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  • - The CRISPR Revolution and the New Era of Genome Editing
    af Kevin Davies
    293,95 kr.

  • - Classic Supernatural Fiction by Groundbreaking Female Writers: 1852-1923
    201,95 kr.

    From two acclaimed experts in the genre, a brand-new volume of supernatural stories showcasing the forgotten female horror writers from 1852-1923.

  • af Gregory Forth
    171,46 - 230,95 kr.

    A remarkable investigation into the hominoids of Flores Island, their place on the evolutionary spectrumand whether or not they still survive.While doing fieldwork on the remote Indonesian island of Flores, anthropologist Gregory Forth came across people talking about half-apelike, half-humanlike creatures that once lived in a cave on the slopes of a nearby volcano. Over the years he continued to record what locals had to say about these mystery hominoids while searching for ways to explain them as imaginary symbols of the wild or other cultural representations. Then along came the ';hobbit'. In 2003, several skeletons of a small-statured early human species alongside stone tools and animal remains were excavated in a cave in western Flores. Named Homo floresiensis, this ancient hominin was initially believed to have lived until as recently as 12,000 years ago possibly overlapping with the appearance of Homo sapiens on Flores. In view of this timing and the striking resemblance of floresiensis to the mystery creatures described by the islanders, Forth began to think about the creatures as possibly reflecting a real species, either now extinct but retained in ';cultural memory' or even still surviving. He began to investigate reports from the Lio region of the island where locals described ape-men as still living. Dozens claimed to have even seen them. In Between Ape and Human, we follow Forth on the trail of this mystery hominoid, and the space they occupy in islanders' culture as both natural creatures and as supernatural beings. In a narrative filled with adventure, Lio culture and language, zoology and natural history, Forth comes to a startling and controversial conclusion. Unique, important, and thought-provoking, this book will appeal to anyone interested in human evolution, the survival of species (including our own) and how humans might relate to ';not-quite-human' animals. Between Ape and Human is essential reading for all those interested in cryptozoology, and it is the only firsthand investigation by a leading anthropologist into the possible survival of a primitive species of human into recent timesand its coexistence with modern humans.

  • af Philip Freeman
    162,46 - 214,95 kr.

    Telling the story of a man who stood against the overwhelming power of the mighty Roman empire, Hannibal is the biography of a man who, against all odds, dared to change the course of history. Over two thousand years ago one of the greatest military leaders in history almost destroyed Rome. Hannibal, a daring African general from the city of Carthage, led an army of warriors and battle elephants over the snowy Alps to invade the very heart of Romes growing empire. But what kind of person would dare to face the most relentless imperial power of the ancient world? How could Hannibal, consistently outnumbered and always deep in enemy territory, win battle after battle until he held the very fate of Rome within his grasp? Hannibal appeals to many as the ultimate underdoga Carthaginian David against the Goliath of Romebut it wasnt just his genius on the battlefield that set him apart. As a boy and then a man, his self-discipline and determination were legendary. As a military leader, like Alexander the Great before him and Julius Caesar after, he understood the hearts of men and had an uncanny ability to read the unseen weaknesses of his enemy. As a commander in war, Hannibal has few equals in history and has long been held as a model of strategic and tactical genius. But Hannibal was much more than just a great general. He was a practiced statesman, a skilled diplomat, and a man deeply devoted to his family and country. Roman historianson whom we rely for almost all our information on Hannibalportray him as a cruel barbarian, but how does the story change if we look at Hannibal from the Carthaginian point of view? Can we search beneath the accounts of Roman writers who were eager to portray Hannibal as a monster and find a more human figure? Can we use the life of Hannibal to look at the Romans themselves in an unfamiliar way not as the noble and benign defenders of civilization but as ruthless conquerors motivated by greed and conquest?

  • - The Story of a City
    af Barney White-Spunner
    246,95 kr.

  • - The Science of Your Mind's Greatest Power
    af Jim Davies
    171,46 kr.

    The first book on the science of imagination sheds light on the complex workings of our mind and the ways in which we can channel imagination for a better life.

  • - The Life
    af Maria Riva
    108,23 kr.

  • af Shelley Sackier
    153,38 - 213,95 kr.

