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  • af Ed Conway
    127,95 - 215,95 kr.

    'A compelling narrative of the human story' TIM MARSHALL, author of Prisoners of Geography'Lively, rich and exciting... full of surprises' PETER FRANKOPAN, author of The Silk Roads_____________Sand, salt, iron, copper, oil and lithium. They built our world, and they will transform our future.These are the six most crucial substances in human history. They took us from the Dark Ages to the present day. They power our computers and phones, build our homes and offices, and create life-saving medicines. But most of us take them completely for granted.In Material World, Ed Conway travels the globe - from the sweltering depths of the deepest mine in Europe, to spotless silicon chip factories in Taiwan, to the eerie green pools where lithium originates - to uncover a secret world we rarely see. Revealing the true marvel of these substances, he follows the mind-boggling journeys, miraculous processes and little-known companies that turn the raw materials we all need into products of astonishing complexity.As we wrestle with climate change, energy crises and the threat of new global conflict, Conway shows why these substances matter more than ever before, and how the hidden battle to control them will shape our geopolitical future. This is the story of civilisation - our ambitions and glory, innovations and appetites - from a new perspective: literally from the ground up.

  • af Wang Hongwei Wang
    485,95 - 1.097,95 kr.

  • af Poul Høgh & Morten Helms Brask
    547,95 kr.

    Anvendt elektroteknik – forsyningsanlæg til elektriske installationer er en lærebog, der retter sig mod studerende, som ønsker at opnå kompetencer inden for højspændingsteknik. Bogen har særlig fokus på, at læseren får et overblik og kan se den systematik, der er fælles for transmissionsnettet og distributionsnettet. Anvendt elektroteknik – forsyningsanlæg til elektriske installationer gør sig fri af specifikke typer effektafbrydere og behandler mere generelle indstillinger. Bogen benytter impedansmetoden, der er en enkel metode og sikker nok til at foretage beregninger af kortslutningerne på 10 kV eller 20 kV niveau, samt på lavspændingsnettet. Bogen er målrettet de videregående tekniske uddannelser, især elinstallatøruddannelsen og maskinmesteruddannelsen, men kan også anvendes som håndbog af elrådgivere. Bogen er tillige rettet mod at opnå læringsmål svarende til el-autorisationsprøvens første opgave. Den er skrevet som et værktøj, der øger analyseniveauet hos de teknikere, elektrikere og el-ansvarligere, der arbejder med sikkerhed i elinstallationer, som er påvirket af højspændingsnettet.

  • af Felipe Luis Palombini
    1.024,95 kr.

    Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in nature due to its fast growth, rapid regeneration, outstanding mechanical properties, and applications in numerous industries. Latest technological advances have been allowing the plant to be studied and applied to exciting new projects. Being bamboo an icon of sustainable development, this book approaches the latest developments in the study of the plant, either as a natural resource or as a source of inspiration for more efficient designs. With the global urging demand for more sustainable practices, innovations in bamboo science and technology are key to the development of environmentally sound solutions.

  • af Xiaowei Yue
    3.193,95 kr.

    This book focuses on selected aspects of the current and upcoming trends in mechanical engineering and applied composite materials. In detail, the included scientific papers present the study of applied composite materials to advance the research and application of mechanical behaviors, manufacturing techniques, and structural applications. These cutting-edge research papers help in developing innovative composite solutions, and address challenges in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and civil engineering. The collaboration between mechanical engineering and applied composite materials in the research leads to advancements in material science, manufacturing methods, and structural design principles. This book is the documentation of the 6th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Applied Composite Materials (MEACM2023), which took place in Sanya, China, on December 28-29, 2023.

  • af Nabisab Mujawar Mubarak
    526,95 - 995,95 kr.

  • af Bhavani Thuraisingham, Barbara Carminati, Christopher W. Clifton, mfl.
    1.561,95 kr.

