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  • af Benjamín Labatut
    91,95 - 101,95 kr.

  • af Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz
    91,95 - 152,95 kr.

  • af David Diop
    91,95 - 167,95 kr.

  • - Memoirs of a European
    af Stefan Zweig
    21,95 - 132,95 kr.

    Stefan Zweig's memoir The World of Yesterday, (Die Welt von Gestern) is a unique love letter to the lost world of pre-war Europe The famous autobiography is published by Pushkin Press, with a cover designed by David Pearson and Clare Skeats. Translated by the award-winning Anthea Bell. Stefan Zweig's memoir, The World of Yesterday recalls the golden age of pre- war Europe its seeming permanence, its promise and its devastating fall. Through the story of his life, and his relationships with the leading literary figures of the day, Zweig s passionate, evocative prose paints a stunning portrait of an era that danced brilliantly on the brink of extinction. This new translation by the award- winning Anthea Bell captures the spirit of Zweig's writing in arguably his most important work, completed shortly before his death in a suicide pact with his wife in 1942. The World of Yesterday is one of the greatest memoirs of the twentieth century, as perfect in its evocation of the world Zweig loved, as it is in its portrayal of how that world was destroyed.'- David Hare 'This absolutely extraordinary book is more than just an autobiography. (...) This is a book that should be read by anyone who is even slightly interested in the creative imagination and the intellectual life, the brute force of history upon individual lives, the possibility of culture and, quite simply, what it meant to be alive between 1881 and 1942. That should cover a fair number of you.'- Nicholas Lezard, Guardian Translated from the German by Anthea Bell, Stefan Zweig's The World of Yesterday, is published by Pushkin Press. Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) was born in Vienna, into a wealthy Austrian-Jewish family. He studied in Berlin and Vienna and was first known as a poet and translator, then as a biographer. Zweig travelled widely, living in Salzburg between the wars, and was an international bestseller with a string of hugely popular novellas including Letter from an Unknown Woman, Amok and Fear. In 1934, with the rise of Nazism, he moved to London, where he wrote his only novel Beware of Pity. He later moved on to Bath, taking British citizenship after the outbreak of the Second World War. With the fall of France in 1940 Zweig left Britain for New York, before settling in Brazil, where in 1942 he and his wife were found dead in an apparent double suicide. Much of his work is available from Pushkin Press.

  • - Tales from my eleven-year-old life
    af Riad Sattouf
    132,95 kr.

  • af Agustina Bazterrica
    40,95 - 91,95 kr.

  • af Seishi Yokomizo
    64,95 - 132,95 kr.

  • af Robert W. Chambers
    21,95 - 101,95 kr.

  • af Stefan Zweig
    66,95 - 101,95 kr.

    An epic chess match on a transatlantic liner unearths a story of persecution and obsession. One of the most perfectly gripping novellas from a master of the form, Stefan Zweig. Chess world champion Mirko Czentovic is travelling on an ocean liner to Buenos Aires. Dull-witted in all but chess, he entertains himself on board by allowing others to challenge him in the game, before beating each of them and taking their money. But there is another passenger with a passion for chess: Dr B, previously driven to insanity during Nazi imprisonment by the chess games in his imagination. But in agreeing to take on Czentovic, what price will Dr B ultimately pay? A moving portrait of one man's madness, A Chess Story is a searing examination of the power of the mind and the evil it can do.Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) was born in Vienna, into a wealthy Austrian-Jewish family. He studied in Berlin and Vienna and was first known as a poet and translator, then as a biographer. Zweig travelled widely, living in Salzburg between the wars, and was an international bestseller with a string of hugely popular novellas including Letter from an Unknown Woman, Amok and Fear. In 1934, with the rise of Nazism, he moved to London, where he wrote his only novel Beware of Pity. He later moved on to Bath, taking British citizenship after the outbreak of the Second World War. With the fall of France in 1940 Zweig left Britain for New York, before settling in Brazil, where in 1942 he and his wife were found dead in an apparent double suicide. Much of his work is available from Pushkin Press.

  • af Stefan Zweig
    58,95 - 132,95 kr.

    Stefan Zweig based his biography of Marie Antoinette, who became the Queen of France when still a teenager, on her correspondence with both her mother and her great love the Count Axel von Fersen. Zweig analyses the chemistry of a woman's soul, from her intimate pleasures to her public suffering as a Queen under the weight of misfortune and history. Zweig describes Marie Antoinette in the king's bedroom, in the enchanted and extravagant world of the Trianon and with her children. He also gives an account of the Revolution, the Queen's resolve during the failed escape to Varennes, her imprisonment in the Conciergerie and her tragic end under the guillotine. This has been the definitive biography of Marie Antoinette since its publication, inspiring later biographers, including Antonia Fraser, and the recent film adaptation.