    A witty and immersive look at the history, mythology, science, and magical touch that makes whisky taste like a drop of gold. Braving the ';all boys' clubhouse of the world of whisky has not been easy, but Shelley Sackier has managed to do just that out of her love for the drink. By turns funny and poignant and filled with vivid insight into this ancient craft, Make it a Double will persuade even a teetotaler to want a wee dram. As a woman whose first sip of whisky created the female doppelganger of a Mr. Yuk sticker, that experience produced a sharp realization that the liquid was foul, poisonous, and needlessly dirtied a previously clean glass. And then she met Scotland. Her curiosity and growing passion lit a fireigniting a desire to learn more about this craft's rich and vivid history and the need to break out of an old life and to become the mother, partner, and woman she has always sought to be. After completing a course in Scotland's famed Bruichladdich Distillery, Shelley begins her path of writing aboutand working withinthe world of whisky. There has never been a better time for Shelleys inimitable voice to shed light on this intoxicating realm. Women are not only impressively contributing to the burgeoning sales of the spiritmaking up nearly 40% of the whiskey-drinking population in the United Statesbut they are also growing in number as they enter in to, train within, and lead the industry with their determined creativity and innovation. In the tradition of Blood, Bones, and Butter, Make it a Double establishes Shelley Sackier as a fresh new voice in the lush world of culinary narrative.

  • af Lisa Brahin
    126,31 - 213,95 kr.

    A sweeping saga of a family and community fighting for survival against the ravages of history.Set between events depicted in Fiddler on the Roof and Schindler's List, Lisa Brahin's Tears over Russia brings to life a piece of Jewish history that has never before been told. Between 1917 and 1921, twenty years before the Holocaust began, an estimated 100,000 to 250,000 Jews were murdered in anti-Jewish pogroms across the Ukraine. Lisa grew up transfixed by her grandmother Channa's stories about her family being forced to flee their hometown of Stavishche, as armies and bandit groups raided village after village, killing Jewish residents. Channa described a perilous three-year journey through Russia and Romania, led at first by a gallant American who had snuck into the Ukraine to save his immediate family and ended up leading an exodus of nearly eighty to safety. With almost no published sources to validate her grandmother's tales, Lisa embarked on her incredible journey to tell Channa's story, forging connections with archivists around the world to find elusive documents to fill in the gaps of what happened in Stavishche. She also tapped into connections closer to home, gathering testimonies from her grandmother's relatives, childhood friends and neighbors. The result is a moving historical family narrative that speaks to universal human themesthe resilience and hope of ordinary people surviving the ravages of history and human cruelty. With the growing passage of time, it is unlikely that we will see another family saga emerge so richly detailing this forgotten time period. Tears Over Russia eloquently proves that true life is sometimes more compelling than fiction.

  • af Lauren Aguirre
    146,95 - 230,95 kr.

  • af Bill Adler
    117,31 kr.

    The mantras, witticisms, and philosophies of Ted Kennedy, collected by the editor of the New York Times bestselling The Kennedy Wit.';The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die.' Democratic National Convention, 1980 ';Like my brothers before me, I pick up the fallen standard. Sustained by the memory of our priceless years together, I shall try to carry forward that special commitment to justice, to excellence, and to courage that distinguished their lives.' Speech given before the start of the 1968 Democratic Convention A collection of quotations and philosophies from Ted Kennedy, grouped thematically in categories (';Words of Inspiration,' ';On the Kennedy Family and its Legacy,' ';Personal Reflections,' ';On Religion and Public life,' ';Lighter Moments,' etc.). Each section will include a brief introduction by the editor to set off the group of quotes, which range from charming little one-liners to Kennedys letter to Pope Benedict that President Obama hand-delivered to the Vatican in July 2009.

  • af Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz
    153,38 - 234,95 kr.

    A Pulitzer prize-finalist peels back the curtain on an unexplored part of Julia Childs lifethe formidable team of six she collaborated with to shape her legendary career.

  • af Gioia Diliberto
    153,38 - 234,95 kr.