    This book comprises select peer-reviewed articles submitted for the proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematics and Computing (ICMC 2022), held by the School of Advanced Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India, in association with Ramanujan Mathematical Society, India, Cryptology Research Society of India and Society for Electronic Transactions and Security, India, from 6-8 January 2022. With an aim to identify the existing challenges in the areas of mathematics and computing, the book emphasizes the importance of establishing new methods and algorithms to address these challenges. The book includes topics on diverse applications of cryptology, network security, cyber security, block chain, IoT, mobile network, data analytics, applied algebra, mathematical analysis, mathematical modelling, fluid dynamics, fractional calculus, multi-optimization, integral equations, dynamical systems, numerical analysis and scientific computing. Divided into five major parts-applied algebra and analysis, fractional calculus and integral equations, mathematical modelling and fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, and computer science and applications-the book is a useful resource for students, researchers and faculty as well as practitioners.

  • af Vijayalaxmi J
    858,95 kr.

    This book highlights the various aspects of architectural research based on field studies and real-time data including the data collection methods and the methodology and materials required. The output of every study is knowledge based and informed decision that helps architects and designers in decision making process at an early stage. The output of the book bridges the architectural research methods and its application in contemporary world through a thorough understanding of sustainable building materials, construction techniques and its quantified consequences on thermal performance. This book is aimed at researchers and professionals to assist in understanding the strategies, tacts and methods of a scientific approach to assess building performance through real-life case studies from India. The implication of what is being done in the contemporary world is highlighted which will help practicing architects make design decisions.¿

  • af Rameshkumar Bhoraniya
    1.306,95 - 1.671,95 kr.

  • af Inamuddin
    836,95 kr.

    The book presents recent developments in the field of thermoelectric polymers and polymer composites. It focuses on the link between thermoelectric characteristics and material structure. Topics covered include chemical composition, microstructure, dopants, doping levels, methods of fabrication, thermoelectric effect, thermoelectric device conversion efficiency, and thermoelectric properties of conducting polymers.

  • af Jorddy Cruz
    845,95 kr.

    The book focuses on the interplay between nanoparticles and biological systems. Topics covered include the synthesis, characterization, and application of nanomaterials in tissue engineering; the interaction of nanoparticles with macromolecules; biomedical and food science applications; the cardiovascular toxicity of nanoparticles; colon targeted nano drug delivery systems; the biocompatibility and immunogenicity of nanoparticles; plasmon-enhanced biosensing applications; strategies for enhancing the biocompatibility of nanoparticles; the environmental impact of nanoparticles; as well as the intricate dynamics between nanoparticles and living organisms.

  • af Mohammad Arshad
    362,95 kr.

    In the present era, emerging technologies need current-carrying electrical components that are universally good in functionality and durability with low power dissipation. The growing demand for non-volatile, faster, multifunctional memory and logic devices with small sizes inspired the scientific community worldwide. Recently, many have been inspired by spintronics, particularly the usage of micro- electromechanical systems that analyse the control of the magnetic (spin) state via electric fields and/or vice versa. Such a phenomenon utilizes the intrinsic spin of electrons instead of their electronic charge for data storage. In light of this, the next- generation electronics devices, including solid-state transformers, very sensitive dc and ac magnetic field sensors, electrically tunable microwave filters, and electromagnetic-optic actuators, need to be smaller in size with the coexistence of various order parameters, i.e., magnetization, polarization, and strain. A special class of materials that unite these ferroic orders is termed as multiferroics. Multiferroic materials are those that coexist and are connected with more than one ferroic order. The subset with ferroelectric and magnetic order is the most interesting magnetoelectrics. A single-phase multiferroic material is one that possesses two or all three of the so-called "ferroic" properties, i.e., ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity, and ferroelasticity. The term "multiferroic" was first used by Schmid. However, the coexistence of magnetism and ferroelectricity is primarily described as multiferroics in current study and literature. On the other hand, ME coupling is possible regardless of the magnetic and electric order characteristics; for instance, ME can happen in paramagnetic ferroelectrics. ME coupling may also develop between the two order factors directly or indirectly through strain. The magnetic and electric order parameters emerge in different but closely related phases in the strain-mediated indirect ME coupling. Due to its potential applications in industry, magneto-electric multiferroics have attracted increasing attention from the scientific community.

