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  • af Kama Sywor Kamanda
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  • af Akramzhon Saliew, Dilfuzahon Mamarasulowa & Donioerzhon Juldashew
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  • - The eternal I is neither individual nor universal
    af Roberto Guillermo Gomes
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  • af Alioune Ndiaye
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    In the ever-changing educational landscape, the integration of digital technologies has paved the way for a new era of learning. The role of the Inspecteur Pédagogue has become increasingly central, evolving from a traditional supervisor to a dynamic facilitator and guide in the digital domain. This guide aims to provide practical ideas and strategies for effective management in the digital age.As we navigate through the complexities of modern education, the need for a holistic approach to pedagogy becomes apparent. The Pedagogical Inspector, once focused primarily on regulatory aspects, is now at the forefront of fostering innovative teaching methodologies and harnessing digital tools to enhance the learning experience.This handbook is designed as a resource for Pedagogical Inspectors looking to adapt, thrive and lead in the digital age. It explores the key challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of technology into education, offering practical advice on how to successfully navigate this transformation.

  • af Jose Edwalto Lima Junior
    642,95 kr.

    Master's thesis in the field of sustainability of the built environment, presented at the Postgraduate Program in Civil Construction Engineering at the Federal University of Paraná (PGGEC-UFPR) in 2014, under the supervision of Professor Sérgio Fernando Tavares. The book deals with the subject of vegetated façades, also known as vertical gardens, exploring the technique's potential in matters related to environmental comfort and sustainability.

  • af Rosane de Albuquerque Costa
    287,95 kr.

    This book is born from two perspectives: on the one hand, the desire to be able to offer psychotic listeners a less invasive and more effective treatment for auditory hallucinations. Our aim is to provide readers with a history of psychiatry, its evolution and how some treatments were even cruel. Today, with advances in medication, it is possible to care for a voice hearer in a more humane way with the use of specific medication. However, even with these advances, we know that psychosocial care is just as important as medication. Therefore, we present the results of a group of psychotic voice hearers who benefited greatly from the self-help group. The other perspective has to do with the fact that many people hear voices and are not psychotic. They can live with their voices very well. We believe that the experience of hearing voices and living with them without the use of medication can help us understand how psychotics can find ways to lead their lives productively even when hearing voices. Happy reading.

  • af Alfredo A Rodríguez Gómez
    820,95 kr.

    The world today is changing and diverse, but more homogeneous than it seems. This diversity and homogeneity are paradoxes of our international society, with which we must live and in which we must necessarily be. And under these premises, information plays an important role, together with the immediacy of communications and the possibility of connecting with any part of the world. This obliges us to make the effort to be aware of it and to be fluid in our movement through this society.

  • af Anderson Luis Ramos
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    When we think about the biodiversity of fauna and flora, the Brazilian Amazon forest stands out among the humid tropical forests for its great genetic diversity, and is the subject of numerous studies and research. In this sense, the cupuaçu tree Theobroma grandiflorum (SHUM.), a typical tree of the Amazon region, appears to be the second most important economic species of the Theobroma genus, after cocoa, and its fat has received attention for presenting edible properties similar to chocolate and moisturizing and emollient characteristics with application in the cosmetics industry. This species is widespread throughout the Amazon basin and is easily found; research aimed at enhancing the value of these products could help strengthen their production chain, contributing to the conservation and sustainable development of the activities carried out by the people who live in this region. Research into nanotechnology is still new for products from the Brazilian Amazon and could lead to the discovery of new products.

  • af Horácio Dutra Mello
    737,95 kr.

    An analysis of adolescents' representations and uses of computers connected to the Internet, understanding them as recipients in the context of communication mediated by information and communication technologies (ICTs). Based on the assumption that the Internet is one of the possibilities for teenagers to consume, this paper presents an investigation carried out using questionnaires applied to teenagers in two public schools in the city of Florianópolis/SC. Among the results obtained, we highlight the fascination that the Internet exerts on the teenagers investigated and their ease in mastering its resources. We also observed that physical access is solitary, but virtually accompanied. For the teenagers, the Internet is essentially a means of communication and a space for leisure, and very little use is made of it to produce and disseminate content from their community, in short, their culture.

  • af Nelson M Banga
    286,95 kr.

