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  • af Gustavo Gasaneo, Lorenzo Ugo Ancarani & Jessica Del Punta
    911,95 kr.

    This volume covers numerous aspects of the Coulomb problem. It also examines a variety of related multivariable hypergeometric functions. With material not found elsewhere it will be a key work for physicists dealing with two- and three-body Coulomb problems.

  • af Enrico Marcantoni
    1.146,95 kr.

    In this volume, which avoids the pedagogical restrictions of a textbook, a number of aspects of Lewis acid catalysis and stereochemistry, including stereoisomerism and chemical selectivity, are explored with an eye to the latest developments in each field.

  • - A Developing Countrys Perspective
    af Mohammad Aslam Uqaili & Khanji Harijan
    1.352,95 kr.

    Resource assessments and the uses of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biomass energy, biogas and bio fuels resources towards generating electricity, thermal energy, and automotive power and transport fuels are examined in detail.

  • - Volume II
    af Santiago R.y Cajal
    2.408,95 kr.

    An annotated and edited translation of the original Spanish text with the additions of the French version by Pedro Pasik and Tauba Pasik

  • - Volume III An annotated and edited translation of the original Spanish text with the additions of the French version by Pedro Pasik and Tauba Pasik
    af Santiago R.y Cajal
    2.408,95 kr.

    An annotated and edited translation of the original Spanish text with the additions of the French version by Pedro Pasik and Tauba Pasik

  • - Microstructures, Crystal-Plasticity and Phase Transitions
    af Klaus Hackl & Joerg Schroeder
    1.678,95 - 1.794,95 kr.

    The book presents the latest findings in experimental plasticity, crystal plasticity, phase transitions, advanced mathematical modeling of finite plasticity and multi-scale modeling.

  • af Brigitte Lueger-Schuster & Katharina Pal-Handl
    289,95 kr.

    ltern, Onkel und Tanten sich hilflos und uber­

  • - Mit Einem Geleitwort von Karl Popper / With a Foreword by Harl Popper
    af Hans Hahn
    565,95 kr.

  • af Dieter Schmitt & Volker Gollnick
    1.187,95 kr.

    The book addresses all major aspects to be considered for the design and operation of aircrafts within the entire transportation chain. It provides the basic information about the legal environment, which defines the basic requirements for aircraft design and aircraft operation.

  • af Panagiotis Karampelas
    962,95 kr.

    Through a detailed critique of existing online social networks, this volume presents the technical and methodological aspects of designing social media platforms and applications. Readers will learn current techniques and best practices for designing and implementing social networks on the web.

  • - Perspectives from Early Emerging Animals
    af Thomas C. G. Bosch & David J. Miller
    1.217,95 kr.

    Thisbook examines how the growing knowledge of the huge range of animal-bacterialinteractions, whether in shared ecosystems or intimate symbioses, isfundamentally altering our understanding of animal biology.

  • af Valery A. Menshikov, Anatoly N. Perminov & Yuri M. Urlichich
    1.387,95 kr.

    This book explores the potential role of space-based systems in global risk and disaster management. The text introduces the proposed international global natural and industrial emergency aerospace monitoring system (IGMASS), its architecture and function.

  • - Compendium for Prevention and Management
    af Ines Mader, Patrizia R. Furst-Weger, Robert M. Mader, mfl.
    440,95 - 1.187,95 kr.

    The extravasation of cytotoxic agents can result in severe local tissue damage and medical emergencies during tumor therapy. This revised second edition of the compendium is intended to help clinicians assess any situation speedily and with certainty.

  • - Atlas of Tissue Biology and Pathology
    af Jürgen Roth & Margit Pavelka
    1.616,95 - 2.153,95 kr.

    This atlas provides a detailed insight into the complex structure and organization of cells and tissues, and highlights their specific functions as well as the dynamics of diverse intracellular processes.

  • - A Practical Guideline
    af Eva L. Feldman, Wolfgang Grisold, James W. Russell & mfl.
    1.187,95 kr.

    This book surveys all aspects of neuromuscular disorders including cranial and spinal nerves, motor neuron disease, peripheral nerves, muscle disease and more. Covers anatomy, symptoms, pathogenesis, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, therapy and prognosis.

