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  • af Jens E. Kjeldsen, Marie Lund, Jette Barnholdt Hansen & mfl.
    214,95 kr.

    This book provides students, researchers, and practitioners of speechwriting with a unique insight in the theory, history, and practice of speechwriting.

  • af Nuh Aydin, Lakhdar Hammoudi & Ghada Bakbouk
    962,95 - 1.100,95 kr.

  • - No More Heroes
    af Adrian F. Furnham, David Pendleton & Jonathan Cowell
    290,95 kr.

  • - Interdisciplinary European Studies
    1.210,95 kr.

    The book's interdisciplinary approach brings together scholars from economics, law, and political science to provide a comprehensive analysis of how shifts in the international order affect the global position of the EU in dimensions such as foreign and security policy, trade, migration, populism, rule of law, and climate change.

  • af Ian Fleming & Dudley Williams
    493,95 kr.

    This book is a well-established guide to the interpretation of the mass, ultraviolet, infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of organic compounds. Worked examples and problem sets are included on a chapter level to allow students to practise their skills by determining the chemical structures of unknown compounds.

  • - A Practical 3D Audio Theory for Recording, Studio Production, Sound Reinforcement, and Virtual Reality
    af Matthias Frank & Franz Zotter
    580,95 kr.

    The book offers readers a deeper understanding of Ambisonic technologies, and will especially benefit scientists, audio-system and audio-recording engineers. In the advanced sections of the book, fundamentals and modern techniques as higher-order Ambisonic decoding, 3D audio effects, and higher-order recording are explained.

  • af A. P. Schaffarczyk
    869,95 - 1.210,95 kr.

  • - Remaking the Global Order
    af David Oualaalou
    1.100,95 kr.

    This book provides an understanding of Russia's geopolitical strategic interests as well as a larger picture of its political realities.

  • - Pushing the Value Envelope in a New Age
    af Wolfgang Schnellbächer & Daniel Weise
    495,95 - 617,95 kr.

    This book shows how digital transformation has the power to revolutionize the way procurement operates, and discusses how especially buyer decisions are empowered through artificial intelligence.

  • af David Rosen, Ian Gibson, Brent Stucker & mfl.
    605,95 kr.

  • - Cultural Inroads
    af Patrick Laviolette
    990,95 kr.

    The first English-language social science book to comprehensively explore hitchhiking in the contemporary era in the West, this volume covers a lot of ground-it goes to and fro, in an echo of the modus operandi of most hitchhiking journeys.

  • af Jack D. Hidary
    311,95 kr.

    This book integrates the foundations of quantum computing with a hands-on coding approach to this emerging field; Part II walks through the canon of quantum computing algorithms and provides code on a range of quantum computing methods in current use.

  • af Christian Stary & Franz Barachini
    384,95 kr.

  • af Robin Pearson
    384,95 kr.

    This book examines the crisis at the famous insurance market, Lloyd's of London, during the late twentieth century, which nearly destroyed the 300-year-old institution. While rapid structural change resulting from system collapse is less common in insurance than in the history of other financial services, one exception was the Lloyd¿s crisis. Hitherto, explanations of the crisis have focused on the effects of catastrophic losses and poor governance. By drawing on contemporary accounts of the crisis, the author constructs the first comprehensive scholarly analysis of the public and political response. The book applies theoretical concepts from behavioural economics and economic psychology to argue that multiple delusions of competence were at work both within and outside the Lloyd¿s market. Arrogance, elitism and defence of vested interests comprised endogenous elements of the crisis. Entrenched ideas about the virtues of self-regulation and faith in insider experts also played a role. The result was a misdiagnosis by both insiders and politicians of what ailed Lloyd¿s and a series of reforms that failed to address the underlying causes of its disease. This book offers a salutary lesson from recent history about the importance of the transparency, accountability and effective monitoring of financial institutions. It is of interest to academics and students of economic and financial history, business, insurance, political economy and history.

  • - A Pattern Language for Planning, Design and Execution
    af Ingo Arnold
    715,95 kr.

  • - Pathways to Regenerative Civilizations
    384,95 kr.

  • - From Theory to Action
    af Caroline D. Ditlev-Simonsen
    447,95 kr.

    This open access book discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by companies in an age that increasingly values sustainability and demands corporate responsibility.

  • - Electrochemotherapy and Gene Electrotransfer for Immunotherapy
    770,95 kr.

    This is the first edited collection on veterinary applications of electroporation. Written by an international team of experts, this book presents worldwide emerging therapy options for cancer treatments in veterinary oncology practice.Electroporation offers a precision tool to target cancer cells without destroying surrounding tissue structures. The opening of tumor cell membranes facilitates local control of solid tumors either through the delivery of chemotherapeutics or by direct ablation of tissues using electric fields. In addition, transfer of gene-based products into the cancer cells can be used for genetic vaccination to achieve systemic responses and cancer control.Readers will discover valuable reference texts for practitioner education, including chapters on electrodes for unique anatomical access and treatment planning for deep-seated tumors, different immunotherapy applications with gene electrotransfer, calcium electroporation, irreversible electroporation applications and combinations with other common treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.Therapy options with electroporation are gaining interest around the world in both human and veterinary oncology, making this book valuable for oncologists, surgeons, primary care veterinarians, residents, interns and students at veterinary schools, where teaching of Electrochemotherapy will become part of the curriculum.

  • - The Agile Way to Quality
    af Helmut Pichler, Richard Seidl, Manfred Baumgartner, mfl.
    605,95 kr.

  • af Jurgen Jung & Bardo Fraunholz
    513,95 kr.

    This textbook provides a hands-on introduction to enterprise architecture management.

  • - Leading Diversity with Purpose and Inclusiveness
    af Kay Formanek
    290,95 kr.

  • - An Introduction
    af Tal Ben-Shahar
    207,95 kr.

  • - The Art of Thinking Abstractly and Mathematically
    af Roger Antonsen
    363,95 kr.

    This book offers an introduction to mathematical reasoning for beginning university or college students, providing a solid foundation for further study in mathematics, computer science, and related disciplines.

    495,95 kr.

    This book fills the gap in the literature on nursing theories by presenting the background information on situation specific theories such as philosophical bases and current status of situation specific theories and providing a collection of situation specific theories that have been developed.

  • af Ferrante Neri
    764,95 - 1.131,95 kr.

    This book presents the main concepts of linear algebra from the viewpoint of applied scientists such as computer scientists and engineers, without compromising on mathematical rigor.

  • af Jose Unpingco
    802,95 kr.

    This book, fully updated for Python version 3.6+, covers the key ideas that link probability, statistics, and machine learning illustrated using Python modules in these areas.

  • - Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice
    3.459,95 kr.

    This handbook offers a comprehensive review of intellectual disabilities (ID).

  • - A Problem-Based Approach
    af Joseph Domachowske & Manika Suryadevara
    779,95 kr.

  • af Elizabeth W. Christian, Vickie A. Vaclavik & Tad Campbell
    493,95 kr.

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