  • af Xingjian Jing
    2.747,95 kr.

    This book is to provide readers with up-to-date advances in applied and interdisciplinary engineering science and technologies related to nonlinear dynamics, vibration, control, robotics, and their engineering applications, developed in the most recent years. All the contributed chapters come from active scholars in the area, which cover advanced theory & methods, innovative technologies, benchmark experimental validations and engineering practices. Readers would benefit from this state-of-the-art collection of applied nonlinear dynamics, in-depth vibration engineering theory, cutting-edge control methods and technologies, and definitely find stimulating ideas for their on-going R&D work. This book is intended for graduate students, research staff and scholars in academics, and also provides useful hand-up guidance for professional and engineers in practical engineering missions.

  • af Md Rezaur Rahman
    2.353,95 kr.

    Nanocarbon polymer biocomposites have gained increased attention from both researchers and manufacturers due to the significant improvement in their physico-mechanical, thermal and barrier properties when compared to conventional materials. Their dimensions, biodegradable character, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability are among the main drivers for increasing demand. However, it is difficult to achieve uniform dispersion between the carbon filler and matrix as it easily forms agglomerations. Production of nanocarbon polymer biocomposites with high mechanical and thermal properties is also limited, but there has been rapid progress in processing possibilities to produce nanocomposites based on various biodegradable fillers. Advanced Nanocarbon Polymer Biocomposites: Sustainability Towards Zero Biowaste collects all these novel scientific findings in one place. It discusses in detail their physical, chemical, and electrical properties and presents the latest research findings on nanocarbon polymer biocomposites with filler loadings and their improvement on compatibility. The book will be of great interest for those researchers who are concerned with the production and use of nanocarbon polymer biocomposites as a new innovative advanced material.

  • af Andy H Choi
    524,95 kr.

    This book highlights the latest clinical research and advancements in 3D (bio)printing and 4D printing using stimulus-responsive hydrogels as well as the concept of self-healing and its amalgamation with 3D printed injectable cell-laden tissue constructs. It also explores the use of metal-free ¿click¿ chemistry and enzymes such as horseradish peroxidase, hematin, tyrosinase, and transglutaminase to obtain chemically crosslinked hydrogels and the in vitro and in vivo responses. Lastly, the book briefly examines the future of drug delivery and the potentials offered by microrobotics and self-powered devices based on triboelectric nanogenerators. This book caters to biomedical researchers and clinical practitioners working in tissue reconstruction and drug/therapeutic delivery.

  • af Dheeraj Kumar Singh
    1.382,95 kr.

    This book highlights recent advances of spectroscopic techniques based on Raman scattering. Different applications are introduced that serve as examples for the versatile use of Raman techniques. Raman spectroscopy is a marker free technique, which is capable of yielding detailed information about molecular systems in a non-destructive way. This makes it a valuable tool for, e.g., material science or medical research. The access to vibrational energy and dynamics yields fundamental insights into static and dynamical structural properties of molecules being influenced by and influencing their material science or medical research environment. The better understanding of the basic building blocks of materials helps to improve the functionality in various applications. Raman spectroscopy has become a truly interdisciplinary research tool, and the ongoing development of techniques makes it attractive for growing variety of scientific and industrial applications, which will be demonstrated in the book. While the ¿classical¿ linear spontaneous Raman spectroscopy is restricted in its applicability due to low signal intensities or the excitation of strong fluorescence background, new techniques have helped to overcome such problems. Examples, presented in the book, are surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), and various associated techniques are used to drastically increase signal intensity, confocal, and tip-enhanced Raman scattering (TERS) allowing for high and even sub-diffraction limited spatial resolutions, coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) avoiding fluorescence background and allowing for time-resolved observations of vibrational dynamics, or hyper- and resonance Raman scattering influencing the scattering based on electronic resonances, etc.

