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  • - Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas
    af Mike Cox
    151,95 kr.

    A modern-day explorers guide to the Old WestFrom the famed Oregon Trail to the boardwalks of Dodge City to the great trading posts on the Missouri River to the battlefields of the nineteenth-century Indian Wars, there are places all over the American West where visitors can relive the great Western migration that helped shape our history and culture. This guide to the Great Plains states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas--one of the five-volume Finding the Wild West series--highlights the best-preserved historic sites as well as ghost towns, reconstructions, museums, historical markers, statues, and works of public art that tell the story of the Old West. Use this book in planning your next trip and for a storytelling overview of America's Wild West history.

  • - George Bascom, Cochise, and the Start of the Apache Wars
    af Doug Hocking
    161,95 kr.

    In 1861, war between the United States and the Chiricahua seemed inevitable. The Apache band lived on a heavily traveled Emigrant and Overland Mail Trail and routinely raided it, organized by their leader, the prudent, not friendly Cochise. When a young boy was kidnapped from his stepfather's ranch, Lieutenant George Bascom confronted Cochise even though there was no proof that the Chiricahua were responsible. After a series of missteps, Cochise exacted a short-lived revenge. Despite modern accounts based on spurious evidence, Bascom's performance in a difficult situation was admirable. This book examines the legend and provides a new analysis of Bascom's and Cochise's behavior, putting it in the larger context of the Indian Wars that followed the American Civil War.

  • af R. Michael Wilson
    91,95 kr.

    Stagecoach robbers evolved as a consequence of the discovery of gold or silver, or some other mineral treasure, and a town would "e;spring forth from the earth"e; overnight. Roads were soon built and stage lines began operating. A "e;pitching Betsy"e; would take out bullion and dust and bring in payrolls, always through country that was rough and isolated. The temptation to get rich quickly was too great for some, and the demand, "e;Hold! Throw out that treasure box!"e; was heard all too often in the Old West. Most robberies were never solved, but many robbers were caught, indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced. This book includes a collection of 15-20 of the most thrilling stagecoach robberies from 1875-1905.

  • - A Novel
    af Austin Wright & Robert Dwyer
    151,95 kr.

    An aging Sheriff Donovan is coming to terms with his recent diagnosis of terminal cancer and desperate to maintain his tenuous grasp on Three Chopthe town he willed into existence. When Donovan enters into a bargain with a faction of rural Christian Prohibitionists, agreeing to shutter the local saloon and brothel, his plan to cement his legacy in the eyes of God meets resistance from the town's business elite, whose livelihoods depend on liquor sales. With a band of notorious outlaws descending on Three Chop, the dispute ignites into a furious battle that forces residents to take sides, to choose between the town's past and future.

  • - America's First Cowboy Star
    af Matthew Kerns
    201,95 kr.

    Texas Jack: America's First Cowboy Star is a biography of John B. ';Texas Jack' Omohundro, the first well-known cowboy in America. A Confederate scout and spy from Virginia, Jack left for Texas within weeks of Lee's surrender at Appomattox. In Texas, he became first a cowboy and then a trail boss, jobs that would inform the rest of his life. Jack lead cattle on the Chisholm and Goodnight-Loving trails to New Mexico, California, Kansas and Nebraska. In 1868 he met James B. ';Wild Bill' Hickok in Kansas and then William F. ';Buffalo Bill' Cody in Nebraska at the end of the first major cattle drive to North Platte. Texas Jack and Buffalo Bill became friends, and soon the scout and the cowboy became the subjects of a series of dime novels written by Ned Buntline.

  • - and Other Seldom-Told Tales from the American West
    151,95 kr.

