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  • - The Soweto Schoolchildrens Revolt that Shook Apartheid
    af Baruch Hirson
    151,95 - 155,95 kr.

    'We can say without fear of being contradicted by history, that June 16, 1976 heralded the beginning of the end of the centuries-old white rule in this country.'Nelson Mandela Originally banned on publication by the apartheid government, Year of Fire, Year of Ash is an eye-opening account of how, in June 1976, 20,000 school students faced down the tanks and guns of a vicious racist regime, in a revolt that galvanized the black working-class and became a pivotal turning point for the anti-apartheid movement. More than this, the book overturns much of the conventional logic that served to explain the event at the time, showing it was not simply a student protest, but part of a wider uprising.Released in this new edition to mark the fortieth anniversary, Year of Fire, Year of Ash provides an unparalleled insight into the origins and events of the uprising, from its antecedents in the 1920s to its role in inspiring global solidarity against apartheid. As South Africa experiences a new wave of popular discontent, and as new forms of black consciousness come to the fore in movements around the world, Baruch Hirson's book provides a timely reminder of the Soweto revolt's continued significance to struggles against oppression today.

  • - A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone
    af Minna Salami
    155,95 kr.

    In Sensuous Knowledge, Minna Salami draws on Africa-centric, feminist-first and artistic traditions to help us rediscover inclusive and invigorating ways of experiencing the world afresh. Combining the playfulness of a storyteller with the insight of a social critic, the book pries apart the systems of power and privilege that have dominated ways of thinking for centuries - and which have led to so much division, prejudice and damage. And it puts forward a new, sensuous, approach to knowledge: one grounded in a host of global perspectives - from Black Feminism to personal narrative, pop culture to high art, Western philosophy to African mythology - together comprising a vision of hope for a fragmented world riven by crisis. Through the prism of this new knowledge, Salami offers fresh insights into the key cultural issues that affect women's lives. How are we to view Sisterhood, Motherhood or even Womanhood itself? What is Power and why do we conceive of Beauty? How does one achieve Liberation? She asks women to break free of the prison made by ingrained male-centric biases, and build a house themselves - a home that can nurture us all. Sensuous Knowledge confirms Minna Salami as one the most important spokespeople of today, and the arrival of a blistering new literary voice.

  • - A Murder
    af Maggie Nelson
    114,95 kr.

    Jane tells the spectral story of the life and death of Maggie Nelson's aunt Jane, who was murdered in 1969 while a first-year law student at the University of Michigan. Though officially unsolved, Jane's murder was apparently the third in a series of seven brutal rape-murders in the area between 1967 and 1969. Nelson was born a few years after Jane's death, and the narrative is suffused with the long shadow her murder cast over both the family and her psyche.Jane explores the nature of this haunting incident via a collage of poetry, prose, dream-accounts, and documentary sources, including local and national newspapers, related "e;true crime"e; books such as The Michigan Murders and Killer Among Us, and fragments from Jane's own diaries written when she was 13 and 21. Its eight sections cover Jane's childhood and early adulthood, her murder and its investigation, the direct and diffuse effect of her death on Nelson's girlhood and sisterhood, and a trip to Michigan Nelson took with her mother (Jane's sister) to retrace the path of Jane's final hours.

  • - A Global History of Poverty and Prosperity
    af Andrew Brooks
    196,95 kr.

    Why did some countries grow rich while others remained poor? Human history unfolded differently across the globe. The world is separated in to places of poverty and prosperity. Tracing the long arc of human history from hunter gatherer societies to the early twenty first century in an argument grounded in a deep understanding of geography, Andrew Brooks rejects popular explanations for the divergence of nations. This accessible and illuminating volume shows how the wealth of 'the West' and poverty of 'the rest' stem not from environmental factors or some unique European cultural, social or technological qualities, but from the expansion of colonialism and the rise of America. Brooks puts the case that international inequality was moulded by capitalist development over the last 500 years.After the Second World War, international aid projects failed to close the gap between 'developed' and 'developing' nations and millions remain impoverished. Rather than address the root causes of inequality, overseas development assistance exacerbate the problems of an uneven world by imposing crippling debts and destructive neoliberal policies on poor countries. But this flawed form of development is now coming to an end, as the emerging economies of Asia and Africa begin to assert themselves on the world stage.The End of Development provides a compelling account of how human history unfolded differently in varied regions of the world. Brooks argues that we must now seize the opportunity afforded by today's changing economic geography to transform attitudes towards inequality and to develop radical new approaches to addressing global poverty, as the alternative is to accept that impoverishment is somehow part of the natural order of things.

