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Her finder du spændende bøger om Neurokirurgi. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 79 bøger om emnet.
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  • af Per Soelberg Sørensen, Olaf B. Paulson, Flemming Gjerris, mfl.
    555,95 kr.

    Ny gennemrevideret 7. udgaveDenne 7. udgave af Klinisk neurologi og neurokirurgi markerer 40 års jubilæum af den populære lærebog, der for længst er blevet en klassiker inden for det neurologiske speciale.Bogen er revideret på flere punkter, men bygger på samme velkendte principper som de tidligere udgaver med fokus på anamnese, klinisk undersøgelse, behandling og diagnostiske metoder. 7. udgave indeholder dog flere væsentlige nyskabelser. Udover at alle kapitler har gennemgået en væsentlig faglig opdatering, begynder alle kapitler med startresume med de væsentligste tematiske nedslag, og bagest i kapitlerne kan den studerende dels teste sin viden, dels blive klogere igennem sygehistorier.Bogen henvender sigtil medicinstuderende, der får en hensigtsmæssig introduktion til de neurologiske fag og en hjælp til indlæring af principperne ved de diagnostiske og terapeutiske overvejelser. Desuden tjener Klinisk neurologi og neurokirurgi som et væsentligt opslagsværk for studerende, men også for læger i ikke-neurologiske specialer og for læger under uddannelse i neurofagene.

  • af Vibeke Olsen
    312,95 kr.

    Med Neurologi og neurokirurgi får man et overblik over en lang række neurologiske sygdomme, samt behandling heraf.Vibeke Olsen står bag Neurologi og neurokirurgi, som indeholder en lang række afsnit om sygdomme som f.eks. apopeksi, epilepsi, parkinsons, demens, hovedpine, hovedtraumer, intrakranielle tumorer og diskusprolaps og meget mere. Afsnittene suppleres om et afsnit om akut opstået sygdom, hvordan man foretager en neurologisk undersøgelse, samt om neuropsykologi og rehabilitering i forbindelse med en neurologisk lidelse.Bogen her henvender sig især til sygeplejestuderende, men kan også bruges som opslagsværk af praktiserende sygeplejersker.

  • af Zachary David Levy
    435,95 kr.

  • af Hemanshu Prabhakar
    1.682,95 kr.

    Fluid management is the basis of all clinical management in neurosurgical patients. This is a  complete book on transfusion practice in clinical neurosciences. It covers in detail the fluids and blood transfusion practice, also discussing the role of total parenteral nutrition in relation to neurologic patients. The importance of fluid management clinically can be seen as on one hand it plays a significant role in maintaining the hydration of the patient and on the other provides sufficient relaxation to the brain to facilitate surgery. The use of hyperosmolar therapy is unique to the practice of clinical neurosciences. Certain fluid types such as those containing glucose are detrimental to the brain. Likewise, large fluid shifts and blood loss are often observed during neurosurgical procedures. It is relevant to understand the physiology of blood and blood transfusion. This book covers all of these topics in their true relevance. It also provides an evidence-based practice of fluid administration for all neurologic patients including, pediatric and geriatric. The proposed book will be useful for trainees and clinicians in any field of clinical neurosciences. It would be very useful for residents and fellows pursuing their courses in neuroanesthesia, neurocritical care, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, anesthesia, and critical care. Fellows, Resident doctors, postgraduates, and even undergraduates would be benefited from this book. The book would be a ready-reckoner and useful during the clinical practice of physicians from varied specialties. 

  • af Jin-Sung Kim
    937,95 kr.

    This book is a comprehensive guide to the application of recently introduced and emerging technologies in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). These technologies, including 2D and 3D navigation, endoscopy, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, and 3D printing, are helping to overcome previous limitations of MISS, such as the steep learning curve and the need for a great deal of experience in order to achieve optimal outcomes. Compared with traditional techniques, their use is designed to reduce local operative tissue damage, alleviate systemic surgical stress, and enable earlier return to function. The book provides detailed and extensively illustrated accounts of the role of the new technologies and techniques in a wide range of indications. In essence, all spine conditions, whether degenerative, traumatic, or oncologic, will in the near future be amenable to MISS using these approaches. The book will be a source of insight and practical assistance for all surgeons who perform MISS, regardless of their level of experience.

  • af Concezio Di Rocco
    1.186,95 kr.