    A riveting and prismatic novel of the eternally enigmatic Coco Chanel in the aftermath of World War II.Though her name is synonymous with elegance and chic, the iconic Coco Chanel had a complicated dark side, and in late August 1944, as World War II drew to a close, she was arrested and interrogated on charges of treason to France. Many of the facts are lost to history, partly through Chanels own obfuscation, but this much is known: the charges grew out of her war-time romance with a German spy, and one morning two soldiers from the French Forces of the Interiorthe loose band of Resistance fighters, soldiers and private citizens who took up arms in the wake of the Liberation of Parisled Chanel from her suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris to an undisclosed location for questioning. What transpired during her interrogation, who was present, and why she was set free when so many other women who'd been involved with German men (willingly or otherwise) had their heads shaved or were imprisoned, remains a mystery. In this brilliantly insightful and compulsively readable novel from the author of I am Madame X, Gioia Diliberto explores the motivations of this complex woman and portrays the gripping battle of wits that could have been her interrogation. Was Chanel truly a collaborator? Though the Occupation of France offered a stark contrast between good and evil, few people are wholly heroes or villains in wartime. Most citizens, as the writer Andre Gide noted, were like old shoes floating in murky waters: battered and torn, riding the turbulent flow, just trying to survive. By turns raw and vulnerable, steely and flawed, Chanel emerges from these pages as a woman who owns her decisions, no matter the consequences. Rich with history and filled with emotional truths, Coco at the Ritz is a story about the choices one woman made when the stakes were the highest. In today's world, it is a cautionary tale about the necessity of standing against evil when it stares you in the face.

  • af Robert E. Meagher
    171,46 - 273,95 kr.

    A renowned scholar investigates the human crisis' that Albert Camus confronted in his world and in ours, producing a brilliant study of Camus's life and influence for those readers who, in Camuss words, ';cannot live without dialogue and friendship.'As Franceand all of the worldwas emerging from the depths of World War II, Camus summed up what he saw as the human crisis': We gasp for air among people who believe they are absolutely right, whether it be in their machines or their ideas. And for all who cannot live without dialogue and the friendship of other human beings, this silence is the end of the world. In the years after he wrote these words, until his death fourteen years later, Camus labored to address this crisis, arguing for dialogue, understanding, clarity, and truth. When he sailed to New York, in March 1946for his first and only visit to the United Stateshe found an ebullient nation celebrating victory. Camus warned against the common postwar complacency that took false comfort in the fact that Hitler was dead and the Third Reich had fallen. Yes, the serpentine beast was dead, but ';we know perfectly well,' he argued, ';that the venom is not gone, that each of us carries it in our own hearts.' All around him in the postwar world, Camus saw disheartening evidence of a global community revealing a heightened indifference to a number of societal ills. It is the same indifference to human suffering that we see all around, and within ourselves, today. Camus's voice speaks like few others to the heart of an affliction that infects our country and our world, a world divided against itself. His generation called him ';the conscience of Europe.' That same voice speaks to us and our world today with a moral integrity and eloquence so sorely lacking in the public arena. Few authors, sixty years after their deaths, have more avid readers, across more continents, than Albert Camus. Camus has never been a trend, a fad, or just a good read. He was always and still is a companion, a guide, a challenge, and a light in darkened times. This keenly insightful story of an intellectual is an ideal volume for those readers who are first discovering Camus, as well as a penetrating exploration of the author for all those who imagine they have already plumbed Camus' depthsa supremely timely book on an author whose time has come once again.

  • af Matthew Hart
    153,38 - 220,95 kr.

    In this explosive sequel to The Russian Pink, Alex and Lily are thrust into a murderous cat-and-mouse across the Arctic diamond fields, dodging Chinese assassins while at the same time struggling with the personal betrayals that torment their passionate affair. Alex Turner and his treacherous lover, the Russian diamond thief Slav Lily, are back on the hunt. An American prospector is murdered in the great diamond field of northern Canadaa magical landscape of pristine lakes and granite ridges and scarlet vegetation. The U.S. government fears that the Chinese billionaire twins who suddenly control the dead prospector's company are seeking a toehold for their government in this vital northern region. As we race across the globe with Alex and Lily, Hart keeps a heart-bounding pace with lethal plane chases across the diamond-rich Barrens and a battle between the scheming twins and Mitzi Angel, the murdered prospector's daughter. All the while, The Ice Angel delves into the dark realpolitik of America's strategy while untangling the Byzantine motives that drive the diamond trade. In this explosive sequel to the breakout The Russian Pink, Alex and Lily must struggle with the rivalry, and sometimes the deceit, that wraps their love in its coils.