  • - A Slow Liberation
    af Edward Thomas
    196,95 - 236,95 kr.

    In 2011, South Sudan became independent following a long war of liberation, that gradually became marked by looting, raids and massacres pitting ethnic communities against each other. In this remarkably comprehensive work, Edward Thomas provides a multi-layered examination of what is happening in the country today. Writing from the perspective of South Sudan's most mutinous hinterland, Jonglei state, the book explains how this area was at the heart of South Sudan's struggle. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and a broad range of sources, this book gives a sharply focused, fresh account of South Sudan's long, unfinished fight for liberation.

  • - Surviving under Military Rule
    af Christina Fink
    272,95 - 277,95 kr.

    Eight years after the first edition of this insightful and highly regarded book, Burma remains one of the most troubled nations in Southeast Asia. While other countries have democratized and prospered, Burma is governed by a repressive military dictatorship and is the second largest producer of heroin in the world. In this exceptionally readable yet scholarly account of Burma today, Christina Fink gives a moving and insightful picture of what life under military rule is like. Through the extensive interviews conducted inside and outside the country, we begin to understand Burma's political and domestic situation and a comprehensive understanding of why military rule has lasted so long. This significantly revised new edition includes material taking the reader up to present day action and accounts, including the impacts of the dramatic 2007 monks' demonstrations, which were coordinated with former student activists and members of Aung San Suu Kyi's party. The book explores the regime's continued attempts to weaken and divide the democratic movement and the ethnic nationalist organizations and explains how the democratic movement and ethnic groups have sought to achieve their goals; in part, by working more closely together.

  • - Transnational Sexism and the War on Terror
    af Robin L. Riley
    196,95 - 206,95 kr.

    This powerful book exposes how gendered Orientalism is wielded to justify Western imperialism. Over the last ten years, Western governments and mainstream media have utilized concepts of white masculine supremacy and feminine helplessness, juxtaposed with Orientalist images depicting women of color as mysterious, sinister, and dangerous, to support war. Oscillating between Mrs Anthrax, female suicide bomber and tragic, helpless victim, representations of 'brown women' have spawned both rescue narratives and terrorist alerts. Examining media and pop culture from Sex and the City 2 to Vanity Fair and Time magazine, Robin Riley uses transnational feminist analysis to reveal how this kind of transnational sexism towards Muslim women in general and Afghan and Iraqi women in particular has led to a new form of gender imperialism.

  • - Agricultural Investments and the Global Food System
    af Lorenzo Cotula
    145,95 kr.

    Over the past few years, large-scale land acquisitions in Africa have stoked controversy, making headlines in media reports across the world. Land that only a short time ago seemed of little outside interest is now being sought by international investors to the tune of hundreds of thousands of hectares. Private-sector expectations of higher world food and commodity prices and government concerns about longer-term national food and energy security have both made land a more attractive asset. Dubbed 'land grabs' in the media, large-scale land acquisitions have become one of the most talked about and contentious topics amongst those studying, working in or writing about Africa. Some commentators have welcomed this trend as a bearer of new livelihood opportunities. Others have countered by pointing to negative social impacts, including loss of local land rights, threats to local food security and the risk that large-scale investments may marginalize family farming. Lorenzo Cotula, a leading expert in the field, casts a critical eye over the most reliable evidence on this hotly contested topic, examining the implications of land deals in Africa both for its people and for world agriculture and food security.

  • - Skills and Strategies for Action
    af Simon Fisher, Vesna Matovic, Bridget Ann Walker & mfl.
    257,95 kr.

    Working with Conflict 2 reflects the accumulated wisdom of over 3000 peacebuilding practitioners from 70 countries over the 20 years since the first Working with Conflict book was published. Its focus is on understanding and transforming conflict, building practical strategies for constructive change, analysing power, addressing violence, healing wounds and building movements for change. It is relevant to all who are trying to bring about change in intractable situations, from grassroots to policy level, including those working in the fields of peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance, development, climate change, human rights, gender equality, trauma healing and democracy.Working with Conflict 2 is an accessible practical resource, for both individuals and organisations working and researching how to work in conflict-prone and unstable parts of the world. Easy to use, including helpful visual materials, it provides a range of practical tools - processes, ideas, techniques - for tackling conflict, as well as providing links to other key conflict-related and peacebuilding resources, including organisations, publications and websites.