    Wind energy is a renewable energy source that is growing rapidly, due to its contribution to future energy supply, as well as its contribution to climate change mitigation. The use of wind energy in Mozambique represents one of the alternatives for meeting the country's future energy demand, given that there is currently a reduction in electricity production, associated with the decrease in the flow of the Zambezi River, due to the high rate of evapotranspiration induced by climate change (INGC, 2009, pp 18). However, an investigation into wind resources considering climate change is necessary since studies into the impacts of climate change show possible changes in atmospheric circulation patterns and wind energy production in various parts of the world (HARRISON et al.,2008 SAILOR et al., 2008; BRESLOW and SAILOR, 2002). However, the results of simulations of wind fields at 10, 50 and 100 m height show an increase in the density of wind energy in Mozambique for the period 2079-2099, particularly during the winter, over the central and southern regions of the country

  • af Mariane Monteiro
    642,95 kr.

    Although there have been advances in studies on high abilities, much still needs to be done in relation to educational aspects, in terms of identifying, understanding and caring for them. As there is a diversity of areas of development of high abilities, this research emphasizes high abilities in the academic area, specifically Mathematics. This study was carried out with the aim of providing support to help teachers enrich mathematical activities for mathematically skilled students in the Multifunctional Resource Room for High Ability/Gifted Students. Specifically, the aim was to get to know the mathematical abilities of these students; to reflect on the pedagogical practices in Mathematics adopted in the classes of the resource room for high abilities; and, to propose the enrichment of mathematical activity by developing the project called "Probability and the construction of games for a tournament", which is the educational object of this research. This research adopted a qualitative approach and is a case study.

  • af Ghizlane Zaim
    457,95 kr.

    This book is the result of a study carried out at the Office Nationale de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable in Rabat, on the drinking water supply project for the Marrakech region. The project involves securing the supply of drinking water to the city of Marrakech and its neighbouring towns from the Al Massira dam, as well as meeting the industrial water needs of the Office Chérifien de Phosphates (OCP).

  • af Yuri Silveira Durães
    571,95 kr.

    This book aims to analyze the processes that permeate self-management within solidarity enterprises in Brazil. The need for this study is justified by the fact that these enterprises are being promoted by the government through policies aimed at social inclusion and promoting the generation of work and income. The study was based on data provided by the National Secretariat for Solidarity Economy (SENAES), through the analysis of microdata from the Solidarity Economy Information System (SIES), seeking to analyze and understand these processes based on the three second-order mediations of work raised by Mészáros between man and nature, which are private property mediation, decision-making and exchange. It was possible to conclude that although there are difficulties in remunerating their members and providing for their subsistence through the marketing of their products and services, the quality of joint participation in the decision-making process, based on the three mediations, occurs in the majority of the enterprises, thus demonstrating that this process is real and is one of the characteristics of solidarity enterprises in Brazil.

  • af Romildo Pereira Da Cruz
    734,95 kr.

    It's not just technological advances that have marked the beginning of this millennium. Educational relations are also undergoing profound transformations and revolutionizing teaching and learning processes. The speed with which information flows in the digital age means that society is living through a period of change in the way it communicates, relates, learns, seeks knowledge and, consequently, new ways of thinking and living together in society are emerging. It's also notable that society has become somewhat dependent on technology and even those who weren't born in the digital age are forced to adhere to certain habits. In addition to computers, there has been a massive increase in the use of mobile devices which, due to their evolution, allow for portability and instantaneous information and communication. With regard to mobile devices, particularly tablets, their use has expanded, perhaps due to their mobility, which allows information to be updated immediately. But what do these devices have to do with education? What are the reactions of teachers and students to the presence of technological resources in the classroom? Below I will discuss some of my reflections as a researcher.

  • af Itamara Farias Leite
    416,95 kr.

    The synthesis of new materials with optimized properties is constantly advancing in Materials Science. In recent decades, polymer blends made up of natural polymers with synthetic polymers have aroused considerable interest among researchers as they are a simple, practical and low-cost alternative to be used in the packaging sector. The objective of this work consists of the preparation and characterization of polymeric blends consisting of biodegradable polymer, poly(3-hydroxybutyrate( (PHB) and synthetic polymer, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), aiming to evaluate the effect of different PHB contents on the morphology and thermal properties of LDPE blends prepared by melting.

  • af Bárbara Elizabeth Alves de Magalhães
    416,95 kr.

    Bee pollen appears when bees collect pollen grains from flowers and add them to their bodies with the help of nectar and saliva. This product has stood out as a food supplement for presenting excellent nutritional and therapeutic properties beneficial to human health, having been widely sold and consumed throughout the world. Given its importance, this work presents a discussion on the human consumption of bee pollen, analyzing the bioactive compounds that provide benefits to human health.

  • af Gutiérrez Soria
    691,95 kr.

    With the purpose of rescuing the events of a historical period of the Municipality of José Sixtos Verduzco, I share this text, which I am sure will serve as a reference to the new generations and from there feel identified with the roots of our land.Better known as Pastor Ortiz, is one of the youngest municipalities in the State of Michoacán. "I am from here" reflects the origin of these places that are located in the area known as the "lowlands of Michoacan".