    Welcome to Western Writers of America's first anthology for young readers. In this collection of true tales of the West, we leave textbook history in the rearview mirror and take you on a tour of twenty seldom-told dramas, the kind you might stumble across only if you leave the main road to wander the detours and byways of the American story. Here you'll meet extraordinary characters, from a young buffalo hunter of prehistoric times to riders for the Pony Express, the first African American female stagecoach driver, and the Navajo code talkers of World War II. Did you know that in 1821, a Plains Indian girl trekked 1,400 miles to visit Washington, DC? Or that two brave children, eight and ten years old, took part in the Texas Revolution? Tales in this anthology range wide in time, topic, and mood, yet all celebrate a spirit that is uniquely Western.Founded in 1953, Western Writers of America is the nation's oldest and most distinguished organization of professionals writing about the early frontier and the American West, its past and present. Now in our sixty-eighth year, our more than seven hundred members write fiction and nonfiction, songs, poetry, short stories, plays for stage and screen, and more. The contributors to this anthology, WWA members all, include bestselling authors and winners of numerous prestigious literary awards. With Why Cows Need Cowboys, we invite you to journey westward with us, and we hope you enjoy the ride.

  • - Leaders of the Legendary West
    af Bill Markley
    151,95 kr.

    Two Native American leaders who left a lasting legacy, Geronimo and Sitting Bull.Most Americans and many people worldwide have heard these two famous names. Today, however, the general public knows little about the lives of these great leaders. During the second half of the nineteenth century when they opposed white intrusion and expansion into their territories, just the mention of their names could spark fear or anger. After they surrendered to the army and lived in captivity, they evoked curiosity and sympathy for the plight of the American Indian. Author Bill Markley offers a thoughtful and entertaining examination of these legendary lives in this new joint biography of these two great leaders. .

  • af Randi Samuelson-Brown
    141,95 kr.

    Market Street Madam tells the story of Annie Ryan, a woman who is running a second-rate brothel in 1890s Denver with an eye toward expansion. By chance she encounters Lydia Chambers, a society woman suffering from a laudanum habit and a bad marriage, who owns a prized property on the infamous Market Street. Annies fortunes at the brothel turn on her niece Pearl, a pretty young girl swept up in Denvers underworld of jealousy, booze, and vice--until murder stalks the good-time girls and puts everyones future in doubt. A rollicking tale of blurred lines, flowing booze, played-out miners and upstairs girls, Market Street Madam delivers a compelling look at the intrigues of the Wild West, where women were enterprising and justice could be had . . . for a price.

  • - Wyatt Earp, An American Odyssey Book Three
    af Mark Warren
    151,95 kr.

    The third book in Mark Warrens historical fiction trilogy ends with a bang.In Tombstone, Arizona Territory, despite a silver strike promising entrepreneurial opportunities, Wyatt Earp returns to law enforcement, posing a new threat to the cow-boy rustlers running rampant on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. The Earp brothers make as many enemies as they do allies in a deeply divided community. Aspiring to be county sheriff, Wyatt bargains with outlaw informants in his pursuit of three wanted men. When the deal unravels, the cow-boy traitors fear retribution from their own, planting the seed for the thirty seconds that will ensure Wyatt Earp his place in historythe gunfight that erupts behind the O.K. Corral. What followsassassination and swift justiceguarantees that Wyatt Earps name will forever serve as one standard within the debate of law versus order.

  • - Wyatt Earp, An American Odyssey Book Two
    af Mark Warren
    151,95 kr.

    Born to the Badge was a 2019 Spur Award Finalist!Shunted from his entrepreneurial ambitions to profit from the boomtowns of the frontier, twenty-six year old Wyatt Earp returns to law enforcement. In Wichita, Kansas the town leaders become disenchanted with his hardline methods, and so he moves to a place where an iron-rule is neededDodge City. With him comes Mattie Blaylock, a runaway prostitute, who, like Wyatt, is searching for a chance at a better life. As assistant marshal in Dodge, Wyatt establishes a reputation as an uncompromising peace officer, but he knows that police work will never deliver what he really wants: wealth and the respect of the upper class. After joining the Black Hills gold rush and then serving a stint as railroad detective in Texas, he returns to Kansas, only to pin on the badge again and inadvertently forge his path into history.

  • - The Real Story Behind the Wild West's Greatest Tale
    af Stephen J. May
    201,95 kr.