  • af Sukumar Mishra
    1.774,95 kr.

    This book discusses key concepts, challenges and potential solutions in connection with established and emerging topics in advanced computing, renewable energy and network communications. Gathering edited papers presented at MARC 2018 on July 19, 2018, it will help researchers pursue and promote advanced research in the fields of electrical engineering, communication, computing and manufacturing.

  • af Ayan Karmakar
    1.487,95 kr.

  • af Ghulam Yasin
    1.998,95 kr.

    High-Entropy Alloys: Design, Manufacturing, and Emerging Applications presents cutting-edge advances in the field of these materials, covering their mechanics, methods of manufacturing, and applications, all while emphasizing the link between their structure/microstructure and functional properties. The book starts with a section on the fundamentals of high-entropy alloys (HEAs), with chapters discussing their thermodynamics, subgroups (transition metal; refractory; ceramics; metallic glasses and more), physical metallurgy, and microstructural characterization. The next section features chapters which look at manufacturing processes of HEAs, such as liquid metallurgy synthesis, in-situ synthesis, additive manufacturing, machine learning, friction stir welding, and fabrication of coatings for HEAs. The final section of the book covers applications of these materials, including their use as irradiation-resistant structural materials, catalyst materials, electrode materials, HEAs for solid hydrogen storage, and more. The book is a key resource for academic researchers, grad students, and industry professionals working with HEAs across a range of disciplines and applications including aerospace, functional materials, catalyst materials, gas storage, sensing, super-conducting materials, biomedical, civil engineering, energy storage, and energy materials.

  • af Chidambaram Thamaraiselvan
    2.100,95 kr.

    Nanocomposites for Environmental, Energy and Agricultural Applications presents a comprehensive overview of recent developments and prospects for nanocomposites in sustainable/green energy production, water/wastewater treatment as well as crop production. Each chapter introduces the fundamental principles as well as the design and characterization of nanocomposites for various applications. This includes detailed discussions of nanocomposites technology, including mixed matrix membranes for water and gas separation, nanohybrid catalysts for organic pollutants degradation and sustainable energy production as well as advanced nanocomposites of different structural dimensions (0D, 1D, 2D and 3D) for agricultural utilization. The book also discusses the challenges of lab-based research towards industrial implementation and related case studies based on pilot and full-scale processes. At the end of each chapter, future opportunities for improvement will be provided to offer researchers a new research direction. The book will be a practical guide for researchers and scientists working in the fields of nanotechnology and nanomaterials science and technology.

  • af Nisar Ali
    2.290,95 kr.

    Smart Polymer Nanocomposites: Design, Synthesis, Functionalization, Properties, and Applications brings together the latest research on synthetic methods and surface functionalization of polymers and polymer composites for advanced applications. Sections cover the basic principles of advanced polymer nanocomposites, including morphology, materials, characterization, and copolymerization, provide in-depth coverage of synthetic methods, facilitating the preparation of polymeric nanoparticles with the required properties, examine the morphologies of polymer nanocomposites and stimuli-responsive surfaces, and focus on cutting-edge approaches to tailoring polymeric nanocomposites according to the requirements. The book's final chapters focus on smart polymer nanocomposites for specific advanced applications, including high-temperature environments, bone tissue regeneration, biomedicine, wastewater treatment, dielectric and energy storage, chiral separation, food packaging, sensing, and drug delivery. This is a valuable resource for researchers and advanced students in polymer science, composite science, nanotechnology, and materials science, as well as those approaching the area from a range of other disciplines, including industry R&D.

  • af Ashlee D. Brunaugh
    1.098,95 kr.

  • af Marianna Braza
    1.950,95 - 1.963,95 kr.

  • af Enrique Rosales-Asensio
    1.306,95 - 1.673,95 kr.

  • af Holm Altenbach
    1.391,95 - 1.818,95 kr.

  • af Camille Fleuriault
    2.367,95 - 2.377,95 kr.

  • af Yuri Hovanski
    2.367,95 - 2.377,95 kr.

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