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  • af Fabian Sachs
    323,95 - 429,95 kr.

  • af Noor Nazrabi
    322,95 kr.

    Bereit für beruflichen Erfolg in DACH? Unser kultursensibler Knigge bereitet Sie vor! Dos and Don'ts der Arbeitswelt leicht verständlich erklärt.Verstehen Sie, wie Sie Ihre Kompetenzen optimal einsetzen und kulturelle Unterschiede vermeiden.Enthält neueste Methoden für Selbstmanagement und Disziplin am Arbeitsplatz.Wertvolle Tipps zum Netzwerkaufbau für eine erfolgreiche Karriere.Ihr unverzichtbarer Begleiter für eine erfolgreiche berufliche Laufbahn in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz! Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren Schlüssel zum beruflichen Erfolg mit dem kultursensiblen Knigge!

    af Marie Lind Finsterbach
    149,95 kr.

    Through the course of this adventure, the child is guided into yoga poses that are beneficial for their experience of self, and which help nurture a feeling of serenity.Each pose is illustrated. Once the child is familiar with the story, they can sit down with the book and go through the program on their own. However, it is advised that an adult be present with the child.The book offers the child the opportunity toget familiarized with their body in an enjoyable way while practicing attentiveness and presence, which help develop mental strength.

  • - Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse
    af Annette Ikast
    167,95 - 202,95 kr.

    "Ripples on the Water" is an appreciation of the life and work of Bob Moore, a gifted healer and spiritual teacher, born in Northern Ireland in 1928. He worked as an electrical engineer and also studied theology before moving to Denmark. Between 1974-2000 he taught many students both at his centre in Denmark as well as in England, Holland, Norway, and Brazil. His teachings about energy, healing and consciousness were unique in their depth, precision and wisdom. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers, artists and alternative therapists were amongst the many people who benefitted from his teaching. He was a catalyst who helped transform the spiritual climate in Denmark; although Bob had a Christian background his teaching reflected the spiritual dimension that exists beyond all religions. In 28 chapters long time students share their memories and reflections about Bob and the lasting influence he had on their lives. "Bob Moore was a teacher in the deepest meaning of teaching as enabling the learner to arrive at understanding through their own experience, working with the brilliant and very precise exercises and meditations he laid before them. What shines forth from all of these inspiring and deeply moving accounts are also the qualities of a very gifted teacher and a delightful, compassionate, very wise human being." Carol Schonauer, UK "Bob Moore was very concerned about the planet Earth's situation and development, and I believe his entire teaching was also aimed at helping educate people to live and work in a world and for a period of very large global challenges." Steen Hildebrandt, professor at CBS, DK "It dawns upon me, now that the book is here, what a loss it would have been, if this documentation of Bob Moore's work did not exist." Nadja Prætorius, psychologist, DK

  • - How to Live a Happy and Healthy Life with Diabetes
    af Adam Abach
    216,95 - 469,95 kr.

    This book describes the life of a diabetic over the cause of 17 years. It describes how his disease was discovered, and it deals with the thoughts and feelings that come from being diagnosed with a chronic disease. The reactions of the people surrounding the patient are described, and the new diabetic lifestyle, which involves a continuous balancing act of food, insulin and exercise, is described with empathy and humor. The author has many tips for diabetics, including selecting the proper type of insulin to use, different blood sugar measuring devices, and the use of food and exercise to help control the disease. There’s a chapter showing how a diabetic easily can lose weight. He urges all diabetics to take responsibility for their disease, and tells you how to do that. This book is also useful reading for people that are not diabetics, especially if they have a diabetic colleague, friend or family member. It describes how the diabetic can feel, and what close friends and family should know and do, and especially what they shouldn’t do in their efforts to support the patient.

  • - Your guide to Health, Freedom and Happiness
    af Per Nygaard
    93,95 - 144,95 kr.

    How much do you put up with? Who is really in control of your life?Health, freedom and happiness are basically about responsibility - the responsibility for your self, your actions and your own development. With this book “Won´t do it” you get a simple and extremely relevant book for your enlightment and development of your own possibilities to understand how to change the things, you wish to be different in your life.In a humorous and easily understandable way, Danish writer Per Nygaard, guides you through the layers of self-deception in which we often abstain ourselves from taking the responsibility needed to become healthy, free and happy!Even though this book is very inspirational reading, it is also extreme practical in today’s society and comes with various examples on not only why, you should bother changing, but also how to it.The book requires no qualifications, except the wish and ability to say: WON´T DO IT!

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