    This book offers an update on several basic and clinical problems in neurosurgery compiled by internationally recognized experts.  This multi-thematic volume  will touch on a variety of topics: from  the role of women neurosurgeons in the last hundred year of the specialty history, to the pathogenesis of spinal dysraphism, to the convection-enhanced delivery of intracerebral antineoplastic drugs in children, through a review of methods and applications. The intraoperative cerebral blood flow monitoring in neurosurgery will be also discussed, offering again a comprehensive review of contemporary technologies and emerging perspectives.  As for the  technical standards, the book will describe the multimodality approach to cerebral gliomas, the management of thalamic tumors, the intracavitary treatment of craniopharyngiomas, the long term results of spasticity treatments,  the surgical treatment of  spinal vascular malformations, the management of idiopathic and refractory syringomyelia, offering at the same time an update of peripheral nerve surgery. All the chapters have to be considered an advance in the relative fields,  in cerebral pathophysiology and in clinical management.   Approaching the issue of technical standards  in the everyday clinical practice of neurosurgery,  this book is of great interest for neurosurgeons, neurologists and orthopaedists.

  • af Silvia Mazzali Verst
    1.268,95 kr.

    In recent decades, the advances in and consolidation of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IOM) in several highly complex surgical areas have been undeniable.Currently all modalities of neurophysiological tests (SSEP, MEP, EMG, PEATC, VEP, BRAIN MAPPING, ETC) are performed in the operating room, where they are used to provide trans operative information on the patient's neurological status in real time (monitoring), and to identify neural structures which are at immediate risk (mapping). With the inarguably positive impact of IOM on surgical outcomes, there is an increasing interest in reliable, technically focused literature. This volume provides cutting-edge information in the field of IOM, and highlights new neurophysiological tools being used in various surgeries.The book's initial sections cover a range of topics, including an anatomical overview, electrical safety, and detailed technical descriptions of the neurophysiological tests used in IOM. The subsequent sections address e.g. the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, vascular and peripheral nerves, epilepsy, head and neck, movement disorders and special topics.Some chapters are accompanied by videos of surgeries and IOM so that the reader will have the real sensation of having been in the operating room and will gain an overview of the key steps.Written by experts in the field of IOM, the book offers a valuable resource for both experienced and early-career neurophysiologists, neurosurgeons, vascular and orthopedic surgeons, and surgeons involved with pelvic procedures. Further, its goal is to provide a real rapport, never before attained, between neurophysiologists and surgeons with a sole focus: excellence in terms of the final outcome.

  • af Udaya Seneviratne
    441,95 - 1.063,95 kr.

  • af Syed Al-Haddad, Vivian A. (Senior Spine Fellow Elwell, Ramez (Consultant Neurosurgeon Kirollos & mfl.
    649,95 - 1.661,95 kr.

  • af Michele Longhi, Piero Picozzi, Antonio Nicolato & mfl.
    689,95 kr.

  • af Daniel M. Sciubba & Joseph H. Schwab
    958,95 kr.

  • af Michael Salcman, Roberto C. Heros, Edward R. Jr. Laws & mfl.
    2.917,95 kr.

  • af Alexander Y. Shin & Nicholas Pulos
    1.008,95 kr.

  • af James Wang, Xianli Lv, Guihuai Wang & mfl.
    1.297,95 kr.

  • af A. Fortuna, L. Ferrante & P. Lunardi
    689,95 kr.

  • af H. Junghanns
    422,95 kr.

  • af W. Wolfgang Fleischhacker & David J. Brooks
    1.344,95 kr.

  • af Dong Hwa Heo
    1.106,95 kr.

    Biportal endoscopic spine surgery has been rapidly developed recently, and Unilateral biportal endoscopic spine (UBE) surgery may be new stream in spine surgery. UBE surgery is a new concept of surgery that is different from the existing one portal endoscopic surgery, and has the advantage of being familiar with spinal surgeons as the surgical anatomy is similar to a general surgical method, and the learning curve period is short. The 4mm diameter endoscope provides a very clear image, and it can be safely operated under magnified and clear endoscopic view. It is also available to use general surgical instruments in addition to endoscopic surgical instruments during UBE approaches.  Currently it is being performed not only in the lumbar spine, but also in the cervical and thoracic spine. In addition, simple laminectomy, disc removal, and spinal fusion are possible. With the advancement of UBE surgery, spinal surgeons from various countries have been performing UBE in recent years, and it is gradually spreading to the world. This will be the first book summarizing from basic to advanced techniques with abundant illustrations and video aid for easy understanding. 

  • af Jörg Klekamp
    2.597,95 kr.