  • - A Practical Guide for Treating Children and Adults
    af Marc Sindou, George Georgoulis & Patrick Mertens
    855,95 kr.

    This book covers evaluation and decision-making in spasticity cases detailing Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy (ITB), Botulinum toxin therapy and surgical methods. Includes procedures on peripheral nerves, dorsal roots, dorsal root entry zone and spinal cord.

  • af Schahram Dustdar & Anton Weber
    938,95 kr.

    Haptic Systems Architecture Modeling showcases a novel approach to modeling systems architectures by utilizing Lego bricks and RFID technology. The presented solution can be used by systems and software architects to communicate their design decisions with other stakeholders.

  • af Kurt Godel Gesellschaft
    767,95 kr.

    Covers a wide range of topics ranging from mathematical to philosophical logic, including logic in computer science, physics and philosophy of science. All articles are referenced to guarantee a high level of scientific content and presentation.

  • - Astronomy for Binoculars and Richest-Field Telescopes
    af Craig Crossen & Gerald Rhemann
    1.473,95 kr.

    Praise for Craig Crossen and Gerald Rhemann's, Sky VistasAstronomy"This is a practical and stunningly beautiful guide whose core is a descriptive tour of the best celestial sights: open and globular clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and large areas of sky.

  • af Mahdi Pourfath
    901,95 kr.

    Because the formalism enables rigorous modeling of different scattering mechanisms in terms of self-energies, but an exact evaluation of self-energies for realistic systems is not possible, their approximation and inclusion in the quantum kinetic equations of the Green functions are elaborated.

  • - A Comprehensive Atlas
    af Carlos Yanez
    1.401,95 - 1.849,95 kr.

    In the first part of the book the surgical anatomy of the nose and sinuses and the basic surgical techniques are described. The detailed, step by step narratives - integrated with many intraoperative photographs - accurately convey both surgical fundamentals and nuances.

  • af Wolfgang Joppich & Slobodan Mijalkovic
    767,95 kr.

    It was about 1985 when both of the authors started their work using multigrid methods for process simulation problems. There are the three "classical" ones, from our point of view: the so-called "1984 Guide" [12J by Brandt, the "Multi-Grid Methods and Applications" [49J by Hackbusch and the so-called "Fundamentals" [132J by Stiiben and Trottenberg.

  • - Experimental and Clinical Study
    af Jiro Suzuki
    767,95 kr.

    At will interest many investigators who these seminars my fellow research have devoted themselves to research in workers and I have exchanged many the field of neuroscience.

  • - Indications, Techniques, and Results
    af D. Stula
    877,95 kr.

    Clinical Aspects of Cranial Bone Defects . Origin of Cranial Defects . Acquired Defects . Neurological and Psychic Changes Before and After Cranioplasty . Scintigraphy Findings in Patients with Cranial Bone Defects .

  • af A. A. Hadjiolov
    767,95 kr.

  • - A Comparative Analysis of Industrialized Countries
    af B. Lapillonne & B. Chateau
    962,95 kr.

  • af S. Dales & B. G. T. Pogo
    767,95 kr.

    This volume, Biology of Poxviruses, marks our debut as editors of this well known series. But the pace of discovery is accelerating so rapidly that we feel the need to offer an additional format: volumes that contain collections of shorter, topical reviews on a group of related subjects.

  • af David R. Strayer & D. H. Gillespie
    284,95 kr.

    Furthermore the 2 genomes of retroviruses originated from normal cell genes, genes called virogenes * The nucleic acid and protein probes isolated from these viruses are therefore useful for studying the nature and expression of this normal cell gene and in elucidating the physiological role of its products.

  • - Potential Role and Risks of Converters and Breeders
    af Günther Kessler
    767,95 kr.

    Recognizing the need for reliable, factual and comprehensive information on nuclear energy, this book on Nuclear Fission Reactors is published .to present the scientific and technical facts of nuclear fission reactors, and to analyse their potential role and risks.

  • af Heinz Falk
    1.217,95 kr.

    (John Milton, 1608 -1674) There are essentially two types of books on a scientific subject: in the first one several authors contribute their specialized approaches to parts of the field in question, which then are edited and compiled to yield a comprehensive and authoritative account.

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