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  • - Listening to Incarcerated Voices
    af Mary L. Cohen & Stuart P. Duncan
    361,95 kr.

  • - The Poetry of Nduka Otiono
    af Nduka Otiono
    118,95 - 223,95 kr.

    The poems in this selection are drawn from Otiono's two pulished collections, Voices in the Rainbow, and Love in a Time of Nightmares, and includes previously unpublished new poems. Peter Midgley's introduction contextualizes Otiono's work within the frame of diaspora and newer critical frames like Afropolitanism.

  • - Disorderly Life in Postcolonial Literature
    af Sundhya Walther
    235,95 - 828,95 kr.

    Considers relationships between animals and humans in the iconic spaces of postcolonial India: the wild, the body, the home, and the city. Using a range of texts, including fiction, journalism, life writing, film, and visual art, this book argues that a uniquely Indian way of being modern is born in these spaces of disorderly multispecies living.

  • - Conversion and the Literary Roots of the U.S. Prison System
    af Simon Rolston
    235,95 - 361,95 kr.

    The first full-length study of prison life writing, this book shows how the autobiographical literature of incarcerated people is consistently based on a conversion narrative, the same narrative that underpins prison rehabilitation.

  • - Growing Up in the Calgary Suburbs, 1950-1970
    af James A. Onusko
    235,95 - 828,95 kr.

    The baby boomers and postwar suburbia remain a touchstone. For many, there is a belief that it has never been as good for youngsters and their families, as it was in the postwar years. Boom Kids explores the triumphs and challenges of childhood and adolescence in Calgary's postwar suburbs.

  • - The Poetry of Lillian Allen
    af Ronald Cummings & Lillian Allen
    110,95 - 223,95 kr.

    Lillian Allen is one of the leading creative Black feminist voices in Canada. Her work has been foundational to the dub poetry movement. Make the World New brings together some of the highlights of Allen's work in a single volume, the first book of her poems to be published in over twenty years.

  • - The Poetry of Duncan Mercredi
    af Duncan Mercredi
    102,95 kr.

    Collects the finest work of accomplished Indigenous poet Duncan Mercredi, from his first book in 1991 to recent unpublished poems. These are poems of life on the land as well as life in the city, vibrant with the rhythms of traditional Cree and Metis storytelling but also with the clamour and the music of the streets.

  • - The Poetry of Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
    af Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
    102,95 - 171,95 kr.

    Presents selected poetry by Anishinaabe writer Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm that deals with a range of issues: from violence against Indigenous women and lands to Indigenous erotica and the joyous intimate encounters between bodies.

  • - A Life of Timothy Findley
    af Sherrill Grace
    168,95 - 325,95 kr.

    Timothy Findley (1930-2002) was one of Canada's foremost writers - an award-winning novelist, playwright, and short-story writer who began his career as an actor in London. This is the first full biography of this eminent Canadian writer.

  • - A Memorial
    af Raymond A. Rogers
    143,95 kr.

    Explores the parallel processes of dispossession suffered by nineteenth-century Scottish crofters expelled from their ancestral lands during the Highland Clearances, and by the marginalization of coastal fishing communities in Nova Scotia. The book memorializes local ways of life that were destroyed by the forces of industrial production.

  • - Canadian Women and the Rise of Celebrity Autobiography
    af Katja Lee
    468,95 - 474,95 kr.

    Examines the memoirs of famous Canadian women, such as L.M. Montgomery, Nellie McClung, the Dionne Quintuplets, Margaret Trudeau, and Shania Twain, to trace the rise of celebrity autobiography in Canada and the role gender has played in the rise to fame and in writing about that experience.

  • - The Branding War between the Third Reich and the United States
    af Tim Blackmore
    168,95 - 381,95 kr.

    Using numerous examples of US and Nazi military heraldry, Gorgeous War compares the way the American and German militaries developed their graphic and textile design in the interwar period. The book shows how social and cultural design movements like modernism altered and were altered by both militaries.

  • - Serials, Sequels, and Adaptations of Nellie L. McClung, L.M. Montgomery, and Mazo de la Roche
    af Wendy Roy
    260,95 - 679,95 kr.

    Early-twentieth-century authors Nellie L. McClung, L.M. Montgomery, and Mazo de la Roche published their novels serially to keep readers and publishers in a state of anticipation. This book argues that they were heavily invested in the cultural phenomenon of the continuing story.

  • - Stories and Lessons from the Halifax Explosion
    af T. Joseph Scanlon
    235,95 kr.

    Weaves together compelling stories and potent lessons learned from the calamitous Halifax explosion - the worst non-natural disaster in North America before 9/11. Written in a journalistic style, this book explores how the explosion influenced later emergency planning and disaster theory.

  • - Unsettling Truth in Canadian Culture
    af Heather Jessup
    260,95 kr.