  • - Young British Muslims Speak and Write about Sex and Love
    af Richard Phillips, Claire Chambers & Nafhesa Ali
    870,95 kr.

    Storing Relationshipsexplores the sexual lives of young British Muslims in their own words and throughtheir own stories. It finds engaging and surprising stories in a variety ofsettings: when young people are chatting with their friends; conversing moreformally within families and communities; scribbling in their diaries; andwriting blogs, poems and books to share or publish.Thesestories are interesting to read and to hear, but they also have widersignificance because they challenge stereotypes about Muslims, who areportrayed as unhappy in love and sexually different, even dangerous. The youngpeople who emerge in this book, contradicting racist and Islamophobicstereotypes, are assertive and creative, finding and making their own ways inmatters of the body and the heart.Theirstories - about single life, meeting and dating, pressure and expectations,sex, love, marriage and dreams - are at once specific to the young BritishMuslims who tell them, and resonant reflections of human experience.

  • - Pop-up Culture as the Seductive New Normal
    af Ella Harris
    196,95 kr.

    'Pop-up' is a fully-fledged, new urbanism. Celebrated as a flexible and exciting new form of place making, pop-up culture includes temporary or nomadic sites such as cinemas, container malls, supper clubs, even pop-up housing and is now ubiquitous in cities across the world. But what are the stakes of the 'pop-up' city? Traversing a wealth of fascinating case studies, Rebranding Precarity shows how pop-up works to rebrand insecurity and encourages us to embrace precarity as the new normal. Revealing how urban crisis has particular temporal and spatial characteristics, defined by uncertainty, instability, fractures and gaps, it illuminates how those markers of crisis have been optimistically reimagined over the last few years, through an examination of seven logics that rebrand insecurity including within housing, labour economies and gentrifying areas. In doing so, it paints a frightening picture of how crisis conditions have become not just accepted, but are in fact desired, in today's metropolis.

  • - State-society Strife in Johannesburg
    af Li Pernegger
    870,95 kr.

    An exploration of Johannesburg's post-apartheid's city administration's governance of conflict from 1996 to the current day, in the case of service delivery protests and shifts in city policy. The author, Li Pernegger, focuses in-depth on the water wars in Orange Farm, insurgent informal traders in the inner city, and the billing battle fought by the middle class.This book provides deep insights into facets of protests: from the local state's qualification of the conflicts; its portrayals of protestors; its agonistic and antagonistic responses to protestors' claims; to power dynamics and the forms of agreement reached.Pernegger considers what the practical prospects of agonism might be for the local government to regard city strife in its practices of governance as a constructive - rather than destructive - force for change, and the realisation of democratic ideals for its ordinary citizens.

  • - Confronting Racism and Migration Control
    af Hannah Jones
    206,95 kr.

    An elected politician is assassinated in the street by a terrorist associated with extreme political groups, and the national response is to encourage picnics. Thousands of people are held in prison-like conditions without judicial oversight or any time-limit on their sentence. An attempt to re-assert national sovereignty and borders leads thousands of citizens to register for dual citizenship with other countries, some overcoming family associations with genocide in their second country of nationality to do so.This is life in the UK today. How then are things still continuing as 'normal'? How can we confront these phenomena and why do we so often refuse to? What are the practices that help us to accommodate the unconscionable? How might we contend with the horrors that meet us each day, rather than becoming desensitized to them?Violent Ignorance sets out to examine these questions through an understanding of how the past persists in the present, how trauma is silenced or reappears, and how we might reimagine identity and connection in ways that counter - rather than ignore - historic violence. In particular Hannah Jones shows how border controls and enforcement, and its corollary, racism and violence, have shifted over time. Drawing on thinkers from John Berger to Ben Okri, from Audre Lorde to Susan Sontag, the book questions what it means to belong, and discusses how hierarchies of belonging are revealed by what we can see, and what we can ignore.

  • - The African Union and Post-coup Intervention in Madagascar
    af Antonia Witt
    666,95 - 680,95 kr.

    Since the beginnings of independence, a number of African nations have been plagued by repeated coup d'etats. Within the African Union (AU), there has been a concerted effort to break this cycle through the official adoption of an 'anti-coup norm', by which the AU is mandated to suspend a member state and restore constitutional order following a coup. Supporters of this stance see it as strengthening democracy in Africa, while critics argue that it has served to prop up existing regimes. But there has been little analysis of what the AU's attempts to 'restore constitutional order' have meant for individual African states.In this book, Antonia Witt looks at the legacy of the AU's intervention in Madagascar following the 2009 'Malagasy crisis', one of the increasingly relevant yet under-researched cases of non-Western intervention in Africa. The book looks at the ways in which international intervention reconfigured the political order in Madagascar, how it facilitated the power struggle within the Madagascan elite and prevented more profound political change. It also considers what the example set by the Madagascan intervention means for the wider international order in Africa and the powers attributed to African international actors such as the AU.

