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Sociologi for sygeplejersker

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  • af Redigeret af: Annemarie Dalsgaard & Lone Meldgaard
    187,95 - 269,95 kr.

    Alle sundhedsprofessionelle, uanset om det drejer sig om sygeplejersker, radiografer, jordemødre, ergoterapeuter, fysioterapeuter og bioanalytikere, arbejder med mennesker. Ofte begrundes deres valg af erhverv og profession netop med ønsket om at ville arbejde med mennesker. Denne grundbog i sociologi og socialantropologi giver såvel studerende på de sundhedsfaglige grunduddannelser som sundhedsprofessionelle på efter- og videreuddannelse en grundviden i sociologisk og socialantropologisk teori samt forståelse for menneskelige reaktioner og relationer i en institutionel og samfundsmæssig kontekst.

  • af Beverley Brathwaite
    251,95 - 745,95 kr.

  • af Ruth A. Wittmann-Price
    506,95 kr.

    "Using the Fast Facts style of concise, easy-to-access information, this book is the only comprehensive guide to creating an outstanding professional academic portfolio for entry into, and promotion and tenure within, an academic nursing setting. It is designed for recent nursing graduates who want to teach, faculty who need to polish their academic portfolio, and individuals already established in academia who seek promotion or tenure. The book provides clear guidelines on what to include in a professional portfolio, and elements to highlight when seeking work in a specific discipline or academic role. It describes pitfalls to be avoided and how to insure effective coverage of teaching, scholarship, and service, as well as addresses the differences between systems and policies of academia, versus those of community college nursing programs and diploma schools of nursing. This guide also helps prepare nurses for the rigors of promotion and tenure by clarifying what to expect and how candidates are evaluated. Numerous examples illustrate actual professional faculty experience and include personal statements written by successful nurse educators. "

  • af Terry Maluk
    206,95 kr.

    Ready to give up your nursing career because it's too stressful? Please read this book first… Stressed out from juggling ever-increasing, non-stop demands at work and at home? Overwhelmed by your challenging professional career and afraid of burnout? Exhausted and can't focus on critical tasks because you can't get enough sleep?Your life doesn't have to be like this! As an experienced, credentialed professional who suffered for years with chronic stress that took a toll not only on her body but on her mind and spirit, Terry Maluk shares simple but powerful tools that helped her (and will also help you) overcome stress, overwhelm, and burnout.If you're ready to explore these proven methods to let go of the stress, this book is for you!In these pages you'll discover: The #1 way to find calm exactly when you need it, so you respond with clarity and confidence in any situation. How to easily set healthy boundaries so you can take your life back and avoid burnout. How to give yourself the gift of guilt-free 'me time' so you can be your best self each day.Praise for RX for RNs"If your work is taking a toll on your body and happiness, it's time to open this book. Terry Maluk provides a practical easy-to-read read guide to help you relieve stress and find balance. You're dedicated to helping others. It's now time to extend that dedication to yourself." - Jessica Ortner, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence and producer of the documentary film "The Tapping Solution."About the AuthorTerry Maluk is a gifted speaker, author, and stress relief specialist. A member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, Terry holds a Master of Science degree in Public Health, is an accredited, certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) practitioner, and a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. Her extensive experience working with nurses and other professionals, combined with her joy in helping others, make this book a must-read for anyone feeling stressed and facing burnout. For more information, visit

  • af Haewon Byeon & Jaewon Nah
    711,95 kr.

  • af Adina Kalet, Bruce H. Campbell & Kathlyn Fletcher
    161,95 kr.

  • af Arenla T
    322,95 kr.

    Introduction: A moral sense is inborn in man and, through the ages, it has served as the common man's standard of moral behaviour, approving certain qualities and condemning others. While this instinctive faculty may vary from person to person, human conscience has consistently declared certain moral qualities to be good and others to be bad. Justice, courage and truthfulness have always found praise, and history does not record any period worth the name in which falsehood, injustice, dishonesty and breach of trust have been praised; sympathy, compassion, loyalty and generosity have always been valued, while 'selfishness, cruelty, meanness and bigotry have never been approved of by society; men have always appreciated perseverance, determination and courage, but never impatience, fickleness, cowardice and stupidity. Dignity, restraint, politeness and friendliness have throughout the ages been counted virtues, whereas snobbery and rudeness have always been looked down upon. People with a sense of responsibility and devotion to duty have always won the highest regard, those who are incompetent, lazy and lacking in a sense of duty have never been looked upon with approval. Similarly, in assessing the standards of good and bad in the collective behaviour of society as a whole, only those societies have been considered worthy,

  • af Jadhav Radhika
    313,95 kr.

    A brief review of Indian Science of Health and Medicine with Special Reference to Ayurveda The study of norms and values is one of the essential activities of philosophy and philosophy as an intellectual discipline of human knowledge. In the Indian tradition, the study of principles and values with reference to reality and life has seldom been disassociated or independent. The western division of science, art and Philosophy, (and religion too) is not aptly or rigorously applicable to various disciplines of human knowledge in the Indian tradition. A discipline of knowledge covers under its scope, reality on the one hand, and life on the other hand, simultaneously. Hence, in their original forms, till their mature growth, disciplines of human knowledge have been independent philosophies. Ayurveda, popularly known as the science of health and medicine, is likewise a complete system of principles and values to study human life with a focus on health, longevity and medicine to keep life happy and energetic in functions and activities constituting the course of life. Hence it becomes a primary concern of a modem student of Philosophy to study and bring forth the Philosophical aspects of Ayurveda. The present dissertation aims at working out the ethical aspect of Ayurveda from the modem point of view. 1.1. Why Ethical Considerations? Human life has evolved immensely during the course of the last two thousand years. With changing times, man has adapted fairly well to his natural habitat and made his life more comfortable. However, though with the increase of comfort, human life has evolved to become a prosperous and lavish in a few mundane aspects, yet, at the same time the complexities of human life are increasing with every instance of progress and achievement. One can notice drastic changes in the lifestyle of humankind today if compared to that of the tenth or fifteenth century populace. The evolution of man on the rational level is,

  • af Irena Madjar
    427,95 kr.

    This phenomenological study investigates the lived experience of cancer and burn patients in pain and of the professionals who inflict pain in the context of medically prescribed treatments.

  • af Helen Meldrum
    564,95 kr.

    This edition profiles recipients of the prestigious "Excellence in Medicine" award given by the American Medical Association.

  • - Nursing and Patient Perspectives
    af Cynthia King
    1.172,95 kr.

  • - Stories of Nurses Standing Up for Themselves, Their Patients, and Their Profession
    435,95 kr.

    In this collection of first-person narratives, we meet RNs working at the bedside, providing home care, managing hospital departments, teaching and doing research, lobbying for quality patient care, and campaigning for health care reform.

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