    An original look at hoaxes in Canadian culture, this book shows how the work of some contemporary artists and writers disrupts the curatorial and authorial practices of Canada's most respected cultural institutions - art galleries, museums, and publishers - in order to celebrate discomfort, imagination, empathy, and change.

  • - Canada's Military Families during the Afghanistan Mission
    af Patrizia Albanese & Deborah Harrison
    235,95 - 301,95 kr.

    Beyond its research findings, this pioneering book considers the past, present, and potential role of schools in supporting children who have been affected by military deployments. It also assesses the broader human costs to Canadian Armed Forces families of their enforced participation in the volatile overseas missions of the twenty-first century.

  • - Cinema, Affect, Nature
    af Adrian J. Ivakhiv
    293,95 kr.

    This book presents an ecophilosophy of cinema: an account of the moving image in relation to the lived ecologies - material, social, and perceptual relations - within which movies are produced, consumed, and incorporated into cultural life.

  • - Masculinity and the Idea of Boyhood in Postwar Ontario, 1945--1960
    af Christopher J. Greig
    235,95 kr.

    Drawing on a wide variety of sources, Ontario Boys demonstrates that, although girls were expected and encouraged to internalize a "special kind" of citizenship, as caregivers and educators of children and nurturers of men, the gendered content and language employed indicated that active public citizenship and democracy was intended for boys.

  • af Laura K. Davis
    247,95 - 264,95 kr.

    Margaret Laurence Writes Africa and Canada is the first book to examine how Laurence addresses decolonization and nation building in 1950s Somalia and Ghana, and 1960s and 1970s English Canada.Focusing on Laurence s published works as well as her unpublished letters not yet discussed by critics, the book articulates how Laurence and her characters are poised between African colonies of occupation during decolonization and the settler-colony of English Canada during the implementation of Canadian multiculturalism. Laurence s Canadian characters are often divided subjects who are not quite members of their ancestral imperial cultures, yet also not truly native to their nation. Margaret Laurence Writes Africa and Canada shows how Laurence and her characters negotiate complex tensions between self and nation, and argues that Laurence s African and Canadian writing demonstrates a divided Canadian subject who holds significant implications for both the individual and the country of Canada.Bringing together Laurence s writing about Africa and Canada, Davis offers a unique contribution to the study of Canadian literature. The book is an original interpretation of Laurence s work and reveals how she displaces the simple notion that Canada is a sum total of different cultures and conceives Canada as a mosaic that is in flux and constituted through continually changing social relations.

  • - The Poetry of Margaret Christakos
    af Margaret Christakos
    110,95 kr.

    Space Between Her Lips presents the first selected works of one of Canada's most important poets of the last few decades. Margaret Christakos writes vibrant, exciting, and intellectually challenging poetry. She plays language games that bring a probing and disturbing humour to serious themes that range from childhood and children to women in contemporary techno-capitalist society to feminist literary theory, and so much more. Gregory Betts introduction to the collection highlights her formal diversity and her unique combination of feminist and avant-garde affinities. He connects the geographies of her life including Northern Ontario where she was raised, downtown Toronto where she studied with cutting-edge authors and artists like bpNichol and Michael Snow, and Montreal where she integrated with the country s leading feminist authors and thinkers with her polyphonic experimentation. While traversing the problem of bifurcated identities, Christakos is funny at a deeply semiotic level, wickedly wry, exposing something about the way we think by examining the way we speak of it. In her afterword, Christakos maps out a philosophy of writing that highlights her self-consciousness of the foibles of language but also deep concern for the themes she writes about, including her career-length exploration of self-discovery, hetero-, queer and bi-sexual sexualities, motherhood, self-care, and linguistic alienation. Indeed, Margaret Christakos is a whole-body poet, writing with the materiality of language about the movement of interior thought to embodied experience in the world.

  • af Walter C. Soderlund, E. Donald Briggs & Tom Pierre Najem
    310,95 - 341,95 kr.

    The Syrian Civil War has created the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of World War II, sending shock waves through Syria, its neighbours, and the European Union. Calls for the international community to intervene in the conflict, in compliance with the UN-sanctioned Responsibility to Protect (R2P), occurred from the outset and became even more pronounced following President Assad's use of chemical weapons against civilians in August 2013. Despite that egregious breach of international convention, no humanitarian intervention was forthcoming, leaving critics to argue that UN inertia early in the conflict contributed to the current crisis Syria, Press Framing, and The Responsibility to Protect examines the role of the media in framing the Syrian conflict, their role in promoting or, on the contrary, discouraging a robust international intervention. The media sources examined are all considered influential with respect to the shaping of elite views, either directly on political leaders or indirectly through their influence on public opinion. The volume provides a review of the arguments concerning appropriate international responses to events in Syria and how they were framed in leading newspapers in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada during the crucial early years of the conflict; considers how such media counsel affected the domestic contexts in which American and British decisions were made not to launch forceful interventions following Assad's use of sarin gas in 2013; and offers reasoned speculation on the relevance of R2P in future humanitarian crises in light of the failure to protect Syrian civilians.