  • af Lisa Morton
    153,38 - 234,95 kr.

    Following the success of Weird Women: Volume 1, acclaimed anthologists Lisa Morton and Leslie S. Klinger return with another offering of overlooked masterworks from early female horror writers, including George Eliot, Zora Neale Hurston, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Edith Wharton.Following the success of their acclaimed Weird Women, star anthologists Lisa Morton and Leslie S. Klinger return with another offering of overlooked masterworks from early female horror writers. This volume once again gathers some of the most famous voices of literatureGeorge Eliot, Zora Neale Hurston, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Edith Whartonalong with chilling tales by writers who were among the bestselling and most critically-praised authors of the early supernatural story, including Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Vernon Lee, Florence Marryat, and Margaret Oliphant. There are, of course, ghost stories here, but also tales of vampirism, mesmerism, witches, haunted India, demonic entities, and journeys into the afterlife. Introduced and annotated for modern readers, Morton and Klinger have curated more stories sure to provide another feast of entertaining (and scary) reads (Library Journal).

  • af Kathy Stearman
    234,95 kr.

    After spending more than twenty-years years as a Special Agent with the FBI, Kathy Stearman recounts the global experiences that shaped her lifeand the mixed feelings that she now holds about the sacrifices she had to make to survive in a man's world.When former FBI Agent Kathy Stearman read in the New York Times that sixteen women were suing the FBI for discrimination at the training academy, she was surprised to see the women come forwardno one ever had before. But the truth behind their accusations resonated. After a twenty-six-year career in the Bureau, Kathy Stearman knows from personal experience that this type of behavior has been prevalent for decades. Stearman's It's Not About the Gun examines the influence of attitude and gender in her journey to becoming FBI Legal Attache, the most senior FBI representative in a foreign office. When she entered the FBI Academy in 1987, Stearman was one of about 600 women in a force of 10,000 agents. While there, she evolved into an assertive woman, working her way up the ranks and across the globe to hold positions that very few women have held before. And yet, even at the height of her career, Stearman had to check herself to make sure that she never appeared weak, inferior, or afraid. The accepted attitude for women in power has long been cool, calm, and in controland sometimes that means coming across as cold and emotionless. Stearman changed for the FBI, but she longs for a different path for future women of the Bureau. If the system changes, then women can remain constant, valuing their female identity and nurturing the people they truly are. In Its Not About the Gun, Stearman describes how she was viewed as a woman and an American overseas, and how her perception of her country and the FBI, observed from the optics of distance, has evolved.

  • af Jim Kempton
    108,23 - 225,95 kr.

    A captivating look at two centuries of surfingthe Sport of Queensfrom Native Hawaiian royalty to the breakout style and jaw-dropping feats on the waves today.Few subjects in the world of sports and or the outdoors is more timely or compelling than women's surfing. From smart, strong, fearless women shattering records on 80-foot waves to professional athletes fighting for equal pay and a more fair and just playing field, these amazing, wave-riding warriors provide an inspirational and aspirational cast of powerful role models for women (and men) across all backgrounds and generations. Over the past two-hundred years, and especially the past five decades, the surfing lifestyle have become the envy of people around the world. The perception of sun, sand, surf, strong young women and their inimitable style, has created a booming lifestyle and sports industryand the sport that is set to make it's Olympic exhibition debut in Tokyo 2021. A massive shift from when colonizers tried to extinguish all traces of Native Hawaiian surfing and its sacred culture. What is it about the surfing that intrigues people of all ages, from all corners of the world? The beaches and idyllic locations? The unique style and mystique that surfers project? These women, on the beach and riding giant waves, or in the media, have made their mark on not just their sport, but our wider culture. Women on Waves is filled with phenomenal athletic performance, breakthrough female achievements, and plenty of inspiration and fun to see us through until the time when we can all hit the surf once more! Spanning a millennia, From Hawaii to Malibu, New York to Australia, South Africa to the South Pacific and beyond, Jim Kempton presents a fascinating new narrative that will captivate anyone who loves sports and the outdoors.

