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Her finder du spændende bøger om Serveringsbranchen. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 60 bøger om emnet. Det er også her du finder emner som Catering, restauranter, serveringssteder. Se også TTVC2 Catering og madlavning: færdigheder og brancher, og TDCT Levnedsmiddelteknologi.
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  • - Kogebog
    af Morten Kaltoft & Emil Alsbo
    258,94 kr.

    Osteria 16 er en bog skrevet af Morten Kaltoft. Denne bog, der blev udgivet i 2020 af Strandberg Publishing, er en sand perle i genren. Morten Kaltoft tager læseren med på en kulinarisk rejse gennem de italienske osteriaer. Med sin dygtige fortælling og levende beskrivelser, formår Kaltoft at transportere læseren direkte til det italienske køkken. Osteria 16 er mere end bare en bog; det er en oplevelse, et vindue til Italien og dets rige madkultur. Denne bog er et must for enhver madentusiast eller person, der elsker Italien og dets kultur. Strandberg Publishing er stolte af at præsentere denne bog for verdenen, og vi er sikre på, at du vil nyde denne kulinariske rejse gennem Italien.

  • - En kogebog
    af Ida Ravn & Stine Kirkegaard
    347,95 kr.

    EASY PEACY er en kogebog med sæsonbaserede deleretter med få ingredienser, der er nemme at lave og smager skønt. Ud over opskrifter på snacks, små og større retter, salsa og sauce, brød og sødt indeholder EASY PEACY forslag til, hvordan man sammensætter og forbereder lækre menuer.Opskrifterne er inspireret af Italien, men har også spanske og franske islæt. Tilgangen til maden er derimod udpræget italiensk – simpelt anrettet, sæsonbaseret og frem for alt så nemt, at alle kan være med. Bogen er dedikeret til den gode middag, flotte og velsmagende råvarer og det smukke ved et måltid. Med sin legende og umiddelbare tilgang til maden ønsker Easy Peacy at vise, at det slet ikke behøver at være så svært.Stine Kirkegaard, der har adskillige års erfaring fra restaurationsbranchen, kommer ud af en madelskende familie. Hun startede Easy Peacy som et hobbyprojekt og solgte hjemmelavet mad fra sin lejlighed i København under Corona-pandemien i 2021.Siden da er det gået stærkt. Det lille køkken er skiftet ud med et industrikøkken, og efter et halvt år fik Ida Ravn ansvar for virksomhedens kreative ledelse, som binder kunst, billeder og video sammen med maden. Det stærke visuelle udtryk har i ligeså høj grad som den uhøjtidelige tilgang til maden været med at gøre Easy Peacy til det, det er i dag. Easy Peacy tilbyder frokostordninger, catering og leverer mad til store og små events for især modebranchen.

  • af Morten Kaltoft & Emil Alsbo
    287,95 kr.

  • af Armour And Company
    152,95 kr.

  • af Logan Lee
    1.582,95 kr.

    Consumer preference refers to the subjective tastes of consumers and it is determined by how satisfied they are with the food products after making a purchase. Factors such as packaging, price and convenience determine consumer acceptance of food products. In food industry, one important factor that requires careful consideration is the sensory experience of the consumers with the food. Sensory testing evaluates food products using the senses of touch, sight, taste, and smell. It is frequently utilized to ascertain whether a food product would be accepted by consumers or not. The factors which influence food acceptability may be related to the environment, the food or the person consuming it. This book unravels the recent studies on consumer preferences in the food industry. It presents researches and studies performed by experts across the globe. This book is a vital tool for all researching and studying this field.

  • af A. Sabin
    192,95 kr.

  • af Charles Austin Bates
    397,95 kr.

  • af William Dietz
    272,95 kr.

    Spill The Tea aims to provide readers with the most vital information about the flavored tea industry. It distills 15 years of career knowledge by systematically answering top questions about flavored and blended tea, providing a complete view behind the blending room door.Through expert interviews, you will learn the following: What flavoring is-the differences between natural and artificial flavorThe anatomy of a tea blend-why and how to use certain ingredientsThe complex supply chain of flavored tea-what are the hidden costsAnd much more

  • af Chip Klose
    297,95 kr.

    Restaurants boast some of the highest failure rates of any industry, yet even worse is the sheer number of concepts that struggle just to break even. In The Restaurant Marketing Mindset, Chip Klose introduces a series of mindset shifts and actionable frameworks to help owners and operators finally take control of their marketing.With more than twenty years of operational experience--plus an MBA in food marketing--Klose has the authority, experience, and track record needed to speak confidently on the subject. Each lesson stacks one on top of the other, giving the reader a step-by-step plan to attract more diners, retain those diners, and spark word of mouth with the oneswho matter most.This book is for any chef, owner, or operator who's ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to marketing their restaurant.Each chapter is filled with powerful insights to help you build a more profitable (and sustainable) business.