  • af John Lufukaribu
    690,95 kr.

    Dear readers or users of this module, It's a real pleasure for FORED to put into your hands this conflict management manual, which contains the necessary tools for understanding conflict, managing conflict and managing information.We are aware that there are a thousand and one documents and modules on conflict management in the world. You may know or have several. However, this manual is based on over 20 years' experience in the field of conflict management. Since 1996, we've lived through the most difficult contexts of war, violence and atrocities of all kinds, division and hatred. We have worked in communities that have been severely affected by conflict and trauma, sometimes living in inhuman conditions. What makes this manual special is the fact that it emerges from the general context of theories to adapt to the basic context

  • af Maycol Estévez
    688,95 kr.

    This research analyzes the management of hypovolemic shock at the prehospital level, its objective is to know the protocols to intervene adequately in the patient so that he/she does not develop any type of irreversible damage. A mixed approach and descriptive method were used. The survey (paramedics) and interview (physicians) were used. The documentary information was obtained through the following platforms: Google Books and Academic, Repositories, online medical journals, among others, and an analysis of the notes found was determined by means of the MENDELEY program. As a result, the amount of information available to the paramedical professional is important to apply adequate protocols. In addition, it is indicated that the majority of patients attended in the prehospital area with hypovolemic shock per week varies between 1 to 4 patients and most of the patients are men, from the urban sector, being traffic accidents the main cause of trauma, affecting mostly the thorax, extremities, head and neck.

  • af Harruan Antonio Santos
    416,95 kr.

    When we realize the need to be more competitive in a dynamic market, understanding the value of what we produce is essential so that we can optimize every cost and make our product even more valuable and important to our customers. In this way, Value Stream Mapping applied to the Plastic Packaging industry demonstrates the results obtained through the study of a product family. Bearing in mind that VSM presented very satisfactory results, it is worth remembering that this tool can be applied to any business segment as long as everyone involved is engaged. The author continues to improve his studies on the subject.

  • - slave revolts and quilombos
    af Ademir B Dos Santos
    570,95 kr.

    The result of extensive research, this study, although centered on Cape Verde and Brazil, indicates that Africans, even though they were compulsorily transferred as slaves to the Americas, at no time accommodated themselves as subalterns; rather, they rose up and produced, tirelessly and constantly, surreptitious forms and ways of resisting, albeit under terribly adverse conditions; with this stance and intent, they inserted their culture through the pores of the dominant society, as they still continue to do, through their descendants: always aquilombados in their struggles, in search of the constantly denied social recognition, as they still position themselves today.

  • - conceptions, experiences and expectations
    af Veronica Rozisca
    642,95 kr.

    The increase in the lifespan of people living with HIV has allowed the first generation of people infected through vertical transmission to benefit and has contributed to them being over fifteen years old today. These were the participants in this qualitative study, the result of a master's thesis in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (FAMED/UFMS), Brazil. This book is aimed at readers interested in finding out about this generation: what their conceptions are - how they conceive of the personal criteria for selecting their partners, homosexual relationships and the moral criteria used to differentiate the people with whom they should have an affective relationship. Experiences - of prejudice as a result of their HIV-positive status in various environments, and they described the locations of their love encounters, as well as the love experiences themselves. The fear of being rejected because of their HIV status and of transmitting HIV permeates the various forms of coping in hetero and homoaffective relationships, including the strategy used to reveal their HIV status to their partner and the motivation to adhere to treatment and condom use. They hope to marry and have HIV-negative children.

  • af Orazio Cassiani
    599,95 kr.

    In an evolving social and health care context, the proper relationship between human resource allocation as it relates to job descriptions requires a careful analysis of the potentials that can be experienced. Motivational levers and neurolinguistic programming are a useful tool to ensure the organizational well-being of each individual unit. The key phase of this process is related to the recrutiment, training and direction of each resource. The nodal point is the intersection between the expectations of the newly hired employee, those of experienced or pseudo-experienced colleagues, and the management level. The challenge for the near future will be to define strategies for the enhancement and integration of staff and to build pathways that go to integrate the needs of the organization with the expectations of professionals posing endless possibilities of benefits for users inside and outside the organization itself. An expression of the TEAM work of students and interns, this paper is offered as a useful tool for students to gain skills and experience and for healthcare professionals to trace the perimeter within which to develop and apply innovative organizational models.

  • af Leidy Y Vargas V
    956,95 kr.