  • - A Gender Analysis Volume 1
    af Gina Heathcote, Emily Jones, Sheri Labenski & mfl.
    666,95 kr.

    The Law of War and Peaceoffers a cutting-edge analysis of the relationship between law, armed conflict,gender and peace. This book, which is the first of two volumes, focuses on the interplaybetween international law and gendered experiences of armed conflict. Itprovides an in-depth analysis of the key debates on collective security,unilateral force, the laws governing conflict, terrorism and internationalcriminal law. While much of the current scholarship has centered on the UNSecurity Council's Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), thistwo-volume work seeks to move understandings beyond the framework establishedby WPS. It does this through providing a critical and intersectional approachto gender and conflict which is mindful of transnational feminist and queerperspectives.

  • - Resisting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Rights and Equalities
    af Kath Browne & Catherine Jean Nash
    196,95 kr.

    Around the world, LGBTQ+ activists have won an unprecedented series of political victories, from marriage equality to increased representation in government. But this success has sparked a backlash. While there has been much scrutiny of the role of the Christian right in opposing LGBTQ+ equality in the US, the backlash goes far beyond these traditional elements, and also extends beyond the US to countries including the UK, Ireland and Canada.In this book, Nash and Browne consider the rise of the new 'heteroactivism', showing how social media and new sources of funding have reinvigorated the opponents of LGBTQ+ rights. They also show how the rhetoric and tactics of this new generation of heteroactivists differ from that of their predecessors, exploiting notions of 'parental rights' and freedom of speech to assert heteronormative values in spaces ranging from schools to workplaces. They also reveal the increasingly transnational nature of anti- LGBTQ+ activism, with growing links between heteroactivists in the US, UK and beyond.

  • - The Model Pupil Paradox
    af David Poole
    870,95 kr.

    Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have become the darlings of neoliberal development thinking, with the received wisdom being that such enterprises hold the key to the economic transformation of low-income countries. This thinking has profoundly influenced development policy in Rwanda, but has singularly failed to deliver the much anticipated emergence of a new class of entrepreneurs and a vibrant SME sector.This book deconstructs the myths around entrepreneurship and SMEs, and reveals how neoliberal approaches towards microcredit and related programmes have failed to address the economic challenges facing countries like Rwanda. Drawing on his study of successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, Poole identifies the factors associated with successful entrepreneurship. He uncovers the unintended consequences of the entrepreneurship and SME development prescription, and offers key policy insights which have implications for Rwanda and beyond.

  • - From participation to transformation
    af Diana Hojlund Madsen
    237,95 kr.

    During the course of the past three decades efforts of democratisation and institutional reforms have characterised the African continent, including demands for gender equality and women's political representation. As a result, some countries have introduced affirmative action measures, either in the aftermath of conflicts or as part of broader constitutional reforms, whereas others are falling behind this fast track to women's political representation. Utilising a range of case studies spanning both the success cases and the less successful cases from different regions, this work examines the uneven developments on the continent.By mapping, analysing and comparing women's political representation in different African contexts, this book sheds light on the formal and informal institutions and the interplay between these that are influencing women's political representation and can explain the development on women's political representation across the continent and present perspectives on an 'African feminist institutionalism'.

  • - Practical Solutions to Protect Developing Country Revenues
    257,95 kr.

    In the wake of the Panama Papers scandal and similar leaks, tax havens are now firmly in the spotlight. Today, roughly half of all global trade still passes through tax haven jurisdictions, costing millions in lost revenue to countries around the world. Such practices affect all of us, but are most keenly felt by poorer people in developing countries, where unfair tax practices have become a major obstacle to development, and which have allowed multinational corporations to continue to exploit developing economies. This collection argues that, for developing countries to achieve social justice and lasting prosperity, they must take control of their own tax destinies, and that this will also be crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.Covering such topics as natural resource management, representation in global tax institutions and effective strategies for building and protecting tax bases, the collection brings together expertise from a variety of countries and disciplines. It explores the options available to developing countries, and provides a basis for concerted action by tax authorities, policy makers, academics and civil society experts to design tax systems that can sustain a just society.