  • af Vladimir Alexandrov
    180,54 - 225,95 kr.

    A brilliant examination of the enigmatic Russian revolutionary about whom Winston Churchill said few men tried more, gave more, dared more and suffered more for the Russian people, and who remains a legendary and controversial figure in his homeland today.Although now largely forgotten outside Russia, Boris Savinkov was famous, and notorious, both at home and abroad during his lifetime, which spans the end of the Russian Empire and the establishment of the Soviet Union. A complex and conflicted individual, he was a paradoxically moral revolutionary terrorist, a scandalous novelist, a friend of epoch-defining artists like Modigliani and Diego Rivera, a government minister, a tireless fighter against Lenin and the Bolsheviks, and an advisor to Churchill. At the end of his life, Savinkov conspired to be captured by the Soviet secret police, and as the country's most prized political prisoner made headlines around the world when he claimed that he accepted the Bolshevik state. But as this book argues, this was Savinkov's final play as a gambler and he had staked his life on a secret plan to strike one last blow against the tyrannical regime. Neither a Red nor a White, Savinkov lived an epic life that challenges many popular myths about the Russian Revolution, which was arguably the most important catalyst of twentieth-century world history. All of Savinkov's efforts were directed at transforming his homeland into a uniquely democratic, humane and enlightened state. There are aspects of his violent legacy that will, and should, remain frozen in the past as part of the historical record. But the support he received from many of his countrymen suggests that the paths Russia took during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries--the tyranny of communism, the authoritarianism of Putin's regime--were not the only ones written in her historical destiny. Savinkovs goals remain a poignant reminder of how things in Russia could have been, and how, perhaps, they may still become someday. Written with novelistic verve and filled with the triumphs, disasters, dramatic twists and contradictions that defined Savinkovs life, this book shines a light on an extraordinary man who tried to change Russian and world history.

  • af John Dvorak
    108,23 - 146,95 kr.

    The incredible story of the creation of a continentour continent from the acclaimed author of The Last Volcano and Mask of the Sun.The immense scale of geologic time is difficult to comprehend. Our livesand the entirety of human historyare mere nanoseconds on this timescale. Yet we hugely influenced by the land we live on. From shales and fossil fuels, from lake beds to soil composition, from elevation to fault lines, what could be more relevant that the history of the ground beneath our feet? For most of modern history, geologists could say little more about why mountains grew than the obvious: there were forces acting inside the Earth that caused mountains to rise. But what were those forces? And why did they act in some places of the planet and not at others? When the theory of plate tectonics was proposed, our concept of how the Earth worked experienced a momentous shift. As the Andes continue to rise, the Atlantic Ocean steadily widens, and Honolulu creeps ever closer to Tokyo, this seemingly imperceptible creep of the Earth is revealed in the landscape all around us. But tectonics cannotand do notexplain everything about the wonders of the North American landscape. What about the Black Hills? Or the walls of chalk that stand amongst the rolling hills of west Kansas? Or the fact that the states of Washington and Oregon are slowly rotating clockwise, and there a diamond mine in Arizona? It all points to the geologic secrets hidden inside the 2-billion-year-old-continental masses. A whopping ten times older than the rocky floors of the ocean, continents hold the clues to the long history of our planet. With a sprightly narrative that vividly brings this science to life, John Dvoraks How the Mountains Grew will fill readers with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of the land we live on.

  • af Lis Wiehl
    153,38 kr.

    A legal analyst for NPR, NBC, and CNN, delves into the facts surrounding what has been called the ';worst intelligence disaster in U.S. history': the case of Robert Hanssena Russian spy who was embedded in the FBI for two decades.As a federal prosecutor and the daughter of an FBI agent, Wiehl has an inside perspective. She brings her experience and the ingrained lessons of her upraising to bear on her remarkable exploration of the case, interviewing numerous FBI and CIA agents both past and present as well as the individuals closest to Hanssen. She speaks with his brother-in-law, his oldest and best friend, and even his psychiatrist. In all her conversations, Wiehl is trying to figure out how he did itand at what cost. But she also pursues questions urgently relevant to our national security today. Could there be another spy in the system? Could the presence of a spy be an even greater threat now than ever before, with the greater prominence cyber security has taken in recent years? Wiehl explores the mechanisms and politics of our national security apparatus and how they make us vulnerable to precisely this kind of threat. Wiehl grew up among the same people with whom Hanssen ingratiated himself, and she has spent her career trying to find the truth within fractious legal and political conflicts. A Spy in Plain Sight reflects on the deeply sown divisions and paranoias of our present day and provides an unparalleled view into the functioning of the FBI, and will stand alongside pillars of the genre like Killers of the Flower Moon, The Spy and the Traitor, and No Place to Hide.