    This atlas provides a selection of operations for intra- and extradural pathologies of the spinal cord and its nerve roots. Pathologies involving the spinal cord threaten the patients' mobility, independence or even life. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority are of benign nature, so that surgery plays an important role or even represents their treatment of choice. With modern imaging and microsurgical techniques neurological functions can be maintained or even improved for the majority of patients.The content is presented in a standardized fashion: the preoperative history is followed by preoperative images leading to a preoperative diagnosis and surgical strategy. The intraoperative images intend to illustrate individual surgical steps one after the other to guide the reader through each of these operations. Each case is concluded with postoperative images and information on clinical outcome.The atlas features extradural soft tissue tumors, intradural extramedullary and intramedullary tumors, malformations of the craniocervical junction and spinal canal, spinal arteriovenous malformations and pathologies of spinal meninges. The operations selected are meant to provide an overview covering different aspects of each pathology. With more than 1400 intraoperative images this atlas may serve as a reference for neurosurgeons dealing with spinal cord pathologies.

  • - Advances in Understanding and Management
    af Jong S. Kim
    606,95 kr.

    This book, written by renowned experts from across the world, provides readers with a detailed and up-to-date understanding of posterior circulation stroke and its management. Anatomy, pathophysiology, clinical syndromes, and imaging findings are clearly and thoroughly described with the aid of illustrative cases and schematic drawings. The management-oriented chapters explain all forms of treatment, including the use of antiplatelet agents and anticoagulants, thrombolysis, mechanical thrombectomy, stenting, and surgical therapy, i.e., bypass and decompression. Throughout, full account is taken of recent significant advances in knowledge and clinical practice. Stroke affecting the posterior circulation continues to pose particular challenges for clinicians. This book will help readers to avoid misdiagnosis, which still occurs far too frequently, and to manage individual patients optimally. It will be an excellent learning resource for residents in neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, interventional radiology, and vascular surgery, as well as an ideal reference for more experienced practitioners in these specialties.

  • af Yoko Kato
    1.186,95 kr.

    This book will discuss and cover standard treatments and advances in some of the most controversial topics in cerebrovascular surgery traversing the whole arena, including open and interventional surgeries. They will be discussed with case scenarios, bail out strategies and complication handling, followed by advances in the subject. Some of the best academic cereberovascular physician will author these chapters with their vast experience. The book will be of particular benefit to neurosurgeons, neurologists, and radiologists. It will be particularly targeting residents, young and experienced faculty in the subject, and will provide first hand up to the mark information and experiences in cerebrovascular surgery.

  • af Isabelle M. Germano
    854,95 kr.

    This book is a combination of ideas and experiences from over 100 dedicated and brilliant neurosurgeons around the world. Their common goal is to provide data for a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of neurosurgery and, by doing so, to better serve patients across the globe. Scientific curiosity, deep dedication, incredible work ethics, entrepreneurship, and creativity are the common traits among all neurosurgeons, and not the exception. By allowing readers to see the field of neurosurgery from the perspectives of surgeons spanning five continents, this book serves to provide multiple, diverse viewpoints and to build a foundation for future collaborations. The book's 24 chapters are organized into 3 parts.Part I provides the reader with an overview of the role of neurosurgery in worldwide health care, its evolution over the past decades, the current state and future directions of each neurosurgical subspecialty across the five continents. Over the years, the overarching goal for neurosurgeons has been to develop new, more effective and high-end solutions for complex diseases and to provide access to neurosurgical services for all patients.Part II discusses the differences and similarities of neurosurgery education and training across the globe, providing a snapshot of how new tools, technology, and paradigms reduce inequality and increase access to neurosurgical education. Educational accomplishments and challenges still present for the in different regions of the world are reviewed.Part III focuses on economic aspects influencing neurosurgery globally, including how to make efficient decisions in the face of scarcity, yet demand. The authors provide theories, models, and tools helpful to apply when planning to allocate resources, not just financial, but also human and intellectual. A deeper understanding of economics does not necessarily provide the answer to the problem; rather it provides the tools to find an answer, or, ideally, multiple possible solutions.Neurosurgery and Global Health is the first comprehensive guide to the role of neurosurgery in the global health care sphere, providing an in-depth compendium about the understanding of the neurosurgical role within global health, its efforts in the education of tomorrow's workforce, and the economic aspects driving the field.

  • - Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
    af Marcello D. Bronstein
    1.682,95 kr.

