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Farvestoffer, pigmenter og malingsteknologi

Her finder du spændende bøger om Farvestoffer, pigmenter og malingsteknologi. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 11 bøger om emnet. Det er også her du finder emner som Kosmetik.
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  • - A practical guide to graffiti removal and anti-graffiti protection
    af Maurice J. Whitford
    476,95 - 2.324,95 kr.

    This book provides, for the first time, clear, authoritative guidance on removing graffiti and protecting surfaces from further attack.

  • af Uffe Madsen & Kaare Stuhr
    156,95 - 261,99 kr.

    Materialelære 3 er det tredje temahæfte af serien, der omhandler malematerialernes opbygning og egenskaber. Seriens indhold og pædagogiske struktur bygger på en gradvis fordybelse i stoffet på tre niveauer med stigende sværhedsgrad. Materialelære 3 omhandler kemi og fysik set i forhold til malematerialer og maleteknik og indeholder bl.a. emner som: mineralske underlag og malinger, malebehandling på metaller og fysiske grundbegreber. Stoffet præsenteres i en lettilgængelig og praktisk relateret form, der tager sit udgangspunkt i læserens hverdag som maler.

    696,95 kr.

    "Highlights the uses of delivery systems in cosmetics, analyzing new approaches for obtaining sophisticated cosmetic products and examining the most common methods for enhancing the skin's penetration properties. Covers a wide range of established and burgeoning techniques."

  • - A Manual for Students of Chemistry and Dyeing
    af L. L. Lloyd & M. Fort
    428,95 kr.

    First published in 1919, as the second edition of a 1917 original, this book provides a guide to the chemistry of dyestuffs and the dyeing process in two parts: part one discusses intermediate compounds; part two discusses dyestuffs. A bibliography and illustrative figures are also included. Notes are incorporated throughout.

  • - A Key Cosmetic Ingredient
    3.058,95 kr.

    This book comprehensively covers the chemical and physical properties and manufacturing and handling procedures of glycerine and the use of this material in cosmetic and personal care products and in other industrial areas such as testing laboratories and manufacturing and marketing sectors.

  • - Synthesis and Industrial Applications
    af R. W. Sabnis
    1.695,95 kr.

    Handbook of Biological Dyes and Stains presents anup-to-date library on over two hundred dyes and stains. Organizedalphabetically by chemical names, this handbook is the first toinclude dyes and stain s CAS Registry Number, ChemicalAbstract Index Name, melting point, and more.

    1.134,95 kr.

    Offers information on the important parameters which determine ink performance. This book covers the conventional use of inkjet technology on graphic applications, and also the extension of this method to print various functional materials, such as the use of conductive inks to print light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and three-dimensional structures.

    3.058,95 kr.

    Discussing the history, benefits, formulations and future developments of hair and skin conditioning products, this work offers an overview of the subject and unique analysis of the elements of conditioning. It offers the novice chemist a solid foundation of technical knowledge and the seasoned scientist the latest state-of-the-art ingredients and testing procedures used in evaluation.

  • - A Rheological Approach to Coating and Ink Technology
    af TC Patton
    4.428,95 kr.

    Presents researchers and engineers in the fields of coating (paints) and inks with a practical and comprehensive overview of rheological and related aspects of these two industries. This Second Edition contains new chapters on pigment/binder geometry, theoretical aspects of dispersion, and capillarity.

  • - Chemistry, Properties, Applications
    af K Hunger
    3.238,95 kr.

    What would life be like without color? Ever since one can think back, color has always accompanied mankind. Dyes - originally obtained exclusively from natural sources - also produced synthetically on a large scale and represent one of the very mature and traditional sectors of the chemical industry. This book deals with industrial dyes.

    2.860,95 kr.

    Presents a review of the advances in the science and technology of controlling odour and wetness. This title includes chapters on: antiperspirant and deodorant formulations; relevant patent technologies; the chemistry of aluminium/zirconium antiperspirant salts; and, the structure and function of the human eccrine sweat glands.

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