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  • af Mariam Gates
    145,95 kr.

    Olive feels conflicting emotions. As she sorts through her feelings, she learns it's OK to feel lots of ways-all at once. In this illustrated picture book, Olive experiences contradictory emotions. The first day of school is exciting but also scary. When she attends a friend's birthday party, she is both delighted for him but also disappointed that the presents aren't for her. And when she thinks about her little sister, she's both glad and mad-for lots of reasons!In Olive All at Once, our title character helps young readers explore the sometimes-contradictory ways they feel about various events in their lives, both big and small. Building social-emotional intelligence in children helps them to allow all of their emotions to coexist inside them. It's part of being human to feel many different ways-all at the same time-and it's totally OK.

  • af Mariam Gates
    192,95 kr.

    A complete 'How To" for teaching yoga to children! This manual combines teaching methodology and principles with specific tools, templates and complete yoga classes to begin teaching right away. The Kid Power Yoga Teacher Training Manual starts at the moment students walk in the door all the way through to the final relaxation at the end of class. (Accompanying DVD set/Download sold separately).

  • af Mariam Gates
    197,95 kr.

    This lively, hands-on guide to meditation, mindfulness, and yoga is a perfect introduction for tweens and teens.Don't just do something, be here.The key to happiness is being able to find comfort in this moment, here and now. When you are completely present and not distracted by regrets, worries, and plans, even for a little while, you begin to feel more confident and can deal more easily with everything you experience. This is mindfulness: paying attention to this very moment, on purpose and without judgment--simply being present with curiosity.This engaging guide, packed with simple exercises and endearing full-color artwork, provides a handy starting point for bringing mindfulness into your daily life. Chapters on meditation, yoga, and mindful breathing explain the benefits of these practices, and you are free to pick and choose what to try. There are quick exercises throughout, and a more extensive tool kit at the end of each chapter. The final chapter offers satisfying five-day challenges that map out ways to pull all of the book's mindfulness techniques together in your day-to-day life.With the appeal of a workbook or guided journal, and full of examples relevant to tweens and teens today, this book will be your trusted companion as you begin the valuable, stress-relieving work of being still with skill.

  • - A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story
    af Mariam Gates
    107,95 - 192,95 kr.

    Introduces the youngest readers to simple yoga poses that help them wake up and greet the day

  • af Mariam Gates & Matthew Rivera
    192,95 kr.

    An illustrated picture book offering a playful introduction to yoga through dinosaurs.The latest yoga picture book from bestselling author Mariam Gates introduces children to the joys and benefits of yogaΓÇöthrough dinosaurs! Triceratops, Pterodactyl, T-Rex, and others learn to bend, stretch, and breathe through a yoga flow. Instead of being sad, mad, or frustrated when things arenΓÇÖt going their way, the dinosaurs practice yoga to feel better. The book features a parentsΓÇÖ guide to the depicted postures and a glossary of dinosaurs at the back.As the creator of the celebrated Kid Power Yoga, Gates knows that teaching children yoga sets them up for better habits of flexibility, fitness, and self-soothing. With Dinosaur Yoga, kids can stomp, stretch, and snort their way to skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

  • - Bedtime Visualizations for Kids
    af Mariam Gates & LEIGH STANDLEY
    192,95 kr.

    An illustrated picture book for ages 4-8, Sweet Dreams gives children imaginative visualizations and guided breathing and body movement to help them achieve a restful night's sleep.

  • - Using Breath to Feel Strong, Calm, and Happy
    af Mariam Gates & Sarah Jane Hinder
    192,95 kr.

    Breathe with Me guides young ones ages 4-8 through six exercises to promote body awareness, calm anger, feel stronger in new situations, energize in the morning, and relax at bedtime. Through visualization and play, this engaging breath-by-breath journey teaches children an essential set of self-care skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

  • - A Pose-by-Pose Partner Adventure for Kids
    af Mariam Gates & Rolf Gates
    157,95 kr.

    Time to Buddy Up for Movement, Cooperation, and Imaginative Play A sailboat skimming across the waves, A feathery owl, A tree stretching from earth to sky.Together, what do we want to become today? From the creators of Good Night Yoga and Good Morning Yoga comes a beautifully illustrated city adventure that introduces children to the delights and benefits of partner yoga. Perfect for teaming up with a friend, sibling, parent, or caregiver, each easy practice shows how cooperation helps us to imagine, move, and have fun in a whole new way. Includes a back-page guide for parents and caregivers, showing how to do each pose and how to connect them into an easy-to-follow flow.

  • - A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story
    af Mariam Gates
    192,95 kr.

    Kids love yogaΓÇöand itΓÇÖs great for them, so much so that the PresidentΓÇÖs Council has added the practice to the fitness activities in the annual PresidentΓÇÖs Challenge. For parents and caregivers looking for a fun and effective new routine for bedtime, innovative educator Mariam Gates presents Good Night Yoga, a playful yet wholly practical book for preparing for sleep. This beautifully illustrated, full-color book tells the story of the natural world as it closes down for the night, while teaching children a simple flow of yoga postures inspired by their favorite characters from nature. Moving from "Sun Breath" to "Cloud Gathering" to "Ladybug & Butterfly" and more, readers learn techniques for self-soothing, relaxing the body and mind, focusing attention, and other skills that will support restful sleep and improve overall confidence and well-being.

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