    Cushing's syndrome is a relatively rare clinical disorder that is associated with many co-morbidities such as systemic hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, impaired immune function and growth impairment in children, all of which severely reduce quality of life and life expectancy. Cushing's Syndrome: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment reviews the difficulties in distinguishing Cushing's syndrome from these and other common conditions, such as central obesity, menstrual irregularity and depression. It also provides state-of-the-art information on various strategies to establish the diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome and the differential diagnosis among its diverse etiologies, as well as therapeutic approaches. Additionally, a range of conditions that represent challenges for the diagnosis and treatment--such as renal failure, pediatric age, cyclic hypercortisolism, and pregnancy--are covered in detail. A valuable resource not only for endocrinologists but also internal medicine physicians, gynecologists, pediatricians, , pituitary surgeons and urologists, Cushing's Syndrome: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment provides insights by experts that will help all physicians dealing with Cushing's syndrome to expand their knowledge about the condition and provide targeted, comprehensive care.

  • af Ulrich Dirnagl
    1.447,95 kr.

    * . . . . At last the doctor will be freed from the tedious interpretation of screens and photographs. Instead, he will examine and scan through his patient directly. Wearing optical-shutter spectacles and aiming a pulsed laser torch, he will be able to peer at the beating heart, study the movement of a joint or the flexing of a muscle, press on suspect areas to see how the organs beneath respond, check that pills have been correctly swallowed or that an implant is savely in place, and so on. A patient wearing white cotton or nylon clothes that scatter but hardly absorb light, may not even have to undress . . . . *. David Jones, Nature (1990) 348:290 Optical imaging of the brain is a rapidly growing field of heterogenous techniques that has attracted considerable interest recently due to a number of theoretical advantages in comparison with other brain imaging modalities: it uses non- ionizing radiation, offers high spatial and temporal resolution, and supplies new types of metabolic and functional information. From a practical standpoint it is important that bedside examinations seem feasible and that the implementations will be considerably less expensive compared with competing techniques. In October 1991, a symposium was held at the Eibsee near Garmisch, Germany to bring together the leading scientists in this new field.

  • af Marcello D. Bronstein
    1.216,95 kr.

    Pituitary adenomas account for 10-15% of all intracranial tumors and they frequently impair fertility. The development of medical and surgical therapy for such tumors has turned pregnancy into a reality for women harboring pituitary adenomas. However, gestation risks for both mother and fetus are still of concern for endocrinologists, gynecologists and pediatricians. This book intends to update knowledge on this topic, mainly regarding fertility restoration as well as gestational and post gestational management of patients with pituitary tumors.

  • af Ronald Brisman
    1.888,95 kr.

    Ronald Brisman, M.D. This book will discuss three areas where the The multiplicity of procedures with varying neurosurgeon may provide an important degrees of risks and benefits sometimes re- contribution to the relief of intractable pain: quires a sequential approach, but always an trigeminal and other facial neuralgias, chronic individual one, matching an appropriate treat- noncancer pain, and cancer pain. By one ment plan or procedure for a particular patient intervention, the neurosurgeon often may pro- at a specific time in his or her illness. vide long-lasting pain relief. New techniques, The neurosurgical chapters in this book which have developed since the 1970s and represent my experience with several hundred continue to evolve, dominate the neurosur- patients during a 12-year period from 1975 gical armamentarium because they are not only through 1987. I have relied heavily on the effective, but safe. These include percutaneous works of others, which have been quoted from radio frequency electrocoagulation for trigem- the neurosurgical literature, but this book is inal neuralgia, spinal stimulation for chronic not meant to be encyclopedic. noncancer pain, and intraspinal morphine in- At least as important as knowing when to fusion for cancer pain. operate is knowing when not to do so, and this Sometimes a procedure relieves pain but the is particularly true of the treatment of pain. pain recurs; it may be necessary to repeat the Most patients with pain do not require neuro- procedure, which in the case of radiofrequency surgical intervention.

  • af Klaus Dieter Maria Resch
    1.682,95 kr.

  • af Philippe Rigoard
    1.152,95 kr.

  • af Xianli Lv
    937,95 kr.

    This book provides recent progress of neuroendovascular surgery, which is a minimally invasive treatment of cerebral aneurysms. Great advances have been made in the techniques, devices and large randomized clinical trials showing striking therapeutic benefit for cerebral aneurysms. The treatment of cerebral aneurysms has also seen substantial evolution, increasing the number of aneurysms that can be treated successfully with minimally invasive therapy. In the 17 chapters, authors introduce the techniques, devices, device structures and therapeutic concepts.Attendings, fellows, residents, medical students or anyone interested in sharpening their diagnostic and therapeutic skill set will benefit from reading this text. This book will include many clinical cases and skills and clinical concepts, which will benefit professional /practitioner.

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