  • - Contexts for the Biographical Image of Emily Carr
    af Stephanie Kirkwood Walker
    185,95 kr.

    What happens when an individual becomes the subject of many and divergent portraits? Biography, says Stephanie Kirkwood Walker, is a deceptive genre. Positioned between fact and fiction and elusive in its purposes, biography displays an individual life, an existence patterned by conventions that have also shaped the reader s experience. In This Woman in Particular, Walker explores versions of Emily Carr s life that have appeared over the last half-century. Walker contends that the biographical image of Emily Carr that emerges from an accumulation of biographies, films, plays and poetry as well as her own autobiographical writing establishes an elaborated cultural artefact an image that is bound by its very nature to remain forever incomplete and always elusive. She demonstrates how changes in Carr s biographical image parallel the maturing of Canadian biographical writing, reflecting attitudes toward women artists and the shifting balance between religion, secular attitudes and contemporary spirituality. And she concludes that biography plays a crucial role in all our lives in initiating and sustaining debate on vital personal and collective concerns.

  • - National Socialism in Canada
    af Jonathan F. Wagner
    276,95 kr.

    During the years 1933 to 1939, a pro-Nazi movement developed in Canada. With the support of the German National Socialist Party, Canadian pro-Nazi institutions were formed: clubs, rallies, schools, and newspapers. The movement ended in failure. The author analyzes the reasons for the formation and decline of the National Socialist Party in Canada, describing in the process the general characteristics of the German community in Canada, the extent of Nazi activity in this country, and the influence of the Canadian environment on the movement. The book, well researched and carefully documented, is an original contribution to Canadian history of the 1930s.

  • - Essays on Contemporary Native Culture
    af Gail Guthrie Valaskakis
    293,95 kr.

    Since first contact, Natives and newcomers have been involved in an increasingly complex struggle over power and identity. Modern Indian wars are fought over land and treaty rights, artistic appropriation, and academic analysis, while Native communities struggle among themselves over membership, money, and cultural meaning. In cultural and political arenas across North America, Natives enact and newcomers protest issues of traditionalism, sovereignty, and self-determination. In these struggles over domination and resistance, over different ideologies and Indian identities, neither Natives nor other North Americans recognize the significance of being rooted together in history and culture, or how representations of Indianness set them in opposition to each other. In Indian Country: Essays on Contemporary Native Culture, Gail Guthrie Valaskakis uses a cultural studies approach to offer a unique perspective on Native political struggle and cultural conflict in both Canada and the United States. She reflects on treaty rights and traditionalism, media warriors, Indian princesses, powwow, museums, art, and nationhood. According to Valaskakis, Native and non-Native people construct both who they are and their relations with each other in narratives that circulate through art, anthropological method, cultural appropriation, and Native reappropriation. For Native peoples and Others, untangling the past personal, political, and cultural can help to make sense of current struggles over power and identity that define the Native experience today. Grounded in theory and threaded with Native voices and evocative descriptions of Indian experience (including the author s), the essays interweave historical and political process, personal narrative, and cultural critique. This book is an important contribution to Native studies that will appeal to anyone interested in First Nations experience and popular culture.

  • - Recreating the Middle Ages in Modern Germany
    af Robert R. Taylor
    185,95 kr.

    Far from being mere antiquarian or sentimental curiosities, the rebuilt or reused fortresses of the Rhine reflect major changes in Germany and Europe during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Taylor begins The Castles of the Rhine with a synopsis of the major political, social and intellectual changes that influenced castle rebuilding in the nineteenth century. He then focuses on selected castles, describing their turbulent histories from the time of their original construction, through their destruction or decay, to their rediscovery in the 1800s and their continued preservation today. Reading this book is equivalent to looking at history though a romantic-nationalist kaleidoscope. Amply illustrated with maps and photographs, The Castles of the Rhine is a wonderful companion for anyone with dreams or experience of journeying along the Rhine.

  • - From Prague to Beverly Hills
    af Lionel Steiman
    160,95 kr.

    Franz Werfel was born in Prague in 1890 and died in Beverly Hills in 1945, a popular and artistic success in Europe and America. Despite his Jewish birth and upbringing, he was attracted to Christianity at any early age, and although he never formally converted, he celebrated his own vision of it in his entire life's work. The origina sof that peculiar faith and the response it engendered in Werfel's work as he lived thorough the horrific end of Jewish life in Europe are treated here. Werfel was not a systematic thinker, and, while his writing contains much that is philosophical and theological, his eclecticism and idiosyncracy render any attempt to trace the specific origins of his thought or its relation to the work of contemporary philosophers and theologians highly problematic. Thus, this work is neither biography nor intellectual history in the strict sense it goes beyond, melding the concerns of both genres into a thoughtful, comprehensive portrait of faith at work. Of interest to historians of the twentieth century as well as to students of that intriguing zone that lies between faith and art but is neither or both.

