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Instrumenter og instrumentering

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  • af Maurizio Valle, Dirk Lehmhus, Christian Gianoglio, mfl.
    1.132,95 kr.

  • af Dave Knopp
    378,95 kr.

  • af Jürgen Jasperneite & Volker Lohweg
    367,95 kr.

  • af Dario Di Maio & Javad Baqersad
    1.898,95 kr.

  • af Rui Neves-Silva, Luís Gomes & Luís Brito Palma
    3.003,95 kr.

  • af Ranganath M. Singari
    1.983,95 kr.

    This book presents the select proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering (ICAPIE) - 2021 held at Delhi Technological University, Delhi, during June 18-19, 2021. The book covers the recent advances and challenges in the area of production and industrial engineering. Various topics covered include artificial intelligence and expert systems, CAD/CAM Integration Technology, CAD/CAM, automation and robotics, computer-aided geometric design and simulation, construction machinery and equipment, design tools, cutting tool material and coatings, dynamic mechanical analysis, optimization and control, energy machinery and equipment, flexible manufacturing technology and system, fluid dynamics, bio-fuels, fuel cells, high-speed/precision machining, laser processing technology, logistics and supply chain management, machinability of materials, composite materials, material engineering, mechanical dynamics and its applications, mechanical power engineering, mechanical transmission theory and applications, non-traditional machining processes, operations management, precision manufacturing and measurement, precision manufacturing and measurement, reverse engineering and structural strength and robustness. This book is useful for various researcher mainly mechanical and allied engineering discipline.

  • af Vitalii Ivanov, Ivan Pavlenko, Justyna Trojanowska, mfl.
    1.387,95 - 1.728,95 kr.

  • af Ama Service GmbH & The European Society of Telemetry
    749,95 kr.

    Telemetry technologies for aeronautical, space, automotive, biomedical application are both supported and challenged by innovative industrial developments like IoT, Big Data, Wireless System. Connectivity is the backbone of the modern society!Adapting to and integrating these new technologies represent many challenges but offer new capabilities, which are mandatory for testing modern and future systems, including UAVs / drones.Security of links and networks is to be included by design: jamming, anti-jamming, spoofing...It is actually only about remaining agile - but today more than ever!

  • af Pinakeswar Mahanta, Premananda Pradhan, Harish Chandra Das & mfl.
    2.408,95 kr.

    This book presents select proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering Research and Development (ICRAMERD 21). It covers the latest research trends in various branches of mechanical engineering. The topics covered include materials engineering, industrial system engineering, manufacturing systems engineering, automotive engineering, thermal systems, smart composite materials, manufacturing processes, industrial automation, and energy system. The book will be a valuable reference for beginners, researchers, engineers, and industry professionals working in the various fields of mechanical engineering.

  • af Axel Ritter, Manfred Schmid, Bruno Wampfler & mfl.
    801,95 kr.

    Measurement uncertainty is an important component of modern materials analysis: it indicates the boundaries within which the test results can be trusted. Such results are necessary for understanding of, for example, material and product tolerances and lifetimes, vital for plastic product reliability and safety.Determination of measurement uncertainty is normally quite laborious, but this book shows how the available interlaboratory test data for plastics can be used to calculate measurement uncertainty much more simply. It contains many interlaboratory test results in the fields of thermoanalysis, molar mass determination, and quantitative analysis of the composition of material, presented in tables and graphical charts, discussed in the text, and elaborated by practical examples.In addition to the evaluation by means of the presented data (top-down approach), the relationship to the bottom-up approach specified in the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) is explained based on an example. Further sections deal with sampling, and the issue of whether or not the difference between analytical results is significant.

  • af Nathan Ida, Norbert Meyendorf, Ripi Singh & mfl.
    6.404,95 kr.