  • - City Planning from the Ancient World to the Modern Day
    af Dean Saitta
    666,95 kr.

    Citiestoday are paradoxical. They are engines of innovation and opportunity, but theyare also plagued by significant income inequality and segregation by ethnicity,race, and class. These inequalities and segregations are often reinforcedby the urban built environment: the planning of space and the design ofarchitecture. This condition threatens attainment of wider social andeconomic prosperity. In this innovative new study, Dean Saitta exploresquestions of urban sustainability by taking an intercultural, trans-historicalapproach to city planning.Saitta usesa largely untapped body of knowledge-the archaeology of cities in the ancientworld-to generate ideas about how public space, housing, and civic architecturemight be better designed to promote inclusion and community, while also makingour cities more environmentally sustainable. By integrating thisknowledge with knowledge generated by evolutionary studies and urbanethnography (including a detailed look at Denver, Colorado, one of America'smost desirable and fastest growing 'destination cities' but one that is alsoexperiencing significant spatial segregation and gentrification), Saitta's bookoffers an invaluable new perspective for urban studies scholars and urbanplanning professionals."e;

  • - China and the Mirage of African Economic Development
    af Peter Kragelund, Doctor Padraig Carmody & Ricardo Reboredo
    298,95 - 750,95 kr.

    For years economists have spoken of 'Africa rising' and prior to the coronavirus Africa continued to host some of the fastest growing economies in the world.Africa's Shadow Rise however argues that the continent's apparent economic 'rise' is essentially a mirage, driven by developments elsewhere - most particularly the expansion in China's economy. While many African countries have experienced high rates of growth, much of this growth may prove to be unsustainable, and has contributed to environmental destruction and worsening inequality across the continent. Similarly, new economic relationships have produced new forms of dependency, as African nations increasingly find themselves tied to the fortunes of China and other emerging powers.Drawing on in-depth fieldwork in southern Africa, Africa's Shadow Rise reveals how the shifting balance of global power is transforming Africa's economy and politics, and what this means for the future of development efforts in the region.

  • - Arab Feminist Testimonies
    af Manal Hamzeh
    666,95 - 756,95 kr.

    Women were at the forefront of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, with the Arab Spring protests providing an unprecedented opportunity to make their voices heard. But these women also faced an intense backlash from Egypt's patriarchal authorities, with female activists subjected to sexual violence and intimidation by the regime and even fellow protestors.Centered on the testimonies of four women who each played a significant role in the protests, this book provides unique insight into women's experiences during the Egyptian Revolution, and into the methods of resistance these women developed in response to sexual violence. In the process, Hamzeh casts new light on the relationship between gendered and state violence, and argues that women's resistance to this violence is reshaping gender relations in Egypt and the wider Arab world.

  • - Capitalism, Welfare and the Making of a Human Catastrophe
    af Ellen Clifford
    134,95 - 152,95 kr.

    In 2016, a United Nationsreport found the UK government culpable for 'grave and systematic violations'of disabled people's rights. Since then, driven by the Tory government's obsessivedrive to slash public spending whilst scapegoating the most disadvantaged insociety, the situation for disabled people in Britain has continued todeteriorate. Punitive welfare regimes, the removal of essential support andservices, and an ideological regime that seeks to deny disability has resultedin a situation described by the UN as a 'human catastrophe'.In this searing account, Ellen Clifford - an activistwho has been at the heart of resistance against the war on disabled people -reveals precisely how and why this state of affairs has come about. From spinelesspolitical opposition to self-interested disability charities, rightwing ideologicalmyopia to the media demonization of benefits claimants, a shocking pictureemerges of how the government of the fifth-richest country in the world hasbeen able to marginalize disabled people with near-impunity. Even so, and despiteausterity biting ever deeper, the fightback has begun, with a vibrant movement of disabled activists and their supportersdetermined to hold the government to account - the slogan 'Nothing About Us Without Us' has never been so apt. As this book so powerfully demonstrates, ifBritain is to stand any chance of being a just and equitable society, their battleis one we should all be fighting.

  • - From the Legends of the Gay Liberation Front to the Queers of Tomorrow
    af Dan Glass
    130,95 - 152,95 kr.