  • - Religion and the Culture of Technology
    af William A. Stahl
    360,95 kr.

    Our ancestors saw the material world as alive, and they often personified nature. Today we claim to be realists. But in reality we are not paying attention to the symbols and myths hidden in technology. Beneath much of our talk about computers and the Internet, claims William A. Stahl, is an unacknowledged mysticism, an implicit religion. By not acknowledging this mysticism, we have become critically short of ethical and intellectual resources with which to understand and confront changes brought on by technology.

  • af Edna Staebler
    127,95 kr.

    An updated edition of a bestselling book in the food writing genre from award-winning author and journalist Edna Staebler. In the 1960s, Edna Staebler moved in with an Old Order Mennonite family to absorb their oral history and learn about Mennonite culture and cooking. From this fieldwork came the cookbook Food That Really Schmecks. Originally published in 1968, Food That Really Schmecks instantly became a classic, selling tens of thousands of copies. Interspersed with practical and memorable recipes are Staebler s stories and anecdotes about cooking, life with the Mennonites, family, and the Waterloo Region. Described by Edith Fowke as folklore literature, Staebler s cookbooks have earned her national acclaim. Back in print as part of Wilfrid Laurier University Press s Life Writing series, a series devoted celebrating life writing as both genre and critical practice, the updated edition of this groundbreaking book includes a foreword by award-winning author Wayson Choy and a new introduction by well-known food writer Rose Murray.

  • af Michael Snow & Louise Dompierre
    210,95 kr.

    Writing, for Michael Snow, is as much a form of art-making as the broad range of visual art activities for which he is renowned, including the Walking Woman series and the film Wavelength. Conversely, many of the texts included in this anthology are as significant visually as they are at the level of content they are meant to be looked at as well as read. Situated somewhere between a repository of contemporary thought by one of our leading Canadian artists and a history book as it brings to light some important moments in the cultural life of Canada since the 1950s, these texts tell their own story, marking the passage of time, ideas and attitudes. The works included here, ranging from essays and interviews and record album cover notes to filmscripts and speeches (which, in Snow s hands, often fall into the category of performance art), are not only built for browsing, they offer insights into both the professional and the private Snow. Together, they expand the context of Snow s work and show the evolution of a great Canadian artist, beginning with his early attempts at defining art, to his emergence and recognition on the international art scene. This book is one of four books that are part of the Michael Snow Project. Initiated by the Art Gallery of Ontario and The Power Plant Gallery, the project also includes four exhibitions of his visual art and music.

  • - Witness and Memory in Wartime Holland
    af Henry G. Schogt
    110,95 - 216,95 kr.

    Henry Schogt met his wife, Corrie, in 1954 in Amsterdam. Each knew the other had grown up in the Netherlands during World War II, but for years they barely spoke of their experiences. This was true for many people the memories were just too painful. Years later, Henry and Corrie began to piece their memories together, to untangle reality from dreams. Their intent was to help others understand what had happened then, and how it influenced and affected not only their lives but those of all who survived. The seven stories in The Curtain reveal how two families one Jewish, one non-Jewish fared in the Netherlands during the German occupation in World War II. Each vignette highlights a specific aspect of life; all show how life changed for everyone, and forever. Four stories are based on the author s memories of his own non-Jewish family: Henry s friendship with a Jewish teenager; the conflict of personal antipathy with the realization that help must be provided; the Schogt parents determination to do the right thing; the difficulties of coping with an aunt with Nazi sympathies. These are stories about the randomness of survival and the elusive nature of memory. For the Jewish family, three stories drawn from the memories of the author s wife and family demonstrate the bewildering situation of trying to make impossible life-determining decisions when faced with confusing and deceitful decrees. The family must struggle with the luck or absence thereof of finding refuge when forced from their homes, and with the perplexing inconsistencies of the collaboration of Dutch authorities and police with the Nazis. The Curtain emphasizes the difference between the options that were open to non-Jews and Jews in the Netherlands. Non-Jews could freely choose whether to actively resist the Germans, collaborate with the Nazis, or just to do nothing, and try to live a normal life in spite of wartime restrictions. Dutch Jews, on the other hand, did not have a choice whatever they did, whatever decisions they made, they were doomed, and it often seemed, when someone survived, just simple luck. A short introduction about the war years and an appendix with a chronology of decrees, events, and statistics, provide background information for this haunting memoir of those disturbing years during the German Occupation in the Netherlands.

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