    This handbook comprehensively covers the cutting-edge trends and techniques essential for the integration of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) into the changing face of the modern industrial landscape. In particular, it delves into the marriage of NDE with new techniques in e.g. data mining, cloud computing and autonomous operation, highlighting the potential for cyber-physical controlled production and discussing the myriad possible applications across many different industries.The Handbook of NDE 4.0 centers around the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 ¿ the next generation of industrial production encompassing all aspects of networking across all industrial areas. It discusses the adaptation of existing NDE techniques to emerging new technological areas, such as 3D printing, via the introduction of cyber systems into the inspection and maintenance processes. In addition, the handbook covers topics such as the management and processing of big data with respect to real-time monitoring of structural integrity and reliable inspection of individual components. Remote NDE to include competence not available on-site will be a potential technique to increase reliability of NDE inspections by integrating additional specialist inputs into the decision process by methods such as telepresence, thereby better leveraging the scarce resources of senior inspectors into industrial inspections at multiple sites.The handbook houses a wealth of essential information to help academics, industry professionals and entrepreneurs navigate through this burgeoning new field. The material in this handbook is presented with the intention of ultimately improving human safety through reliable inspections and dependable maintenance of critical infrastructure, while also enhancing business value through reduced downtime, affordable maintenance, and talent optimization.

  • af Patricia Piekenbrock & Wilfried Stoll
    309,95 kr.

    What is the essence of a brand? How can it be expressed in a nutshell, and what are its salient characteristics? Logos, colours, shapes, lettering: a brand should of course be recognisable at first glance and at the same time unmistakable. But what actually brings a brand to life - and above all, what makes it future-proof in a world in motion between analogue climate change and digital transformation?It is people who shape the Festo brand. Embedded in a globally active world community, they are brand ambassadors of a living network - a weighty term that brings with it responsibility. After all, the characteristics of a brand can only be perceived if they are an integral part of a company's cultural substance. The brand thus also shapes people.Where does the Festo brand stand, and where does it want to go? The family-owned company strives to develop sustainable solutions for people, animals and the environment and to set them on course for a responsible future. To fulfil this brand promise, Festo relies on the dimensions of technology, innovation, education, knowledge and responsibility.

  • af Myriam Jahn, Joachim R. Uffelmann & Peter Wienzek
    484,95 kr.

    The first edition of the book "IO-Link. Intelligent devices need simple interfaces" already gave a basic introduction to the topic. It compared existing solutions and looked upon the continuously changing market demands.This translation of the second, latest and fully revised edition builds seamlessly on the previous edition and its topics. Apart from these pivotal topics, this edition gives a detailed and elaborate outline of the diverse applicationsof IO-Link.The topical introduction provides a primary guidance before technical details and sample applications show the wide spectrum of possibilities of this standard.This book is meant primarily, but not solely for developers and programmers, users and deciders, who want to achieve a valid basic knowledge on IO-Link by way of the profound explanations in this book, but which cannot be found in the specifications as such.

  • af Andreas Wolf & Henrik A. Schunk
    304,95 kr.

    Automated gripping and handling tasks offer a great rationalization potential but they are still difficult to realize. This book shows you how to ensure process reliability on the basis of combining the right components with advanced application know-how. By explaining basic preconditions of the gripping process and highlighting the milestones of automation history, we guide you all the way through to the center of the handling process - the workpiece. Its ambient conditions and setup are clearly defined as well as the process of setting grippers in motion. Starting with simple linear movements up to multiaxis kinematics, you are provided with the details for practical solutions. A whole range of current applications illustrates the variety and opportunities of automation in daily business.

  • af Christian Martin Möllering
    242,95 kr.

    Active systems in a building have enormous potential in terms of sustainability and comfort. While they are still not very much integrated in early design phases, many building concepts implicitly and strongly rely on such technical systems. Due to the complex configuration of active system components, which is crucial for the success of an installation, most buildings, once erected, are driven far from optimum. When operation starts, programmers of the technical systems, who could optimize, have long left the building.

  • af Klaus Schwab
    164,95 kr.

    Die größte Herausforderung unserer ZeitOb selbstfahrende Autos, 3-D-Drucker oder Künstliche Intelligenz: Aktuelle technische Entwicklungen werden unsere Art zu leben und zu arbeiten grundlegend verändern. Die Vierte Industrielle Revolution hat bereits begonnen. Ihr Merkmal ist die ungeheuer schnelle und systematische Verschmelzung von Technologien, die die Grenzen zwischen der physischen, der digitalen und der biologischen Welt immer stärker durchbrechen. Wie kein anderer ist Klaus Schwab, der Vorsitzende des Weltwirtschaftsforums, in der Lage aufzuzeigen, welche politischen, wirtschaftlichen, sozialen und kulturellen Herausforderungen diese Revolution für uns alle mit sich bringt.