    The development of the present research is of great interest and is presented in a university context, where teachers from their apprehensions make known their performance from their experiences in university education; among its intentions is: to understand the meanings and signifiers present in the apprehensions of university teachers about their performance, under a phenomenological look from their experiences, leading to unveil an emerging theoretical construct. Methodologically, this research assumes the interpretative paradigm with a qualitative approach, supported by an intersubjective relativist ontology and an epistemological current of social constructionism, based on phenomenology, using ethnography as a method.

  • af Jefferson Assunção
    970,95 kr.

    The aim of this book is to study, in a comparative analysis, the relationship between João Guimarães Rosa's imagistic language and cangaço cinema, based on a film that is said to have been directly influenced by the writer: Deus e o diabo na terra do sol (God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun) (1964), by Glauber Rocha. To this end, concepts from Literature, Cinema and Philosophy will be used, fields through which this research will pass, as will be described below. It is known that Guimarães Rosa did not like a certain philosophy, as he navigated other logics, far from what he calls, in a letter to his Italian translator, Edoardo Bizzarri, "the Cartesian shrew" or, in a conversation with the German literary critic, Günter Lorenz, "the curse of language". In this sense, the philosophical apparatus used in this work goes beyond and constitutes an immense critical legacy to Cartesianism.

  • af Fábio Rodrigues
    569,95 kr.

    The aim of this study was to assess the association between self-perceived oral health, considering the domains of oral symptoms, functional limitation, emotional well-being and social well-being, and the history of caries in students aged 8 to 14 in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas - Brazil. The sample consisted of 509 students enrolled in the six municipal and state public schools in the Brazilian municipality with the highest proportion of self-declared indigenous people, São Gabriel da Cachoeira (SGC), Amazonas State, Brazil. The participants were divided into two groups, one with children aged 8 to 10 and the other with children aged 11 to 14. The epidemiological examination was carried out by a calibrated examiner (Kappa: 0.98), using the CPO-D and ceo-d indices, and self-perceived health was measured using the Child Perceptions Questionnaire CPQ8-10 and CPQ11-14 instruments, which assess four domains: oral symptoms, functional limitations, emotional well-being and social well-being. The significance of the associations between the variables was tested by bivariate analysis and the associations that showed a p-value of less than 0.25.

  • af Paulo Tumasz Junior
    570,95 kr.

    The process of urban verticalization has been growing over time in urban spaces all over the world. Brazil is no different, and in recent decades this process has also been expanding to medium-sized cities. In this work, we present the dynamics of this process in a medium-sized Brazilian city, Guarapuava - PR, and discuss its expansion in this urban space. This work is the result of the author's master's thesis, entitled "The Production of Urban Space: Characteristics of the verticalization process in Guarapuava - PR (1999-2015)".

  • af Marcos Moura Silva
    418,95 kr.

    The use of certified reference materials is an alternative that laboratories have to guarantee the quality of their analyses, which is why many of them have been investing in the production of their own in-house reference materials. This paper presents the application of an interlaboratory test for the certification of Fe, Ca, Si, Ni, Na, P and V in a sample of carbon electrodes, a candidate for in-house reference material, from an aluminum industry in Brazil.

  • af José Amaral Argolo
    453,95 kr.

    Created in 1949, at the height of the Cold War, the War College, housed in the São João Fortress Complex in the Urca neighborhood, is one of the most important reference centers not only for studies on Brazil, but also on the variables of multiple world scenarios. For eleven months, starting in February, trainees on the Course of Advanced Studies in Politics and Strategy dedicate themselves to studying, in depth and with millimetric precision (and full-time), the issues that permeate the daily lives of both the country and other nation states. This accompaniment, translated into seminars, lectures, reflective and/or practical exercises of great complexity, specific colloquiums and study trips, ensures considerable insight into the world and the characteristics peculiar to each country, especially those daily victimized by turbulence of all kinds. For six years (2007-2012), the author was a member of the School's permanent staff, directing his concerns and studies towards the instigating and almost never disseminated aspects of Information Domination and the violent and harmful spectre of International Terrorism.

  • af Jean-René Camara
    427,95 kr.

    Adolescent fertility, with its social, health and economic implications at both individual and collective levels, is an important factor in the life of the population in all societies. The aim of this study is to gain a better understanding of the factors that determine adolescent fertility in Guinea, so as to be able to propose to political decision-makers, educators/parents and development partners areas of intervention with a view to controlling adolescent fertility in general and adolescent girls in particular. Essentially based on data from the 2005 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS-3 Guinea), the study, after defining the methodological approaches and presenting and evaluating the data, attempts to explain the variation in adolescent fertility in terms of its differential aspects and the impact of each of the variables. A sketch of an explanation for these variables completes our work. One observation: overall, adolescent fertility remains high in Guinea. It accounts for 14% of a woman's final offspring.

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