  • af Ibrahim Kahramanoglu
    1.507,95 kr.

    Fruits contain important vitamins, minerals, phytochemical compounds, and dietary fiber. The phytochemicals in fruit can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Fruits play an important role in not only human health but also in the world economy. As the global population continues to grow, there is an urgent need to ensure all people have access to healthy foods, thus the fruit industry is integral to ensuring food security and sustainability. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the fruit industry and highlights new topics for future research.

  • af Jason Porter
    777,95 kr.

    You desire independence. But it goes beyond that...You wish to live a free life because you love food.Just ONE problemYou don't know where to begin.We walk you through the process from complete novice to food truck guru while holding your hand the entire while.I really do.Menu preparation. Pricing. spending plan templates. Marketing. The legal information you were unaware you needed. right down to selecting your uniform. It is all present.Read the perspectives of seven professionals who have all traveled the same path as you: all the way to operating their own profitable food truck, throughout the book.This book covers everything, from the idea to building a devoted following to doing preventative maintenance on your equipment.includes summaries of the operations, financial performance, and scalability of popular food trucks.Using unique templates for selecting vending locations, opening and closing checklists, and more, establish best practices for operating your truck.Create a strong business plan that includes a reasonable budget and vendors you can trust. Think through every aspect of everyday operations.Avoid the most frequent operational blunders to be profitable and lean.

  • af Ahmed Buzaian
    447,95 kr.

    A comprehensive overview of Olive oil production in Cyrenaica in the Roman period, to demonstrate its economic importance within the Roman Empire.

  • af Mark Scamman
    172,95 kr.

    As a young grocery store manager back in the early nineties, Mark Scamman was involved with a variety of shoplifting incidents, approximately two hundred and fifty in his first five years in management. The idea of stealing from a grocery store struck a nerve with him. It soon became apparent that shoplifting was a common occurrence not limited to gender, age, race, or social standing.Mark had witnessed shoplifting when he was working his way up through the ranks, but not to the degree he saw when he began looking for shoplifters in earnest. Over the years, Mark told his friends and family members shoplifting stories. Some made them laugh, some made them cry, and some just made them angry. He started to document the tales, thinking someday he would compile them in a book. For Christmas 2020, Mark got a Chromebook laptop-much better than pencil and paper. Larceny in the Aisles shares his experiences and his hopes for change that will better protect retailers from theft.

  • af Charles Spence
    197,95 kr.

  • af Catherine Collins
    165,95 kr.

    A Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent and a former private investigator dive deep into the murky waters of the international salmon farming industry, exposing the unappetizing truth about a fish that is not as good for you as you have been told.A decade ago, farmed Atlantic salmon replaced tuna as the most popular fish on North America's dinner tables. We are told salmon is healthy and environmentally friendly. The reality is disturbingly different.In Salmon Wars, investigative journalists Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins bring readers to massive ocean feedlots where millions of salmon are crammed into parasite-plagued cages and fed a chemical-laced diet. The authors reveal the conditions inside hatcheries, where young salmon are treated like garbage, and at the farms that threaten our fragile coasts. They draw colorful portraits of characters, such as the big salmon farmer who poisoned his own backyard, the fly-fishing activist who risked everything to ban salmon farms in Puget Sound, and the American researcher driven out of Norway for raising the alarm about dangerous contaminants in the fish. Frantz and Collins document how the industrialization of Atlantic salmon threatens this keystone species, endangers our health and environment, and lines the pockets of our generation's version of Big Tobacco. And they show how it doesn't need to be this way.Just as Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation forced a reckoning with the Big Mac, the vivid stories, scientific research, and high-stakes finance at the heart of Salmon Wars will inspire readers to make choices that protect our health and our planet.

  • af R. Christopher Longstreet
    142,95 kr.

    Most people think that managing a fast-food restaurant is as easy as washing dishes in a leaking sink - you just have to know how to plug the leaks. Willard Moore took a job opportunity to train to become a fast-food manager. In the process he learned what the term "in the weeds" means and why it aptly applies to the restaurant industry.This is his story.

  • af Theresa Griffin Kennedy
    252,95 kr.

  • af Bette Lou Higgins
    262,95 - 362,95 kr.

  • af Pat McGrath Avery & Rudy H. Garcia
    227,95 - 432,95 kr.

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