    His mother was against it, but he grew up to be a cowboy anyway. Zane Grey was a corn-fed mid-westerner who ended up an unhappy dentist in New York City. After a journey to Arizona and Utah in 1907, he decided he would rather wear chaps and a Stetson than return to a mundane life pulling teeth in Manhattan. Thus began his career as a writer. Zane Grey faced mountains of rejection and disappointment in publishing his early novels, but when Riders of the Purple Sage was published in 1912, and it set in motion the entire Western genre in books, movies, and eventually country western music. It was and remains an epic, colorful novel, filled with action, romance, and vivid descriptions of the Old West. Drawing on his letters, diaries, and personal papers, the story of his growth as a writer and of the creation of this book is a rags-to-riches saga sure to appeal to writers of any age, history buffs, motion picture fans, and lovers of music. Plus, it is a story set against the grandeur and sublimity of the American West.

  • af Melody Groves
    141,95 kr.

    Lawman or Outlaw?At times, the black-hatted ';villains' and white-hatted ';good guys' of the Old West were one and the same. Often it was difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish who was who. Sheriff Wyatt Earp stole horses and ran brothels. Albuquerque's first town marshal, Milton Yarberry, was accused of murder and subsequently ';jerked to Jesus.' Burt Alvord, town marshal of Willcox, Arizona, and friends, robbed a train. Alvord then deputized these same friends into a posse to apprehend the robbers. It came as no surprise when his posse came up empty handed. Justice Hoodoo Brown and Deputy JJ Webb ruled Las Vegas as leaders of the Dodge City Gang until they were run out of town by citizens fed up with their type of justice. ';Mysterious' Dave Mather and even two of the Dalton Gang spent time behind a badge, as well as behind bars.When Outlaws Wore Badges explores the double lives of outlaw lawmen through some of the West's most memorable frontier characters.

  • - Investigating History's Mysteries
    af W. C. Jameson
    171,95 kr.

    From the late 1870s to mid-1880s, Tombstone, Arizona, enjoyed impressive growth and prosperity as a result of the discovery of major silver deposits nearby. As in many boomtowns in the American West, its sudden prosperity attracted businessmen, outlaws, grifters, gamblers, prostitutes, and preachers. It wasn't long before there was a desperate need for lawmen and law enforcement. Outlaws like Johnny Ringo, Curly Bill Brocius, Buckskin Frank Leslie, Burt Alvord, and a handful of other lesser known criminals, all faced off with the legendary lawmen, including the Earp brothersWyatt, Virgil, Morgan, and Warrenwho to one degree or another represented law enforcement in this wild, no-holds-barred town. In addition to Tombstone's reputation as a setting for colorful outlaw-lawman confrontations, it is also associated with a number of compelling and baffling mysteries. Ghosts are reported to roam the old taverns, hotels, opera houses, and other buildings. Eerie and unexplainable sounds and sights have been associated with Boot Hill, the famous cemetery, as well as the New City Cemetery.Cold Case: The Tombstone Mysteries investigates the real stories behind the mysteries, including unsolved crimes that await a solution. These old west cold cases continue to attract researchers and investigators to the town too tough to die.

  • - A Red-Light History of the Golden State
    af Jan MacKell Collins
    151,95 kr.

    While settlers were drawn out West by the often empty promises of the Gold Rush, prostitution grew and flourished within the mining camps, small towns, and cities of nineteenth-century California. Whether escaping a bad home life, lured by false advertising, or seeking to subsidize their income, thousands of women chose or were forced to enter an industry where they faced segregation and persecution, fines and jailing, and battled the other hazards of their profession. Some dreamed of escape through marriage or retirement, and some became infamous and even successful, but more often found relief only in death. An integral part of western history, the stories of these women continue to fascinate readers and captivate the minds of historians today.Working girls and madams like Bodies famous Rosa May and the gambler Madame Moustache remain notorious celebrities in the annals of history, and Collins also includes the stories of lesser-known women whose roles in this illicit trade help shape our understanding of the American West.

  • af Judy Alter
    141,95 kr.

    Jessie is the story of Jessie Benton Fremont, wife of explorer and politician John C. Fremontwho was instrumental in opening the west. Jessie helped demonstrate that by joining her husband in California to build a home at the time of the Bear Flag rebellion.Judy Alter's storytelling and impeccable historical research bring the era of the old west to life while highlighting the life of Jessie Benton Fremont.

  • - A History of Women Who Shaped the Frontier
    af Jan Cleere
    151,95 kr.