    Throughout the 1970s the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) initiated an anarchic campaign that permanently changed the face of Britain. Inspired by the Stonewall uprisings in the US, the GLF demanded a 'Absolute Freedom For All' worldwide. Yet half a century on, injustice is rife and LGBT+ inequality remains. Complete LGBT+ liberation means housing rights, universal healthcare, economic freedom and so much more. Although many people believe queers are now free and should behave, assimilate and become palatable - Dan Glass shows that the fight is far from over.United Queerdom evocatively captures over five decades of LGBT+ culture and protest from the GLF to 2020s. Showing how central protest is to queer history and identity this book uncovers the back-breaking hard work as well as the glamorous and raucous stories of those who rebelled against injustice and became founders in the story of queer liberation.

  • - Power, Gender and Sexuality
    af Aliraza Javaid
    298,95 kr.

    Violence in Everyday Life explores how identity markers such as gender and sexuality intersect with violence, synthesizing the themes of gender, sexuality and violence to offering a crucial and coherent framework for understanding the interrelationship between these concepts.Aliraza Javaid explores how violence is experienced at a local, regional and global level, and considers the ways in which hegemonic masculinities are reproduced through violence. Attention is given to the particular ways in which these constructions of masculinity are reflected in areas such as homophobic violence, transphobic violence, and violence against intimate partners. Drawing on new empirical data and his own personal experiences of violence, as well as identifying new areas for further research, Javaid's work represents a unique study of the interconnectedness of violence, gender and sexuality, and of how violence is fuelled by society's attitudes towards masculinity.

  • af Peter Brett & Line Engbo Gissel
    208,95 - 234,95 kr.

    At the start of the twenty-first century the story of Africa'sengagement with international law was one of marked commitment and meaningfulcontributions. Africa pioneered new areas of law and legal remedies, such asinternational criminal law and universal jurisdiction, and gave human rightsjurisdiction to a number of new international courts. However, in recent years,African states have mobilised politically and collectively against the regionalcourts and the International Criminal Court, contesting these institutions'authority and legitimacy at national, regional and international levels.Africa and the BacklashAgainst International Courts provides the firstcomprehensive account of this important phenomenon, bringing together originalfieldwork, empirical analysis and a critical overview of the diversescholarship on both international and African regional courts. Moving beyondconventional explanations, Brett and Gissel use this remarkable research toshow how the actions of African states should instead be seen as part of agrowing desire for a more equal global order; a trend that not only has hugeimplications for Africa's international relations, but that could potentiallychange the entire practice of international law.

  • af Professor Richard Jackson
    9,95 kr.

    P: Who is the real terrorist in this room?M: What're you saying?In a claustrophobic concrete cell, two men face each other across a bare table. One is a wanted terrorist, the other a British intelligence officer. But this is no ordinary interrogation, and as they talk deep into the night and violent secrets are revealed, the line between interrogator and confessor begins inextricably to blur. Who, then, is the real terrorist? And will they pay for their guilt in blood?

  • af Khurram Hussain
    196,95 kr.

    The Muslim Speaks reimagines Islam as a strategy for investigating the modern condition. Rather than imagining it as an issue external to a discrete West, Khurram Hussain constructs Islam as internal to the elaboration and expansion of the West. In doing so he reveals three discursive traps - that of 'freedom', 'reason' and 'culture' - that inhibit the availability of Islam as a feasible, critical interlocutor in Western deliberations about moral, intellectual and political concerns.Through close examination of this inhibition, Hussain posits that while Islamophobia is clearly a moral wrong, 'depoliticization' more accurately describes the problems associated with the lived experience of Muslims in the West and elsewhere. Weaving together his conclusions in the hope of a common world, Khurram Hussain boldy and quite radically deems that what Islam needs is not depoliticization, but infact repoliticization.

  • - Transformations in Legality, Economy and Coercion
    717,95 kr.

    Since the Gezi uprisings in June 2013 and AKP's temporary loss of parliamentary supremacy after the June 2015 general elections, sharp political clashes, ascending police operations, extra-judicial executions, suppression of the media and political opposition, systematic violation of the constitution and fundamental human rights, and the one-man-rule of President Erdogan have become the identifying characteristics of Turkish politics. The failed coup attempt on 15th July 2016 further impaired the situation as the government declared emergency rule at the end of which a political regime defined as the "e;Presidential Government System"e; was established in July 2018. Turkey's New State in the Making examines the historical specificities of the ongoing AKP-led radical state transformation in Turkey within a global, legal, financial, ideological, and coercive neoliberal context. Arguing that rather than being an exception, the new Turkish state has the potential to be a model for political transformations elsewhere, problematizing how specific policies the AKP adapted to refract social dispositions have been radically redefining the republican, democratic and secular features of the modern Turkish state.

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