mary Mallory
    141,95 kr.

    Poised, cultured, and unforgettable, Grace Kelly had the aura of a princess, even before she was crowned. She exuded grace, polish, flair, and serenity as a fashion icon, actor, and humanitarian. Living with Grace is a captivating look at this elegant woman who has been an inspiration for many and whose legacy enlightens a new generation of fans. Seldom seen photos and outtakes are complemented by inspiring quotes from and about Grace and the famous roles she played. These words and images highlight what made her so iconic on film and in life.

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