    When the U.S. Army ordered troops into Arizona Territory in the 19th century to protect and defend the new settlements established there, some of the military men brought their wives and families, particularly officers who might be stationed in the west for years. Most of the women were from refined, eastern-bred families with little knowledge of the territory they were entering. Their letters, diaries, and journals from their years on army posts reveal untold hardships and challenges faced by families on the frontier. These women were bold, brave, and compassionate. They were an integral part of military posts that peppered the West and played an important role in civilizing the Arizona frontier. Combining the words of these women with original research tracing their movements from camp to camp over the years they spent in the West, this collection explores the tragedies and triumphs they experienced.

  • - Stories of the Wicked West
    af Steven L. Piott
    140,95 kr.

    During the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century a growing number of ordinary citizens had the feeling that all was not as it should be. Men who were making money made prodigious amounts, but this new wealth somehow passed over the heads of the common people. As this new breed of journalists began to examine their subjects with scrutiny, they soon discovered that those individuals were essentially ';simple men of extraordinary boldness.' And it was easy to understand how they were able to accomplish their sinister purposes: ';at first abruptly and bluntly, by asking and giving no quarter, and later with the same old determination and ruthlessness but with educated satellites who were glad to explain and idealize their behavior.'[i] ';Nothing is lost save honor,' said one infamous buccaneer, and that was an attitude that governed the amoral principles and extralegal actions of many audacious scoundrels.Relying on secondary sources, magazine and newspaper articles, and personal accounts from those involved, this volume captures some of the sensational true stories that took place in the western United States during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century. The theme that runs through each of the stories is the general contempt for the law that seemed to pervade the culture at the time and the consuming desire to acquire wealth at any costwhat Geoffrey C. Ward has called ';the disposition to be rich.' End NotesIntroduction[i]Louis Filler, Crusaders for American Liberalism (Yellow Springs, OH: Antioch Press, 1964), 14.

  • af Kellen Cutsforth
    222,95 kr.

    Buffalo Bill and the Birth of American Celebrity commemorates the rise of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show and tells the tale of a visionary whose real-life experiences (and embellishments) created an entertainment phenomenon that became a worldwide sensation.From Bill Codys earliest ideas of entertainment spectacles using Indians and examples of frontier life in their productions; the elements of Cody's early life that found their way into his Wild West spectacle; his friendship with Ned Buntline and early stage career; Cody's inclusion in outlandish dime novels; how the Wild West show idea was hatched with Cody's partner Doc Carver and their tumultuous relationship; early financial wobbles and European influence to take the Wild West overseas culminating in the 1887 American Exhibition; the hiring of Annie Oakley and treatment of Native Americans in the enterprise, and finally a look at Cody's lasting influence on today's entertainment culture.

  • - Poker in the Old West
    af Ralph Estes
    141,95 kr.

    Our images of the big names and places of the Old West often come from the tales of gunfights and violence that were sensationalized by dime novels and yellow journalism in the 19th century and the myths that came from those stories live on today. But in reality many of these fabled characters of the Wild West were gamblers first and gunfighters second more invested in poker than in the momentary fury of the shootout. Aces and Eights tells story of the role of poker in the lives of these legends, and offers a portrait of the places where they lived and frequently died. This book offers both the ';facts' of these lives and the true tales of the game and the gamblersand the entertaining ';tall tales' that have survived to this day.

  • - History and Historic Images
    af Victoria Wilcox
    201,95 kr.

    His name conjures images of the Wild West, of gunfights and gambling halls and a legendary friendship with the lawman Wyatt Earp, and he is probably most famous for his time in Tombstone. But Doc Holliday's story is a much richer than that one sentence summary allows. His was a life of travel across the westfrom Georgia to Texas, from Dodge City to Las Vegas, across Arizona and from New Mexico to Colorado and Montana. Revealed from contemporary newspaper accounts and records of interviews with Doc himself and the people who knew him and packed with archival photos and illustrations, The World of Doc Holliday offers a real first-hand accounting of his life of adventure.

  • af D. J. Herda
    201,95 kr.