  • af James Grady
    108,23 kr.

    A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

  • af Denny Waxman
    108,23 kr.

    A revolutionary approach to diet and lifestyle that will strengthen your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, from Macrobiotic expert Denny Waxman.With the vast majority of Americans now attempting to eat in a healthier manner, Denny Waxmans macrobiotic diet plan is ready to enter the cultural mainstream, which has been at the forefront of the macrobiotic movement since 1969 and runs the Strengthening Health Institute in Philadelphia. The Great Life Diet distills the wisdom of his thirty-five years of experience into a clear, concise guide to a better, healthier, longer life. Waxman weds a diet of whole grains and cereals supplemented by fruits and vegetables to a lifestyle that nourishes the mind and the spirit. In seven steps, Waxman offers a balanced and orderly approach to an active, fulfilling, daily life. The aim always is to strengthen health, however good or ill. Many people, their ailments ranging widely from the common cold to chronic fatigue, heart disease, even incurable cancers, have been helped, often dramatically, by following the dietary and lifestyle practices described in this exceptional book.

  • af Lewis Grassic Gibbon
    90,23 kr.

    A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

  • af Otto Penzler
    90,23 kr.

    A premier anthology of some of the finest mystery stories in literary history, including tales from Bradbury, Dahl, Huxley, O. Henry, and Twain.Tantalizing, as ingenious as they are devious, the classic stories in this continually arresting collection come with an irresistible challenge: At their end they leave it to you, the reader, to determine how they end. For ultimately it's the reader who authors the fate of the brave youth as he contemplates which of the two doors in the king's arena he will choose in Frank Stockton's famous and unforgettable ';The Lady, or the Tiger?' And which of the two brothers in three-time Edgar-winner Stanley Ellin's ';Unreasonable Doubt' shoots a bullet square in the middle of their rich uncle's forehead? And just what not-so-sweet secret is the prim Miss Spence hiding behind her smile in Aldous Huxley's deliciously enigmatic tale? you decide. In all, as in ';The Moment of Decision'?a chilling tale that seals an escape artist inside an airless stone cell with a heavy wooden door, which may or may not open?the moment of decision is yours.

  • af Bill Guttentag
    90,23 - 135,38 kr.

    A teenaged runaway fights for survival on ';the boulevard of broken dreams' in this searing debut novel based on a true story.It's always sunny in California until you walk on the wrong side of Sunset Boulevard. And yet the bright lights still call to thousands, and every day new arrivals fill the ranks of Hollywood's underworld of teenage runaways and hopeful stars turned hookers and strippers. Their stories are too wretched and too sad for society's attention, but when a high-profile lawyer is murdered at the Chateau Marmont, lackluster detective Jimmy McCann takes to the streets and finds himself enmeshed in this complex web of prostitution and drugs, learning that the killer, a young girl named Casey, is a victim in her own right. Delving into Casey's troubled community of homeless runaways, characterized by abuse, rape, death and disease, but also by friendship, loyalty and love, Bill Guttentag has crafted a stunning literary crime novel?based on real-life incidents?that will resound with readers everywhere.

  • af J.D. Dickey
    171,46 - 253,95 kr.