  • af Chigozie Obioma
    69,95 - 101,95 kr.

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2015 MAN BOOKER PRIZEIn this dazzling debut novel, four young brothers in a small Nigerian town encounter a madman, whose prophecy of violence threatens the core of their familyTold from the point of view of nine-year-old Benjamin, the youngest of four brothers, The Fishermen is the Cain and Abel-esque story of an unforgettable childhood in 1990s Nigeria. When their father has to travel to a distant city for work, the brothers take advantage of his extended absence to skip school and go fishing. At the forbidden nearby river they encounter a madman, who predicts that one of the brothers will kill another. What happens next is an almost mythic event whose impact - both tragic and redemptive - will transcend the lives and imaginations of both its characters and its readers. Chigozie Obioma emerges as one of the best new voices of modern African literature, echoing its older generation's masterful storytelling with a contemporary fearlessness and purpose.'Obioma's beautiful, quasi-biblical allegory-like debut... is set to be one of the novels of the year' Eileen Battersby, Irish Times'A startling debut... auspicious... leaps off the pages' Mariella Frostrup, Open Book'A striking, controlled and masterfully taut debut... The tale has a timeless quality that renders it almost allegorical and it is the more powerful for it' FT'It's like being in a Zola or Theodore Dreiser novel... The Fishermen is an elegy to lost promise... and yet it remains hopeful about the redemptive possibilities of a new generation' Guardian'Awesome in the true sense of the word... a truly magnificent debut' Eleanor Catton, author of The Luminaries'Suffused with an air of legend and the supernatural... The Fishermen establishes Obioma as a writer to be taken seriously... ingenious, subtle, ambitious and intriguing' TLS'Terrific' Irish Examiner'Full of deceptive simplicity, lyrical language and playful Igbo mythology and humour... an impressive and beautifully imagined work' Economist'A novel with an intimate canvas but also an undercurrent of something larger, more primal' We Love This Book'A debut that is packed with power and tragedy' Shortlist'Chigozie Obioma truly is the heir to Chinua Achebe' The New York Times'Mr Obioma's long-limbed and elegant writing is shot through with strikingly elevated phrasings... its lessons may be slippery, but its power is unmistakable' Wall Street Journal'The most frustrating thing about The Fishermen is that the author has no other books for the reader to devour once the final page is reached' Chicago Tribune'Searing, incandescent' Harvard Crimson'Succeeds as a convincing modern narrative and as a majestic reimagining of timeless folklore' Publisher's Weekly, Starred review'A powerful, haunting tale of grief, healing, and sibling loyalty' Kirkus'Darkly mythic... a kind of African Cormac McCarthy' USA Today'[A] confident debut novel... frank and lyrical' New Yorker

  • af Audur Ava (Author) Olafsdottir
    101,95 kr.

  • af Augur Ava (Author) Olafsdottir
    101,95 kr.

    A funny, wistful and utterly beguiling novel about a man whose life is falling apart, and how he learns to put it back together

  • af Audur Ava (Author) Olafsdottir
    97,95 kr.

    A hilarious and moving road trip around Iceland in an old car, told by a recently divorced woman with a five year-old boy 'on loan'

  • af Perumal Murugan
    101,95 kr.

  • af Seishi Yokomizo
    64,95 - 91,95 kr.

  • af Leonard Gardner
    58,95 - 101,95 kr.

  • - An Italian War Diary 1943-1944
    af Iris Origo
    74,95 - 132,95 kr.

  • af Antal (Author) Szerb
    91,95 - 122,95 kr.

    Anxious to please his father, Mihaly has joined the family firm in Budapest. Pursued by nostalgia for his bohemian youth, he seeks escape in marriage to Erzsi, not realising that she has chosen him as a means to her own rebellion. On their honeymoon in Italy, Mihaly 'loses' his bride at a provincial station and embarks on a chaotic journey.

  • af Philippe Sands & Jozef Wittlin
    74,95 kr.

    Portrait of a City in Two Acts: Lviv, Then and NowLviv, Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg. Known by a variety of names, the City of Lions is now in western Ukraine. Situated in different countries during its history, it is a city located along the fault-lines of Europe's history.City of Lions presents two essays, written more than half a century apart - but united by one city.Jozef Wittlin's sensual and lyrical paean to his Lwow, written in exile, is a deep cry of love and pain for his city, most of whose familiar faces have fled or been killed.Philippe Sands' finely honed exploration of what has been lost and what remains interweaves a lawyer's love of evidence with the emotional heft of a descendant of Lviv.With an illuminating preface by Eva Hoffman and stunning new photographs by Diana Matar, City of Lions is a powerful and melancholy evocation of central Europe in the twentieth century, with a special resonance for today's troubled continent.Jozef Wittlin (b.1896) was a major Polish poet, novelist (Salt of the Earth won him a nomination for the Nobel prize), essayist and translator. He studied in Vienna, where he met Joseph Roth and Rainer Maria Rilke, and he served in the Austro-Hungarian army in the First World War. With the outbreak of WWII, Wittlin was evacuated to New York, where he died in 1976.Philippe Sands is Professor of Law at University College London. Lviv is the heart of his latest book, East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.Diana Matar is a photographer whose work investigates issues of history, memory and state sponsored violence. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, she has won many prizes and her work has been exhibited in institutions around the world.