    From Farmer and Sailor to Mountain Man, Crow Killer, and Town Sheriff,One man's reputation lives past all others When it came to western mountain men, no one on earth ever matched the physical prowess or will to survive of John ';Liver-Eating' Johnson. Throughout his life, John Johnston was known by several names, including ';Crow Killer' and ';Liver-Eating Johnson' (without the ';t'), names he earned through his penchant for killing Crow Indians before cutting out and eating their livers. Born around 1824 in New Jersey, Johnston headed west after deserting from the U.S. Navy and became a well-known and infamous mountain man. His many lives would involve him working as a miner, hunter, trapper, bootlegger, woodcutter, and army scout. When his Flathead Indian wife and child were killed by Crow Indians while he was away hunting and trapping, he swore to avenge their deaths and began his next life as a man after revenge . He killed hundreds and earned his nickname because he was said to cut out and eat his victims' livers. Twenty-five years after his wife's death, his life would take another turn when he joined the Union Army in Missouri. And that was just the start of his second act.

  • - Life and Death in the Old West's Most Dangerous Town
    af Samuel K. Dolan
    222,95 kr.

    Spanning a thirty-year period, from the late 1800s until the 1920s, Hell Paso is the true story of the desperate men and notorious women that made El Paso, Texas the Old West's most dangerous town. Supported by official court documents, government records, oral histories and period newspaper accounts, this book offers a bird's eye view of the one-time ';murder metropolis' of the Southwest.

  • - Women's Adventures in Old Yellowstone 1874 to 1903
    151,95 kr.

    This anthology of first person-accounts by women who toured Yellowstone Park more than a century ago includes tales of high adventure, raucous humor, and glorious sights of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Including a wide range of stories by women who visited from all over the world and at all ages, these accounts reveal their wonder at the interior of the park, the weeks they traveled on horseback through the roadless wilderness, and the later luxuries of well-maintained roads, comfortable carriages, and fancy hotels.

  • - The Pioneer Legacy of an American Ranch Family
    af Jefferson Glass
    201,95 kr.

    A collage of characters shaped the west of the nineteenth century. Large and powerful cattlemen, backed by eastern and European investors, flooded the prairie with herds often numbering 50-80 thousand head. They had visions of doubling or tripling their money quickly while their cattle grazed on the free grass of the open range. Others, like Martin Gothberg wisely invested in the future of the young frontier. Starting with a humble 160-acre homestead in 1885, he continued to expand and develop a modest ranch that eventually included tens of thousands of acres of deeded land. Gothberg's story parallels the history of open range cattle ranches, cowboys, roundups, homesteaders, rustlers, sheep men and range wars. It does not end there. As the Second Industrial Revolution escalated in the late 1800s, so did the demand for petroleum products. What began with a demand for beef to feed the hungry cities of the eastern United States fostered the demand for wool to clothe them and graduated into a demand for oil to warm them in winter and fuel the mechanized age of the twentieth century. All were a critical part of shaping American history. Through the lens of this family sagaa part of the history of the West comes to life in the hands of this storyteller and historian.

  • - The Ladies Who Helped Build the Railroad
    af Chris Enss
    151,95 kr.

    When the last spike was hammered into the steel track of the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869, at Promontory Point, Utah, Western Union lines sounded the glorious news of the railroad's completion from New York to San Francisco. For more than five years an estimated four thousand men mostly Irish working west from Omaha and Chinese working east from Sacramento, moved like a vast assembly line toward the end of the track. Editorials in newspapers and magazines praised the accomplishment and some boasted that the work that ';was begun, carried on, and completed solely by men.' The August edition of Godey's Lady's Book even reported ';No woman had laid a rail and no woman had made a survey.' Although the physical task of building the railroad had been achieved by men, women made significant and lasting contributions to the historic operation. However, the female connection with railroading dates as far back as 1838 when women were hired as registered nurses/stewardesses in passenger cars. Those ladies attended to the medical needs of travelers and also acted as hostesses of sorts helping passengers have a comfortable journey. Beyond nursing and service roles, however, women played a larger part in the actual creation of the rail lines than they have been given credit for. Miss E. F. Sawyer became the first female telegraph operator when she was hired by the Burlington Railroad in Montgomery, Illinois, in 1872. Eliza Murfey focused on the mechanics of the railroad, creating devices for improving the way bearings on a rail wheel attached to train cars responded to the axles. Murfey held sixteen patents for her 1870 invention. In 1879, another woman inventor named Mary Elizabeth Walton developed a system that deflected emissions from the smoke stacks on railroad locomotives. She was awarded two patents for her pollution reducing device. Their stories and many more are included in this illustrated volume celebrating women and the railroad.