    A New York Times bestselling author reveals the story of a nearly forgotten moment in American history, when mass violence was not an aberration, but a regular activityand nearly extinguished the Abolition movement.The 1830s were the most violent time in American history outside of war. Men battled each other in the streets in ethnic and religious conflicts, gangs of party henchmen rioted at the ballot box, and assault and murder were common enough as to seem unremarkable. The president who presided over the era, Andrew Jackson, was himself a duelist and carried lead in his body from previous gunfights. It all made for such a volatile atmosphere that a young Abraham Lincoln said ';outrages committed by mobs form the every-day news of the times.' The principal targets of mob violence were abolitionists and black citizens, who had begun to question the foundation of the U.S. economy chattel slavery and demand an end to it. Led by figures like William Lloyd Garrison and James Forten, the anti-slavery movement grew from a small band of committed activists to a growing social force that attracted new followers in the hundreds, and enemies in the thousands. Even in the North, abolitionists faced almost unimaginable hatred, with newspaper publishers, businessmen with a stake in the slave trade, and politicians of all stripes demanding they be suppressed, silenced or even executed. Carrying bricks and torches, guns and knives, mobs created pandemonium, and forced the abolition movement to answer key questions as it began to grow: Could nonviolence work in the face of arson and attempted murder? Could its leaders stick together long enough to build a movement with staying power, or would they turn on each other first? And could it survive to last through the decade, and inspire a new generation of activists to fight for the cause? J.D. Dickey reveals the stories of these Black and white men and women persevered against such threats to demand that all citizens be given the chance for freedom and liberty embodied in the Declaration of Independence. Their sacrifices and strategies would set a precedent for the social movements to follow, and lead the nation toward war and emancipation, in the most turbulent era of our republic of violence.

  • af Michael Knox Beran
    108,23 - 225,95 kr.

  • af Timothy Christian
    196,77 kr.

    A stunning portrait of the complicated woman who becomes Ernest Hemingways fourth wife, tracing her adventures before she meets Ernest, exploring the tumultuous years of their marriage, and evoking her merry widowhood as she shapes Hemingways literary legacy.Mary Welsh, a celebrated wartime journalist during the London Blitz and the liberation of Paris, meets Ernest Hemingway in May 1944. He becomes so infatuated with Mary that he asks her to marry him the third time they meetalthough they are married to other people. Eventually, she succumbs to Ernests campaign, and in the last days of the war joined him at his estate in Cuba. Through Marys eyes, we see Ernest Hemingway in a fresh light. Their turbulent marriage survives his cruelty and abuse, perhaps because of their sexual compatibility and her essential contribution to his writing. She reads and types his work each dayand makes plot suggestions. She becomes crucial to his work and he depends upon her critical reading of his work to know if he has it right. We watch the Hemingways as they travel to the ski country of the Dolomites, commute to Harrys Bar in Venice; attend bullfights in Pamplona and Madrid; go on safari in Kenya in the thick of the Mau Mau Rebellion; and fish the blue waters of the gulf stream off Cuba in Ernests beloved boat Pilar. We see Ernest fall in love with a teenaged Italian countess and wonder at Marys tolerance of the affair. We witness Ernests sad decline and Marys efforts to avoid the stigma of suicide by claiming his death was an accident. In the years following Ernests death, Mary devotes herself to his literary legacy, negotiating with Castro to reclaim Ernests manuscripts from Cuba, publishing one-third of his work posthumously. She supervises Carlos Bakers biography of Ernest, sues A. E. Hotchner to try and prevent him from telling the story of Ernests mental decline, and spends years writing her memoir in her penthouse overlooking the New York skyline. Her story is one of an opinionated woman who smokes Camels, drinks gin, swears like a man, sings like Edith Piaf, loves passionately, and experiments with gender fluidity in her extraordinary life with Ernest. This true story reads like a noveland the reader will be hard pressed not to fall for Mary.

  • af Melodie Johnson-Howe
    90,23 kr.

    City of Mirrors is deftly written and smart. On top of that, it is entertaining as hell.?Michael ConnellyRunning out of money, Diana Poole is forced to go back to the only work she knows: acting. Her much-loved husband and movie-star mother have died, and now Diana is over thirty-five. In Hollywood that means she might as well be dead. Still, a few key people remember her talent, and she lands a role in a new movie. But an actress should never get her hopes up, especially when she discovers the female lead's murdered body. Raised in her mother's shadow, Diana knows people in ';the business'will go to dangerous lengths to protect their images. When her own life and career are threatened, Diana decides to fight back and find the killer. But unmasking the surprising murderer isn't that easy, especially when she uncovers what's real?and unreal?in her own life.

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