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  • af Dario Di Maio & Javad Baqersad
    1.898,95 - 2.202,95 kr.

  • af Mark B.
    285,95 kr.

    Thermografie ist eine spannende und sehr interessante Technik, die in den letzten Jahren quasi für jeden interessierten nutzbar wurde.Lernen Sie anhand kleiner praktischer Beispiele die wichtigsten Grundlagen und Zusammenhänge kennen, um Thermografie bestmöglich zu nutzen!Begleiten Sie mich auf einer spannenden Reise und lernen Sie das beste aus Ihrer Wärmebildkamera herauszuholen und Wärmebilder richtig zu interpretieren.

  • af Axel Ritter, Manfred Schmid, Bruno Wampfler & mfl.
    1.513,95 kr.

    Measurement uncertainty is an important component of modern materials analysis: it indicates the boundaries within which the test results can be trusted. Such results are necessary for understanding of, for example, material and product tolerances and lifetimes, vital for plastic product reliability and safety.Determination of measurement uncertainty is normally quite laborious, but this book shows how the available interlaboratory test data for plastics can be used to calculate measurement uncertainty much more simply. It contains many interlaboratory test results in the fields of thermoanalysis, molar mass determination, and quantitative analysis of the composition of material, presented in tables and graphical charts, discussed in the text, and elaborated by practical examples.In addition to the evaluation by means of the presented data (top-down approach), the relationship to the bottom-up approach specified in the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) is explained based on an example. Further sections deal with sampling, and the issue of whether or not the difference between analytical results is significant.

  • af Steve Heather
    513,95 kr.

  • af Nathan Ida, Norbert Meyendorf, Ripi Singh & mfl.
    5.660,95 kr.

    This handbook comprehensively covers the cutting-edge trends and techniques essential for the integration of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) into the changing face of the modern industrial landscape. In particular, it delves into the marriage of NDE with new techniques in e.g. data mining, cloud computing and autonomous operation, highlighting the potential for cyber-physical controlled production and discussing the myriad possible applications across many different industries.The Handbook of NDE 4.0 centers around the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 ¿ the next generation of industrial production encompassing all aspects of networking across all industrial areas. It discusses the adaptation of existing NDE techniques to emerging new technological areas, such as 3D printing, via the introduction of cyber systems into the inspection and maintenance processes. In addition, the handbook covers topics such as the management and processing of big data with respect to real-time monitoring of structural integrity and reliable inspection of individual components. Remote NDE to include competence not available on-site will be a potential technique to increase reliability of NDE inspections by integrating additional specialist inputs into the decision process by methods such as telepresence, thereby better leveraging the scarce resources of senior inspectors into industrial inspections at multiple sites.The handbook houses a wealth of essential information to help academics, industry professionals and entrepreneurs navigate through this burgeoning new field. The material in this handbook is presented with the intention of ultimately improving human safety through reliable inspections and dependable maintenance of critical infrastructure, while also enhancing business value through reduced downtime, affordable maintenance, and talent optimization.

  • af Michael Krystek
    522,95 kr.

    Author Michael Krystek explains the principles of calculating measurement uncertainty in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner. Practical examples for different types of measurement are also given.This work is based on the internationally renowned ISO/IEC Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM). The "GUM" defines standard methods of calculating and expressing the uncertainty of measurement to help make results more comparable. This is especially important for calibration. In Germany, the GUM is used as the basis for expressing uncertainty on official calibration certificates, such as those issued by the German Calibration Service (DKD).

  • af Jørgen Meinertz & Valter Loll
    397,95 kr.

    Måleteknik er et opslagsværk til brug i industrien og til undervisningen på mellemlange og videregående uddannelser. Bogen dykker ned i metrologi og statistik og behandler blandt andet geometriske produktspecifikationer, udførelse af målinger samt analyse af målesystemer og måledata. Desuden gennemgår den statistisk processtyring (SPC) og stikprøveplaner efter de nyeste ISO-standarder. Endelig behandles måleinstrumenter til mekaniske, elektriske og kemiske målinger samt måling af flow og masse udførligt, ligesom koordinatmålemaskinen (CMM) beskrives.Tilegnelsen af det teoretiske stof understøttes af eksempler på måletekniske beregninger.Dette er bind 2 af Kvalitetsstyring og Måleteknik. Bøgerne er skrevet af Valter Loll og Jørgen Meinertz.

  • af Forrest W. Bear & Thomas A. Hoerner
    64,95 kr.

    This is an educational tool to be used in a classroom setting or by commercial firms and other agencies for inservice training programs. This manual contains illustrations of the different measuring instruments, an explanation of their construction, and how to use the instruments for specific applications. The tools explained are micrometers, vernier calipers, thickness gages, and wire gages. Classroom exercises and laboratory worksheets are included for instructional and evaluation purposes.

  • af SP Venkateshan
    912,95 kr.

    The first edition of this book was co-published by Ane Books India, and CRC Press in 2008. This second edition is an enlarged version of the web course developed by the author at IIT Madras, and also a modified and augmented version of the earlier book.

  • af John D. Turner & Martyn Hill
    1.100,95 kr.

    Instrumentation (the choice and use of sensors and the processing of signals from them) is a subject of importance to engineering, science, and medicine. This is a concise text covering data acquisition and analysis in an integrated fashion.

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