  • - Investigating History's Mysteries
    af W. C. Jameson
    171,95 kr.

    Investigating Historys Mysteries The assassination of Sheriff Pat Garrett, one of the most notorious lawmen of the American West, remained one of the most puzzling and perplexing unsolved mysteries for more than a century. As a result of sophisticated forensic analysis of the historical crime scene, as well as the discovery of new evidence, the mystery has been solved.Most know Pat Garrett as the self-proclaimed slayer of the outlaw, Billy the Kid, on the night of July 14, 1881, in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The event propelled Garrett into regional and national headlines and generated a momentum that led the lawman to consider seeking higher political offices.Garretts plans were thwarted by his self-destructiveness, however. In spite of his notoriety, he was a bumbling lawman, a debtor, an alcoholic, an adulterer, and addicted to gambling. After being removed from his position as sheriff, he retired to a ranch in Uvalde, Texas, only to be summoned back to New Mexico to investigate the disappearance of Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain. In this pursuit, he failed once again.Garretts downward spiral created a sense of desperation in the lawman, and his continuing difficulties caused him to lose what few friends he had and generate numerous enemies. In time, his enemies had had enough of him and decided he had to go.

  • - Theodore Roosevelt's Great Loop Tour of 1903
    af Michael F. Blake
    214,95 kr.

    In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt planned a tour of the mid-West and Western states. It was dubbed the ';Great Loop Tour,' being careful not to call it a campaign tour, although he intended to seek re-election the following year. Theodore was adamant that his speeches be devoid of any partisan rhetoric, nor would he meet solely with Republican office holders in the various cities and towns he planned to visit. He would happily shake hands with a Democratic mayor or Senator just as he would a Republican. Theodore's speeches, which he wrote himself, covered subjects of good citizenship, a square deal for every man, a strong navy, and the positive aspects of the recent irrigation bill he signed into law. Then there were his speeches relating to conservation of the land, forests, rivers, and wildlife. Nowhere did these subjects become more important to him than when he visited Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. While he was still three years away from having the law that would knight him as the ';Conservation President,' Theodore was already making his mark on preserving the country's resources.

  • - True Stories Of The Sunflower State's Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, And Cutthroats
    af Sarah Smarsh
    111,95 - 121,95 kr.

    A refreshing new perspective on some of the most infamous reprobates of the Midwest.

  • - True Stories of the Last Frontier's Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, and Cutthroats
    af John W. Heaton
    112,95 - 121,95 kr.

    Massacres, mayhem, and mischief fill the pages of Outlaw Tales of Alaska. Pan for gold with dry gulchers and claim jumpers. Duck the bullets of murderers, plot strategies with con artists, hiss at lawmen turned outlaws. A refreshing new perspective on some of the most infamous reprobates of the Last Frontier. From Unimak Island to Fairbanks, and beyond, the Last Frontier was populated by characters as tough and as dangerous as any in the lower forty-eight. Take the legendary Blue Parka Bandit--whose generosity earned him Robin Hood status among some, and whose flair for escapes kept folks on edge even after his arrest. Or Fred Hardy who, in 1902, achieved the dubious distinction of being the first convicted murderer hung by the feds in the Territory of Alaska. Thats not to mention Kultuk, whose murderous exploits spread fear through the hearts of trappers in his rugged domain.

  • - True Stories Of The Mount Rushmore State's Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, And Cutthroats
    af T. D. Griffith
    91,95 - 121,95 kr.

    Massacres, mayhem, and mischief fill the pages of Outlaw Tales of South Dakota. Ride with horse thieves and cattle rustlers, stagecoach, and train robbers. Duck the bullets of murderers, plot strategies with con artists, hiss at lawmen turned outlaws. A refreshing new perspective on some of the most infamous reprobates of the Great Plains.

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