  • af Michael Krystek
    522,95 kr.

    Author Michael Krystek explains the principles of calculating measurement uncertainty in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner. Practical examples for different types of measurement are also given.This work is based on the internationally renowned ISO/IEC Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM). The "GUM" defines standard methods of calculating and expressing the uncertainty of measurement to help make results more comparable. This is especially important for calibration. In Germany, the GUM is used as the basis for expressing uncertainty on official calibration certificates, such as those issued by the German Calibration Service (DKD).

  • af Joachim Haupt & Florian Hadler
    227,95 kr.

    Unter einem Interface versteht man im Allgemeinen die Schnittstelle zwischen Mensch und Maschine. Interfaces ermöglichen und beschränken Kommunikation, Nutzungen und Interaktion. Sie lenken Blicke und Praktiken, standardisieren, normieren und bestimmen, was machbar ist. Je mehr wir mit Maschinen, mit Gadgets, Apps und digitalen Services zu tun haben, desto wichtiger werden Interfaces für unsere Arbeit, unsere Kommunikation und unsere Kultur. Während die praktischen Gestaltungsparadigmen zum Interface klare Ziele wie Intuition, Effizienz und Unsichtbarkeit formulieren, scheint es an einer theoretisch fundierten Kritik jenseits eines kulturpessimistischen Reflexes zu fehlen, die das Interface gerade dann in den Blick zu bringen vermag, wenn es sich der Wahrnehmung mehr und mehr entzieht.Der englischsprachige Sammelband schließt an das internationale Symposium »Interface Critique« an und begibt sich auf die Suche nach kritisch-interdisziplinären Perspektiven, die das Interface als kulturelles Phänomen in seiner Dynamik, Genealogie und Ästhetik sichtbar machen und ernst nehmen.

  • af Ravi N. Banavar & N. S. Manjarekar
    190,95 kr.

    In this work we derive asymptotically stabilizing control laws for electrical power systems using two nonlinear control synthesis techniques. For this transient stabilization problem the actuator considered is a power electronic device, a controllable series capacitor (CSC). The power system is described using two different nonlinear models - the second order swing equation and the third order flux-decay model. To start with, the CSC is modeled by the injection model which is based on the assumption that the CSC dynamics is very fast as compared to the dynamics of the power system and hence can be approximated by an algebraic equation. Here, by neglecting the CSC dynamics, the input vector $g(x)$ in the open loop system takes a complex form - the injection model. Using this model, interconnection and damping assignment passivity-based control (IDA-PBC) methodology is demonstrated on two power systems: a single machine infinite bus (SMIB) system and a two machine system. Further, IDA-PBC is used to derive stabilizing controllers for power systems, where the CSC dynamics are included as a first order system. Next, we consider a different control methodology, immersion and invariance (I\&I), to synthesize an asymptotically stabilizing control law for the SMIB system with a CSC. The CSC is described by a first order system. As a generalization of I\&I, we incorporate the power balance algebraic constraints in the load bus to the SMIB swing equation, and extend the design philosophy to a class of differential algebraic systems. The proposed result is then demonstrated on another example: a two-machine system with two load buses and a CSC. The controller performances are validated through simulations for all cases.

  • af Oscar Castillo, Patricia Melin, Janusz Kacprzyk, mfl.
    1.651,95 kr.

  • af Robert A. Malloy
    800,95 kr.

  • af Jørgen Meinertz & Valter Loll
    401,95 kr.

    Måleteknik er et opslagsværk til brug i industrien og til undervisningen på mellemlange og videregående uddannelser. Bogen dykker ned i metrologi og statistik og behandler blandt andet geometriske produktspecifikationer, udførelse af målinger samt analyse af målesystemer og måledata. Desuden gennemgår den statistisk processtyring (SPC) og stikprøveplaner efter de nyeste ISO-standarder. Endelig behandles måleinstrumenter til mekaniske, elektriske og kemiske målinger samt måling af flow og masse udførligt, ligesom koordinatmålemaskinen (CMM) beskrives.Tilegnelsen af det teoretiske stof understøttes af eksempler på måletekniske beregninger.Dette er bind 2 af Kvalitetsstyring og Måleteknik. Bøgerne er skrevet af Valter Loll og Jørgen Meinertz.

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