  • af Dorthe Nors
    101,95 - 110,95 kr.

    Two daringly original works from the acclaimed Danish author Dorthe Nors, published back to back in a uniquely designed edition.Two works by Dorthe Nors, a collection of short stories and a novella, are brought together for the first time.In Karate Chop, a children's psychologist, lost in self-doubt, examines her believed complicity in her own destruction; a man, obsessed with serial killers, turns to the internet to explore female violence; a mother and daughter travel to the World's End, in hope of finding their peace.In Minna Needs Rehearsal Space, Minna, musician, composer, artist, needs to find space to rehearse - or just space to get away. Away from the realities of life, from the meaningless interactions of our digital age, and from the loneliness of a relationship coming to an end.With stark, simple and stylishly original prose, Dorthe Nors explores the intricacies of modern existence and modern relationships. Reading like an antonym to our digital society, where much is said but little meaning is truly conveyed, Nors's meticulously structured work examines the complexity, and sometimes cruelty, of human psychology and desire.Dorthe Nors was born in 1970 and studied literature and art history at the University of Aarhus. After publishing three novels, she wrote Karate Chop, her collection of short stories, in 2008 and Minna Needs Rehearsal Space in 2013. She has seen her short stories in various publications, including The Boston Review, Harpers and The New Yorker, and has contributed to anthologies in Denmark and Germany. Having international acclaim, she lives in rural Jutland, Denmark.

  • af Isaac Babel
    74,95 - 121,95 kr.

    War's mess and muddle, the brutality and the inanity of fighting - few have better captured this than Isaac Babel, who was a journalist with the Soviet First Cavalry Army. His unflinching portrayal of the murderous havoc of battle is offset by an unexpected and wry humour: having seen the fighting up close, Babel is able to find the funny side of war while depicting its bloody side - in all its mesmerising and casual violence. The lyricism and bitterness that characterise the thirty-five short stories of Red Cavalry are stunningly reproduced in this new translation by the award-winning Boris Dralyuk.

  • af Stefan Zweig
    58,95 - 132,95 kr.

    The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) is one of the most famous navigators in history-he was the first man to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and led the first voyage to circumnavigate the globe, although he was killed en route in a battle in the Philippines. In this biography, Zweig brings to life the Age of Discovery by telling the tale of one of the era's most daring adventurers, whose astounding feats of navigation heralded the modern age.

  • af Dorthe Nors
    69,95 - 111,95 kr.

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER INTERNATIONAL PRIZE 2017. Sonja's over forty, and she's trying to move in the right direction. She's learning to drive. She's joined a meditation group. And she's attempting to reconnect with her sister. But Sonja would rather eat cake than meditate. Her driving instructor won't let her change gear. And her sister won't return her calls. Sonja's mind keeps wandering back to the dramatic landscapes of her childhood - the singing whooper swans, the endless sky, and getting lost barefoot in the rye fields - but how can she return to a place that she no longer recognises? And how can she escape the alienating streets of Copenhagen? Mirror, Shoulder, Signal is a poignant, sharp-witted tale of one woman's journey in search of herself when there's no one to ask for directions.

  • - and other stories from the North
    af Various Authors
    101,95 kr.

    The best fiction from across the Nordic region, selected and introduced by Sjon - Iceland's internationally renowned writer

  • af Amy Suiter Clarke
    101,95 - 132,95 kr.

    Full of adrenaline-inducing twists and emotional nuance, Girl, 11 is a heartstopping suspense novel perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and Belinda Bauer.

  • - A memoir of family, war and peace
    af Wayetu Moore
    117,95 - 162,95 kr.

  • af Elena Medel
    147,95 kr.

  • - A Leningrad Confidential
    af Yulia Yakovleva
    101,95 - 147,95 kr.

    True Detective meets Boris Akunin in this atmospheric and relentlessly dark detective series set in Stalinist Russia.

  • af Stefan (Author) Zweig
    50,95 kr.

    A new edition of this classic Zweig story - an epic chess match on a transatlantic liner during WW2 unearths a story of persecution and obsession.

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