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  • - The Psychoanalysis of Organizations
    af Yiannis Gabriel
    513,95 - 1.288,95 kr.

    `The book is a good read. Gabriel has an engaging writing style, liberally interspersed with vignettes, cases, and quotes...[T]he author presents his material in a non-judgemental manner... Maybe Gabriel is foreshadowing some new directions in organizational theory and even new research methodology' - Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

  • - The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow
    690,95 kr.

  • af Ernest T. Stringer
    627,95 kr.

    This book provides clear guidelines to enable novice practitioner researchers to move comfortably through a process of inquiry that provides effective solutions to problems in their work lives, whether the setting is in education, health, social work, or business.

  • - Your Handbook for Action
    af Joyce L. Epstein, Mavis G. Sanders, Steven B. Sheldon, mfl.
    418,95 kr.

    This updated edition for building school-community partnerships to increase learning includes new examples, inventories defining leadership roles, and a workshop PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM.

  • af J. Robert Cox
    765,95 - 921,95 kr.

    New edition of this popular undergraduate introduction to the growing field of environmental communication.

  • af Chris Carter, Martin Kornberger & Stewart R. Clegg
    173,95 - 538,95 kr.

    The antidote to heavy-going, complex and lengthy textbooks on studying strategy.

  • - A Guide to Theory and Practice
    af Nick Lee & Ian Lings
    547,95 - 1.308,95 kr.

    An integrated, accessible and humorous guide to why research methods are the way they are and how they do what they do.

  • - A Practical Guide for Every Teacher
    af Bob Algozzine & James E. Ysseldyke
    224,95 - 417,95 kr.

    Focusing on teaching students with communication disorders, the authors offer practical teaching strategies and provide brief definitions, indicators, and behaviors associated with speech and language disorders.

  • af Ian Woodward
    382,95 kr.

    Why are i-pods and mobile phones fashion accessories? Why do people spend thousands remodelling their perfectly functional kitchen? Why do people crave shoes or handbags? Is our desire for objects unhealthy, or irrational? This book offers a systematic overview of the diverse ways of studying the material as culture.

  • af Briony J. Oates
    485,95 - 1.430,95 kr.

    With everything readers need to know about how to execute their research project, this book is written specifically for information systems (IS) and computing students.

  • - A Systematic Approach
    af Peter H. Rossi, Mark W. Lipsey & Howard E. Freeman
    731,95 - 976,95 kr.

    Relied on by over 90,000 readers as the text on designing, implementing, and appraising the utility of social programs through the use of evaluation methods, Evaluation 7th Edition has been completely revised to include the latest techniques and approaches to evaluation.

  • - A Constructive Framework
    af Roger Lowe
    387,95 - 1.075,95 kr.

    Introduces practitioners to the principles of using a constructive and collaborative approach with families. This book explores ways in which therapists can use their 'inner' conversation during a session as a tool to overcome obstacles to the therapeutic process.

  • - Activities for Designing, Implementing, and Publishing Projects
    af Michael D. Fetters
    391,95 kr.

    The Mixed Methods Research Workbook by Michael Fetters is the perfect tool for doctoral students and researchers who want support throughout their research project, as well as a practical way to apply the knowledge they have learned. With this text, students can tackle their mixed methods research project with confidence.

  • - Systematic Approaches
    af H. Russell Bernard, Gery W. Ryan & Amber Y. Wutich
    700,95 kr.

    Pairing each data collection technique with the appropriate analytic method, this book provides readers with information on doing qualitative collection and analysis, and guides them on selecting among the complete variety of qualitative techniques.

  • af Diane Yendol-Hoppey & Nancy Fichtman Dana
    275,95 kr.

    The PLC Book is written specifically for teachers, and articulates the essential elements and process of PLC work and how they can collaboratively achieve improved student learning.

  • - Methods of Mind
    af Johnny Saldana
    504,95 kr.

    This book boldly pursues the challenge to teach researchers not just how to collect and analyze data but how to actively think about them.

  • - The Basics of Project Management and Team Leadership
    af Anthony T. Cobb
    617,95 kr.

    The Second Edition continues to offer an accessible introduction to the important basics of project management while providing key issues and pointers on team leadership.

    408,95 kr.

    This text demonstrates that identities are constructed "live" in the actual exchange of talk. It identifies how a person can be ascribed to a category, and the ways in which people are able to create their own "identity" beyond the classic categories of age, gender, class and ethnicity.

    435,95 kr.

    This work brings together the range of theoretical issues which underpin social psychology together with social experience. Topics focused on include "psychology and science" and and the social and political uses and abuses of social psychology.

  • - A Focus on Genre
    af Eugenia R. Mora-Flores
    310,95 - 599,95 kr.

    This resource will help teachers to improve the written and spoken English of English language learners, as well as their vocabulary

  • - Instructional and Assessment Strategies
    af Michael L. Wehmeyer & Sharon Field
    336,95 - 599,95 kr.

    This teacher-friendly guide presents research-proven instructional techniques that empower students with disabilities to become their own advocates and use effective choice-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting skills.

  • - Making the Most of People, Time, and Money
    af Karen Hawley Miles & Stephen Frank
    336,95 - 680,95 kr.

    This book offers numerous strategies and case studies that illustrate how to invest in teacher quality and improve learning environments through creative allocation of existing resources.

  • - A Step-by-Step Guide for Educators
    af Roger Pierangelo & George A. Giuliani
    265,95 - 559,95 kr.

    Offers clear guidelines aligned with the reauthorization of IDEA 2004 for assessing students' eligibility for special education services and for working with families and service providers.

  • - 8 Key Principles to Leading More Effectively
    af Paul D. Houston & Stephen L. Sokolow
    295,95 - 518,95 kr.

    This book illuminates many of the core values, beliefs, and principles that can guide, sustain, and inspire leaders during difficult times.

  • - The State of the Art and Beyond
    af Hal Portner
    397,95 - 630,95 kr.

    In this groundbreaking work, Harry K. Wong, Laura Lipton, Bruce Wellman, and other top names in the field examine how successful mentoring and induction programs are developed and demonstrate how they can be replicated.

  • - Theory and Practice
    af Ruth Chadwick & Mairi Levitt
    224,95 kr.

  • - Theory and Practice
    af Ruth Chadwick & Mairi Levitt
    640,95 kr.

  • af Paul Gollan
    265,95 kr.

  • af Paul Gollan
    690,95 kr.

  • - The 4-Book Collection
    af David A. Sousa
    822,95 kr.

    Presents a teacher's collection suitable for brain-compatible instruction. In this book, the author provides teachers with the practical strategies and understanding needed to reach every student in the general and inclusive classroom including the challenged, challenging, and accomplished students.

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